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EXCLUSIVE! Betty Who Reminds Us That Somebody Loves You!!

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We just loooooove ourselves some epic pop music! And who's more epic than Miz Betty Who?

No one, that's WHO! LOLOLOLzz!!

The Aussie singer has exploded onto the scene since her song, Somebody Loves You, was featured in that super adorable proposal video and we couldn't love her or the song any more than we already do!

The meaningful words, that epic beat, we just cannot stop dancing to it!

It inspires us so much!

Which is why we had the singer stop by recently to give an EXCLUSIVE stripped down performance of the song and it is pure EPICness!!

Somebody Loves You sounds just as AH-Mazing as the original when it's performed acoustically.

Ch-ch-check out the performance (above) and don't forget to download her new EP The Movement available now!!!!

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3 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Betty Who Reminds Us That Somebody Loves You!!”

  1. 1

    god, i feel so much secondhand embarrassment for these no-talent wannabes thinking they'll get ANYwhere by being on YOUR site. it's pathetic to know people would stoop to this, "showcasing" their shit on the site of a known bully/cruel heartless and downright MEAN asshole just for some sorry attempt at "fame" - he's not doing you guys any favors, people! he brings people DOWN and this site forcing scouts to lose all respect for you and your work. go ANYWHERE ELSE.

  2. iam5/slimmy/kat /cd says – reply to this


    wtf ???? who is this clown wannabee…Mario please get cancer.

  3. 3

    Re: iam5/slimmy/kat /cd – That is not good karma, wishing death or ill health on anyone.