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12 comments to “Rihanna's Cray Tweets Lead To The Arrest Of Thailand Sex Show Owner!”

  1. 1

    damn, this girl gets people arrested with her tweets. stay away bitch

  2. Brandy says – reply to this


    I don't know what she thought a sex show in Thailand would be.

  3. Ilovesodathatisntsoda says – reply to this


    oh god. You gotta be joking. Its africa that needs to be cleaned up. Thailand is a shit country (i can vouch for that) but its 100000x better than any african country. Some african tribes are still practicing slavery. There is still a slave trade in sudan. Black women still can't keep their clitorises in some tribes. They are stil marrying children in some tribes (most tribes). There are still primitive tribes there.. during the computer era. The african governments dont have the sense to bring tribes into the modern world. They are still living in huts and having sex in trees (no joke. I've seen it in african porno. They climb into trees in at least one tribe). But, god save the thai turtle.

  4. Tiffany says – reply to this


    You act like the "authorities" don't know about those shows, she did nothing, the only reason they close those bars down was because of the bad publicly not because Rihanna exposed them, because everyone already knew about them.

  5. 5

    And Rihanna has the audacity to be shocked why? Instead of sex shows, why not voice lessons, girl, because your voice, ugh.

  6. Wihana de la Wumbanana says – reply to this


    We should learn a lesson in life from this woman who is the embodiment of sin and what is more, without any merit, she successful that a good thing to be done? If there is something to thank in all of that it's mostly all the media exposure from the cult of celebrity and not celebrity itself that has nothing heroic!

    Should be careful, she might swell the ego to believe that she has any merit in all this crappy story!

    From: The chimp who throwing his poop at the zoo

  7. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: Ilovesodathatisntsoda – Given the way you speak about africa you obviously know nothing about it. What era are you talking about? Before most african countries got colonized or after? Cause either way you are totally far from the truth. Before throwing stones at another continent want to start with yours first? Look no further than rape scenes. So please! Before you start talking about stuff you know nothing of outside of mediocre porn movies you watch from your end of the globe, do your homework first. "talk about being sarcastic".

  8. 8

    Poor animals!!!!!!

  9. nduta says – reply to this


    Re: TiffanyRe: Tiffany – you need to stop with your stereotypical views Tiffany. Africa may have it's problems, yes, but get your facts right before you go running your mouth about MY MOTHERLAND!

  10. ilovesodathatisntsoda says – reply to this


    Re: chillax62 – I fear that it is you that knows nothing about africa. The closest thing you know to africa.. is detroit. Google anything i've said. google: clitorectomies. wiki: congo pygmies. Google: child brides africa or ethiopia. Google images of "primitive tribes" or whatever word combinations you need. Google: africa human rights abuses (black leaders of africa were historically no better than colonialists. AT least the colonialists built cities and factories there). As for "sex in trees".. I've made love under the ocean with my girl so I cant point fingers.

  11. ilovesodathatisntsoda says – reply to this


    I know nothing about africa? i dont have room to TYPE all the things I know about that horrible place. Its the most violent human rights abusive place on earth run by ruthless warmongering dictators. Home of the biggest genocide since Hitler (Hutu'lers). My mother married well and she felt "your dad is a gift from god. God made me rich to help the poor" and I'd say "mom, maybe god made them poor for a reason? Punishment?" She and my dad (and a charity group) spent 20+ years helping africans. Seasonal Charity work (not fulltime). I have been to more african countries than I can count thanks to my moms misguided desire to be some kind of savior of the unsavable who still arent saved. I've had more african tribal girls try to have sex with me.. than you have. If HIV wasnt ravaging them.. there'd be dozens of blue eyed curly blond babies over there thanks to my then teen angst. I'm more african than you.

  12. ilovesodathatisntsoda says – reply to this


    Us whites are from africa too. We trace our lineage there too. We are africans too and I dont like what the black africans did with our continent after we handed the reigns of power over to them after colonialism. Liberia was a land created for freed slaves and what did those free slaves do? Built a repressive human rights abusive regime (convicted by the hague) and they STILL dont have freedom of speech. The land of freed slaves still has no freedom. The black israel still doesnt have freedom of speech. I dont know if i should laugh at that or die crying laughing at that. I've seen the africa the media (and tourist brochures) doesn't show. The REAL parts. The "throw your infant in the river. The inside of its mouth is going to bring the village famine and drought. No normal mouth looks like that" backwards parts. The backwater hillybilly parts of africa.