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If you're blown away Lorde's rapid ascent through Billboard's pop charts, then this will really bake your noodle!! The 16-year-old phenom has made more t… Read more…

65 comments to “Cher Lloyd BLASTS Lorde Over Her Scandalous Selena Gomez Slam! Get Diss Deets HERE!”

  1. kiara says – reply to this


    who is this Lorde? It's just jealousy because she is one ugly lady who is trying to act "interesting" when actually she looks like a weirdo. Selena doesn't have to do a thing to get worldwide attention.

  2. gg says – reply to this


    Lorde has every right to use her voice. And I think she made a valid point that women let men dominate them or get treated that way when they shouldn't. And the music industry sells that sexual vibe on purpose. It sends the wrong message to young girls.

  3. John says – reply to this


    @kiara do some research. If youve listened to Lorde, you can obviously see who has real talent as appose to cookie cutter sex crap Selena puts out. She can't even sing live.

  4. lucy says – reply to this


    Re: kiara – exactly

  5. wqe says – reply to this


    lorde is a bitch Selena is amazing so stfu because Lorde is just jelous of Selena

  6. kiara says – reply to this


    Re: John – I tried but I got bored of her music. In that case Ross Geller has more talent and he is not trying that hard than this "Lorde". Minus the hate. :D

  7. pail says – reply to this


    who is cher and selena??

  8. ninasky says – reply to this


    really? cher, chiming in on what a 16 year old said. lets be honest people, selena is not even a good singer. Just a fabrication from the record label to profit from the disney fans. lmao

  9. seriouslyguys says – reply to this


    First of all Selena Gomez cant sing live for shit.
    Second of all Lorde is right, women have to throw a lot of sex appeal out there to get hits in the billboards.
    Third of all…. how old is Lorde? 16. I am 16. 16 year olds say a lot of shit and are heavy opinionated. Though most of what they say you shouldn't take to heart. I'm sure if Lorde met Selena Gomez in real life they would hit it off. I have said way worse about certain celebs, am I jealous? no. Just because Lorde has had some spotlight doesn't make her different from any other 16 year old so I don't even know why Cher Lloyd is opening her mouth for… how petty.

  10. Demi's Fat Ass says – reply to this


    'Royal' is one of the worst songs I've ever heard.

  11. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Neither one of them are any good, and the last thing we need is another opinionated teeny-bopper.

  12. M says – reply to this


    I'm with Lorde on this one. She didn't diss Gomez but her song for giving wrong message to girls. God forbid that this creature named Cher have any moral responsibility to youth.

  13. Jesy says – reply to this


    That 'lorde' girl looks 40! yuck!

  14. Deck says – reply to this


    Re: pail – oh, you don't know selena? You post comments on her every article. You are so obsessed with her remember? I think obsession is harming your memory.

  15. gig says – reply to this


    Re: pail – You mean, who ARE cher and selena, right? Learn some proper grammar.

  16. 16

    Oh. I thought Lorde was older than 16. I thought she was at least in her early to mid 20s.

  17. RaRa says – reply to this


    who is cher or selena to lorde in the singing arena nobody,evreyone has the right to freedom of speech so calm your crazy selves down ,it is not even that seroiuse

  18. Fredric says – reply to this


    Lorde looks like someone in her mid 40s. weird!!!

  19. 19

    stop throwing lordes under a bus perez shes only very young and very new to the scene and didnt say anything wrong selena is a nasty hoare …cher is also a nasty whore… leave this girl alone shes barely out the gate and ur harassing her.. STOP IT…

  20. Solando says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse superfan 777 – And you yourself calling other two wh0res. Nasty hypocrite!

  21. 21

    Have you heard Lorde "sing" live? It's bad. VERY bad.

  22. Rhys says – reply to this


    lol, cher called her a knob for dissing Selena, whats wrong with that?, over here in the uk im sure we call our mates knobs and much worse

  23. Marlboro Lights says – reply to this


    i love Cher and Lorde but really Cher? really?

  24. 24

    Cher, who is she really? She is a talent show ,fail just like most of the others.

  25. steph says – reply to this


    ive never heard of LORDE till now hahaha ! shes really ugly aswell

  26. 26

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  27. 27

    Lord needs to shut her man face up, she cant be a feminist, shes not even feminine!! She sounds horrrible live so those of you bashing gomez need to see lord on fallon away from the studio magic..btw Selena sounds greatlove her version of dream. Cher rocks for saying what she said… Lorde would NEVER talk mess abt rihanna or miley , 2 who cant sing and whose lyrics really are ANTIFEMINIST…shes using selenas name for press..royals sucks

  28. chan says – reply to this


    Re: lucy – exactly

  29. demi says – reply to this


    if you think lorde is BAAAADDDDD.. nice sarcasm!

  30. da bomb says – reply to this


    why would lorde be jealous when shes siting in top set ?

  31. mari3 says – reply to this


    Yea, co'z Cher Lloyd hasn't diss anyone. Remember what she said about Cheryl Cole?

  32. 32

    who cares what 16 year olds say? seriously I dont know one adult who doesnt look back at their 16 year old self and think wow i was so naive back then . Children dont know about the real world. start paying your own bills, working and having serious relationships and THEN you can talk about life in a mature way. Lorde is uncooked. Ten years time she'll be a whole new person cringing at her teen comments.

  33. Devin says – reply to this


    Cher Lloyd looks like a drag queen, and a not very good one at that! The makeup is caked on her…that seems very anti feminine to me, HahahahahahahhaH

  34. Amy says – reply to this


    Re: John – Lorde's "real" talent is hyped and overrated by White/Anglos who mindlessly do anything for Anglos. The song Royals is very simple and basic in every aspect. EVERY aspect. Words like that are easily spoken by the masses, but in other words and in fun spirits. NOTHING special. Her singing is NOTHING special. Nor is her voice. U idiots make it seem way more than what it really is bec she. Is. White(looking). Cookie-cutter? Its actually FUN, ELECTRIFYING, ENERGETIC, MUSIC, which doesnt condone depression and ugly, mean spirited bull shit. SELENA…CHOOSES…CHOOSES to sing as she does, or else she would sing as she does on her acoustic and accapella covers: beautifully. Bigots.

  35. Amy says – reply to this


    Re: wqe – IDK about jealousy but, Lorde was surely born with an Egg Plant up her ass.

  36. Amy says – reply to this


    Re: ninasky – "Lets be honest." You sound (and are) just like every faw king Bigot out there. MUSIC is much more than good-plus vocals, and Lorde's MUSIC is very basic and simple at best, and I mean the entire overall production. While Selena is not a great singer, her music is much better than Lorde's very, very overrated singing, writing, voice, etc. But Selena is not Anglo so will never do anything right for u faw king Bigots.

  37. Amy says – reply to this


    Re: seriouslyguys – OH! Secondly, EVERYONE IS A PRODUCT OF SOMEONE ELSE. For money and for whatever. Stupid idiots.

  38. Amy says – reply to this


    Re: seriouslyguys – Selena sings just fine LIVE. You judge wrongly because Selena is THE Selected target of "Hate"/Bigotry so no matter what she does it will NOT appear right and the bashing by you Bigots continues. You're 16. Ella (Self proclaimed "Lorde") is 16 but claims to be an almighty teacher of logic. If she is as "smart" as you Bigots THINK she is she would take back some words and admit her childish behavior. But WISDOM lacks in the dumbing of the world, and the world gets more and more Stupid by the day.

  39. Amy says – reply to this


    Re: M – "Come & Get It" is about nothing less than 100% Real Love. But Bigots and Bullies alike love to bash anything Selena does. Idiots.

  40. Steven says – reply to this


    Re: RaRa – Selena and Cher are just fine at singing, and so is Lorde, but Lorde is VERY overrated and hyped JUST because the White/Anglo world has taken a liking to her weirdness and old as fuck-looking. Lorde is NOTHING special in all HONESTY.

  41. Steven says – reply to this


    Re: Marlboro Lights – We know, we know: u love all your White/Anglo people. Racist fuckin Bigots.

  42. broohaha says – reply to this


    Re: kiara – aside from dating underaged, flavour of the moment, teen idols?

  43. broohaha says – reply to this


    lol lorde is exactly the type of artist both selena and cher lloyd wish they could be. while their records are dismissed as standard teen pop fodder, lorde's "pure heroine" stands one of the greatest debuts of the decade. britney wannabe selena and cher facepaint should learn to read properly, or at least look up the difference between an insult and a critique.

  44. JayJayNZ says – reply to this


    Selena is a piece of shit.
    Lorde is amazing, shes made us New Zealanders so damn proud of her!
    Fuck them all Ella, you know we love ya!

  45. Chloe says – reply to this


    Lorde who? Do you even know what feminism is? I feel like all these supposed young feminists are a bunch of hypocrites who don't know what they're talking about, but blab on and on about it because it's what's popular. Sit down kid. And by the way, that supposed "music" you're making Lorde? You are talking, there's nothing talented about it. Let's hear you actually hit a note. How's that for a critique? And for the record, I'm not a fan of either of these artists. I just can't stand pompous children who think they know everything and are entitled, aka Lorde.

  46. Shash says – reply to this


    Seriously ! So Lorde can't have her opinion or what !? She has taken up a very valid point. And from where does this Cher comes in the scene !? Just to come in the limelight !?

  47. Shash says – reply to this


    Re: chan – Listen to her dude. I am sure, you wont be able to use your fucking mouth then !

  48. Kaylynn says – reply to this


    Re: seriouslyguys – Well said! Selena can't even sing live!

  49. Sakeeta says – reply to this


    So just because a person is successful, means they cant be truthful? Selena Gomez is a brain dead wanna be whore, who has no talent and un ugly squeeky voice. Lorde has talent. Its hilarious that Cher Lloyd made this comment. Cher Lloyd is just as brain dead and ugly as Selena lol

  50. Sakeeta says – reply to this


    Re: wqe – I love how ugly losers like you always want to bring up jealousy. Lorde is way too pretty to be jealous of a whiney little bitch who allows men to dominate her. I'm younger than Selena but way more powerful, shes a little hoe with no back bone. Lorde is a fierce 16 year old.

  51. Danny says – reply to this


    "Selena doesn't have to do a thing to get worldwide attention. "

    Haha couldn't of said it better myself, you realise you just insulted Selena right? After trying to insult Lorde with petty reasoning like her looks & her personality.

    It just shows that Lorde is right. The music industry has got young girls like you obsessing over the sexualising of female pop stars.

  52. annoymous says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but People hating on Lorde should really just stop, she is an amazing artist and sings beautiful live. I love selena gomez songs but compared to Lorde she is nothing.

  53. annoymous says – reply to this


    Re: wqe – jealous of what ? that selena cannot sing without auto tune and that Justin Bieber made her more famous? because she would have been long gone a long time ago.

  54. Stevi says – reply to this


    Re: kiara – Selena Gomez has to act like a ho to get world wide attention

  55. BECAUSE CATS says – reply to this


    @Demi's Fat Ass
    1) just from your name u can tell how insecure YOU are
    2)how does stating your unneeded opinion of how u dont like royals have ANYTHING to do with this??? couldnt think of a smarter comeback? if your goanna b an ass might as well be a smart one
    3) in every way possible lorde is right seleana is a great gal and all but lorde speaks truth

  56. V.V says – reply to this


    Wow they're really trying everything to throw her name and brand into drama

  57. Devin says – reply to this


    Cher Lloyd is a drag queen, but a not very convincing one…I can still see 'her' mustache

  58. 58

    No one even cares about Lorde, she's a one hit wonder the rest of her tracks literally sound the same. Only fan base she has is this retard hipsters<3

  59. Danny says – reply to this


    Re: kiara
    I'm pretty sure Lorde is much more successful "worldwide" than a girl who is only really known "worldwide" for a relationship she was in =\ I would not class her "ugly" either to be honest, and im sure a majority would agree that she has much better features when compared to Selena. "she looks like a weirdo"?that's a compliment! find me very "normal" people in music, science, people who wanted to change the world even..

  60. WB says – reply to this


    I like how her song basically screams jealousy about other celebrities and puts them down. Anyone who says "You can call me queen bee and baby I'll rule", is a snob.

  61. Alexis says – reply to this


    I think mostly what Lorde said was taken out of context. BUT, Lorde DOES need to watch what she says. Lorde is trying to get her point across but it comes out sounding like something completely different. She is fairly new to the music industry and she is young. I'm sure that she didn't intentionally "diss" Selena, she just tried to express her opinion but it came out the WRONG way. In my opinion I think that they need to talk and hug it out. Hopefully Lorde learns from this experience and thinks more about what she says in the future.

  62. ... says – reply to this


    Re: gig – Chill. It's just grammar. Looking at it won't kill you.

  63. Jonsey says – reply to this


    Re: kiara – Who are you to go around calling people ugly? Stop the bullying and girl on girl hate. She voiced her opinion saying she didn't approve of the over sexualized message of some of Selena's songs. Lorde writes her own music and has a great voice AND had worldwide attention before perez decided to stir the pot. Be nice. You don't know either woman. Lorde has a right to voice her own opinions. She didn't say Selena sucks. She said he likes her music, not her message.

  64. ChanningTatumlova2701 says – reply to this


    Lorde was just being plain stupid

    As if she's like the queen of the world to be sayin things like that

  65. ChanningTatumlova2701 says – reply to this


    Re: kiara – I agree