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Selena Gomez Wants To Roar Like Katy Perry! Watch Her Cover The Hit Song HERE!

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selena gomez covers katy perrys roar

That's a BIG roar to match!

But Selena Gomez gave it her best as she took to the stage in Virginia like a lion and let loose as she performed a cover of Katy Perry's Roar!

While it's awfully hard to match Katy's perfect touch on the song, Selenita certainly brought her own fierceness to the powerful hit.

We might even say Selenita is a little lioness in training! We can't wait to hear her continue to roar for years to come!

Ch-ch-check out her cover…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

[Image via DB/WENN.]

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33 comments to “Selena Gomez Wants To Roar Like Katy Perry! Watch Her Cover The Hit Song HERE!”

  1. Wozaspowza says – reply to this


    Really?! Why is this girl famous? She sure can NOT sing! The music industry sucks. The only thing they care about now a days are looks, not the voice. Selena, stick to acting, sweetheart.

  2. 2

    ohh noooo….

  3. 3

    this is really bad!!

  4. MAPI2011 says – reply to this


    the back-up singers sounds higher than she is, may be her mic is turn off?

  5. MB says – reply to this


    There really is no such thing as real musically artistry in the industry today. Not even from the actual artists. The way I see it today, It takes many different people, from 100000 different angles to make one "artist", who really is no different that the person who does her makeup. Their basically cogs or puppets at the front of the line. There are so many people involved with a say, I can't take any of them even remotely seriously.

    Instead of like in the 80's and 90's with 4 or 5 guys in A BAND, who all know, love and can play the shit out of their instruments and write great tunes, masters, and are ultimately more in control of their careers and what comes out of them, than anyone else, no matter what the contract or anyone else says, and the bottom line is the music, which was quality.

  6. 6

    She's not very good…sorry.

  7. pail says – reply to this


    this girl cant sing

  8. says – reply to this


    selena should stop. first royals, now roar. she's destroying my fav songs.. someone tell her she's not a singer. a singer can sing and she obviously can't

  9. anna says – reply to this


    LOOOOL that was terrible! did u hear her near the end? completely out of tune i was cringing. why doesnt she just stick to something shes good at?

  10. DogreTheBogreLogre says – reply to this


    My only complaint about modern pop music is that its too wiggery. Modern pop is basicallly.. whites trying to sing and dance black. Gone are days when white girls tried to be karen Carpenters singing white and dancing white. No white girls want to be Abba or Fleetwood Mac anymore. Just…. Beyonce. Thats what destroys pop (for me)…but some would say.. white females not singing like white females or dancing like white females IMPROVED pop. Its a personal preference thing. I think modern pop artists are talented (the major labels arent signing talentless people. They dont HAVE to do that) but its not music for us red blooded honkies anymore. But thats ok. There's metal.

  11. Zoe says – reply to this


    Stop judging her, it wasn't bad, it was actually pretty good, it's a very hard song to sing, and okay maybe it wasn't her best performance, but, she's moving at the same time so it makes it even harder, and you just saw her through the video, I was at her concert and it was a lot better, I hate how people judge without really knowing. If you don't like her than don't watch.

  12. 12

    For a young artist she sure does a lot of covers during her shows…. maybe she just realizes that other people's music is better than her own? Beautiful girl but not enough to make herself a household name.

  13. 13

    covering a song that just came out? what happened to covering classics? Well I guess least she didn't butcher a actual good song.

  14. iceman says – reply to this


    Re: Zoe – I appreciate U supporting Sel. Even I am a big fan of hers but she sounds more better in studio then Live. She has come a long way no doubt abt tht and is improving as the time goes by. I like her as a whole package as girl who can sing Ok , act good, carry her self gracefully and is amazing person. All tht makes up for her ok singing. What people here are trying to say is singing is not her strongest forte and I agree to that but still I luv to listen her songs as they are inspiring and fun to listen and really have catchy tunes.

  15. mary says – reply to this


    she's not the best singer, but girl can sing.. hating on her behind a computer is quite pathetic, considering she's the one doing something reasonable with her life.. y'all needa get one!!

  16. LAROY says – reply to this


    mary- lol. we arent hating on her but we have the right to dislike her perfomance. AND IT'S NOT A GOOD PERFORMANCE AT ALL. I JUST CAN HEAR HER BACK UP SINGERS.

  17. hayley says – reply to this


    can you all just shut up about it & leave selena alone ? She clearly doesn't give a shit about what you think. she doesn't need to stop singing , it's what Selena wants to do therefore you shouldn't be complaining. You need to get up off your asses & do something with your life. '-.-

  18. Chelsea G says – reply to this


    I don't know why she is catching so much hate. The video is not the best quality but I was at this concert and she rocked this song. She is an amazing singer and performer. You can't say she can't sing unless you see her live. Television and these videos don't do her justice. She did great. Stop hating.

  19. me11111111111111111111 says – reply to this


    Shes rlly good tho when i went to her concert! She doesn't sound good on video but she's amazing live.

  20. David Conway says – reply to this


    hi my name is david , i just want to apologize,s to the fan,site of sewlena gomez zone .com just for my bad problem,s i did it want to hurt them and the rest of web site,s , my feeling,s were hurt to much and my proud as well, love david

  21. nphrox says – reply to this


    Something is wrong wiv this. She can actually sing. Her live performances are normally awesome. There's something definitly wrong wiv the sound system.

  22. Rose Ley says – reply to this


    No, that was bad. I mostly hear the back up singer. Even the backup singer doesn't sound that great.

  23. ifeelbad says – reply to this


    Her career is gonna end up like Hillary Duff's, always around and spoken of in a positive view, but never a superstar. Disney brainwashed both Hillary and Selena into thinking they can sing, Hillary is STILL trying to make music but its plain to see that they just dont have the talent… and both have acting skills that are just "ehh." neither will ever win anything outside of MTV/Teen award shows
    But Hillary turned out a lot better off than other celebs and you can tell shes just fine with that :) I just hope Selena will be okay with that as well.

  24. 24

    I will be one of the first to admit I don't think she has the best voice, BUT this has clearly been altered (or is just horrible sound quality). First of all, I could barely hear her. And at the end, it made her sound like a guy.

  25. AFW. says – reply to this


    Re: Vanessa87 – no no no stop trying to justify her singing. She can not sing. Point blank. she is trying to do it all. She gets an A for effort. I used to love Selena, i thought she was modest, classy, and kind. She has changed. I own her first cd and i admit to loving that album. But i grew to appreciate real musicians, not wannabes.

  26. Ayla says – reply to this


    Maybe she should've put down a few keys if she can't sing it… or better yet learn how to NOT be tone deaf.

  27. 27

    This was horrible. She cant sing for shit. As soon as it got to the hook you can hear the back up singer get louder and the audience because they wanted to drown out her horrible singing

  28. 28

    She SUCKS LIVE!! Lord help us. #notalent

  29. pies and apples says – reply to this


    OMG, why is she famous????? wow, she cant sing.

  30. Swapnil Thakkar says – reply to this


    This is really interesting

  31. Swapnil Thakkar says – reply to this


    This is really interesting abcd1010.com

  32. Jane Ryan says – reply to this


    She's SO FLAT

  33. Jane Ryan says – reply to this


    Re: ifeelbad – Agreed 100%