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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Are Blonde Bombshells While Leaving Dinner In London!

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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard step out to dinner

Ohhhh look how dapper you two look!

Johnny Depp was spotted out in London with girlfriend Amber Heard and the two were dressed to the nines as they were leaving Scott's Restaurant.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor was showing off his newly dyed blonde locks to the world, which makes us wonder what role the change was for!

It couldn't have been for his guest spot in Sir Paul McCartney's music video… That's already been filmed and we even spotted him on his way to the shoot waaaay back when it was being filmed at Abbey Road Studios!

Maybe he's dyed his hair for Into The Woods? But seeing as he's playing the Wolf… we doubt he'd need to be blonde for that role!

Hmmm could he maaaaaybe believe the phrase "blondes have more fun" and just wanted to test it out for himself?

Doubtful, but he might have dyed it so he could ACTUALLY marry that couple in secret but couldn't make it to Disney in time! Bummer!!

Speaking of secret weddings… will you and Amber be wedding in secret anytime soon?

[Image via BGO.]

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243 comments to “Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Are Blonde Bombshells While Leaving Dinner In London!”

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  1. Nicole says – reply to this


    Tega, I agree with you. I don't like Amber, but I always try to see if Johnny is happy, but no, I just see him more and more miserable

  2. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Aha – Surely, more and more we can see how Amber is false in her statements.

  3. LILA says – reply to this


    johnny and amber showed us their halloween costumes last night………

  4. What says – reply to this


    Re: from worse to worst – What? Oh, Amber must be drugging Johnny with Ketamine a hypnotic drug for humans also used as an anesthetic in horses. Because I don't believe that Johnny has made ​​a cameo in London Fields with Amber

  5. Nicole says – reply to this


    I'm not surprised to know that Johnny made the cameo, but I confess that I didn't like this news.
    I also know that Johnny is altruistic and he would not refuse to help anyone who asks him a favor.
    Well I also confess that this is the only movie that Johnny participated that I will not watch

  6. tega says – reply to this


    Re: joanna – Maybe you need to see the video of Johnny sitting on a chair in France in front of a picture window taking about Vanessa where he flat out said "She's my best friend…I worship her…" or maybe you never saw her video that Johnny helped her produce that zeros in on the painting he did of her which is on the cover of one of her albums. Maybe the love grew weak at some point for both of them. I don't know but there is evidence that he did love her once.

  7. tega says – reply to this


    Re: claudita – Well…that's it I guess…my cover is blown. NOT!
    That's the funniest thing I heard all day. Thanks for that laugh - and I'm still laughing. I really needed that. hahahahahahahahha

  8. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: tega – congratulations, but this disease can turn you been spending more time here than any other person.

  9. tega says – reply to this


    Re: claudita – Claudita - how do we know YOU are not Veritas pretending to be someone else pretending to be Vertias pretending to be the real Veritas…wait a minute…I lost track here. And P.S. - I'm STILL laughing.

  10. tega says – reply to this


    Re: claudita – Spending time here…you mean other than you or else how would you know?

  11. Donna says – reply to this


    he looks stressed and thin. if she makes him happy good for him, if she is the reason for the stress and weight lose then she isnt worth it.

  12. Prixie says – reply to this


    Re: joanna – I agree with you. Not that I think that Vanessa tricked him, but I don't think that Johnny was so madly in love with Vanessa. There was something very wrong in their relationship since the beginning and the amount of time they spent apart since he started the pirates era confirms that they had some problems about loving each other more deeply than they loved their work. If he was so in love with her, he would have slow down with his work trying to dedicate more time to her and his family but he didn't and so started to do Vanessa, sorry but this is not love for me because when you're in love you'd do anything for the person you love. Then don't waste your time with Tega. I often read here and somewhere else and I noticed that she's really lunatic. Once she defended Johnny dating Amber and later you can see that she became a hater that writes on jamber site with Gabbi nicknames. Just read her first posts here, she used to tell that it was Johnny's business and that she doesn't think that Amber was this bad person if he still was dating her and now from her comments you can see she tries to discredit her. She's one of those haters now, not very coherent that like all members of jamber site should get a life.

  13. Prixie says – reply to this


    Now, don't misunderstand me people. I'm not a fan of Amber and I never was. I also preferred Vanessa with him, but it simply didn't last and people should get a reason about this. It doesn't really matter why it didn't last because it's over anyway and Vanessa told that people should stop to speculate because nobody knows the truth and because they don't have the duty of being a model since they're human and they're artists and they have only the duty to be liked by people for their art and not for their private life because this is only their business that has nothing to do with us and especially people on jamber site are sick because they invest too much time and hate on his girlfriend when a true fan of him should try more to respect his choice without analyzing every single little detail of it. I'm tired to read that he's unhappy with her. Nobody is forcing him to date her, it's his choice, so things can't be that bad if he keeps dating her despite of the bad reputation and the (fake) fans hatred he knew he got doing it and Tega \Gabbi is just another fake fan with no life that judges him all the time. But how can anybody judge if he's happy just seeing every 2 or 3 months just 30sec of him walking with her in front of annoying paparazzi and flashes in their faces? Everybody with common sense would realize that it's too little to have a real and complete idea of how his relationship with her can be. Please get a brain before talking.

  14. This couple sucks says – reply to this


    I can't wait for this couple to break up, it's obvious that there is no love there. Anyways Amber isn't straight and it's a joke that she is with a man. She should go back to women and it shouldn't be back Tasya Van Ree that relationship is finished for good.

  15. Prixie says – reply to this


    I just use to read on jamber site (I don't write there because it's a den of very sick people and I noticed that once they even told that had proof that Amber had overlapped relationships in past just because they read somewhere rumours that she dated Crispin Glover and Arthur Wybrands…. can't you see how exaggerated are their theories? Rumours aren't proof first of all (they even cited some site telling that it was their proof - yeah very demented people), then they refused to admit that was no proof at all since Amber also denied of having dated Glover explaining in an interview that they were only friends and there was no proof at all that Arthur Wybrands even knew her because there's not a single picture of them together anywhere and that's really strange for a couple who was really dating also because we could find pictures of Amber with her ex boyfriend Valentino Lanus, but about Wybrands there's nothing and people of jamber site even used a picture that was proved to be a photomontage that showed them together. People on zeta board indeed were able to prove it showing what the original pic of Amber was that was then pasted with a pic of him in a photomontage but people on jamber site simply refused to admit it was a photomontage. Well, this already proves how much "reliable" their theories can be.

  16. Prixie says – reply to this


    They exaggerate everything with their malignant mind. They just see what they want to see because they don't like Amber and listen, I can understand they don't like her. They're free of despising her of course, but the amount of time they invest to hate her so much and to discredit her often with exaggerated and not reliable theories and examples is too much for anyone who is really a normal person. They're all sick. I noticed they also spend their time making nasty photomontages of her and this proves how much they need to get a life since they got a lot of spare time only to think about Amber. I mean, their hate is becoming more and more pathological day by day and yes, I repeat, Tega is one of these sick haters by now even once she wasn't and had more common sense. I personally love Johnny and I don’t analyze all the time what he does in his private life because I’m sure that he knows that people who do this are sick. I often read what people write this and other sites yes, but I prefer of not judging because first of all it’s not my business, second thing I’m one of his real respectful fans that think that he would appreciate more to get support than pointless hate and third thing, I think that we should see him with Amber everyday in their private moments to realize if they’re happy or not because seeing them for 30 or 40 sec every 2 or 3 months while they are being annoyed by paparazzi attention aren’t enough for anybody to decide it.

  17. Prixie says – reply to this


    Re: Donna – He could be stressed for whatever reason, also because he's working too much. Did you ever consider this chance???

  18. Prixie says – reply to this


    Re: This couple sucks – The couple can suck yeah maybe and you're sick. Amber isn't straight but she isn't lesbian either. She dated men in past before dating Johnny and Tasya, one of these was Valentino Lanus so stop with your sick theories. Lesbian people don't date men and she even admitted in her interviews that Tasya was her first and unique girlfriend. She's bisexual so what? Just because you wanna think she's lesbian it doesn't mean that she's, espcially when you have no proof that she's only into women since facts prove the contrary. Anyway delude yourself as you please because you have the right to refuse the truth if you can't acccept it.

  19. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Prixie – You say, don't love Amber, but all that you do, is defend her. You say, you don't hate Vanessa, but you do it, and then you say, don't want to criticize anyone. So why are you here? Do you think discredit other people, makes you more credible?
    I hope that at least you're paid for everything, otherwise it would just be a huge waste of time. :P ( You know well) People are free to think and write what they want. If most people don't think like you, does not mean they are sick.
    How many comments you've written? Also you seem sick . I advise you to think seriously about this.
    Bye, bye "moderator".

  20. You're crazy says – reply to this


    Re: What – You're crazy. You must be talking about this because of the pictures of Johnny and Amber with a white spot showed up in his pocket. It can be anything, don't talk such BS

  21. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: maria – yea because his very little part in the movie is going to help it to succeed! it is a surprise cameo how is that a thing to help her career? he is not starring as her co-star you know? doing a cameo in her movie does not make him a fool but it means that he really loves her and appreciate her.

  22. 122

    Re: This couple sucks – do you have no life at all to wait to see other people that you don't know break up? why the hell do you even want them to break up? they are together since 2 years and they are still going so eat your heart out. YOU SUCKS

  23. 123

    Re: Donna – these pictures are taken after a long filming day so what the hell do you expect? he lost weight for his new movie role and he is stressed because he is working too much.

  24. 124

    Re: Jamina – So any one who talks with common sense is sick and paid for? he/she is just stating facts and not defending amber.

  25. I'm sick of Amber says – reply to this


    Amber Heard is a F-list starlet. What she shows is enough to see that she's a gold digger
    I'm sick of Amber Heard.

  26. Prixie says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – You simply need a psychiatrist because you changed as it's convenient to you my words. First of all I never defended Amber. Can't you read or you need an interpreter? I defended Johnny's right of privacy telling that people should stop to judge his private life and if you were for real a fan of him you would respect also his girlfriend because he chose her. Do you see him forced by her to date her? Do you have evidence that he feels forced to date her? No. He chose her even though he could have chosen any other girlfriend if his problem is that he doesn't wanna be alone because Amber isn't the only woman on this earth that would date him.I don't know if he loves her but he chose to date her for whatever reason and all of us are nobody to judge his choice especially because we don't live with him and we don't know anything about his private life and how he is living it. I'm judging many of you not because you don't like Amber with him because of course you're free of thinking what you want about her and I repeat that I don't really care about her either, it's just about him that I care and when I see people like you and Tega that don't have a life and spend your time judging Johnny's choices, well I'm free too to say that you aren't fans for him for real because his real fans would respect his privacy.

  27. Prixie says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – You all are not respecting at all his private life, you're only judging and analyzing it like you have the right to do it, but who do you think you are to analyze every little detail of it? And why did you respond me if I was talking with Tega anyway and not with you?? Well, maybe you are the same person because since I didn’t accuse you about anything it doesn’t make sense that you come here and feel the duty to respond me. Then I read people accusing you of playing games (maybe you will accuse me too of it now just to cover your ass)… uhm, well, the point is not what you all think about Amber because I could care less about it (and I never said a word to defend her as a person indeed even though you invented that I defend her) the point is that it hurts me to see some stupid alleged fans of him that judge his choices and analyze his private life all the time. I just think that he needs respect and if he chose to date Amber also this is a choice that deserves respect and that people shouldn’t judge it without even knowing how their relationship is. Nobody really knows how it’s their life behind the walls of his home or are you maybe telling that people have the right to judge it anyway if they don’t know it? Well, that’s a real proof you are a fan of him wow!

  28. Prixie says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – And please stop to invent things because I’m starting to think you’re psychotic because you accused me of not liking Vanessa. What the hell did I say that should prove your crazy comment? I just told that the fact that Johnny and Vanessa started to spend so much time apart from each other proves that they weren’t so madly in love because people that is really in love always try to be as much time as they can but noone of them didn’t at some point. They accepted lot of work even if nobody forced them to sign contracts. They were free to accept them or not and yes, facts prove that they started to care more about their jobs than being together, both of them, I never said that only him or only her did this, so why the hell do you think that I hate her? And why didn you mention the word hate when I didn’t about Vanessa by the way? Are you paranoid or what? Get some help because you need it. And please you, Tega and others stop saying you’re fans of him because it’s not true.

  29. Prixie says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – And now, just respond with common sense to my question if your brain allows you that: do you really think that Johnny would appreciate that people judge and analyze so much his private life instead of respecting it thinking about their business? He doesn’t even like private questions during interviews and do you really think that he would appreciate "fans" like you? Oh please. I guess you’re also a member of jamber site, that’s why you don’t think that there’s something wrong about investing so much time judging Johnny’s private life and hating someone who he chose anyway to date. And you know, you’re also funny because you accuse me of doing what you all do here all the time: discredit people. Telling that Johnny deserves respect and that nobody has the right to judge his private life, especially his real fans wouldn’t do that, I’m not discrediting anybody, unlike you I’m just demonstrating respect for him but judging so bad his private life and someone you don’t even know in real life, well that’s discrediting my dear and please don’t accuse me of having written too much because what I wrote here this time is nothing compared to all that you all people wrote here and on jamber site until now so please go to preach someone else or yourself, not me.

  30. Amber flop says – reply to this


    It's hard to believe that someone still calls Amber to shoot a movie, she is no longer beautiful as she was before. she's a terrible actor and an arrogant person that flop every movie she does

  31. amber flop says – reply to this


    Re: Amber flop – *terrible actress

  32. anabela says – reply to this


    the only thing I will say, after reading and seeing everything that happened! in my opinion is that vanessa and johnny is loved to the end, for 14 years, two children who will unite forever, I love it, THEY ARE NOT FRIENDS ARE FAMILY …. clear that we would love all that back together, hopes not lose even if they spend the years, Vanessa still loves him like the first day just that sometimes you have to let go, is that at the bottom of his heart johnny even also loves, is the mother of his children and that never changed!! I want to pre johnny happy, proud of his family, yando from here to there with them with a big smile, not johnny now that looks sad, serious, head bends as if hiding something, it's embarrassing! !

  33. 133

    Re: tega – I haven't heard any rumors of his past. You must want to make some up since maybe you are jealous he has a beauty by his side. Jealous huh? lol You shouldn't plant the seeds of a past rumor just so you can make him look bad. He looks happy to me and healthier than ever.

  34. w says – reply to this

  35. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Prixie – No my dear, my life is wonderful, because I have much free time. :) :)
    If you do not care about their private life and your life is so interesting, why the hell you respond to all the comments? Do You think you're better than everyone? You are not able to comment without insulting, this means that your claims are weak, my friend. That said, I have absolutely nothing against this couple. If he does not want to be alone and if she wants fame, these are their problems. For me, they are free to do what they want. I have never judged people, but I don't like lies and especially people like you, who judges everybody and writes many bad things for nothing. This is All.
    Now, I'm going to take a hot bath, hear you soon ..
    Peace, baby. :) :P

  36. Rudyfree says – reply to this


    Re: anabela – Don't hope too much honey. Vanessa doesn't love him anymore, she even said so in the italian VF. Let him have a girlfriend who loves him…

  37. Prixie says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – I don't know if I'm better than everyone as a person, but yes, I'm better than many of you as a fan of Johnny at least because unlike you, I don't pretend to be his fan while judging and analyzing his private life all the time. I respect his choices and I prefer to not judge. You said you have nothing against him and Amber as a couple but you're lying. Just read again your previous posts where it's evident that you were judgmental. You also used more than a nickname to express your hatred but if you won't admit it I'm not going to argue about it since it's irrelevant for me how much sincere you wanna be, but you know, you’re just a hypocrite when you say you don't like lies and especially people who judges everybody because that's what you did until now my dear. Facts prove you're also very supportive with haters. You're okay that they judge Johnny all the time since you were defending their point of view in your previous post, so stop to pretend to be this saint that never judges and if you have all this spare time, well, I hope for you that you will invest it to go to the psychiatric trying to heal your unconfessed falsity and repressed and bipolar personality. I know who you are and you can make a fool of other people here maybe but not of me, end of story. I'm done with you now and I won’t come back to waste my time again with false and obsessed people like you that do the double game all the time. Goodbye.

  38. Magda says – reply to this


    Re: Prixie

    What if BOTH YOU & JAMINA will see the psychiatrist???…..Lol!

  39. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Don't trust Jamina nor Nicole. It's strange that people didn't realize yet that they're the same person. And she's also Veritas, Manie and she's using other nicknames telling always the same things. Just pay attention. People on this site use more than a nickname pretending to be different people but there are so many different people writing here. They are all the same people writing over and over again the same things. It's not that difficult to understand who is pretending to be who…

  40. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Magda – Do you come with us?

  41. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    It's pretty official by now that Johnny Depp has played a cameo in Amber's movie: London Fields because even IMDB site mentions his name in the cast. It's just a matter of time before it got to be revealed that he plays the role of MArk Asprey.

  42. Jamina says – reply to this


    First thing: Nicole and I are not the same person, I do not need to write under other names, just mine.
    Second thing: I'm sure you know very well how to write about this website with others names, honestly I have not even thought about this …
      I find it really strange that some people write here with nickname type: Veritas, Prixie, The truth sayer, Yousef, Monroe etc …. Do you seem to names of real people? Absolutely not.
    Jamina is my real name, I am not hiding behind fancy names, words or otherwise, to write here.
    About this Prixie: I just think, you need to have fun. You are really too boring.
    I am really tired of answering the same people with different names … !
    That said, I repeat for the umpteenth time, I do not care anything about what people think, Everyone is free to believe what it wants, who has a brain, is able to understand (alone) the difference between the true and the false. Good day..

  43. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Don't try to cover your ass accusing others of what you always did here because it doesn't work anymore by now and nobody seemed to believe you not even in past because as you said, who(ever) has a brain, is able to understand (alone) the difference between the true and the false and we got that you're Veritas, Manie, Nicole, maybe even Tega and also others. Go to find a hobby. You must be very bored since you spend all your days here using about 10 different names.

  44. Justice says – reply to this


    Sorry for my intrusion but I have to agree with Prixie because what she\he told makes sense. True fans of Mr Depp wouldn’t talk that much of his private life if they really cared about him for real because his true fans should know how much he cares his privacy to be respected and if we have to be honest almost nobody is doing it here and on other sites, yeah. The fact that people are free to think and write what they want doesn’t give them the right anyway to get exaggerated as they’re getting with their continuos speculations, analysis, defaming and doing the autopsy of Johnny’s current love life and even less gives them the right to define themselves “his fans” because true fans wouldn’t do anything like that and they would respect his private choices and decisions while they're judging them all the time, condemning his girlfriend whatever she does. True fans of him wouldn't use the excuse they’ve the right to think what they want to feel free of not respecting his privacy at all. You know, especially on jamber site there are some behaviors that could be even sued. Not kidding, exaggeration is too much. People should beware of their actions and words. Believe me, on jamber site there’s enough nasty material to warn authorities or Johnny's team that would be even better.

  45. zzzz says – reply to this


    Re: Justice – Gossip sites, that's it. Don't take life too serious! I'm sure JD gives shit about what gets written here or on any other gossip site and the media has taken it very easy on him so far. Get over yourself, i bet he doesn't care about you defending him either.

  46. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – I talk to Nicole and Tega for months on this site, i do not remember ever having responded to Veritas, and I apologize, but I do not remember this Manie? Nicole, Tega, Veritas, Manie …, you forget Jesus, the Virgin Mary and the 12 apostles. You are totally crazy… !!!! SO FUNNY ahahhahahahahah……….

  47. Justice says – reply to this


    Re: zzzz – You're very wrong. Jamber site isn't only based on gossip. They're defaming Johnny's girlfriend in many ways telling they have proofs and evidence that she's false etc. etc.and they're also often creating some photomontages so offensive that yes, can be sued together with other things that are defaming and injuring about her and him. Mr Depp doesn't care about gossip in a general way just because he doesn't read on internet what people write, he's too busy to do that and also Amber doesn't spend her time reading on similar sites. They both ignore what jamber site is doing but if someone warned his team about such details and about all the defaming that it's happening, I don't know if they would keep of not caring about all this.

  48. zzzz says – reply to this


    Re: Justice – I'm sure their PR teams have an eye on it. They do read on gossip sites to know what's going on. Again don't take everything too serious, others don't.

  49. Justice says – reply to this


    Re: zzzz – You keep seeing things in a wrong way because defaming people with charges and nasty photomontages is something that can be sued and punishable by law, it isn't something that shouldn't be taken too seriously as you said, especially if it gets too exaggerate. By the way, why are you so defensive? Are you from jamber site? Well, if you are not then if they keep defaming Amber and they get sued in future you shouldn't make a big deal about it. I don't get what you have to do with them anyway since you're defending their point of view too much, trying to make it looks like they're not doing wrong. Yes, their PR teams have an eye on it and they might have been informing Mr Depp and Mr Heard about all the shit. You never know what could happen.

  50. Zzzzz says – reply to this


    Re: Justice – Are you a lawyer desperate for a job in the entertainment industrie?

  51. tyn says – reply to this


    Iam sure that johnny read these forum and he has written here sometimes.He is angry with the people who dont approve his behavior.

  52. Kim says – reply to this


    Re: tyn – No, he is angry of himself

  53. Justice says – reply to this


    Re: Zzzzz – You are not funny and there's nothing to joke or to take it so easy about what people on jamber site do but I'm not going to waste my time anymore writing here and answering people that aren't really fans of Johnny. Still I confirm everything I said.

  54. Magda says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina

    I SHALL BE DELIGHTED, JAMINA/140! Just to find out the psycho-analysis of what's going on here: seems we all are driving each other CRACKERS with all this TIRESOME CRAP…..However, TYN/151 has an interesting comment….., the only one so far!

  55. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Magda – Yes, maybe he's Yousef or Proxie. Lol…….
    Honestly it seems more truthful the comment/152, because if he is an honest man with himself, he knows that many of the comments, on the various sites, are not far of reality (excluding the insults and speculations about him, Amber and Vanessa). I mean If he had not done what he did to his family, no one would be here talking about his private life, in this way. Right? ( I don't know maybe i'm wrong).

  56. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Firstly, he did not do anything to his family, secondly, is he the first man to break up with his partner whom he was not married to and can always walk away?? why are you not having a go at orlando bloom who was married by the way and now getting divorced? and you call yourself a fan?? Leave him alone, it is HIS life. You cannot presume to know things when you are not involved so don't delude yourself into thinking your theory is not far from reality. It may well be very far from reality.

  57. Jamina says – reply to this


    I'm sorry , but mine is not a theory . I mean, for years he talked about his family, Vanessa and his children . This is one of the reason,s why people became interested not only his career, but also his private life . I'm not saying it's wrong , but you cannot think to talk when things go well and expect people shut up when things change … He does not do the "factory worker" . Johnny is an actor appreciated in all the planet and he knows perfectly that in career and in life, there are " up and down" , you cannot gag the people … !
    Being a fan, does not mean blindly accepting everything. I'm not " stupid " , and I 'm not his PR ( who are paid handsomely to give a certain image ) . I love him for his talent and for what he really is, (for better or for worse) and not for what he seems to be. I'm just a realist and I know he is not an idiot but I also know that he is not God.
    I am a fan , but I'm not blind, deaf or "mute"!!!

  58. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – If you were a fan you would respect his private life because it's not your business and the fact that he talked about his love for his family in past it doesn't mean he wasn't sincere. He was but he's also a man. Everybody can cheat, even saints because sometimes there are some situations in your life that you're not able to control. It happens everyday to men and also women and you know, the fact that a man can be attracted by a beautiful woman who isn't his wife doesn't mean that he doesn't love his family or that he cares less about his wife. Man is a giddy thing you know, that's it and he never stated to be this superfaithful man. He just used to tell that he loved his family and that it means so much for him, but giving up to temptations is another thing that has nothing to do with love for family. I remember that once in an interview he also told that he couldn't be faithful because a part of him wanted to be free and to stay away for all the night, so he was also sincere. He never stated to be a saint so people should just stop to judge him as they have the right to do it. True fans of him should know that he's a very private person who appreciates people who respect his privacy and only on Johnny Depp zone people don't talk about his private life. So his true fans are there, not here since they discuss about it all the time judging his choices.

  59. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Yeah yeah, "being a fan, does not mean blindly accepting everything" but it doesn't even mean that these fans have the right to discuss analyze and judge his private life all the time as many people do. I'm not even talking about you. I'm talking in a general way. Being a fan indeed doesn't give people the right to be so obsessed with his private life as people on jamber site are for example because that's pathological. Only people with no life care so much about his favorite actor private life. Vanessa herself told this: "we are not a model, not have a duty to lead by example. We are artists, and an artist only has the task of pleasing his audience, for the space of a movie or a song" and this is absolutely sensate because what an artist chooses to do in his\her private life is nobody's business. True fans have respect, they aren't so judgmental, sorry.

  60. Just Saying says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – [re=6566740]Re: The Truth Sayer[/
    Not everyone judging and commenting are necessarily "fans" of Johnny!! So they may not care about his feelings or yours for that matter..

  61. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Just Saying – Yes, that's absolutely true. People that do that aren't fans of him indeed but then the question comes by itself: why then they care so much about his private life since they often write here and on other sites???

  62. Just Saying says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – Because thats what gossip sites are for… And Jamina made a good point! No one had a problem with his life being discussed when things were going well, and both Johnny and Vanessa provided some access to their private life and relationship with several magazine interviews and comments on their relationship… So it's a bit contradictory to complain now that things aren't so good! It'll pass over time, but Johnny isn't the only one this has happened to

  63. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Just Saying – That's not true. Fans on johnny Depp zone for example never discussed about his private life, not even when he was dating Vanessa and everything was okay just because they respect his privacy and they don't like to talk about gossip and similar things. These are true fans. I mean, rumours that he cheated on Vanessa started long before that Amber came into the picture. He was rumoured to be a cheater before he met Amber if we have to see facts straight but true fans never discuss about his private life anyway because it's not their business if he was faithful or not to Vanessa, that's his life. I repeat true fans of him are only people writing on Johnny Depp zone.

  64. Just Saying says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – Johnny Depp Zone isn't the only fan forum for Johnny… And they may have rules there about discussing his private life, but I know for a fact that fans of that site also go to other sites, where they are allowed to discuss his private life. And there are fans who are concerned for Johnny and there is nothing wrong with that. I understand where you're coming from, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of Johnny's fans have come following the pirates franchise, which coincidentally helped him cultivate the family man image! Now that it's gone, a lot of his fans are confused about what is going on with him! That is part of the responsibility of being a public figure… People are going to dig into your business… And some go about it really negatively, but it's part of the job. You can't only take the good and get upset when the bad comes.

  65. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Just Saying – I personally do not get what the fuss is about. Lots of hollywood couples split up, only a handful last. I get that as a public figure, people would pry into ones private life but some people just go too far. It is partly johnny and vanessa's fault for painting a perfect romantic image when probably things were far from perfect behind closed doors. At least they are both still committed to their kids and do their own things.

  66. bingo says – reply to this


    Re: what – Above all this? Depp's a redneck from Kentucky who never finished high school. He's been posturing as foreign bohemian intellectual for the better part of a decade now. Prior to that goofy pirate film, he was relatively unknown to the general public

  67. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Just Saying – I agree with jamjam. The matter is not anymore about being concerned about him but some "fans" just went too far with their analysis on Johnny's private life. There's a limit for everything and some people exceeded it, that's the thing that can be annoying. Especially on jamber site people exceeded in many ways and if you're a real fan of Johnny you have to admit that the way they act is exaggerated and whoever really likes and respects Johnny can't deny that people on jamber site are everything but true fans. They're only malignat people obsessed with his private life. The fact that they state to be worried about Johnny doesn't give them anyway the right to analyze every little detail of Johnny's private life and to insult so much his girlfriend because that proves that they have no respect for his choices. Nobody is forcing Johnny to date her and I don't buy the bullshit that he's dating her just because he can't be alone. Amber isn't the only woman on this earth that would like to date him and I don't buy that if she was that awful with him he would force himself anyway to date her, that's something that doesn't make any sense. They always exaggerate when they talk about her and they see only what they want to see because of their prejudices.

  68. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Just Saying – More over true fans wouldn't express everyday words of hate about his new girlfriend if they had just a little bit of respect for his choices and for his private life. He chose her, it's pointless and ridiculous to tell that he's forced to date her. Since this couple almost doesn't have fans but haters for the most I don't buy that he doesn't split with her because he fears the public opinion. Noone would be upset for real if he left her, come on and it's also stupid to think that they date just for publicity. What publicity? The one that is making him losing fans and also the good reputation he had once? Oh please, if he wanted a good publicity for real he should just leave her and being single so it doesn't make sense that something forces him to date her. Nothing is forcing him to have this relationship with her. He wants to have it, that's it and if people can't try to accept his choice also trying to understand it a little bit without judging it well, it's just their problem. What's ridiculous is that many people think to know the truth even if they don't live with him and so they don't know how he's really living this relationship with her. It's stupid to judge someone just by rumours that we can heard.

  69. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    I mean, many people now think that Amber is as nasty as the National Enquirer described her recently and this is simply crazy because NE invented also the story that Johnny slept with Angelina and other crazy stories about him, so how can people with common sense base their evaluations on Amber just on some stupid rumours they read? Trusting gossip of trashy magazines isn't a way to know how a celebrity really is. It would be more mature and wise just stopping to be that paranoid and start to respect for real Johnny’s choices but insulting all the time Amber isn't a way to demonstrate respect and whoever does that can't be a fan because fans would respect his choices even if they didn't like it. At least they would avoid to talk about his private life so much and they wouldn’t believe to any trash rumour they hear about her especially when it comes from a not reliable source and tabloid. Fans are free to not like Amber of course but expressing so openly everyday their hate for her, insulting her and seeing the worst in everything sorry but it isn't a way to demonstrate respect for Johnny's private life. People can say whatever they want but someone that really has respect for his idol doesn't insult or judge his choices all the time. That's what only haters do and haters can't be fans.

  70. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Then there are other details: people on jamber site often tell that what Johnny is having with Amber is staged (their public hanging out somewhere included) and this would mean that he's a fake person too, not a genuine man, so they're not only insulting his girlfriend but they're also insulting him! They don't have excuses, they are haters and not fans because fans would never believe that Johnny is a fake person involved in staged relationship. More over they express their judgements basing them only to rumours they read and not to real facts proved to be true and also this isn't something that a true fan would ever do by this is what also people here do if we have to tell the truth…. And ohhh, true fans of him even if they didn't like Amber, they wouldn't create nasty photomontages of her because this isn't anyway something that he would appreciate of course. These alleged fans have no respect for his private life and choices. Their behaviour shows that they care only about their feelings and hatred and not about him.

  71. Just Saying says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – Well I understand your passion when it comes to Johnny, but I don't think you should internalize it!! It's just part of the job! Most people aren't as big of fans as you (or never were to begin with) and they now see what they perceive to be a character flaw, so they are attacking! It's human nature!! And secondly, Amber has a reputation that predates her relationship with Johnny! I don't take it as an insult because his fans think he deserves better as a partner!

  72. done says – reply to this


    I bet he is on drugs again look at this face jesus, he didn't look so bad not even in his Kate Moss days!, so his looks are gone and his movies are getting worse and worse and they are bombing at the box office = he is ruined.

  73. Plastic Surgery says – reply to this


    Re: done – His face is still settling from the plastic surgery and fillers!

  74. Magda says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer
    "Truth Sayer" - firstly: it's remarkable how many times you repeated "jamber site" and "respect" in your post, over and over again….Are you well paid to ADVERTISE for "jamber site" perhaps??? Surely all "haters" on this site will also join "jamber" by now!
    And isn't it true that FIRST we have to EARN "respect" from the people BEFORE EXPECTING some in return??
    Especially as for "celebrities" we also know: "the highest trees have the greatest fall"…..so "the greater the adoration the worse the gossips/insults/prejudices", for these (admiration and condamnation) have EVERYTHING to do with EMOTIONS…..and you in particular should know better than anyone else how DANGEROUS it is to "play" with human FEELINGS!……
    Maybe TYN/151 is completely RIGHT: seems like you, Yousef, Prixie, etc., can NOT get on that well with NEGATIVE reviews………And JAMINA has a good point anyway: Depp is "a celebrity", so just accept the cold storms that come over him lately (it's indeed "part of the job"). It's just "KARMA": we'll always get what we've deserved (= "JUSTICE") !

  75. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – I agree with you on most of the things you just wrote , but I disagree with this : "If you speak of his professional life you 're a fan, if you talk about his private life, are not you anymore? Or if you speak well of his private life you 're a true fan , but if you talk bad you're not more .. "
    Sorry but this is really unacceptable , because it makes no sense …
     I have never tried this pair, even on many occasions I have also defended Amber , because honestly , I believe that she is not Satan , but she is a girl of 27 years who has left her family and her city at the age of 16 years old, to go to Hollywood in search of FAME. Can i say this or I'm invading her privacy ? Or I would say that she has chosen this place to sell candy ???.
     Can i say that Johnny has become a star , also thanks to his private life, (or rather the image that he has given it, for years .. ) Am I too offensive ?
    Again, being a fan does not mean putting your head in the sand and have your hands tied until the time of " applause. "
    Everyone must be free to think and to write what it want , (always having respect for people), That is not illegal or disrespectful.
    Sorry, but this is my opinion….

  76. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Magda – You don't get what the point is. Some alleged fans have just gone too far with their comments and insults and they are judging Amber basing their theories only on gossip they heard. They never met her, they don't have proof that she's so nasty as they think and it's stupid to judge someone just believing in what tabloids as National Enquirer tell and if fans really cared about Johnny would realize something: if Amber was so bad and negative in his life, how come that he doesn't split with her after 2 years finding for himself any better woman that would replace her in a second? I just don't buy that Amber is the only one who he can find for himself since 2 years oh please!! And then where are all these proofs that she's using him? Can't you all see that Amber keeps doing shitty movies and insignificant roles as she did in past? If he really wanted to help her he would ask his friend Tim Burton or even Disney to cast her in some A-list blockbuster. He could do it but it isn't happening and doing a cameo in her movie isn't this big thing. He helped also Vanessa to promote her music in past, so what's wrong if he played a cameo in Amber’s movie now? He was also supposed to film a movie with Vanessa several years ago: "My american lover" but nobody told that Vanessa was using him to have an access to Hollywoodian cinema since Vanessa worked only for french cinema industry.

  77. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    People judge in a nasty way everything Amber does just because they can't stand her. I mean it's evident that they hate and have prejudices on her just because he left Vanessa for her, that's it. Amber is just a scapegoat to blame for Johnny's split with Vanessa but these people are in denial about the fact that rumours that Johnny and Vanessa relationship was in trouble surfaced in 2010 already and he was rumoured of cheating on her with other women and not with Amber. Rumours about Amber surfaced only in 2012 but I don't think that Amber is the real cause of Johnny and Vanessa split as I don't think that Johnny cheated on Vanessa only with Amber. I think it happened even before her that he cheated on Vanessa and she knew it of course but Amber could have been what gave the final hit on their already fractured relationship. I'm sure that if he had met Amber 1 or 2 years after his split, maybe nobody would hate her so much and there would be more respect for her. My advice is: just get a reason, couples split all the time in Hollywood and men often cheat there, it's nothing new and Johnny never told to be a saint. More over since he's dating Amber we have to admit that he looks younger and happy. Just search and go to see his pictures during the Cannes event in 2010 where he went with Vanessa and please don't tell me that he looked okay. He looked older than now and even miserable. There was sadness in his eyes in all those pictures.

  78. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Jamina, of course you can say what you’ve just said because you're talking with respect, but this isn't the case of other people that write nasty thing all the time. You’ve just written: "Everyone must be free to think and to write what it want , (always having respect for people)" and that's the point! Of course people can write and think what they want but ALWAYS HAVING RESPECT FOR PEOPLE and this is just what many people don't do! They simply went too far with their insults. Telling that he's in a staged relationship for example is an awful accusation. It's like they're telling he isn't a true person but someone that lies and I don't think that true fans would think such a thing about him, sorry. Then also realizing nasty photomontages isn't a way to show respect for his private life and choices, sorry, so yes, many alleged fans of him aren't fans at all. They're just people obsessed with gossip about his private life since they discuss more them than his professional life. You know, a thing is expressing their own opinions telling something like "I don't like Amber for him" and another thing is insulting her all the time even with photomontages and trusting what trashy tabloids tell, this isn't not what real fans of him would do. They would be more respectful and discrete and they would avoid to go so far with their hate, that's it.

  79. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Just Saying – You wrote. "Amber has a reputation that predates her relationship with Johnny! I don't take it as an insult because his fans think he deserves better as a partner" well, can you tell me where's the proof that Amber deserves this reputation and that she's not a good partner for him? Do you maybe know her personally that you can tell for sure how nasty she is with him? Again I tell that if she was so nasty with him, why the hell in the world he keeps dating her since 2 years? He could simply split with her because there are many women that would like to date him, he wouldn't be alone anyway, so please don't try to sell your story basing it only to your impressions. Impressions aren't proofs. Just mention some real proofs that she deserves the bad reputation she has got or proofs that she's good for Johnny… not rumours please because we can't judge someone basing our theories on rumours. And please don't start again with the story that she's using him because I already explained that she isn't since she keeps doing shitty movie and not A-list movies despite of the fact that Johnny could make her work for T.Burton or Disney if he wanted and don't forget that a cameo isn't this big help. He also helped Vanessa to promote her music and he was about to film a movie with her for hollywoodian production "My american lover", so what? He could do far more for Amber if he wanted to but Amber isn't getting all this big help at all.

  80. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – You said:"He helped also Vanessa to promote her music in past, so what's wrong if he played a cameo in Amber’s movie now? He was also supposed to film a movie with Vanessa several years ago: "My american lover" but nobody told that Vanessa was using him to have an access to Hollywoodian cinema since Vanessa worked only for french cinema industry. " Yes, it's true.
    Do you asked yourself "why"? I think, because Vanessa likes it better than Amber, (at least with regard to the relationship with Johnny). This does not mean to insult Amber or have no respect for the life of Johnny. This only means having a preference, (it's a matter of taste) I prefer Johnny to Brad Pitt, but that does not mean I denigrating Brad. Johnny is free to do what he wants, just as people are free to have a preference, or not? Maybe, you, Proxie, Yousef etc … can not understand this thing: The majority of the public preferred to Johnny with Vanessa and not with Amber,( not because Vanessa is perforce better than her), but because people fell in love with him, as the perfect father of the family. That's all. Now we should not be surprised or angry because people do not like Amber ? The life need coherence, objectivity and honesty even if you are a fan. Now I salute you, I have to go to the psychiatrist. LoL :)

  81. Magda says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer

    YOU don't get what the point is: I can't remember to EVER have MENTIONED one of Depp's "partners, lovers, girlfriends" or whatever……(Who cares!)
    And by the way: can those "mistresses" of him not defend themselves in the media IF the accusations, names and insult might bothered them?! Do they really need someone like you, Yousef, Prixie, etc. - etc., to "protect" them from "evil"???
    I don't care if celebs are happy or not: they have chosen for their lifestyle and thus simply are RESPONSIBLE as well for their own choices AND the (possibly BAD) consequences!

  82. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Jamina, what you say makes sense and I'm not contesting that fact that people could have a preference, but here and on other sites isn't what people express in Amber's case is hate. It's not fair to tell that if Johnny helped Vanessa nothing was wrong but if he helps Amber she’s using him because both Amber and Vanessa aren’t these huge A-list artists in the world so why if Johnny helps Vanessa it’s okay and if he helps Amber isn’t? You're right, preferring someone doesn't mean that you have to discredit the other one but that's what people are doing. They're denigrating Amber with insults, nasty photomontages etc. etc. because they decided to believe in all the rumours they read since they decided to not like her. I'm sure that after Amber they will hate also the next one that Johnny is gonna date because if we have to be honest people always used to hate even in past almost all Johnny's girlfriends. They only worshipped Winona. When he dated Kate Moss there were lots of haters just like now and when he started to date Vanessa the situation wasn't so much better. Not you, but many people are hypocrite because in past they used to insult Vanessa a lot while now she suddenly has become the perfect woman for him, an angel etc. etc.

  83. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    I remember well that at the beginning there were haters that told that also Vanessa was a gold digger that was using Johnny to get more famous since she was very popular only in France and a little bit in some European countries. They accused her of having trapped him with a child and there are numerous comments everywhere online of people that insulted her as ugly, too skin, bad teeth etc. etc. so if we have to tell the truth, people never like women that Johnny likes to date. It’s not correct to say that Vanessa was that loved as his girlfriend because she became worshipped only after his split with him because before of rumours that they were having troubles, people often expressed words of hate on Vanessa too. I also remember that when it was rumoured that he was cheating on her with Keira Knightley or Marion Cotillard people expressed their happiness about it telling that they were tired of him dating an ugly, skinny and untalented woman. These are their words and you can find these nasty comments everywhere on the web as a proof that many fans of him are just hypocrite. They all like Vanessa only now that she has moved on.

  84. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    I personally always respected any woman he dated. I never expressed any nasty words against any of them even when I didn’t like them (like Kate Moss for example) because I had respect for his private life. Yes, I had too my preferences (I used to like a lot Winona) but I never denigrated the other ones he chose anyway and I didn’t judge them because I didn’t know them personally so it wasn’t my right to judge them basing my evaluations only on rumours and bad impressions. I also argued sometimes with people that in past insulted Vanessa so openly but they teased me when I defend her telling that she was beautiful. They responded me that I was blind, that I had bad tastes in women etc. etc. so it’s not about whom people prefer more it’s about that they always complain about who Johnny dates and they always try to denigrate them somehow and that’s really nasty for someone that defines herself\himself a fan of him.

  85. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Magda – The fact that they chose to be celebrities doesn't give anybody the right to insult and defame them.

  86. Magda says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer

    The moment they make their choise to be a "PUBLIC figure" they have to accept & deal with whatever that public like to FEEL about them: that's just the CONSEQUENCE - "right or no right".
    They still have the option to retire and have an anonymous life (without nasty comments), isn't it?

  87. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – You said the right things, but you leave out something important. Winona , Kate and Vanessa were known for years in their respective countries , long before he met Johnny , even though they were very young. the people knew all three for their respective "talents" (cinema , fashion and music). a( th people, in France, knows Vanessa since 1987, when her hit " Joe le taxi , went around the world, she was 14 years old. Before to know Johnny , she had won several awards for music and movies , and she was the muse of Chanel for nearly 10 years . in France she is an " a-list " since before in 1998.
    When Johnny knew Winona, she was very young , but he was already regarded as one of the most promising actresses , (just read the reviews of the time) As for Kate Moss she very young, had already "marched" all over the world , she was a women more fashionable in England and in the world ( she was already a top model ).

  88. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – Now Amber is 27 years old , I read here that she made ​​28 movies , but here in Italy has not arrived even one, (except The Rum Diary ) . She was well known and appreciated for his talent in her country. as the other three ? (I'm not ironic, just a question) . I do not know if she has talent or not, but i ask you: why (after 10 years of career, and after more than 20 movies, no one knew who she was (at least in Europe) before Johnny Depp ?
     I think the problem is this . People have a bad opinion of her, for this reason, and if you add that she has met Johnny, when he was already busy with other woman , it does not help her . That said, I honestly do not know if she will become a great actress I can only wish her the best.
     In addition , Johnny now has a worldwide reputation and a " media power " that perhaps he had not before . (Until 2002 , he went around Paris , alone in the streets, quietly, without bodyguards, and drove his car), unfortunately with these assumptions, it's not easy ( for she) to be loved and appreciated . She only needs time . ( Sorry for my bad english)

  89. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Magda – You know, I give up with you since you seem obtuse. The point you don't get is that being celebrities doesn't give anybody the right to defame them because defaming is a crime, no matter if the person is a celebrity or not, defaming is something that could be sued in every case and if Johnny wanted or even if Amber wanted, they could sue the jamber site for example because it contains lot of material and charges that can be sued, trust me. Someone should warn their team because jamber site is going too far with their insults, photomontages, defamation etc. etc. but maybe Johnny and Amber simply don't care and that's it. Whatever it is I'm done with people on this site because I realized that there aren't so many different people writing here. It's always the same people writing over and over again the same things woth different nicknames. I guess everyone who comments here has 7 or 8 different nicknames indeed, so at the end there aren't all these haters because they are all the same people with different names that write here and on other sites, but Johnny and Amber have their fans anyway. There's a fan page of them indeed on t-u-m-b-l-r that has got more than 1000 fans that follow it, so much more than haters on jamber site! :D That's enough to see how many trolls there are here instead and I repeat I'm done by now. Goodbye.

  90. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Sorry Jamina, I don't like to conest you but the info you mentioned aren't exact. I agree only about Winona. Yes, she was already a big worlwide star when she got engaged with Johnny but you should get better your info about Kate and Vanessa. Especially Kate wasn't that famous. I'm not saying she was a nobody but she wasn't this huge top model yet. She got worlwide fame and popularity thanks to Johnny. I was young at the time but I remember well that she wasn't that famous model. She gradually became during those years that she was dating Johnny but he definitely helped her to get more fame and not just in UK. As for Vanessa, she had just 1 hit when she was a teenager, but after that her music wasn't equally popular even though she had her pretty success in France and a little bit in some european countries, but she wasn't that big star either and in America she was pretty unknown. I'm not saying that it's bad to be a worldwide B-list because talented isn't showed by how much you're famous because sometimes it's just a fortune matter, but Vanessa wasn't anyway this big international star. She was average, no more than that and she got popularity in Usa after she started to date Johnny because before of that many people didn't know her if we have to be honest and also in other countries she wasn't that popular either.

  91. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – I lived in Europe and I can assure you that also there weren't all those people that knew Vanessa and that were crazy for her art. Many people didn't really care about who she was and what her music and movies were, I'm not kidding so you can't say that Vanessa was already this big star when she met Johnny. She had a pretty success only in her country and yes Amber is even less famous than Kate and Vanessa at the beginning of their careers, that's true but it's not true anyway that Amber has no fans anywhere and that she was unknown in Italy before of Johnny. You're not well informed as usual. Did you know that on FB there’s 1 page dedicated to Amber called "Amber Heard Italia"? Please watch the date when it was created… in March 2011, so it was even before The rum diary came out. At the time rumours of her and Johnny didn't exist of course, so you can't say that people were interested in her because of him and they mentioned many movies of Amber there. It's not true as you say that The rum diary was the only movie that arrived in Italy. Sorry but you lied about it because I checked and there are many movies that arrived there as Pineapple Express, Zoombieland, The ward, The stepfather etc. she had his fans also in Italy and before the Johnny Depp era and that page proves it, so it isn't true that she was that unknown actress.

  92. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – I mean, there were already fans of her before that Johnny rumours started. Also Russia had an Amber fansite that was created long before that The rum diary came out and there are also other fanclubs somewhere else. Trust me, she had her fans anyway before Johnny era and yes, thanks to him now her fame is increasing, nobody is denying that but this happened and worked also for Kate and Vanessa and only people in denial wouldn't admit it. But the point is another one. It's not how a celebrity is famous or not that make people like or dislike her. Your point was wrong. It's not that since Amber isn't this big star people don't like her with Johnny. It's only because people think she was the cause of his split with Vanessa the reason why they dislike her and I think nobody can deny this. People despise her because she's seen as a home wrecker. Also if she was a big star people opinion won't change about her as it happened for Angelina Jolie case. She was already a big star when she "stole" Brad from Jennifer Aniston but everybody started to dislike her soon because she was seen as a home wrecker. Anyway, it doesn't really matter what people write here because it's always the same people with many different nicknames.

  93. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – I mean, in the real world, most people don't care who Johnny is dating and for his real fans that aren't writing here and not even on jamber site, it isn't a big deal that he's dating Amber. There are a lots of members on Johnny depp's zone and in other fanclubs that accepted and respect her as Johnny's girlfriend and many of them also like her and you know, I realized that haters aren't so many after all and they're not anyway fans of him since they're only interested to discredit him and Amber relationship more than they can be interested in his art and in respecting his private life. That's why Johnny doesn't really care about this bunch of haters, he knows he has millions of fans that support and respect him anyway and that don't judge and don't care that much about his private life. Now I'm done because I got really tired of talking about haters and with fake fans of him (I'm not talking about you, I'm talking in a general way).

  94. Magda says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer
    "Obtuse"???…..I thought you're already "done" now on this site, but still mentioning "jamber" 3 x (=CASH!) and annoying Jamina with BORING comments, REPEATING the same things over and over again.
    Just hurry up, or you'll miss your appointment with the p.-therapist: maybe he or she can better enlighten to you how to see REALITY!!……

  95. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – You have a preference for Winona, I for Vanessa, but I said that Winona, Kate and Vanessa were already known in their respective countries, (maybe only Winona was known all over the world) even before they met Johnny . How much time Amber is known in the U.S. ? What awards has had ?
    Kate is 39 years old and she has 25 years of career. Her career began at age 14 and she came to "international compaign" in 1992 with Calvin Klein, (not Johnny ) and she was only 18 years old.
    As for Vanessa , her career began in 1987. In 90 she won Caesar ( French Oscar ) as Most Promising of the cinema , "the prize" as best artist of the year for music, and numerous other awards . She started working with Chanel in 1990 .. ! Her album that has sold more copies , it did in 1992 /93 with Lenny Krevitz , (not Johnny ). I'm sorry, but I'm born and raised in Europe and I knew Winona , Kate and Vanessa before they encounter Johnny Depp (although Vanessa is known mainly in France )

  96. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Magda – You know, it's strange how you tell me that I should have been already done here when you're the first one who isn't done to answer and read people comments on this site especially if they are so "boring" :D . I mean, if you think that my comments are boring and repetitive why the hell you keep reading and answering them? Because you know, if you define them boring and repetitive is clear that you read otherwise you couldn't have judged them…. for God's sake, it's so controversial that my comments to Jamina annoy and bore you because nobody is asking you to read everything I write, especially if it's direct to someone else, it's just your choice to read it. I don't see anybody that is praying you or forcing you to read my posts direct to someone else! And if you waste your precious time reading over and over again these boring comments that repeat the same things over and over again well it means that you're not better than anyone of us after all even if you feel like that. Then please stop to keep using so many nicknames to write here because nobody is buying that you're new here since you smell too old and too accustomed to this site to be new. And because of your controversial behaviour, check better who really needs a p.-therapist.

  97. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – People in Europe (including Italy ) knew Amber Heard in 2011 in the movie with Johnny . You say that she has made several movies, released in Italy , before 2011. Maybe in the U.S. has been very successful and she has given it fame , but not in Europe . (Amber's page Italia of Fb created 9 March 2011.. by a fan.!!!). Besides, she is 27 years old , has made more than 20 films, but most of the people in the world have never heard of her before 2011.
    Sorry, but this is the reality , not an opinion . I'm sure she has a great potential, but you cannot deny that her fame was given by meeting with Johnny . I believe that it is more difficult for her to emerge for her talent (compared to Winona , Kate and Vanessa ) precisely for this reason . That's all.
    ( I hope to see her next film)

  98. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Jesus Jamina, why you keep discussing about who was more famous and who wasn't? It's not a competition about who is the most famous! It seems you are trying to demonstrate that celebrities that are famous in their country by their own are worthy of respect and consideration while celebrities that aren't that famous don't deserve anything…. are you serious? You still don't get that the point isn't how much famous you are to get people's esteem, it's to know if your reputation is good or not that makes the difference and I mention once again the example of Angelina. She was very famous in all the world when she stole Brad from Jennifer Aniston but people start to dislike her anyway calling her "b.i.t.c.h.", "home wrecker" etc. etc. and the same happened to Amber because she is rumoured of having stolen Johnny from Vanessa, that's it. That's the reason why she's so hated and not because she isn't that famous. If it was for example Lindsay Lohan that caused Johnny's split with Vanessa, do you think that people opinions would be different and kind towars her even if Lindsay is very very famous??? She would be hated everywhere anyway, so it doesn't really matter how much she's famous or not and in Amber case is even a fortune that she wasn't already a big name because for a big celebrity it would have been a trouble todamaging to get suddenly a bad reputation - the home wrecker reputation!

  99. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – I got it that you hate Amber from the way you keep trying to discredit her because you keep telling that she started to get her first group of fans in all the world thanks to Depp but I proved you that it isn't true because her italian page on FB was created before than her movie with him came out and it had lots of followers since then (even though now they increased yes) and the same thing happened to her russian fan club. It was founded long before The rum diary came out so get you info straight before telling that she got her first fans thanks to Depp. It's not true at all. She already had her percentage of fans (maybe a low percentage but at least it was a percentage of fans that followed her before she was linked to Depp and before every could have seen her movie with him and this is a fact, not an opinion :D ). And before the Depp period, Amber also had lots of lesbian fans that liked her, so it's not that her fame was given by meeting Johnny. She was already famous and had her bunch of fans, maybe it wasn't all this big thing either but she wasn't totally unknown.

  100. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – I repeat, she already had her fans all over the world before being linked with Depp professionally and romantically. But again, I don't see what's wrong if she wasn't as much famous as Winona, Kate and Vanessa were (Vanessa and Kate could not be compared anyway to Winona or to any A-list star sorry). You don't have to be an A-list star to fall with an A-list celebrity as well you don't have to be that famous to deserve people's esteem. And she’s not using Johnny to further her career because she keeps doing crap B-movies and she keeps being casted in crap roles while Johnny could have instead already helped her to be casted in a big blockbuster for Disney and for Tim Burton but it didn’t happen and don’t forget that Johnny owns a company that produces movies so if he really wanted to help her (as he helped Chloe Moretz by casting her already twice in 2 movies produced by his company), he would have casted her in his 1 big movie produced by IInfinitum Nihil but not even this is happening.

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