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Gloria Steinem Chooses Sinead O'Connor Over Miley Cyrus In Epic Celebrity Feud!

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While we're sure Miley Cyrus didn't mean to start a war, the celebrity feud between her and Sinead O'Connor is still ongoing, and it looks like Sinead has received a powerful ally!

Gloria Steinem, one of the most influential feminists of all time, has weighed in on this transatlantic tiff:

"I think they’re disagreeing on substance. I think they have different views of the world, and I would much rather be O’Connor. I mean, she’s a serious human being. Perhaps they both are, but we don’t know that yet. But you have to remember that Sinead’s background — she’s been sexually abused. She was courageous in pointing out sexual abuse by the Catholic church. I’m sure it does pain her to see a young woman being oblivious to the endangerment of sexuality."

Those were some valid points Gloria! Nothing compares 2 your wisdom!

This seems to be war of ideas rather than just a mere war of words and pointing the foam finger of blame!

Perhaps both sides should twerk out their differences in person, and not through open letters and Twitter?!

[Image via Mr. Blue/Andres Otero/WENN.]

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14 comments to “Gloria Steinem Chooses Sinead O'Connor Over Miley Cyrus In Epic Celebrity Feud!”

  1. 1

    can't believe people are writing Sinead to go kill herself over miley. to bad mileys mother doesn't care enough about her as Sinead does. Girl shouldn't have to literally show her ass to sell a record.

  2. 2

    MILEY CYRUS is a P-I-G
    however, the other two
    are no longer even worth mentioning.

  3. BellorellosnelloFOOOOF says – reply to this


    A country run by radical feminists would be a sexually repressive state not much unlike saudi arabia. "no more porn. No more old rich men marrying young fertile women (no more breeding for the upperclass after the age of 40something). no more strippers. No legal prostitution (good bye nevada). age of consent 25. Under 25 gets you 25. No more sugardaddies for poor women. No more skinny models. No more white male asian female weddings (she's too weak and submissive). No more showing belly buttons on tv. Back to 1960's tv standards ". Thats not anybody's quote. Thats the way I envision a world run by radical feminists.
    Creepy. Brrrrrr.

  4. funnylaughter123321 says – reply to this


    Go bully someone your own age. Go bully madonna. She's not exactly the pope

  5. 5

    " … I’m sure it does pain her to see a young woman being oblivious to the endangerment of sexuality." Yeah, because kids are sexually abused because of their sexuality. Got it. Mm..kay.

  6. 6

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  7. KC says – reply to this


    Re: funnylaughter123321 – Madonna's the one who went after Sinead in the early 90s after she ripped up the picture of the Pope.

  8. fid says – reply to this


    There should be a way to get people to stop coming to Perez Hilton's website. His blatant favourtism over any "celebrity" that is currently paying him is so apparent. Does he have any dignity? All I see now are posts of Miley Cyrus, and previously is was constant Kim Kardashian posts. Anything he reports on any other celebrities are several days after other better sites post that info.

  9. 9

    Until you got on the Cyrus payroll you often posted about suicide, drug abuse, mental health issues and other social problems that cause harm. Perez, are you now saying to forget them and support this kid? You cannot take a strong position one week and encourage the opposite the next. If you do, your credibility is worth nothing. The all mighty dollar should not be the deciding factor.Take a position and stand by it.

    Re: BellorellosnelloFOOOOF Based on your comments you know absolutely nothing about feminism. I suggest you do a bit of reading, starting with anything Gloria Steinem has written.

  10. 10

    Who cares what some ancient jewess thinks?

  11. Lil Birdie says – reply to this


    Thank you to Steinem for taking a stand. She chooses Sinead because there is honor is attempting to promote self respect among all persons. There is wisdom that comes with age and experience that was greatly once upon a time with good reason. The antics of some in todays music culture may just be the catharsis to young people today that pornography, illegal drugs and cookie cutter music (it is far from rock and roll) can lead to becoming a disgusting personality. There is nothing sexy or honorable about a constant in your face crotch and wagging dirty tongue. Both the pimp and the prostitute can only blame itself. Feminism came into being in order to strengthen the cause of women in the workforce, stop them from being used as only sex objects and home-makers, and to provide them with many freedoms outside of becoming only what society wanted them be. A truly sexually satisfied woman is happily living some of those freedoms but a porn star isn't necessarily sexually satisfied. A porn star is but an object in a picture meant to falsely stimulate others and in todays world, make money. I would imagine that loving fathers and mothers of porn stars cannot look at porn without sadly thinking of their child and of how people are using them as nothing more than sex objects for monetary reasons. It must make them weep with intense sadness instead of getting off. And Perez, this is not an epic celebrity feud. It is Gloria and Sinead being true to themselves.

  12. 12

    Only in your mind is this an "epic" feud, Perez.

  13. Claire Gallagher says – reply to this


    Gloria was right on the money. But everyone seems to be missing the other issue in this story. have a mental illness, so I was deeply offended by M. Cyrus when she chose to mock the mentally ill as part of her defense. She hoped to discredit Sinead O'Connor by referring to her mental illness. As if that were an ok to mock someone for having a specific illness.

    Once M. Cyrus decided to make a mockery of mental illness, this stopped being a question between MC and Sinead. It became an insult to all of us who struggle with the stigma of mental illness.

    Teen depression and suicide is high in the U.S.. By mocking the mentally ill, which includes part of her teen fan base, Miley just gave those kids one less reason to reach out for the help they need and deserve.

    Shame on you Miley Cyrus. If you want to dance naked and lick sledgehammers, go ahead. But slamming a vulnerable minority? That is hate speech. And if your comments had been racist, sexist or homophobic, the backlash would have been brutal. But it's still ok to bash and shame the mentally ill. Well, it isn't okay with me. I'm waiting for an apology.

  14. thetruthhurts says – reply to this


    Why do those ladies even bother. Sorry but Miley is obviously a young girl with a repressed childhood slutting it up and dealing with issues of repressed sexuality and A LOT of daddy issues.

    Combine that with the fact that she has a management that encourages her in a ”deviant” behaviour because it makes her commercially viable and a parental structure that does not have any control over her at all and a willing public that laps it all up.

    Though Steinem and O' Conner are absolutely right they should not even bother because Miley lacks both the intelligence and the character as a person to relate or take to heart anything they are saying. She knows this formula,however silly it makes her look,works and she embraces it wholeheartedly.

    The really funny part is though when she starts harping about what an ”artist” she is…..such a little clusterfuck that just keeps on giving.