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Joan Rivers Is A Self Proclaimed "Scary Lady Upstairs!" Locked In An Ugly Lawsuit With Former NYC Apartment Owner! Get The Deets HERE!!

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Joan Rivers has 15 million dollar lawsuit from NYC condo owner

Just when Joan Rivers thought one lawsuit was done, she gets hit with another!

The Fashion Police host is being sued for $15 MILLION by Elizabeth Hazan, a former condo owner within the building where Joan lives and is the president of the board!

So, what brought this catfight on???

Well, the whole problem comes from the fact that Elizabeth has $200,000 in unpaid apartment fees! So Joan did what any board president would do…and brought hell upon the tenant!?

Elizabeth has said that the wires were cut in her cable box, locks were filled with glue, and she was even denied entry into the building!

That doesn't sound right! You couldn't have sent her a simple notice, Joan?

But, hold the phone.

Not only is she speaking about what was done to her apartment, but Elizabeth also says that the only reason this is happening is because Joan has some sort of personal vendetta against her.

What in the glory of Zac Efron's gorgeous face does that mean????

She said:

“Her problem with me is that I'm young, she's old, I'm beautiful, she's ugly,” said Hazan, who is 41. “Without makeup she looks like the Joker in Batman…She spat in my face and called me a whore in front of my mother and brother when they were visiting me. Most mean woman you can imagine.”

Holy hell, what the WHAT!?!?!

We mean, sure, Joan is very much focused on her looks and all, but that claim is pretty ridiculous! And we REALLY don't think Joan is one to SPIT on someone, I mean, maybe spit insults, but not actual saliva!!

This sounds like a pretty intense fight for something that could have been resolved if Elizabeth would have just paid her apartment fees!!!

We can't WAIT to hear Joan's response to Elizabeth's attack on her appearance!!

What do U think of this whole debacle? Who in the right in this catfight???

[Image via Dan Jackman/WENN.]

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5 comments to “Joan Rivers Is A Self Proclaimed "Scary Lady Upstairs!" Locked In An Ugly Lawsuit With Former NYC Apartment Owner! Get The Deets HERE!!”

  1. 1

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  2. banooooolanooooFAAAF says – reply to this


    She's young? lol. haha HAH AHaHAH AHAHAHHA. Newsflash. 41 is not young.
    And most people with her kind of last name… age in dog years. But I agree that Joan has that "joker" thing going on. My ponderous thought is.. how can people LIVE IN A CONDO OR APARTMENT building? I would only ever live in a HOUSE with a MINIUM of 6 acres between me and the nearest neighbor. I'm spoiled by that amount of privacy. Humans suck and as such.. are impossible to live close to. I dont know if my neighbors are mean and look like old jokers. They live too far away from me

  3. 3

    Elizabeth - you owe $200k. Pay your EFFING bills, you OLD HAG. last name Hazan? Hmmm….yeah….let me guess….you are on welfare too!?!?

  4. mr pete says – reply to this


    Joan Rivers is a piece of shit
    She is always talking about how much she loves animals, but she wears fur
    PETA has thrown red dye on a $60,000 sable coat, and the old bitch still has not learned her lesson

  5. 5

    Re: banooooolanooooFAAAF – I live in an apartment because it is what I can afford, and it is a nice security building with good managers, and rent controlled. I lived in a house before for 19 years (a rental, my late husband refused to buy California real estate) and it was kind of a pain. Nice neightborhood and we had gardeners, but had to worry about watering the lawn, roses, etc.
    Good luck with finding 6 acres, you will not find it here in California except certain areas. I remember when a new VP for a company my husband was doing consulting for moved here from Wyoming. He wanted 5 acres and a place where he could keep horses for his daughter. He about had a heart attack when he was told what that would cost.