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42 comments to “Miley Cyrus' Feud With Sinead O'Connor Has Been Reignited By Today Show & ANOTHER Open Letter!”

  1. 1

    I'm sick of this broad already. Enough bro.

  2. jnp says – reply to this


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  3. 3

    She should have saved herself the trouble and never even interjected herself into thinking these open letters would cause anything but grief for her and eyerolls from us.

  4. lisa green says – reply to this


    It was obvious from the interview Miley was refering to the situation as crazy and not Sinead. Sinead is a grown woman looking for a fight that just isn't there with a 20 year old girl. It's beyond stupid.

  5. 5

    Too bad, Sinead had us rooting for her with the first letter and then the response after Miley's. Now she is looking like a mentally ill stalker or using this situation to get publicity for herself.

  6. 6

    Sinead's first letter was right on the money. Now she is banging her head against the wall. Better to let it go.

  7. RedheadMeggs says – reply to this


    Omg…let it go.

  8. Girl says – reply to this


    Sinead need to get a life smh pathetic much!!!

  9. 9

    But that's the whole point that Sinead is mentally ill. But it doesn't mean that she doesn't have a point just because she wrrote this long ass letter.

  10. MB says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – Yeah, I agree. I've never been a huge fan of Sinead, not really my style of music, but she is actually far more intelligent than Cyrus, and her fame/success was based more on talent and being real, than Cyrus, but it's best to let it go with these young pop music kids. She can talk till she's blue in the face, and they are still gonna do something stupid tomorrow, whether it be make an album, smoke a joint, start an internet feud, for publicity. Just let it go, even if she directs something at her on the Today Show, or whatever. Ignore it.

  11. 11

    Miley doesn't care she's too busy being a twat 24/7.

  12. Sam says – reply to this


    It's like continuing to beat a dead horse… Sinead you're not going to win this. Miley will NOT apology. She wasn't stating YOU'RE CRAZY, she was stating the whole thing was crazy. That's a description word in the US that it's getting caddy and ridiculous (much like you and your statements).

  13. Dee says – reply to this


    I agree with Sinead on everything, but this is a bit much. This definitely made her look a bit over the top with this long letter, someone needs to tell her to stop. She's clearly angry with Miley, and Miley is young and full of herself, she's never going to get a proper apology or the satisfaction of this situation. She needs to be more mature and move on…but clearly she isn't very stable. I do think that Miley is being really immature and childish about the whole thing, with how she responded. They're both wrong.

  14. WellMyCarBrokeDown says – reply to this


    I would be creeped out i thought sinead was watching ME on a tv set. My experiences with the mentally ill have NOT been good. One time I was in the city walking down a street and a crazy guy ahead of me (walking in the same direction) focused his eyes on me for the next 10 minutes of my walk. Pointing at me in an angry paranoid "stop following me. I told you before" gesture. Brrr. He was truly a paranoid man and somehow I had become the object of his paranoia for the duration of that short trek. I didn't dare let him see me walk into my parents business. I walked by it and called my mom from a restaurant. "a crazy guy focused on me and I didnt want him to see my destination. See you tomorrow mom". Brrr. Who lets these crazies out of the looloo bin? Bring back lobotomies. Crazies are feral

  15. wellMyCarBrokeDown says – reply to this


    ….."I would be creeped out i thought sinead was watching ME on a tv set.". IFFFFF i thought…. is what i meant to say.

  16. son is shinig says – reply to this


    brilliant! in my opinion, miley needs her ass kicked good…no worries, life will do it in time….when the great equalizer, time, finally catches up with her, it will shove a shit sandwich of her own making into her mouth and force her to swallow it….and she may end up "crazy" because of it…then I will find it in my heart to pity her….maybe….crazy is a word that is used by people who are too lazy to understand another person's condition….it is cowardly and cheap….but then if the shoe fits Miley, I guess you should wear it….

  17. mimi says – reply to this


    Wow Sinead is making it seem like Miley is causing her to think even more suicidal thoughts. Miley wasn't referring to her directly it was the whole situation. This seems like it's more for publicity, and trying to guilt trip Miley by involving her children? Come on grow up this is stupid.

  18. iambatman says – reply to this


    this woman loves to write.

  19. jayjay says – reply to this


    This letter is just awkward. Most people already thought Miley was very immature and petty in her response to Sinead's first letter, she didn't need to convince them. People who think otherwise are just going to think Sinead is crazy even more now. If anything, this letter makes people who were rooting for Sinead doubt her now, because she is incredibly repetitive in this letter and makes statements that are way too dramatic like 'there are people who will NOT die tonight if you apologize'

  20. Wow says – reply to this


    Team Sinead.
    I'm just waiting to see Molly Cyrus with her legs wide open playing with a dildo. For free. It's "art".

  21. Angie says – reply to this


    Sinead needs to stop. I'm not a fan of either of these people, but those open letters are the most obnoxious things I've ever read.

  22. tacogirl says – reply to this


    This Extremely Long letter is just making Sinead look a bit Nuts. Who does this because of
    some comment to the press??? She doesn't even know Miley Cyrus.
    She is making herself look nuts.

  23. 23

    Sinead is right on the money, but it's useless to make someone listen who refuses to heed good advice.

  24. Peach says – reply to this


    for someone who 'doesn't have time' she sure wrote a LONG letter. Sinead O'Conner wasn't a blip on anyone's radar until she started talking shit about everyone in the music industry that she thought she'd get a response out of. A 'caring' message telling someone they're being controlled isn't exactly so caring. Did I mention how effing long that letter is?

  25. samfoo says – reply to this


    this old hag needs to STFU, noone cares. Think I can even be bothered to read all that. HELL NAW

  26. uhhh says – reply to this


    Someone should write an open caring letter to Sinead for her to stop writing open letters. My Gawd this is getting out of hand! It is no longer "caring" it is now looking like it's for publicity. Give it a rest Sinead, you're just making it worse for yourself.

  27. a says – reply to this


    i dislike miley a whole lot but sinead just looks batsh*t crazy for writing miley 5000 letters demanding apologies for everything miley does. like just drop it already, she isnt gonna apologize.

  28. Marycherry says – reply to this


    Sinead really must have alot of time on her hands. LET IT GO ALREADY!!!

  29. 29

    Sinead really has alot of times on her hands. Grandma needs to let it go already sheesh.

  30. 30

    this Sinead has so much time on her hands to write all that!! she should get to the point!! so much talking!

  31. JuJu says – reply to this


    Shut up people.Sinead is right and you are wrong.Miley has been disrespectful.And no one is gonna deny that.Sinead is neither stupid or anything else.This controversy regarding the music industry was a long needed debate.Stop ignoring it.Stop with the overly sexual content. I pray that even more musicians stating their opinion then hiding behind.Because most people are to afraid to bash other musicians if they are clearly doing wrong.You can't be always the nice kid,someone has to tell how it is.Thank you Sinead,Annie lennox and Shirley Manson and many more.Keep this going!!!

  32. Stubz says – reply to this


    Re: WellMyCarBrokeDown – shut the fuck up you idiot, you're the one in need of a lobotomy

  33. flor says – reply to this



  34. 34

    my sister is currently suffering a mental breakdown or getting over one and im NOT OFFENDED by mileys outbursts at all shes just copying what everyone is saying i doubt miley even knew anything about sinead till SOMEONE pointed it out being it was 2 yrs ago ..SMOKING kills alot of people too is that mileys fault too…i think taylor momsen needs a letter …
    i would worry aBOUT HER OWN COUNTRY they hate each other..
    anyways nothing going to stop miley bird if she crashes she crashes … its a runaway train..speeding towards a cliff…

  35. 35

    oh yeah and she aint saying sorry for nuthing never no way no how !!

  36. justareader says – reply to this


    Wow Sinead…that's a long ass letter! don't you have anything else good to do? it's like she's riding the free publicity ride with this 3rd letter. Maybe someone should send her an open letter to stop writing open letters! It's just creepy..if she was truly offended and just wanted to patch up things with miley, She should've sent the letter privately, not for tabloids and gossip siites to publish. Then maybe she'll get the response she wanted from the 2nd letter.

  37. Laremie says – reply to this


    Hopefully this time, Miley will listen to this letter!

  38. 38

    What a huge wall of text to write someone that won't even read it..At this point she just looks like a crazy person using this as publicity.

  39. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: Wow – If you're going to talk about her, at least get her name right. It's MILEY not MOLLY!

  40. Kelsey says – reply to this


    Sinead needs to stop.
    But Miley IS actually supporting suicide.
    She's making fun of people with mental illness, and even started a trend - Her psychotic fans writing Sinead letters telling her to commit suicide?! Thats disgusting. And its even more disgusting that Miley thinks its all a big joke. She thinks its funny that people are bullying another human being online JUST FOR TELLING MILEY TO RESPECT HER BODY…


  41. Kerri says – reply to this


    Sigh… Sinead, it doesn't look good for you to fight with a 20-year-old. It's like you're setting yourself on the same level as her. Just say how disappointed you're about her behavior, and how young she is that she still has a lot of learn, and be done with it.

  42. Devin says – reply to this


    Don't worry, Sinead, Miley will die tragically of an overdose, hopefully sooner than later, and the money her fans could have spent on her music and shows will get donated to psychiatric hospitals in remembrance of her…So, you see, we all win in the end!