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What a wonderful getaway from this gloomy El Lay weather! Joe Manganiello swept his girlfriend Bridget Peters off her feet and took her down south of the… Read more…

Joe Manganiello spends time on the beaches of Mexico!Joe Manganiello spends time on the beaches of Mexico!
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3 comments to “Joe Manganiello Has A Close Encounter With The Sea While On Romantic Vacation With His Girlfriend!”

  1. liquid kitty says – reply to this


    He then rescued a rare tiger stripped, leopard dolphin by performing a kidney transplant using one of his own kidneys, while playing in US women's open.

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    I just love Puerto Vallarta, so many great restaurants. If he wants to see a lot more turtles, he should visit Akumal, in the Riviera Maya. You can snorkel with them and they have had a record number of hatchlings for the second year in a row. They start nesting in May and June, and this year some have laid nests as late as Sep.-Oct. The eggs take about 60 days before they hatch and the local ecological society marks the nests with the date they were laid. Great beach.

  3. SallyL says – reply to this


    am so jealous! I really want to go to a romantic week in Mexico. My husband and I have been thinking about it for a long time. I had my wedding 2 years ago in Quebec City it was cozy and private. I've been back there 3 times since, and it's so awesome, romantic with an European twist. Last time we drove down from Toronto and found a good deal on hotels through bigcitybooking.com. It was so worth it to live up our wedding night.