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54 comments to “facebook-fill-in-the-blank-when-i-look”

  1. Lizet says – reply to this



  2. 2

    OMGGGG Gaga I LOVEEEEEEEE you (I still shriek when I see you on TV) and all but this is horrendous. I find no words to adequately describe how preposterous you look. This entire outfit needs to be burned to ashes and scattered somewhere far, far, far away. FASHION FAIL.

  3. bigbud says – reply to this


    She is just soooooo edgy and hip, NOT

  4. 4

    What an asshole.

  5. 5

    attention whore!!!

  6. 6

    Keep Miley Cyrus away from the bear!

  7. 7

    That better be FAUX FUR.. otherwise I could care less about her.

  8. CandyCane says – reply to this


    I really want to like her as an artist but this stupid shit overshadows her talent.

  9. 9

    If your music is good, it will speak for itself. You dont need theatrics.

  10. ONIT says – reply to this


    Seriously? You know they shoot wild bears in Germany?!

  11. 11

    It reeks of desperation to stay in the public eye, which is a shame because it eclipses any talent hidden underneath.

  12. Sam says – reply to this


    the first thing I think is…. "Perez is still obsessing about his 'feud' with Gaga!" stop being a bully and grow up.

  13. Chris says – reply to this


    She still looks hotter than Perez!!!

  14. 14

    No mention of how well her new single is doing and her Thanksgiving gig?

  15. 15

    the first thing I think is…why are we celebrating a prostitute?

  16. Manda says – reply to this


    Re: CandyCane – I completely agree…

  17. GAGAINTGOD says – reply to this



  18. 18

    Re: CandyCane – i agree i really liked her at first but this kinda shit just turned me off of her

  19. Manda says – reply to this


    She isn't even relevant any longer… She really ca't' sing all that well and she is "appearing" desperate for attention… Give it a rest Lady G, you had your moment.

  20. lol says – reply to this


    Re: Bigdawg – it's real

  21. Manolo says – reply to this


    What does the Fox say??? this is totally stupid. I will say though…I appreciate not being able to see her face. Lets keep it that way.

  22. lol says – reply to this


    she's totally 2/3 years ago attention whore

  23. bccahhhh says – reply to this


    an owl with a zipper on its face lolzzzzz

  24. jack says – reply to this


    It's sad. She's so much more than this. The industry will chew you up and spit you out.

  25. Luna Sanz says – reply to this


    Heartless animal killer a-hole1

  26. Luna Sanz says – reply to this


    Heartless animal killer ugly beast!

  27. Gourmay says – reply to this


    So sad to see her CONSTANTLY wearing fur after also openly endorsing animals being skinned alive. This is why I never believed her when she did things for the LGBT community, all she cares about is status and looking important, not ending cruelty in the world.

  28. nugget says – reply to this


    i thought — that is one furry wall i do NOT want to stroke

  29. free says – reply to this


    What did that poor sheep do to her?

  30. mlington says – reply to this


    so ridiculous

  31. Barie Pyne says – reply to this


    boring. I'm sick of her annoying outfits. Get back to the basic's Gaga and sing.

  32. 32

    When i see this i think….

    UGH! B.O.R.E OFF!!!

    I really enjoyed her first 2 albums and was so glad when she took a break cus she was doing my head it being 'out there' and 'shocking'. You cannot shock people if you look like a fuckwit every time u step outside!!! you simply look like a try hard fuckwit!

  33. Cheryl says – reply to this


    Wow, this is really lame. I used to defend her before for these antics because I really liked her music and now I'm just ashamed.

    No longer gaga over gaga……..:(

  34. AussieGirl says – reply to this


    What does the fox say?

  35. Sara Roberts says – reply to this


    I see Lady Gaga has been to the plastic surgeon !

  36. barb says – reply to this


    YAWN !!!! This is so-o-o-o yesterday. Sing or beat it ,Gaga. There's no "shock value" left.

  37. 37

    I cant really think of anything when I see something like that. its hideous and it does make you look, but its not something you want to keep looking at.

  38. Sara says – reply to this


    Why is she wearing a Chicken Nugget on her head?

  39. 39

    I've never been into Gaga and I have no idea if she's wearing real fur, but recent events have shown that there is still a LOT of value left in shocking people. Whether or not she'll be able to keep cashing in on it is another story.

  40. Demi's Fat Ass says – reply to this


    Re: 70sEltonJohn – Pot, meet kettle.

  41. nancy B says – reply to this


    She’s so played out……time to move on and change your image……you bore me

  42. u says – reply to this


    why then chicken nugget

  43. Scooch says – reply to this


    she's an idiot

  44. jay says – reply to this


    When I look at this photo of #LadyGaGa from today in Germany, the first thing I think is….Perez Hilton is a little, fucking bitch.

  45. 45

    Hideous attire.

  46. Catattack says – reply to this


    She looks like a llama's vagina with a clit ring. Is she back to dressing like this because her song with R Kelly dropped in the charts and was even DISQUALIFIED from the UK's billboard for her cheating ways?

  47. 47

    the animal fur tho Gaga kmon, how you expect people to be compassionate towards others if you can't be compassionate towards our fellow earthlings.

  48. debolisa says – reply to this


    OMG, this is so sad …. this is not edgy Gaga, you just trying to hard ! let it go Gaga ..Let it go

  49. Mom of 2 Peas says – reply to this


    My first thought was : I'm a chicken hawk~ !

  50. Vcaps says – reply to this


    when you're not very talented and constantly ripping others, you need to draw attention somewhere else!!!

  51. lala says – reply to this


    Not sure if its furry old tofu on her head or if they have created a new character for her to play on Yo Gabba Gabba out of symathy…

  52. Morgan says – reply to this


    One word: FABOSH.

    I am not even a Gaga's fan. But she had balls.
    Art is meant to be challenging. Look it up, people.

    Katy Perry wearing squirty cream boobs = ridiculous and costumy.
    Gaga's outfits = designer and artistict daring.

  53. ElizAbeth says – reply to this


    "They're bring Furbies back?"

  54. mumur says – reply to this


    …angry birds!