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WHAAAAT!!! Who is telling you this stuff!?!?! Selena Gomez revealed during her concert last night that people have been telling her that she may not be s… Read more…

23 comments to “Selena Gomez Crying Over Haters Saying She's Not Sexy Enough? Check Out Her Response HERE!”

  1. 1

    Sexiest thing on 2 legs….period. Now I'm not saying she's a musician. She's a horrible singer. She should stick to acting. That's her thing. But ya, she's the sexiest thing alive…

  2. ThatDarnCat8mybird says – reply to this


    How it works in our white culture (at least in america): Tell young women they are ugly and tell old women they are hot. So, young women end up thinking they are 1000x uglier than they are and old women end up thinking they are hotter than they are. Its very taboo in our culture to say "wow, that young 20something babe is sexy as hell". But when she's 55 and falling apart, we will say "wow she looks great. oh my goodness. She has a body 21 year olds would DIE for!". Relax girl. They are only saying you arent hot because your beauty hasn't faded yet. Once it fades, you will be so beautiful and the compliments will go to your head.

  3. 3

    Good, don't listen to the voices telling you to sex it up and become a soft porn star like Miley and those others. Sexy is an attitude. Don't let them wear you down! Those voices come from predators and bottom feeders.

  4. Martins says – reply to this


    Sexy or not… U r d best

  5. pail says – reply to this


    she's so annoying. god

  6. jo says – reply to this


    she's always complaning.

  7. Laban says – reply to this


    Even without all the fancy make up and stuff Selena is still the most beautiful woman in my eyes, she has grown up with a lot of hate but still managed to keep the matured,friendly and caring personality, she is 1 of a kind that is for sure haha, she is not perfect she has flaws like everybody else but she still kept to her roots where it matters, I am glad she turned out the way she did, God really blessed her and family a lot! so much Grace in a person's life is just to awesome haha !! and Selena keep being true to who you are for you have become the perfect roll model for the young girls and fans out there! GO Selena!!! from your number 1 fan and I mean seriously I am your number 1 fan haha xD from South Africa!

  8. Riwa Ak says – reply to this


    ur the sexiest girl I've ever seen just dnt listen to the haters sel they gonna hate anyway ur cool enough i know nobody's perfect but u r to me <3 I LOVE YOU SOOO MUUCCHHH <3 selenator 4ever

  9. munas says – reply to this


    i l'm not selena fan but i think she is the sexiest girl ever and when it comes to fashion she is the best everthing she wear's look's good on her she is a elegat girl and she respect her salf i will always love that about her

  10. Stabe says – reply to this


    Who says she has to be "sexy"? Why is sexy a requirement for popularity? Why cannot artists just simply be themselves instead of trying to fit the mold of what the industry thinks will sell? Apparently, her 'girl next door' image works well for her.

  11. kiara says – reply to this


    At 21 everybody is on transition. Walking around naked like Rihanna or Miley doesnt make you sexy,It makes you cheap.

  12. 12

    You may like her or not but she is definitely an attractive girl. Celebrities like her should not be bullied with vicious hateful stuff.

  13. lacey says – reply to this


    She's adorable and she should remain her sweet, classy self. She's refreshing in an industry that puts so much pressure on women to objectify themselves. I hope she doesn't cave into that pressure because she's doing just fine.

  14. mezmreyes says – reply to this


    Re: adg100 – "that's her thing"?!. Have you seen her acting? She can't act either. Please … name something she has done some half decent acting in? And not kiddy shows. The only adult acting she has done is Spring Breakers and Get Away. She has horrible in both.

  15. 15

    she is the best….as a parent i do feel ok having my kids listen to her music and watching her movies..she even said SB was not for kids so i knew not to let my kids watch it….she is the only latina out there right now thats not using sex appeal, just hard work and determination…she makes me proud as a latina to support her as she is such a good role model for us…….nice article perez!

  16. eric says – reply to this


    I'm a man
    and do not consider selena sexy
    she is a teenager but it seems that has body of girl of 13 years
    is not developed
    I better she put silicone in breast and in butt
    yet the ass of ex boyfriend her is much best than she

  17. lisbellas says – reply to this


    gurl, I'm not your fan, but I really admire your standards! Dont listen to them, that's exactly what they want…drag you down! you're beautiful and classy. Keep your principles. xo

  18. lisbellas says – reply to this


    Re: kiara – PREACH!!!

  19. Office Drone says – reply to this


    Re: ThatDarnCat8mybird – This is so true. I figured this out years ago when I started to actually turn into a beautiful swan from an ugly duckling, nearly all the compliments faded. Yet, the overweight and rough looking girls were "beautiful"

  20. 20

    The room u are reffering to is quite empty though! It's not a full arena

  21. Sarah says – reply to this


    She's not talking about a specific person… it's directed towards the media, who are always talking trash about celebrities, saying certain celebrities "aren't sexy enough" or "too sexy". Perez is one to talk.

  22. selenafan says – reply to this


    c' mon she is perfect singer,even better actor and she s the prettiest girl in the world!

  23. Lauren says – reply to this


    She may be a good actress and singer but she's not dressing classy at all these days showing skin is not classy or sexy it's just asking for rude comments maybe that's why she's not considered sexy at all if she dressed better she might and she's so not classy anymore