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10 comments to “facebook-with-the-rock-stars-of-the-food”

  1. Aley Myers says – reply to this


    really Guy Fieri ? the homophobic idiot

  2. Marco Polo says – reply to this


    Guy Fieri…yuk. Homophobe.

  3. 3

    i hope u actually wear glasses peewee and not just pretend to wear them..

  4. Guy Fairy says – reply to this


    Two things:
    Is Perez such a fame whore he'll have his pix taken w/ a known homophobe.
    Guy looks really drunk in this pix which is probably why he took a picture w/ a gay.

  5. kornholio says – reply to this


    You ape faced moron.go back to fingering mongos anus.

  6. Demi's Fat Ass says – reply to this


    Re: kornholio – HAHAHA

  7. Rahn says – reply to this


    3 chinks and sum yung guy

  8. 8

    since they fired Paula, we don't watch any longer. our viewing list is getting shorter and shorter, pretty soon we'll be able to throw the tv and no one will care.

  9. ohmy says – reply to this


    my eye, my eyes!!! That whatever you have on is HIDEOUS! (your usual)

  10. 10

    Please, Perez would attend the opening of an envelope. Putz.