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Kris Jenner & Bruce Separated A YEAR AGO & Kept It Secret! Find Out If She Contacted A Divorce Lawyer HERE!

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kris jenner bruce jenner separation more info no divorce attorney no animosity

Whoa! Keeping up with the Kardashians Jenner split is harder than it looks!

There is tons of double-depressing new info pouring in about their break up!!!

We just told you Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner announced their separation and are in fact "much happier" living in different places, but it turns out this happened A YEAR AGO and they've been keeping it a secret the whole time!

Kris admitted:

"We are living apart. But there is no animosity. We are united and committed to our family. We are happier this way."

Wow! What a tough secret to keep!!!

The two may have different mailing addresses, but are they filing for divorce and OFFICIALLY ending their 22-year marriage??

According to one source, Kris has NOT contacted a divorce attorney!! Maybe it's because they don't want to interfere with their multi-million dollar reality cash cow, Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

Either way, we know this must be a difficult time for them!!!

We still remember the happier days, though!!

Like this seXXXy lover's dance (below), LOLz!!

kris jenner bruce jenner dancing gif

Aww! They were so cute not so long ago!!!

It's a shame things aren't working out, but at least now Bruce has more time to fly his remote controlled airplanes he liked so much on the show!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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27 comments to “Kris Jenner & Bruce Separated A YEAR AGO & Kept It Secret! Find Out If She Contacted A Divorce Lawyer HERE!”

  1. 1

    She hasn't contacted a divorce lawyer because she doesn't want to have to give him half of everything. They are in a community property state and you can bet they likely had no pre-nup 22 years ago … when she had nothing and HE was the famous one.

  2. carol says – reply to this


    It was no secret. He had a place in Malibu. It was even on their show. They pretended it wasn't a separation but anyone could see thru that.

  3. Toto says – reply to this


    She, like her daughter Kim, is a KUNT.

  4. jules says – reply to this


    Im not surprised at this one and I'm sure Bruce's boys are happy cuz on the show they acted like it was Kris fault Bruce had NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM even after Bruce admitted he didn't even call them on Brithdays. Kris probably really realized Bruce is not a family man cuz some of the comments Bruce made about her kids coming back home was like he expected Kris never even to have a thought that they would ever come back there. Now Kris can live out the rest of her life cuz Bruce isn't a strong enough man for her.

  5. piper says – reply to this


    Oh please any IDIOT could see this coming a loooooooong ass time ago. Its on their stupid show he has is his own place already. A blind idiot could have told you this was going on……..YAWN must me a slow news day in tinsel town.

  6. 6

    freedom for bruce but shouda took his two girls with him …

  7. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    He is SO UGLY, as is she…they were made for each other. He has f*cked up his face so badly…he USED to be a good-looking man…'memba the Montreal Olympics ? Then, he met up with this disgusting Freak show, and he winds up looking like an old ugly lady …….

  8. debolisa says – reply to this


    this is not new, it happens 1 year ago and announce in the media as well

  9. 9

    F these people. She is doing it for the attention. I hate them all

  10. 10

    Re: FrankieLA – Bruce is RICH, don't worry about him, i think i read he's worth about 80 million. you know thats all those whores in the kardashians are interested in. Lamar is worth about 50 million and Khloe is still there. kimmy has kenye west money. these women give working whores a bad name, they are all about the money. Sorry Bruce didn't leave sooner kendall and kylie might be better people, they're whores now, just like mom and big sisters.

  11. The Matrix says – reply to this


    Bruce is free..free at last! Run from the old controlling knob gobbler. Too bad the young'ns had to be sacrified to the klan.

  12. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Any guy who has so much plastic surgery must be gay ……

  13. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Re: Kornholio – Her daughter likely already has sex partied with them , anyways ……..

  14. mel says – reply to this


    Run Bruce.

  15. 15

    Wendy Williams was saying kris is in mexico with joe francis. i'm sure she's pimping out herself or one of her whore-daughters

  16. mr pete says – reply to this


    I actually think Bruce has more $$$$ than she does, he made a lot from endorsements, and personal appearances
    It would be smart to cut himself away, I have a feeling she is in for some serious $$$$ trouble in the near future, with phony charities, and slander suit by Robert Kardashians widow ,and some young stud who will hire Gloria Allred to go after the old trashbag

  17. Dappppppit says – reply to this


    there is no such thing as white marriage anymore. Us white males with BrAINS..are going to do the mail order bride thing (in theory. I might be to young for a mailorder bride. They tend to marry farts). Its more secure. Half the divorce rate. And currently asian females are raising more scholars for white males than white females are.. per head. Make the switch. My uncle has a great mailorder bride… except.. he chose to live in HER country. Her shiit country. A great woman.. shit country. Thats not really a good deal. Bring her to the west.

  18. Kimsux says – reply to this


    Good for Bruce! Now take that nasty old cow to the cleaners!

  19. 19

    Maybe they ran out of thing to say.

  20. 20

    It was bound to happen. Thank god he got out.

  21. 21

    Bruce has a net worth of around 100 million so he's definitely better off without her, financially.

  22. Carl says – reply to this


    I hope Bruce gets in a maid with big tits and a big arse to serve him at his new pad…that would piss momager off no end!

  23. 23

    So what is the point to watching 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians" if none of their real life events are depicted?

  24. 24

    Re: carol – Right! It was such a "secret" that Khloe talked about how they lived apart in separate houses. And then Kris made up some crazy story abotu why they do that and they were NOT separated - as if anyone REALLY believed that line of bs!

  25. 25

    …the ol lady left the ol lady…?

  26. joyce says – reply to this


    happy he's rid of cruella. she pounded him into the ground i'm surprised he wasn't more cranky and irritated.hope he does find cute little hottie .Jason white trash can have that hefty bag old lady.the girls are with him mostly because of kim taking over the house..

  27. Tom24 says – reply to this


    Bruce and Kris relationship is a business venture. Both are trees that keep on giving to their fans. They can twist their lives as they like, and smile all the way to the bank… If the relationship had no drama the show would have been tossed out by tv executives. I noticed so many people who are commenting demonstrate that they are keeping up with the happenings in the show including Perez… Cha ching for Bruce and Kris. Bruce is no fool.