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Cory Monteith's Dad Says Son 'Should Have Known Not To Touch That Drug Again'!

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This is just too tragic.

As the world prepares to cry its eyes out during tonight's Glee tribute episode, one man's heart may weigh even heavier than most — Cory Monteith's estranged father, Joe Monteith.

Joe recently admitted that, among other things, he never had a proper chance to say goodbye to his son.

When Cory died in July, it had been two years since he and Joe had seen each other, and they went 11 years before that without seeing each other.

Joe says the pain he's feeling now is "just ripping my insides out and tearing me apart."

He says when they last saw each other, Cory swore he was staying clean. Unfortunately, as we now know, that didn't last.

Joe continued:

"I lost my son. He should have known not to touch that drug again… I don't want to see any parent lose a child over heroin."

Joe also said he's very nervous about watching his son's Glee tribute, which is beginning to air right now, but that he hopes the show will take the opportunity to caution others on hardcore drugs use.

So do we.

Ugh. Absolutely heartbreaking.

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21 comments to “Cory Monteith's Dad Says Son 'Should Have Known Not To Touch That Drug Again'!”

  1. 1

    Deadbeat fathers have no right to become magically parents when it suits them.

  2. dianna says – reply to this


    :(( so sad

  3. JLA says – reply to this


    Would have been nice if he had a positive role model to keep him on the right path and teach him to say no to drugs. Like a Dad.

  4. Zaina says – reply to this


    Maybe if you were an actual father to the boy…he wouldn't have done drugs the first place. He acts so innocent in all of this. Had he not left his family his son would still be alive. The fact that he tried to make amands with his 28 year old son. Now he just wants fame. He makes me sick. You could see Cory almost get emotional during his interview with George Strombalopbus after a while while talking about his father. He is either in denial or just plain stupd.

  5. Ly-Anne says – reply to this


    Re: the ghost of cory – You are the worst kind of person. I sincerely hope you have bad things happen to you in your life. Fuck you for using the word "kike". As a proud Jewish girl, I am proud to call Lea a member of the tribe. It's pathetic scum like you that sit in their parents basement,m in the dark, with your blow up doll as the only company you will ever have. Rot in hell asshole. If you have nothing good to say about someone who has passed, or anyone in general, then just keep your fat mouth shut.

  6. lacey says – reply to this


    I agree with Zaina and Chelsea on this one. Cory was emotionally traumatized when his dad left his family.Had this man been a father figure and present in Cory's young life, he may not have ever turned to drugs at the age of 13 in the first place. I do feel sorry for the father though. He is probably feeling a whole lot of guilt along with his grief. I hope he will be able to forgive himself someday for not being there for Cory.

  7. ladida says – reply to this


    Wow, some ugly words here clearly reflect equally ugly souls. RIP Cory.

  8. Nat says – reply to this


    Re: Ly-Anne – you go girl. A death is a very serious matter…some people just don't know when to draw the line. Go chill with your blow up dolls homeboy, and learn to have some respect for people, or else you'll never be able to respect yourself.

  9. lacey says – reply to this


    Re: ladida – Cory has had enough backlash from the public about his drug use. It wasn't cool for his own dad to run to the press and make more condescending remarks about it. I didn't like that. He should have more respect for his son.

  10. Sara says – reply to this


    Addicts generally know they shouldn't be doing their drug of choice - maybe sometimes it's something that's very very deep and they no longer become aware of it but in general they know. Knowing not to touch the drug again and actually doing it when you have a disease are two very different things. Smokers who have seen loved ones die from lung cancer know they shouldn't still smoke - but they do because they're addicted. Alcoholics who have lost everything know they shouldn't continue drinking - but they do because they have a disease. His father has very little right to say something like that. He lost his son and it's awful, and if he wants to raise awareness he can do it in a different way. Cory knew he shouldn't be doing drugs, that doesn't mean he could stop though.

  11. Wow says – reply to this


    Where was this "dad" when Cory felt sad? There's always sad reasons behind drug abuse.

  12. 12

    other people commented negatively about Corey. May i remind everyone no one is perfect. simply because we are only human born to make mistakes. —- And who are you to judge me ? I know I'm not perfect I dont live to be, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean - COREY MONTEITH

  13. 13

    He is obviously saying these things out of insecurity/guilt of not being there for him while he was living.

  14. 14

    Kinda sad, even if they're white trash….it's still sad. I'm sure Ryan is taking it to the bank.

  15. 15

    You are not a Dad. You were absent too many years to get to say anything!! Really, just go away and be the a**hole you have been the past 20 years!!!

  16. 16

    It's very easy to blame his dad, but Cory was a grown up and had been through rehab umpteen times, so he knew the risk of playing with needles. Unless you were there, you knows what the hell went on within their relationship, so just blaming dad is wrong. Why not blame his mum while you are at it, she's the one who raised him. Cory is dead, yes it's sad, but ultimately he is the one who is responsible for his own actions.

  17. dddff says – reply to this


    Cory Monteith's Dad Says Son 'Should Have Known Not To Touch That Drug Again'! His dad is not to smart of a person. His son was an addict and when they get a craving there is nothing that will stop them. No matter what they know.

  18. 18

    Re: Ly-Anne – Lea is a practicing Roman Catholic. Her mother is a Roman Catholic Italian. Her father is jewish. Get your shit right proud jewish girl. She's not in your "tribe" as you called it. Don't be fooled by her nose.

  19. diosa says – reply to this


    Re: Sara – This was beautifully and very intelligently put, thank you Sara.

  20. 20

    Hey Piggy, you never mention your own father. How did he affect your up-bringing? Was he a bully and a tattle-tale? Was he a proud father? What legacy did he leave his first born son and how do you apply that to your own son? When he passed on, did you feel abandoned, or relieved, or saddened with an incredible loss? What was the relationship between your mother and your father? I know you won't answer any of these questions but I hope you at least read them and give thought to who you are and the lasting impressions you leave.

  21. cory defender says – reply to this


    Re: Ly-Anne – AMEN. i am with you on this