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Delena's isn't going anywhere! In the fight for Elena's heart, it looks like Damon is still winning come Vampire Diaries' Halloween! Just look at th… Read more…

29 comments to “Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder's Romance Smolders For Vampire Diaries' Halloween!”

  1. Lea says – reply to this


    Delena <3

  2. Vikki says – reply to this


    Delena sucks

  3. xoxx says – reply to this


    LOL no. bring back Stelena

  4. stacy says – reply to this



  5. Gabby says – reply to this


    Delena!! I'm in love with Damon. <3

  6. Natalie says – reply to this


    Delena :) <3

  7. Gracinha says – reply to this


    Team Damon forever! IAN SOMERHALDER is hot,hot,hot…

  8. Isha says – reply to this


    Elena actually never had,has any respect for Damon,she might be with him,but the way she loved,loves and cares about Stefan and the way the writers show so much respect and love between them,that is never there with her and Damon, he is always treated shabbily by her and shabbily by the others,not to forget the writers,the writers treat Damon in the most insulting way possible..

    Ian should leave the show…Damon and Elena is a big joke who the writers use to promote the show,they'll throw two kissing scenes at the DEs and they get fooled and keep panting for more..What a stupid joke..LOL

  9. 9

    Both of these actors are doing an AMAZING job at maintaining their professionalism after a public breakup. Seriously. If someone hadn't told me these actors:

    1. Were a thing.
    2. Broke up.

    I would have never known watching the show. Kudos to them. Most of the time we get the cringe-worthy Jennifer Garner/Michael Vartan tension when two romantic leads break up IRL. But Somerhalder and Dobrev are working it like pros.

    Good on them.

  10. Candy says – reply to this


    Ewwwww delena is so akward

  11. ari says – reply to this


    delena <3

  12. Hmmm says – reply to this


    Elena…!!! she is bit hyper hahahah n annoying , delena scenes looks so fake as Nina is doing bit over acting ..can't tolerate her …I am more interested in seeing Damon with Stefan /Damon with Jeremy .. they r more fun to watch but i must Damon looking HOT in the season ..

    Who changed Elena Hair… looking horrible …

    BTW Ian Somerhalder retweeted this article n confirmed again n again they r now " former real life couples" but NINA fans are still finding logic in this hahahh

  13. Julie says – reply to this


    I do not like delena /stelena …but like Damon n Stefan…we do not need kathrine .. Julie bring new girl for damon n let elena go to stefan (stelena fans will be happy ) as she is dreaming about stefan all the time even if she is with damon.. failed to understand Elena ..Writers are running out of new ideas…It looks like Nina is rushing in all the intimate scenes ..does not look good..

    Loving Damons one liners n damon hotness …saving the show for me ..Silas big flop ..

  14. Delover says – reply to this


    I loved their scenes in 5×2 episode, HOT and SWEET. I LIKE IT.
    Ian is always hot, Nina looks good too and she's with him.

  15. JB says – reply to this


    Damon Team all the way.. he is looking tooo hot this season n rocking the show :) ..not a fan of stelena or delena like few others here …but there is something lacking in delena scenes this season .. i see nina aka elena bit too excited or over excited or rushed or fake in delena scenes..may be nobody noticed at all because they badly wanted delena .

    @ Julie … Damon one liners are so so good …loving it

  16. Ana says – reply to this


    Ian has no acting skills paul is better than him.i want stelena

  17. Shaela says – reply to this


    I stopped watching when she hooked up with Damon. They are brothers, and that is disgusting. She screwed both brothers…I deleted VD from my Tivo. After all of her "It will always be Stefan" talk she screwed his brother. She has no room to talk about Katherine manipulating them in the past. Elena is worse. What a slut. Stefan is better off without her, and I could give a damn about Damon. No loyalty there. Delena sucks and tries too hard. I'm over Vampire Diaries.

  18. maria says – reply to this


    Love Damon! and Delena is the best couple ever, long after VD is over , Damon and Elena will be remembered, no matter what happens to Them<3

  19. ellen says – reply to this


    Re: Shaela – lol! what a Joke

  20. Chloe says – reply to this


    So they're going to a party knowing everything which is going on. Ugh, this show has gone so down hill and it upsets me.. I hope it picks itself back up.

  21. Chloe says – reply to this


    Re: Shaela – Amen!

  22. cherie says – reply to this


    Re: Ana – Ian acts circles around Paul, and He is holding this whole Show together, and that is, because of His phenamonal portrayal, of one of the best Characters on TvVever. The Day the Show would loose Ian somerhalder , that is the Day ,the Show would cease to excist.

  23. Lucie says – reply to this


    Elena ..do not like her anymore..not liking Nina acting ..never liked her ..VD means Damon to me …he is looking really good in S5 ..

    SILAS big flop
    Katherin big flop

    No more storyline ..i think VD shud end now ..

  24. leila says – reply to this


    Re: Vikki – No Stelena sucks, and boring as Hell.

  25. karin says – reply to this


    Re: Vikki – No, the most boring couple ever on TV Stelana sucks.

  26. lili says – reply to this


    Re: Lucie – wow you really have to be kidding me right now lol..first of all if the show lost any of the three main characters (paul, ian or nina) it would cease to exist, not just ian sweetie, and second just because us stefan fans don't comment much on sites like these doesn't mean that paul does not have power over the ratings, and just fyi when "stelena" was a couple the ratings were so high, now with dullena as a couple this season and last season the ratings have been horrible! that is a fact! why because many stefan fans have stopped watching the show..so dont get on your horse and say that the show would be over if ian was gone because that is seriously a joke..

  27. Nina says – reply to this


    What episode is this from!? i haven't seen it !?!?

  28. ana paula says – reply to this


    Eu adoro ver este casal! Espero que fique juntos eternamente. Eles são divertidos juntos!1!

  29. -N says – reply to this


    I want Datherine and Stelena !