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Uh oh, Perrie Edwards might've made a Little Mix-take! Even though she's got Zayn Malik by her side, she has probably pissed off a whole lot of his One DRead more…

23 comments to “One Direction Fans Might Be Lashing Out At Perrie Edwards After Her Diss About Haters!”

  1. 1

    Good for her!!!

  2. perrieassface says – reply to this


    umm who is she to call anybody fat when she herself looks overweight? and she does get that at least 90% of little mix fans are directioners and especially zayn fans.. what a joke! and if you are gonna talk about fat and hairy look at your own band member jesy nelson.

  3. taylor says – reply to this


    media training. something she didn't have.

  4. dumb bitch says – reply to this


    better to be fat than ugly, perrie…

  5. Dragonzzz says – reply to this



  6. makayla says – reply to this


    i totally agree with perrie Edwards

  7. iuyia says – reply to this


    OK it's unfortunate that she brought people's weight into the mix (no pun intended) - she's completely oblivious to how the overweight teenagers who buy her shitty music feel reading her using weight in an insult - but than again she's a couple of days ago she wore native American headdress and tweeted "The day I decided to be a Native American!" the girl is an A grade airhead and isn't giving blondes a good rep!

  8. Jessica says – reply to this


    she can defend herself against haters all she wants but be careful of the diss you use.

  9. anon says – reply to this


    laughing at this poor woman…. she needs to take a good look at herself!

  10. Jess says – reply to this


    Oh my Gosh. She's saying the people that are calling her fat and ugly are PROBABLY overweight. Just leave her alone. These things are honestly blown way out of proportion, so I really wish that all of you would quit sending hate to her. I don't know if you're jealous or dislike her or what, but I don't care. There's no need to hate on her, because honestly, Perrie probably couldn't care less about what you think about her.

  11. Josephine says – reply to this


    If she thinks that it is the overweight girls who are mean to her,she needs to think again. They know what it feels like to be judged and get disgusting comments made at them. I can bet all my money on the fact that the nasty comments are coming from bitches who are delusional and thinks that Zayn belongs to them. Girls like Perrie, who talks shit about other people and think that your personality is in your body and the way you look.

  12. Jessica says – reply to this


    That's why she's unsympathetic. And then she wonders why everybody hates her? :D It's funny when people defend her cuz' she insulted them too :D

  13. Jewel01 says – reply to this


    Most of the comments are against Perrie, well guess what I'm not! I think she did have a right to say that come-back! Because have the haters call her ugly and fight and she is just fighting back, giving the haters a taste of their own medicine! And in my opinion they 100% deserve it. COME ON You really think Zayn is gonna date his fans, he loves them but it is like 1-1,0000 chance is going to date one! His fans cannot tell him who to date or marry. And guess what I am a 1D fan and I never ever ever insulted one of the 1D guy's girlfriend I actually support all their relationships like true fans should! Just put yourself in Perrie's place!

  14. perrieeeew says – reply to this


    I don't understand why she would purposely slam overweight people. People don't have to be overweight to be haters, that's just a stupid lie. She is meant to be a role model, teaching kids/teenagers that it doesn't matter how your body looks. 99% of girls EVERYWHERE think that they're overweight when they're not, so imagine how many body conscious girls feel. For me, I'm a little bit chubby, and I consider myself overweight when only I weigh a lot but do not look like it. Some people call me fat. And I don't shave all the time, I'm normal. And I get too much B.O, but I don't care, I'm human, I'm normal. So is every other girl. No matter how much they weigh, how much body hair they have, or if they have B.O. I'm not a hater, but I'm just putting it out there that she is acting disgusting for calling only haters fat. What if little mixers were fat, I'm guessing you wouldn't like them as well. This is proof of how judgmental people are these days, especially girls, usually not women but she's gotten immature! And I agree with @perriesassface, jesy is actually considered overweight so WOMAN GET YO FACTS RIGHT!!! Another thing I got to say is that so many fans look up yo her, so they're gonna think that all her decisions are right. If perrie hates fat people, they hate fat people.

  15. Mrs.malik says – reply to this


    u now wat perrie made more people hate u with that commet and u might have haters for the rest of ur life.

  16. Jenny says – reply to this


    This is totally true… its usually either the fat, ugly,or psycho girls that are haters with no life.

  17. Linzy says – reply to this


    To the user "perrieeeeew" you probably are overweight and smell like b.o. Its the basic truth that the MAJORITY of the girls sitting they ass on the internet hating on this girl are UGLY and FAT.

  18. Emma says – reply to this


    Re: perrieassface – How the f*ck is Perrie OR Jesy overweight? They're both perfectly healthy, as all the girls in Little Mix are. Just because they don't look like sticks doesn't mean they're fat. And either way, I think Perrie was well within her rights to say that. She is (excusably) sick and tired of people saying crap about her because they're jealous. They shouldn't have said it to her if they didn't want her to say it back. So leave her alone, because she is a gorgeous, funny and sassy (in a good way) girls who is standing up for herself.

  19. 19

    First of all, let's not bring Jesy into this. She is perfectly healthy. Just because you aren't exactly skinny doesn't mean your skinny. And second of all, yes, what Perrie said could have been said in a better choice of words but honestly let's not act like you haven't said anything that you shouldn't have. As for calling her ugly? So she doesn't look the best without her makeup. What do you think you look like? Before you immediately call her things because of one stupid thing she said, put yourself in her situation.

  20. ihateperrie says – reply to this


    perrie needs to rethink her comment ok there are haters but still doesnt mean she should comment back itll cause even more hate i was her fan after this i thought it wasn't even worth it its just music nobody lives forever soon new people will come nd she and her band mates will be just music history , why is she dating zayn if she doesn't want hate stop dating zayn its prohibited in islam to date either be married or be nothing at all

  21. Don't care says – reply to this


    Like taking up someone's weight is not cool like for real some people have problems with their wheight jesy isn't super slim she got curves but she's still beautiful like she's a role model to people and some haters that love zayn hate on perrie and when she brings that up she may have hurted so many people

  22. Neep says – reply to this


    I'm all for showing your haters that you don't need to be messed with but this crossed the line a bit most her fandom is also her fiances fandom. She needs to be careful when addressing her haters that comment was tots uncalled for but at the end of the day we're not the one that's famous or going through hate.

  23. Lauren says – reply to this


    Well Perry the fans aren't as fat and smelly and dumb as you are Zayne could do better then to marry some idiot like you Perry your a jerk and you stink