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Josh Hutcherson Thinks The Laughs Are Ever In His Favor And That He's Funnier Than Jennifer Lawrence!

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Josh Hutcherson might actually have to fight Jennifer Lawrence in a battle royale to the death over recent comments he made!

In a recent interview, Josh Quarter Quelled the notion that JLaw might be the more humorous of the two, and actually went on to say that he thinks he's more on fire comically than the girl who was on fire:

"We have this debate all the time – I think it's me! This sounds mean, but it's true, and Jennifer would agree. Her thing is being shocking, goofy, and silly – which is amazing, and it takes a talented person to do that. I like to be more clever and witty. But if you had to go on who gets more laughs, I'd say she'd be the winner."

Hmm, usually whoever's funniest actually get more laughs. That's typically how that works out! Just sayin'!

The two should compete for the title of being the funniest Hunger Games actor, in a Hunger Games-style elimination, and then we'll see who can make us giggle, gaggle, and guffaw the most!

We can just imagine the jokes now: "'What's the deal with President Snow?" or'…and then I was like, 'sorry, I don't date Muttations!' Oh snap!" or "My sister Prim is such a whiner! Uh, can someone make her an Avox ASAP! Just kidding but not really!"

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2 comments to “Josh Hutcherson Thinks The Laughs Are Ever In His Favor And That He's Funnier Than Jennifer Lawrence!”

  1. 1

    he seems deseperate for attention.

  2. fapap says – reply to this


    lol gotta love. i think they're both funny!! i love them both! my 2 favorite actors <3