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Ellen DeGeneres Gives A Generous Waitress The Biggest Tip Of Her Life! Watch The Video HERE!

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Yep. Our faces are soaked after watching this video!

Ellen DeGeneres might have met her match in kindness this week when she had a waitress on her show who made headlines with her generosity!

Sarah Hoildahl was serving tables at a Ruby Tuesday in Concord, New Hampshire when two National Guard members sat in her section for lunch.

The 21-year-old single mother overheard the two female soldiers discussing their furloughs and not being paid due to the government shutdown. So she decided that their meal would be on her!

When Sarah went to drop off the bill, she instead handed them a note that read:

"Thanks to the government shutdown the people like you that protect this country are not getting paid, however I still am. Lunch is on me thank you for serving ladies! Have a good day!"

Tissues please…

And it turns out, Sarah only made $8 in tips on that slow shift!

Well, after Ellen heard about her story, she had to have Sarah on to tell her how caring a person she was! Oh, and to give her a little something else!

Ch-ch-check out the AH-Mazing tip Ellen gave this big-hearted waitress (above)!

Ah! We LOVE stories that make us laugh and cry at the same time!

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24 comments to “Ellen DeGeneres Gives A Generous Waitress The Biggest Tip Of Her Life! Watch The Video HERE!”

  1. 1

    So there are decent people in this world. I thought that they were like dinosaurs. Extinct.

  2. 2

    Now, that's something worth seeing :D

  3. Me Again says – reply to this


    She did an amazing thing. That being said, why were the diner guests eating at Ruby Tuesday if they weren't getting their checks? They were complaining about not getting paid, and talking about how grim their future would be without a check. But they were sitting at Ruby Tuesday's instead of buying groceries trying to make their money stretch. I mean, if they could afford to eat out, they should have never taken this young ladies money to being with.

  4. Office Drone says – reply to this


    Re: Me Again – We don't know them, or how long they had been sitting at home eating leftovers, trying to make that dollar stretch. Sometimes you just have to say "eff it" and get out of the house to guy a slice of pie and coffee with a friend. They did mention they wanted to keep it light. You're telling me you have never bought something small just to get out of the house with a friend? Right…

  5. 5

    It would be stupid to watch this and not cry.
    I wish there were more people in the world like this.

  6. 6

    I just did a search on 'Insignia' t.v.'s. They seem to be the worst of the worst. The box was impressive, but it seems that girl still won't be able to watch Ellen!

  7. Teresa A says – reply to this


    Ellen is amazing. And the waitress is awesome.

  8. 8

    Great gesture on Ellens part, and no doubt a good gesture from that ladies part…but I am SO sick of all this above and beyond special treatment people in the service get. For what? defending our country from whom? Nobody forces you to join the force, you volunteered. I just don't get it and never got it.

    Besides when I'm broke I can't afford to go anywhere to eat, not even the pancake house… so I don't get that either.

  9. 9

    I hope Uncle Sam doesn't find out about this he'll want a cut…

  10. 10

    Re: pollopicu
    Are you a fucking idiot? Military personnel get "special treatment" as you say BECAUSE they volunteer! My husband has been in line to get food in his uniform and had someone pay for him without even saying anything. It is called pride and honor and patriotism. I was also in the armed forces and the bullshit you go through when you are in is to protect a country full of dip shits like you from TERRORISTS!!! People volunteer for the extra incentives such as health care, GI Bill for school, a guranteed pay check and retirement. It is an honor to serve your country and some people that try to volunteer aren't able to for many different reasons.

    Anyway, military personnel were guranteed a paycheck for the month of Oct. so they were still getting paid, but no way for the waitress to know that.

  11. 11

    I feel for the waitress. I worked as a waiter at Ruby Tuesday in the first semester of 2004 and I'm telling you: it was so frustrating. they scheduled TWENTY waiters for lunch time, we got there at 10, clean, clean, clean, pull all furtniture, clean, clean light fixtures, fill salad bar, clean all bathrooms, all toilets. then the restaurant opened at 11. 11:30 they start cutting waiters. the a lot of us used to go home with NOTHING! we were all complaining we didn't have enough money to buy food. seriously, we served people that delicious fresh hot food, while we ourselves had our bellies making noises. I was so desperate drove home one night and saw a "help wanted" sign on a pizza store and applied there, just for the potential free food. stayed there for 3 years. fuck ruby tuesday! fuck all restaurant chains! i wish this waitress and her baby boy all the happiness of the world cause she deserves it!!!!

  12. 12

    that ellen is the most freakin hilarious lady haha. the giant purse and counting coins still has me cracking up. what a fun way to show this waitress a little kindness.

  13. 13

    this is absolutely amazing!! omg tears in my eyes

  14. 14

    The national guard? They are useless weekend warriors who sit on base with their thumbs up their ass waiting for there to be a natural disaster or riot that cannot be contained by police state side..

  15. 15

    I wonder what she would have done two male soldiers complaining about the shutdown..

  16. 16

    Wow, a check for $10,000. How freaking cool is that!!

  17. 17

    Re: SashaSkye – wholeheartedly agree !!

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Alexima – Doesn't U.S. law designate a minimum 4 hour shift for part time workers? For example, I think that California employers are required to pay their employees for at least half of their normally scheduled shifts, limited to four hours but not less than two hours.

  19. 19

    Ellens Just fantastic. It is indeed nice to see there are good people left in this forsaken world.

  20. 20

    What a great thing for Ellen to do, and I am sure that the $10,000 check will make a HUGE difference in the waitress's life, like allowing her to get caught up on bills and even maybe take a short vacation with her son. And I cannot afford to eat out much either and when I do, it is usually off the value menu at a fast food place. However 8 days ago when turning my car in, I treated myself to a Chinese buffet place in SoCal and still only paid $11 or so with tip and it was all you can eat.
    Lastly I have nothing but respect for those who serve our country, as they sure have to put up with a lot of hardship and political BS.

  21. 21

    way to go girly….you are beautiful inside and out..

  22. Jus Sayin says – reply to this


    While I am impressed with her generosity, I beseeched the Ellen show about a year ago to help me pay to adopt my nephew who is 5. He was born to drug addicted parents and I have had him since he was born. I guess my story wasn't nearly as heart rending as hers….

  23. Jus Sayin says – reply to this


    She did a very nice thing to support our soldiers. Must be nice. I wrote to the Ellen Show about a year ago asking for her help to adopt my nephew whom I have had since he was born to drug addicted parents. He is now 5 and I want to make him mine legally, but it's a little expensive for a single mom raising 4 kids. I guess my story wasn't as heart wrenching as the waitress because I never got a response…..

  24. Amb says – reply to this


    PEREZ - You need to start posting the Original Link (ex: Youtube.com link) in with the text, because sometimes when we hit "play", the video doesn't play and the box turns white or black. I've experienced this on several different computers while viewing your site. Just a suggestion - Add the links!