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Well, we guess when you make $24 million during one year, you have to find some way to spend your money. And apparently Ashton Kutcher has decided it's b… Read more…

9 comments to “Ashton Kutcher Is Wasting Some Of His Millions On Nasty Dipping Tobacco!”

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    He's a f'in hick from Iowa, what do you expect? - It's for a role he's in re: baseball.

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  4. Double Standard Mario says – reply to this


    Everyone knows if this was Gaga,Bynes etc you wouldn't be spinning this article in a positive lie.Just another day in the life of Double Standard Mario.

  5. Danndoodoodoo says – reply to this


    Re: adg100 – In at least 2 IQ studies i've seen (one based on IQ and one based on standardized test scores converted to IQ which i trust more), the average IQ of the people of IOWA is around 102. That is fantastic. Most countries in the world are struggling with IQ's in the 75-early 90's range. The people in iowa are among the smartest groups of people on earth (but a long way from places like hong kong and taiwan. American females breed good but never GOOD ENOUGH. Too busy chasing muscles instead of high IQ genes which affects the babies' noggins). But they do love their tobakki. 22% of people in Iowa smoke (according to gallup). Smart people, dumb choices.

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    I get that you don't smoke or chew tobacco but enough with judging everyone!!!! I am so fucking sick of seeing it.

  7. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    …He has seen Mila's Kunis !

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    Re: HatesTheSnow – Thanks, I agree. I still smoke, tried quitting 7 times without success, and what annoys me the most are when a little kid comes up to you and tells you smoking is bad for you. I always say, so is making personal comments to a person you do not know.
    Sorry to see your coverage coming to an end for Sunday, Perez, will look forward to when you resume full coverage tomorrow. In the meantime, heading over to ROL and JJ.

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    You would be surprised to know just how many Famous people either Chew snuff or Smoke, Hell at least its a decent Brand of Snuff! It could be some horrid cheap crap!

    Personally I could care less who does what in their personal lives, We are all people are we not?