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Miley Cyrus' Saturday Night Live Doppelgänger Is Loving This New, Mostly Nekkid Miley!

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Miley Cyrus wants to be a grown up and no one is going to stop her!

Not even Saturday Night Live's personal Mileybird, Vanessa Bayer!

Whether or not she was ready, Vanessa had a lot to catch up on when she returned to SNL this season because Mileybird had pretty much become a brand new, twerking and tonguing woman!

But even though change can be hard, Vanessa welcomed it with open arms…especially when Mileybird herself came to host!

Vanessa said about impersonating the new Miley:

"It's actually more fun. It makes it a little easier, because it gives me something new to do and it's newer for the audience, too. At the last show, it was fun to do something different with her than a Miley Cyrus show since we've already done that. It's always fun to wear new wigs and stuff like that."

We're certainly relieved she's loving it because she has invested more than a little time into perfecting the Miley twang and all her quirky characteristics.

Vanessa explained about how she became a super Miley expert:

"That started a few years ago – before I got hired. I started watching her on TV and thought she was a fun, lively personality. I thought she would be an interesting person to do an impression of. I was sort've starting to think about SNL and if I got the opportunity, what I would do. So I just started watching stuff that she was doing and trying to sort of mimic it. I'd workshop it, but not actually do it out in the world. People would have been like, 'Maybe do that in your own time.'"

But boy did she nail it!

We know we couldn't be happier to watch her rock The Miley Cyrus Show as often as possible!

We just hope Mileybird keeps her antics SNL appropriate…which means she's free to do anything!!

[Image via NBC.]

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