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Miley Cyrus' Music Has Everyone Interpreting Her Personal Life! How Does SHE Feel About It!?

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Was Liam Hemsworth really her Wrecking Ball??

That was the obvious direction everyone took her latest single in, and seeing as how she rarely reveals tidbits from her personal life anymore, can you blame us??

Music's gotta come from something, right!?

Well, Miley Cyrus was recently interviewed about said interpretations and how they made her feel. In response, the lil' twerker-bee said:

"Yeah, it does bug me but then again I had two years where I really just hid out in the studio and I didn’t really work, I didn’t really do anything. I pretty much sat around with my friends and didn’t do shit, so now it just feels like that’s what it needs to be. I’m either a zero or a million, there’s really no in between, I’m so hot or cold. So either I have to have everything about my music and have nothing else matter or it has to be everything else matters and career doesn’t matter at all. I kind of have to choose what my time is and that’s why I think it’s good when you can shut off, it’s too much to balance real life and this. Right now it has to be go time. You don’t pause when a rocket ship is taking off, you don’t say “hold on I gotta go smoke with my friends’ you know you’ve got to just go, it’s your time. And so, I just make sure I keep reminding myself, this is my time. It’s hard right now I’ve got to keep pushing myself. Once the music is out it’s going to feel more inspiring because I’m going to get to perform more, where I get the people singing the songs back. Right now it’s trying to describe it and I don’t really know how."

Way to work around the question, Smiley!!

She kept that interview in HER direction. Well done!!

Fortunately the interviewer wasn't done and followed up by asking if it all makes her more guarded or get her to think "maybe I'll keep that to myself" or "whatever, I'll put it all out there."

Miley responded:

"I’m a little…I’m not guarded because I’m actually jaded, but I feel like a lot of people feel like they owe people their personal life and I don’t. I feel like I give so much as an entertainer, I want people to focus on that. It’s not really talking about my personal life when it’s people talking about VMAs or talking about my videos, that’s what I do as a job and I want people to talk about those things because it is keeping everyone watching."

An entertainer she wants to be and an entertainer she is!

But trust us, Mileybird, we'd be more than willing to be a shoulder to lean on if you ever did wanna open up more about the personal shizz! Our couch is extra comfy, LOLz!!

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