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Miley Cyrus Reveals Relationship With Terry Richardson As Shock-Worthy Match Made In Heaven!

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terry richardson miley cyrus

It's a tale of the modern muse!

Girl (Miley Cyrus) meets famous photographer boy (Terry Richardson) and magic ensues!

These two crazy kids stirred up quite the controversy recently, when Terry posted some NSFW pics to his blog of the former Hannah Montana star!

But did you know the famed photog helped bring Mileybird's Wrecking Ball video to life?!

In a new interview, the singer revealed how she approached Terry as director for the project, and her Sinead O’Connor Nothing Compares 2 U esq. vision for the vid:

"I said a lot of people tried to recreate it, a lot of people have tried to get that emotion in but there’s something about the way he did it."

The duo knew they wanted to create something obviously sexual and shocking (Miles' nekked bod swinging on a ball and chain…DUH), but realized the piece ultimately had to be driven by emotion to achieve their desired message:

"Well, it couldn’t be the same kind of shock as ‘Can’t Stop’ it had to be like, “Woah I didn’t expect Terry Richardson and I didn’t expect all this.” It has to be the full package because you can talk about the sexuality all you want but you also have to reference back that it’s Terry. You have to respect the fact that it’s art, you have to respect the fact that when you watch the video it makes you feel something and gets you choked up at some points."

…Not exactly sure if the vid got us crying or on boner patrol! LOLz!

But either way, she's a queen who just can't stop being Miley!

And for that, we love her!

Let's hope these two continue to work together in perfect harmony!

P.S. CLICK HERE to watch Terry's director's cut of Wrecking Ball!

P.P.S CLICK HERE to see pics from Miley's last seksi shoot with Terry!

[Image via Terry Richardson]

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14 comments to “Miley Cyrus Reveals Relationship With Terry Richardson As Shock-Worthy Match Made In Heaven!”

  1. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Pervert: Meet White Trash. You two will get along will fine ! 'Specially 'cos the Little HillBilly Whore Skank will do ANYTHING for attention ….I blame the parents ……

  2. 2

    I don't have to respect it, and I don't consider it art. And I didn't get chocked up, I got grossed out. This creep is a misogynist who's main talent is convincing women to exploit themselves. This trashy video doesn't even come close to the raw emotion Sinead showed us.

  3. MonicA says – reply to this


    please please please.. NO more Miley.. Im getting so sick of her… I love reading your page but its all about Miley now :(

  4. some1 says – reply to this


    Put on some clothes you little, dillusional girl

  5. 5

    Is this a Miley Cyrus website?

  6. smanrancajanfuanne says – reply to this


    I wish every male had his prescription glasses. Then EVERY male would be able to know true beauty when they see it. Great image capturer. Genius photographer: meet rich white woman.

  7. 7

    Perez, dear, you should have written on the picture making that Richardson guy saying, 'I'm a pervert and I'm gonna score tonight!' that's exactly the look on that fool's face.
    I feel for Miley. This guy is a joke and his photography I find so not impressive.

  8. free says – reply to this


    Terry Richardson is the best paid photographer in the world. If that doesn't make you question some of the ethics in the fashion world, I don't know what does. He's a misogynistic jerk and just thinking about how he abuses young, hopeful models makes me shudder. Sure Terry, you're just having 'fun' at your shoots and the models know what they're getting into. And the most powerful people in fashion just look the other way. Be ashamed! Richardson, like any predator, is a powerful individual who manipulates and victimizes the weak. When they speak out against him, people try to silence them. The power structure protects its own. But why should sexual harassment be tolerated? How is it "daring" or evidence of one's heightened sensitivity to the "creative" life to speak up for a wealthy member of the establishment with a client list longer than the hairs of his pedo-stache? Why is Richardson the untouchable one?
    And, most importantly: Why do publications like American Vogue and companies like Prada, Gucci, and H&M think that a man who sees nothing wrong with interrupting the workday to manipulate his young models into performing sex acts on him, while his assistants look on, is worthy of continued patronage? What about that behavior is praiseworthy, Anna Wintour?

  9. Agongnickbick says – reply to this


    Re: free – But if he was 22 year olds old and was just as acclaimed but famous for taking nude sensuous photos of elderly women (and maybe sometimes having sex with a few)… you'd be all in admiration and he'd NEVER be called a "pervert". He'd be the "boy toy photographer". I know how the brains of bitter bags functions better than they do. I have cracked the code of the old female brain. Their brain is a sludge factory that manufactures double standards. "i'm a cougar and you are a dirty old man" is their latest produce only fools eat. This guy is a genius. He didnt reach the top by accident. He knows what real humans want to see.

  10. 10

    Choked up? What on sperm?

  11. jnp says – reply to this


    Another paid post brought to you courtesy of Team Miley and Perez Hilton.

    Fake news, for a fake society.

    We aren't fooled.


    Stop selling your blog posts to the highest bidder

  12. 12

    A perv and a whore.

  13. Kate says – reply to this


    Just photos taking in a disgusting way! Its porn for men with bad taste, not female power! It should be rated. Her fans are little children. She's sending the message prostitute yourself and everybody loves you! How illusionary!

  14. Kevin says – reply to this


    Since when are porn and toys art??? Your'e no musician Cyrus. You just a rich, naive, and very narcisstic human being. You're laughing at people who need mental help? Watch out! You're the next. The doctors are waiting for you. Please change the industry. I'm sure old men wanna like watching you in porn movies. Try it. Its porn and it is so full of art and everyone would keep talking. Go Porn Miles….we love you naked and dirty!