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Bethenny Frankel "Is Absolutely Peeved" At Ellen DeGeneres For Tanking Talk Show!

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bethenny frankel ellen

Uh oh!

We all know when Bethenny Frankel isn't happy, the claws WILL come out and Ellen DeGeneres just might be her next victim!

Bethenny is apparently putting all the blame on her talk show's famous producer for plummeting ratings because she hasn't helped get enough A-listers to sit on her televised couch.

A source revealed:

“[Bethenny] is absolutely peeved that she has been unable to get a big name celebrity to come on. Frankel was told numerous times by DeGeneres before the show premiered that she would absolutely help her in getting all of the big names in show business.During Bethenny’s trial run, DeGeneres pulled some strings and got Justin Bieber to come on. DeGeneres’ former booker is now working for Bethenny but he’s been unable to get Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow or Miley Cyrus."

But why wouldn't Miley want to twerk with Bethenny??! And we could totez see Gwyn and Bethenny gooping it up!

The source continued:

"The big name celebrities don’t want to go on a talk show hosted by a former Bravo housewife. It’s causing major drama behind the scenes of Frankel’s show, which is struggling in the ratings.”

Ay yi yi!

What a TV talk show nightmare!!!!!

Let's hope that booker can land some A-listers AND fast! If not, we wouldn't be too surprised if Miss Sass track down the talent herself! LOLz!

Let's not waste our energy hating on Ellen and let's dowhat needs to be done, gurl!

We'd hate to see the lights go out on those BIG small screen dreams!

[Image via Ellen.]

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16 comments to “Bethenny Frankel "Is Absolutely Peeved" At Ellen DeGeneres For Tanking Talk Show!”

  1. Megan says – reply to this


    Bethenny's talk show is failing not because of a lack of big-name celebrities, but because Bethenny isn't likeable! The Bravo audience used to root for her, myself included. However, after seeing her behavior towards Jason on her Bravo spin-off and reading the countless articles she's put out since her divorce began, I do not respect her or care to see her succeed. She has plenty of money, now she needs to go away!

  2. 2

    The only person to blame is herself. Same reason Kris Jenner's show tanked. Bethenny is unlikable and people don't want to keep seeing her run her mouth on TV. The bigger-name celebrities would, understandably, much rather be going on shows like Ellen because she's a class-act and doesn't screw people over to get ahead. She's out of her mind if she thought she had any chance in hell of becoming successful as a talk show host and whoever decided to give her a show will hopefully be fired.

  3. 3

    The show is way too much Bethenny, Bethenny was likable standing next to Jill Zarin…but I think Hitler would be likable if he was standing next to Jill Zarin. Face it, Bethenny is gross

  4. Nikimay says – reply to this


    Her show tanked because she isn't good on the spot. She's funny - but not in the Ricky Lake kind of way. I love Bethenny and honestly - I can't judge her on her past because mine isn't the best. She just wasn't cut out for talk show TV. Ellen can't be blamed because she is a married lesbian, who dances, and is awesome - she knows how to produce a talk show. Nonsensical Nonsense…

  5. 5

    bethenny failed like halle and kate gosselin and gwen paltrow because people saw the ugly beneath.

  6. Skye says – reply to this


    It's just BORING and Ellen can't help that. Bethenny had such a great husband and daughter, a fantastic fortune built and has blown it all, never being satisfied. The way she has treated her husband has made her totally unlikeable. Ellen can't fix that. Poor Ellen must be regretting setting up this show after being turned on with such lack of gratitude.

  7. 7

    There are just way too many talk shows on during daytime on the few occasions I watch it. I'd rather see a good game show like "Price is Right".

  8. mamacitahinds04 says – reply to this


    Beth is a fraud. She was never a real house wife. fuck I am more of a house wife in oz than her. she is an opportunist..

  9. 9

    When Rosie first came out she couldnt get big names either, but she's very talented and her ratings grew and she became huge.
    Bethenny if you want big names you'll have to do a better job

  10. lisa says – reply to this


    She uses the show to talk too much about her divorce which I think is very unnecessary. Didn't she just have Martha Stewart on there? That's a big name ,isn't it? Of course, they were digging at each other under the table and Martha will probably never go back.

  11. Holly says – reply to this


    Her show is HORRIBLE! It's a joke her giving advice about relationships! What does she know about relationships? She cannot handle her own relationship! Get her off the air AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!

  12. HallMonitor says – reply to this


    Bethenny Frankel is a psycho bitch from hell, and Ellen is just now discovering she's in really deep doo-doo with this gal.

  13. Steven says – reply to this


    Bethenny is fake.. Everything is about her.. I watch one show and could not take it.. She wanted to give a audience member her clothing… really.. A talk show is not her thing..

  14. lisa says – reply to this


    Re: bunnycakeRe: lacroix – Ellen was the one who decided to give her a show and pulled some strings to get her one.

  15. Lisa says – reply to this


    She comes off Hard and it makes people pull back from her unless your as hard as her then you can be the hard ladies group but mainstay America doesn't want to see someone who comes off hard as a talk show host. She also has an annoying LOUD voice and to hear that everyday is a bit much. Very opinionated. Maybe she would be best in a debate club and not on a talk show as a host. Ellen has comedy as her lure to come watch her,( the one that helped Bethany get her own show)(now Ellen wants her name off the credits) but Bethany has nothing that brings in the people to want to be on her show but a reality past. She will have on her resume she was a talk show host at least for 1 season. She is over 100 million dollars from her drinks, forget about TV and just be a mom, the reason to get rich was to be able to do nothing, at least for me it would be, go do nothing but to have fun, hang out with other rich friends and shop, you have the money!

  16. Chrissy says – reply to this


    Re: Skye – you are soooo right . She had it all and blew it. She is so annoying to listen too. Can't stand the show or her!