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Kim Kardashian To Never Marry Kanye West? Learn What Else Yeezy Has In Store HERE!!

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kim kardashian kanye west to never marry

Guess those finalized wedding plans we heard so much about went back into storage!

New reports claim Kanye West has absolutely no desire to marry Kim Kardashian. And no, it's not because she's a reality star!

Instead, we're hearing that Yeezy doesn't wanna see his baby-mama walk down the aisle because he'd rather adapt into the new and modern.

Though Kim has officially been divorced from Kris Humphries for four months now, an insider explains exactly why she won't have to worry about another marital-related contracted anytime soon:

"Kanye is telling friends that he’ll never marry Kim. He has no need or desire to make their relationship official in the eyes of the law. Kanye prefers the idea of them as partners. He sees marriage as outdated and he’s all about embracing the modern and the new. He doesn’t feel like he has to marry Kim just because they have a [daughter, Nori] together."

We can see that.

But can Kimmy?? The source adds:

"Kim feels like she’s been there, done that when it comes to a big, splashy wedding. She used to be so much more into the fame game, but now that she’s drifting away from the family and trying to do her own thing, she’s becoming more adamant about doing things on her own terms and keeping it low-key. It took her a while to learn the value of privacy, and to abandon the idea of another over-the-top wedding, but she’s getting there thanks to Kanye’s influence."

Not only that, but she can't forget how humiliating the public backlash was when she decided to separate from Kris after only 72 days of marriage!!

We were excited to read about their rumored wedding ideas, but if they've come to this realization instead, well that works out just as well.

Maybe it'll actually work better and they'll defy the odds of a typical Hollywood relationship!

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14 comments to “Kim Kardashian To Never Marry Kanye West? Learn What Else Yeezy Has In Store HERE!!”

  1. NinjaGirl says – reply to this


    It's because he's gay.

  2. Livelovelaugh says – reply to this


    As much as I love them separately and together, I think Kanye is changing Kim too much, some for the better but to me it just seems like hes trying to change her into what HE wants her to be and it seems (from the outside) that she's too afraid to disappoint him. Since she is a child of divorce, I feel that she will do whatever to stay together. Kinda sad.

  3. 3

    Lowkey and private LOL, didn't she just post an ass pic on the internet? She will never be lowkey and private, she NEEDS attention, attention whoring is the only way she stays "relevant"

  4. SHUTUPPEREZ says – reply to this


    Perez you really don't know what you are talking about. I know for a fact that Kanye only sees Kim like a personal project. That's why he's trynna fix her career if you can call it that. He's only trynna prove a point and so far he is failling big time. He just doesn't see it yet. The baby was a mistake and he's being braggin about how good he has been for her. They both such jokes.

  5. Jill says – reply to this


    Kangay knows if he gets married half his money will go to Kim.

    Sadly another child born out of wedlock. It's the African way.

    To Kim it's all about the money. She would have never had a child with a poor man.

  6. 6

    kenyes boyfriend said no

  7. RK Tor says – reply to this


    In the end they'll still end up in court with an epic custody battle, marriage or not.

  8. 8

    Ok, my stomach is hurting from laughing. Kim has lost her identity to Kanye!!! She doesn't smile anymore…instead mirroring Kanyes bitter face. Her style is now Kanyes and crappy. He runs her life….she must be very insecure.

  9. MichJB says – reply to this


    I'm sure his boyfriend wouldn't like it Kayne married he nasty skank woman. He also couldn't pass along his genes by banging guys.

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    If the father has no desire to tie the knot with the mother, Kris could be likely to have Kim in to a lawyer to seek long term legal financial protection for little North Kardashian. It's not North 'West' unless they make it legal, or unless Kim arranged for the girl to have his last name without a marriage, which isn't the smartest unless she doesn't care. It's been held that parents do not have a constitutionally protected right to give a child a surname at birth with which that child has no legally recognized parental connection.

  11. kangay says – reply to this


    Kimmy Kakes doesn't want to get married again??? What about that episode of the Kuntrashians where she goes to London, and is posing under the "West" sign of the London Needle, pining to be Kanye's wife?? LMAO!! (Yes, I watched that episode, sue me). Maybe Kangay doesn't want to marry the ghetto's most popular ride, baby momma or not. He may be a troglodyte, but he's not that dumb after all.

  12. 12

    Sorry but I would never have a child without being married. Kids are incredibly cruel in school. My sister lived with her ex for several years, but when they wanted to have a child, they got married and I was Maid of Honor.

  13. jessica sayed says – reply to this


    Kim is ok for we women to look beautiful and sexy for our men but not to the public belive me Kim no real man would want to get married to a woman that is showing her ass to the public doing that don't make you beautiful or sexy it makes you cheap really cheap stop all this look for another way to prove your self beautiful and sexy, i admire Victoria Beckham that truly a sexy woman she is very high so classy that's truly a woman a mother she is all. Kim stop looking cheap like one street woman have some self respect you are not a kid any more you have a child do things right you can still look sexy you must not expose your body stop Kim stop it women like you have really make men to see other women cheap you are a woman now your age you are 33yrs was wrong with you do all dis with your man in the bedroom not to the public (God bless).

  14. Kimsux says – reply to this


    If Kanye wanted a partner, he wouldn't be wanting to change Kim-ho's wardrobe, look, etc. or trying to dominate her every move, or dictating when she can or cannot show off their daughter. He just doesn't want to marry a pisswhore, who would??