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117 comments to “Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, & Rihanna Just Got Run Over By Rashida Jones' 'Whore' Shaming Bus!”

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  1. 101

    It's funny because she speaks the truth. They act like whores, and show girls out there that it's okay to do this, act all slutty which leads to really bad things, if you catch my drift. And the people who try to defend these people are just as bad as them, plus the celebrity couldn't give a fuck about you as long as you're giving them money.

  2. Kendall says – reply to this


    Agree w/ her 100%. Cannot standing desperate for attention females who speak, act and dress the part. I work in professional sports and if these females had any idea what the y players really thought of them, they wouldn't put so much effort into jersey chasing. Guys want girls like Kate Middleton, not skanks.

  3. 103

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  4. maria says – reply to this


    I agree with Rashida Jones completely, while I dislike the word whore, I agree with the spirit of her comment. Women and especially young women who are role models to little girls, whether they like it or not have to take responsibility for the image they are portraying. It is not empowering to flash all your bits to the world, it is empowering to be intelligent and show some self respect.

  5. Kri$$yGirl says – reply to this


    Miley Cyrus IS NOT a hoe, she is just having fun… everyone needs to stop slut shaming celebs and let them live their lives. All of these "sluts" actually DO have talent, and Radisha can go fuck herself 4 all i care

  6. 106

    Too much vagina showing, keep your modesty people some of you look like hookers just saying #NOHATE

  7. BarnabyJonesBones says – reply to this


    Does Rashida have any jewish scripture she'd like to quote? Maybe she can convert a few christians while she's at it.

  8. bri says – reply to this


    what she said is the EPITOME OF SHAMING. a woman should be allowed to be a fucking NUDIST, maybe even PORN STAR LIKE YOUR PARENTS, without there still being this Shit. all these girls are beautiful, working at things besides their bodies, and important of all:FREE

  9. bri is a slut says – reply to this


    Re: bri – Shut up you DUMB HOE! Ahahaha!…now go take some more selfies of your fake objects you sewed in to your body

  10. kaylee says – reply to this


    Why are we attacking a classy woman, who's made a name for herself without showing her goods? She's "prude" because she doesn't want to bare all for fame? She's "out of line" because she's calling them out? But it's okay half of Hollywood is naked for fame/attention/their 15 minutes? If you have talent, you shouldn't have to draw attention to your body. Prime example: Adele. Some may say it's because she's bigger, but who freakin' cares — the girl can sing!

  11. kaylee says – reply to this


    Christina Aguilera was way covered up back in the day, circa "Genie in a Bottle," but since she was "battling" Britney I'm-naked-because-I-can't-actually-sing Spears, she had to sex it up a bit to get the attention back on her. It's pathetic. Whore or not, those girls Rashida is so appropriately calling out are dressing as though they give it up to anyone or anything. There's having confidence and then there's being desperate and pathetic.

  12. Kaylee says – reply to this


    Also, I think a lot of those aforementioned whores are alienating their adult female fan base because of the way they see themselves or their bodies. Because, guess what, if you saw Sally Jo, Rebecca, Emily, Keisha, etc, on the street, shopping at Target, dressed like what the "talent" is doing, you'd do a double take and be like, "WHAT THE F. She looks like a whore." Rashida is so right and I respect her even MORE for speaking her mind. Miley & Kartrashian can speak their minds, why can't Rashida or other women who don't agree with the way these girls are dressing/behaving? Makes me sick.

  13. freewoman says – reply to this


    Re: rottlerottlerottleROTT – otally agree your frst comment!!! Only jealous b i tches slut shame women!!

  14. liz says – reply to this


    I have a newfound respect for Rashida Jones. You go girl ;)

  15. Kristie says – reply to this


    Completely and 100% agree with Rashida.

  16. FreedomGal says – reply to this


    I agree with Perez. If a woman feels sexy and wants to display her private areas, that is her choice! As an attractive woman, I enjoy having the freedom to decide what type of clothing that I want to wear. If I want to wear something revealing, that is MY CHOICE. Furthermore, this is a FREE COUNTRY! If you do not like it, then move to a communist country!

  17. RASHIDA JONES says – reply to this


    Sorry about the comments that I made. The truth is that I am jealous of Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj. Since I am not as pretty as them and since my body is not as good as theirs, I thought that I would trash them. Again, I am sorry for being such a jealous bitch. Sincerely, Rashida Jones

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