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We Present To You The Next Rebecca Black — Except Worse! WATCH Chinese Food By Alison Gold HERE!!!

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Do you love chow me-me-me-mein?

Well, Alison Gold does!!!

Youtube has presented us with the next Rebecca Black, except instead of serenading the general public about how great Friday is, we are soothed to the lyrical mastery of how amazing Chinese Food is.

It's just… a big ball of NO.

Let's hope that Patrice Wilson, owner of Ark Music Factory and writer of this AWFUL song, is just trying to troll the internet or something and doesn't ACTUALLY think this is okay!!

Ch-ch-check out some of things we find wrong with the video…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

1. Why is a middle schooler singing about prom night and clubbing?
2. Why is she "making it rain" to chow mein?
3. Why is she dancing around a field with a man in a panda suit?
4. Why is the man in the panda suit actually Patrice Wilson?
5. Why is the panda/Patrice at the girls slumber party?
6. Why did they not realize how racist this entire video is!?!?!?!!?
7. Why.

Give us Rebecca Black any day! At least the her song was catchy and reminded us all how awesome Friday is!

This song is straight up creepy and racist!!

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8 comments to “We Present To You The Next Rebecca Black — Except Worse! WATCH Chinese Food By Alison Gold HERE!!!”

  1. 1

    Why are they tickling each other?!?

  2. keeyth says – reply to this


    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – EXACTLY ! And….his IM5 isn't any better.
    If a video doesnt have woman slutting around then Perez aint gonna like it. He FEARS wholesomeness.

  3. 3

    That was horrible. You hope someone she trusts tells her that, otherwise she's going to think she has a future in the music business.

  4. SomeDude says – reply to this


    E This video has a creepy "child pornography" feel to it for some reason… DO NOT LIKE. Return to sender. She's wearing more makeup than prostitutes wear… and she's having a slumber party with a black rapper in a panda suit… I can't… NO!

  5. SomeDude says – reply to this


    Re: SomeDude – - To amend the above comment… It's not the fact that he's black… It's the fact that he's an adult (in a panda suit) at a children's slumber party… That's creepy!

  6. 6

    asians cherish pandas, they eat chinese food..where is the racism at?

  7. CELINElyk says – reply to this


    as an asian, i am severely offended, cant she even get her cultures in check?? she is wearing a japanese KIMONO at the end of her video and a kimono is NOT WITHIN THE CHINESE CULTURE! it's japanese! they wanted to do the next rebecca black and made something WORSE! this is sooo racist i have no words.

  8. 8

    Re: NookiesWA – It is racist because she is spoofing the chinese. As a japanese chick I wondered why the "chinese girls" at the end were wearing JAPANESE kimonos! All asia is not the same! THis was just a horrible song and video all around. She can't sing. And why is that guy even in it? Is his career THAT sad?