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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Are Blonde Bombshells While Leaving Dinner In London!

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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard step out to dinner

Ohhhh look how dapper you two look!

Johnny Depp was spotted out in London with girlfriend Amber Heard and the two were dressed to the nines as they were leaving Scott's Restaurant.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor was showing off his newly dyed blonde locks to the world, which makes us wonder what role the change was for!

It couldn't have been for his guest spot in Sir Paul McCartney's music video… That's already been filmed and we even spotted him on his way to the shoot waaaay back when it was being filmed at Abbey Road Studios!

Maybe he's dyed his hair for Into The Woods? But seeing as he's playing the Wolf… we doubt he'd need to be blonde for that role!

Hmmm could he maaaaaybe believe the phrase "blondes have more fun" and just wanted to test it out for himself?

Doubtful, but he might have dyed it so he could ACTUALLY marry that couple in secret but couldn't make it to Disney in time! Bummer!!

Speaking of secret weddings… will you and Amber be wedding in secret anytime soon?

[Image via BGO.]

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243 comments to “Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Are Blonde Bombshells While Leaving Dinner In London!”

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  1. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – And oh I forgot, it's not that if a movie wasn't a hit in Italy it means that it was a failure, so I don't get why you mention that in Italy Amber's movie weren't that known… so what? Is Italy this big and important country in all the world? I mean, I heard that Italian people like for the most commercial movies, so to be honest and with all my respect, I don't think that if some movies aren't that known there it's this big deal. Also most of Vanessa movies are pretty unknown there (I checked this so please don't tell me that in Italy you have so many movies of her that are famous! Before she started to date Johnny you have to admit that her movies didn't arrive in your country. Only recently her movies were a little more known than the past. "Noce blanche" for example that has always been one of the most famous Vanessa's movie didn't arrive at all in Italy and not even in other countries. And I noticed that also her other old movies weren’t these big hits in Italy or in other European countries. And you know, “The heartbreaker” and “Café de flore” didn’t get any success in Italy and not even in the rest of Europe or in Usa. They were a success in France maybe but Café de flore for example didn’t even come out in Italy on screen. I heard it was showed just during a public event with subtitles but as you see in your country her movies are even more unpopular than Amber’s ones.

  2. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – There is no need to hate Amber to say that her fame has grown thanks to Johnny. Maybe, you badly hide behind the name of "The Truth Sayer," but you do not accept the truth !!! So you should change your nickname in "Forever Amber" or "Amber the Best".
    Amber is a beautiful 27 year old girl, who has yet to show its full value, the relationship with Johnny, is helping her for her fame , but not for her talent . The reason is what I explained before.
    Sorry, but you are not objective and you are not able to accept different points of view from yours. Goodbye and good life…

  3. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    About Amber instead I can tell that some movies where she was casted like: "Pineapple Express" and "Zoombieland" went really good to the box office in Usa bu also in other countries of the world and I read that also in Italy they weren’t a flop. Then Amber was really good in "The ward", a movie directed by John Carpenter. Her performance there also got good reviews as much as I know and same thing happened for her performance in "Drive angry" a B-thriller where she co-starred with Nicholas Cage that many people watched anyway in all the world. I'm sorry but Amber have more movies than Vanessa that arrived in all the countries of the world. Maybe she isn't this big actress but she worked in movies that with all my respect were sold in all the world and not only in some european countries and some of them aren't that unpopular at all. Vanessa's movies got less worldwide success than hers. Sorry but this is a fact. I'm not saying that Amber is a better actress than Vanessa though. I'm just saying that Vanessa movies didn't get all this worlwide attention before she started to date Johnny because they didn't arrive in all the world before of dating him indeed.

  4. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Vanessa played movies like "Noce blanche", "Elisa", "Une chance sur deux" , "Witch Way Love" etc. all movies that as far as I checked weren't hits anywhere and not all of them arrived in your country and the few that arrived were pretty unknown anyway. Only after dating Johnny her movies began to get a little attention as it happened to Girl on the bridge, Heartbreaker etc. etc. how come??? How could you explain that her movies started to be considered worldwide only after her relationship with him??? How could you explain that you can find in dvd in your country and in USA only the movies that she filmed only after she began dating Johnny??? Many of the movies she filmed before dating Johnny weren’t even translated in other countries and they didn’t arrive in almost any country except France. Sorry but this tells it all. Amber isn't this worlwide A-list actress but also Vanessa isn't, that's it.

  5. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – For the correctness of information, i do not ever say that Vanessa is an international star and she is known in Italy. I only said that when Johnny met Vanessa, she was already an "A list" in France, just as Winona in the U.S., and Kate in England. I cannot say the same thing about Amber. I wish that she is able to do the same career and have the same awards of the other three, (only for her real value and not for the relationship with Johnny). Said this, I would remind you that Italy is a nation that deserves the same respect as all other countries. For your information, the cinema was born here, (have you ever heard of Sophia Loren, Mastroianni, De Sica, etc …), surely not. I will not continue to respond to a person ignorant and racist like you. ADDIO !!!!

  6. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Jamina it seems to me that it's you that have a hard time to accept the truth because you're talking about Vanessa as she's this big worldwide artist when she's not and before of dating Johnny she was an average artist just in Europe, but in other countries she wasn't this big name. You have difficulty in admitting that also Vanessa popularity increased thanks to Johnny. I'm not saying she wasn't unknown, but she wasn't anyway as much as popular as she became thanks to Johnny that helped her to promote her music and also to get more fame in USA where almost anybody really cared yet about who she was. well, about Amber I never said that she's not getting more fame thanks to Depp. Read better my words. I said indeed that her fame is increasing thanks to him and we all know this, I'm not in denial. I'm just saying that it's wrong anyway to say that she was totally unknown and that she didn't have any fans before of meeting him because this is a lie since there are some fanclubs founded before that The rum diary came out on the screen. Amber started to have her first people interested in her after her coming out in 2010 if we have to analyse facts straight and if you want a proof that Amber started to be popular already in 2010, go to google trend and search her name watching then the statistics and you'll realize that I'm not telling bullshit.

  7. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Of course for Amber being now linked to Depp is helping a lot her fame to increase, but it isn't helping anyway her career and she's not getting new fans because of her relationship with him. She's also aware that her career keeps being mediocre because she herself told in an interview that she doesn't feel like she's a better actress now than she wasn't in past. She's also very honest because she admits thats she has limits because she told many things that let understand this, like she told that she chooses only roles that appeals her etc. etc. she's not trying to become an A-list star and she also told that she's aware that she's probably not doomed to become something like that, so what's your problem??? She probably dates Johnny just because she really likes him because he's actually not doing anything for her career even though he could have already done a lot if he wanted to.

  8. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – For the correctness of information as you said, Winona wasn't an A-list star in USA. She was a wolrdwide A-list star because her movies weren't famous only in USA and they arrived everywhere. She was a huge star at the time. Huge like him I mean. And please don't be offended, I know that cinema was born in Italy and once your country was the best yeah, but you have to admit that now things aren't like they were once. I have some italian friends indeed that tell me that by now Italy is only interested to buy and sell commercial movies and that they discard good quality movies coming from other countries when they think that they wouldn't sell so much. I heard that many many good french, german and also american movies were never transalated and they never came out in your country just because producers thought that they wouldn't have sold so much and I also heard that a commercial movie coming from USA arrives right away in Italy while a non-commercial movie that has got a good quality anyway takes more time to arrive…. sorry but if this is true is really sad because I think that commercial movies don't worth much more than non commercial movies that have good quality.

  9. SilentNight700 says – reply to this



  10. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – I repeat for the last time , that I have nothing against Amber , but honestly you're comparing a 40 year old woman with a distinguished career with a girl of 27 years , which (by your own admission ) is doing a mediocre career .. You talk about Vanessa as any woman " in the media" which unfortunately has not been successful in America, but forget one small detail: Vanessa is primarily a singer ( she sings mostly in French ). It 's true , she did less movies than Amber and they are less well known , but her roles were wonderful, she has won awards for her bravery and for her talent not only in music, but also in the cinema. This has not achieved thanks to Johnny Depp. For example Café de Flore, she was magnificent and won the Canadian Oscar for her performance . I'm sorry we cannot say the same thing about Amber . What interpretations did Amber made in her career (28 movies ) ? Tell me a movie that is worth watching in english , french, espanol … and I 'm going to see it. ( I understand 4 languages ​​). Give me some suggestions.

  11. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


  12. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer –  Also, I am not aware that Amber can sing, and it cannot to compare the classy and elegance of Vanessa Paradis with Amber , have you seen the last shoot by Madame Figaro ( France ) I counsel you to watch it, because this woman is truly unique … !
      At this time, it is impossible to compare Amber to Vanessa, maybe will be possible in 2025 . Please, you should have a little more respect for Vanessa Paradis, not only for her different talents but also because she shared 14 years with Johnny, she gave him 2 beautiful children. This comparison is too disrespectful to Vanessa

  13. Magda says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer
    I've understood that you changed your mind and are NOT yet "done" here: pretty controversial to what you wrote before, that's for sure.
    I don't know how old you are, but you clearly have a 9-year-old's thinking….Fortunately (for your mind's development) you've (TRIED to) read every post of mine on these sites since you're so "sure" to know that I am (and many others are) using "different nicknames"……lol!
    Let me tell you (for the LAST time) the "truth"(which you use in your name): STOP HARPING ON "respect/esteem" in these days. "Big brother" (secret services) is already watching everybody and everything on this planet for years, so there is NO PRIVACY at all, that is the real TRUTH. (Or is this too difficult for you to get??)
    And another thing: if you might be AFRAID to visit a shrink all alone I'll be glad to come with you! It should be even sensible to see another med. doctor after that, for evidently you might also suffering from DISLEXIA since you've MISunderstood my comments over and over again…….Are you satisfied now?
    Don't reply me anymore or the readers might think that you really are JD HIMSELF, like TYN/151 said…..!

  14. anabela says – reply to this


    Jamina 100% agree, your words are accurate, vanessa paradis must be respected, and that amber vanessa much better, in every way, as a woman, mother, wife, person, actress, working

  15. SilentNight700 says – reply to this



  16. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – about the italian cinema, i 'm agree with you.

  17. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Jamina, well. to be honest it's you that started for first to compare Vanessa to Amber. Read again your posts… you first started to say that Vanessa was this, that Vanessa was that while Amber wasn't this nor that instead, so please, don't accuse me now to compare them when you're the one that started the comparison to denigrate Amber more than she really deserves telling that Vanessa is liked more than her because she has a better career. I mean, you don't need to tell how Amber career suck to make Vanessa's one to look better because that's nasty and unfair. Of course Vanessa has a better career and of course she's talented, nobody isn't respecting her because I never said that she's mediocre as Amber is. I've just said that Vanessa isn't a A-list artist anyway in the world because even as a singer she's that appreciated worldwide even though yes, she's pretty good (loved her in "La Seine"). Since you said that Amber movies didn't arrive in Italy I just chose to explain you that it wasn't true and that many Vanessa movies didn’t arrive too in your country for real and you know, it's true we cannot compare Amber and Vanessa because they have different ages and different type of career because Vanessa is also a singer while Amber just acts.

  18. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – But if we compare Vanessa to other singers since you say that she's mainly a singer well I think we could find a list of better singers than her with all my respect, that's why I don't think it's fair that you started to compare because it's not nice to compare Vanessa that has got a discrete career to someone that has got a mediocre career. Of course Vanessa will always look better than artists with mediocre careers as Vanessa will always look worse than artists with a worlwide huge career that she doesn't have. Why argue? Why you first started to compare Vanessa to Amber? I was talking about Amber about another point of view at the beginning, I was telling that she's hated and it's you that started to say that it was because Vanessa is a better artist and this has nothing to do with what I was talking about sorry, but you don't accept that it's not about how much famous and appreciated are artistically some artists that people insult them or not. It's about their reputation. Amber got the home wrecker reputation, that's why she's really hated and I mentioned the example of Angelina Jolie just to let you better understand that even if you’re a worldwide A-list artist you can get lots of haters (as Angelina has got) if you do something that public despise.

  19. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – About Amber I wasn’t trying to say that she’s better artist than Vanessa. I don’t think that she’s indeed, but I just wanted to tell you that you exaggerated things about her (so denigrating her more than she really deserves) showing you that she got her first fans in all the world before The rum diary came out on screen. She had her first fans in 2010 already and in Italy she started to have them in March 2011 that was before The rum diary even came out in USA and I know that in Italy it came out in 2012, so you have to admit that she was liked before than that, as well as she was in Russia etc. of course now her fame is increasing thanks to Johnny but it doesn’t have any importance since it’s just popularity and it’s not that her career is improving because it isn’t since she keeps doing crap movies. So no, her relationship with Johnny isn’t helping her to be casted in A-list movies even though he could help her to do it but he isn’t so people should stop to say that she's using him because I don't see that he's doing all these big things and sacrifices to help her and I don't see that she's magically starting to work in blockbusters or in A-list movies…. she keeps doing B-movies where she has the main role and C-roles in movies that can look a little bit better as "Machete Kills", so her career is doing exactly as it was doing before… nothing is new.

  20. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Now I felt the need to mention Vanessa’example because you’re in denial if you don’t admit that even in her case her relationship with Johnny helped her fame to grow worldwide and he helped her movies to come out in dvd in other countries and also in USA while in past this didn’t happen as well as he helped her to promote her music. The difference is that Vanessa had already a discrete career and Amber doesn’t, but they both got helped by him anyway to get more fame that’s it and what’s wrong if I tell it? Johnny always helped his girlfriends to get more fame except Winona. She was the only one that didn’t need his help to get more publicity for her work. But I didn't like her more because of this but because I loved her as an actress. Her and Johnny looked so sweet together…. of course also Vanessa was a nice girlfriend to him, very devoted but it didn't work and they both moved on by now and so people should do stopping to analyse every little detail of Johnny's private life. He chose Amber for some reasons, nothing and nobody forces him to date her and people should try their best to respect his choice instead of insulting it all the time, but maybe I'm asking too much to people that aren't for real his fans, but trust me Jamina, I have nothing against you because you're one of the few here that talks with respect about him.

  21. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Magda – Listen, people have the right to change their mind sometimes, it's not they if they do they're controversial but it's controversial when you say that I'm boring and repetitive but you keep reading my posts anyway unless you changed your mind too but I don't think you did it so yes, you're controversial and not coherent. More over I don't get why you keep insisting with your theories that people have the right to tell whatever they want on celebrities and to be obsessed with their private life since there's no privacy anymore in this world. You also mentioned the BIg Brother example, my God, didn't you realize yet that my point of view is different from yours? So why you keep contesting it and making other examples? I won't change mind just because you're desperately trying to demonstrate that it's normal to be obsessed with celebrities life because it's this that you really think even though you won't admit it since you're defending too much the point of view of people that analyse every little detail of Johnny's private life. And other than keep insisting so much about all this you also keep insisting that I could be Johnny in person, then are you sure that it's me the repetitive and the boring one that repeats things over and over again???

  22. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Magda – Please I don't wanna read anymore your theories inside your next comments because I got what they are since long and I will never agree so it's pointless that you keep repeating them in all your comments and are you sure that it's really me that have some language problems when you think that readers could suspect that I'm Johnny Depp? I mean, didn't you notice that my english isn't that good? I'm not american indeed and english isn't my first language, so it's stupid that you think that people could suspect that I'm Johnny and it's even more stupid that you didn't realize that my english isn't that good because even if you're not english too you would realize it as I do. So yes, it's you that have some understanding language problems and listen, if I was Johnny I wouldn't waste time with haters because I really doubt he would dedicate pretty part of his time with you losers when he has so many things to do with his work and with his family.

  23. good lord says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – Stop writing endless senseless posts, get out of here and seek a shrinks help. It's annoying!

  24. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: good lord – This is a free world and if you all feel free to talk about Johnny and Amber telling the same things over and over again, why I can't tell what I want? If you don't like to read my post you don't have to. Nobody is asking you to do it so it's you that must get out of here if you can't stand that also other people are free to write over and over again what they want as you all you do after all. It's a free planet and if some people are even free to insult people they don't know and to analyse every detail of their private life, why I should go away? I've the right to write here as much as you do. If you're not okay then ignore my posts because I never asked you to read them and stop using other false names because you don't have the courage to use only one name to make your point, that's pathetic.

  25. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – I apologize , but my intention was not to denigrate Amber .
    My opinion on Amber is not negative , (I'm not influenced by what other people say , because I believe that we must not confuse the " heard " witn the " think", they are two different things. I think with my head , based on the items that I have).
    You say that he is not helping Amber in his work , then why he feels the need to do a cameo in his film ? ( Only one question )
    It's true, even though Vanessa is known in America and Italy mainly for Johnny and for Chanel and it is equally true that he 's helped in her career , as far as inquiries concerning the fame , but not for talent. The talent is there or not , you cannot learn it . She did not win prizes or sold copies of her CDs , because she was with Johnny Depp, otherwise she would have sold millions of copies around the world, including in America. She has her fans in France only for her talent and most of them are not fans of Johnny , especially now . She "travels " alone .

  26. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – Now, what I meant to say to you, is that I think people hate Amber for 2 reasons. The first (I agree with you ) is home … reputation . The second is that at her same age , Winona , Kate and Vanessa were ahead in the career than her and Johnny was not the " A list" as now. The difference between Johnny and Amber is substantially higher ( I 'm not just talking of age) , he is a man much more powerful than her, he has more fame and more successful . The people think of him as a " mentor " rather than to her boyfriend. I'm sorry, but people did not have this feeling with Winona , Kate and Vanessa . Now do not "misunderstand" me, I do not think in this way , I'm just giving an explanation of why people do not accept with serenity ,Amber . That's all.
    I think that our thoughts are similar on many things , but maybe not on Vanessa , to me, she is much more than what you say, not only an artist but also as a person. (I cannot explain here, why I say this ).

  27. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Jamina, I'm happy we clarify anything and I agree with all you said now because you spoke more clearly, so yes, you're right we have similar opinions after all! …I never said that I think that Johnny helped Vanessa to grow her talent because as you said, talent is something that you have or don't have and a big celebrity can only help you to promote it better and to give it more fame and that's what he did with her. I'm not that sure about Kate because she's just a model and to be that you don't need a particulat talent but just a beautiful face and an appropriate nice body but that's not talent either, that's just fortune. About Amber I don't know if she has this big talent. I think she's mediocre for now, but that she could do better because in some movies she was pretty good. It's just the kind of roles she chooses that don't allow her to improve because she's trapped in the femme fatal role. You know, I'm a man and I'm fascinated by her, I calmly admit it. She's beautiful and she could improve if she just started to take serious roles instead of the usual garbage. She should show people she's more than the femme fatal because in some movies as "The ward" , "ExTerminators" and others she showed that but she basically takes over and over again the same roles of the femme tafatl and of the girlfriend maybe because her beauty isn't helping her to be taken seriously in other kind of roles, I don't know.

  28. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – And you're right about the fact that Johnny is seen by many people as her mentor, but we don't really know if she will use him for real to further her career but for now I see that she isn't since she keeps doing crap B-movies and C-roles in movies that are a little bit better, so she's really not doing anything different than she was doing before and she's also aware of this because she told in an interview that she doesn't think she's a better actress than yesterday, so maybe she's really dating Johnny because she likes him. I mean, people don't have evidence that she's using him and I'll start to change my mind only when I'll see her casted thanks to Johnny in a big blockbuster for Disney and for Tim Burton or only if he casts her in one movie he will produce, otherwise I'll keep thinking that people insinuations are just nasty and unfounded. Why did he play a cameo in one of her movie? Well, maybe just because he likes to work with her as he did for The rum diary or maybe because he just wanted to give her work a little push because you know, a cameo isn't this big help either. I mean, there's much more he could do if he really wanted to make her career change radically.

  29. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – It's just as he did in past to help a little bit Vanessa to promote her work. No matter if Vanessa was already getting her pretty success because Johnny tried anyway to give her his help to promote better her work and in this case with Amber maybe he's trying to promote a movie that could be by itself good, who knows? I heard that the book that inspired this movie was pretty good and had its success so maybe also the movie won't be that bad and Johnny wanted to help the promotion of it because he's always caring with his girlfriends. And yes I agree about the fact that Vanessa is very talented. Even if she isn’t this worldwide big star, she’s really charismatic. Don’t think to be the only one that likes her music. I also went to see her in a concert once and she’s really a charismatic and lively figure on the stage. You can’t take your eyes off of her indeed. She’s mesmerizing when she sings.

  30. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – Man , It's very hard for me to explain in your language, ..! :) I'm agree with you about Vanessa, i know I'm not the only one to appreciate her, because she is really an artist unique and charming woman.
    I'm agree with you about Amber, sometimes beauty can be a "boomerang", maybe she should choose her roles more carefully.
    I forgot … The third reason why people hate Amber, is : she is dating with Johnny Depp. Who would not want to kill her ..?? Lol :) :)

  31. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Exactly! People hated every woman he dated except Winona! They started to like and praise Vanessa so much only now that she decided to dump him after a betrayal but before of that they often attacked her with lots of nasty insults. Also when he dated Kate and not anymore Winona people hated her and were making all the time the comparison with Winona and I'm pretty sure that when also with Amber it will be over, people will hate even his next girlfriend and there will be lots of new haters…. just wait and see!!! I mean, some people are hypocrite and they have lots of problems in getting their life. They should stop to stress themselves with he decideds to date because after all it's only his business and what they don't get is that him and Vanessa are over anyway and won't be anymore a couple so they should better to get a reason about the fact that he will date maybe forever women that they're not going to like in any case!!!!

  32. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – What if he started to date Lady Gaga for example??? ;) Haters would kill themselves!!! …I mean, Elton John even introduced her to him :D so who knows…. haters should believe the possibility that he wants to see her again since they believe everything that National Enquirer tells…. or maybe they believe its tales only when it's convenient to them….. as when they wrote that Johnny gave Amber the authorization to sleep with women anytime she wanted to just to not lose her since they were already on the rocks…. I mean, haters are so not coherent because they believed this story but they don't wanna believe other stories published by National Enquirer as this one about Lady Gaga and also the one that he slpet with Angelina Jolie and that Vanessa split with him because of this…. not to mention other fictional stories about him that this tabloid published because they are too many to be told here!!!!

  33. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – Lady Gaga? Do you want to do a mass suicide? Lol :) My pc does not allow me to access the site of the N.E. : "The content of this website is not available in your area." So it's a real shame not to be able to read these wonderful stories … :) :) Ahahahah

  34. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Oh Jamina don't worry, you aren't losing anything that really worth to be read! NE just publishes fictions about Johnny's private life. That tabloid has a huge fantasy more than other shitty tabloids that buy its garbage anyway just to have something new to sell, but of course magazines with a certain reputation never buy anything that NE writes. Many people though defend NE telling that it was the first tabloid to spread the story that Johnny and Vanessa had split but that's untrue. In 2010 there were already innuendos about Johnny and Vanessa troubled relationship. There were already spread stories about them being on the rocks since then and also during 2011 these stories came back in magazines sometimes and at the end after that Johnny was seen in October 2011 falling down the ground drunk and alone, it wasn't that difficult to speculate that something was wrong. Everyone could have speculated about such a thing after so many rumours, innuendos and seeing him drunk so NE didn't have any exclusive story about him. Many magazines already knew since late 2010 that something was wrong in Johnny and Vanessa relationship since they weren't appearing together at any public event since long as everybody knew that they were often spending time apart for work because something was already fractured in their relationship, so there was no need to be a genius to spread the story that him and Vanessa were over as the NE did at that point.

  35. Whats the deal? says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – Why are you so invested in Amber and whether people like her or not? The only reason why she is getting any attention is because she is dating Johnny… And when their relationship is over she'll go back to obscurity. She is not a talented actress… She plays the same role in every movie, which is solely based on her looks… And even with that she looks like a generic Scarjo! She should be thankful for the work she does get… Because she truly is an insult to serious and talented actors who have studied their craft and take it seriously. Stop comparing her to Johnny's exes who are all icons in their own right! She'll never compare!

  36. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Whats the deal? – If you have the right to think what you want as much as I do about Amber, Johnny and everything regarding them, so I'm not even going to respond you because I've already express my opinions and if you disagree I don't see what's the matter. We're all free to have different opinions in this world so deal with it. I never contested people's opinion about Amber as an actress as I don't really care so much about what it is because I myself think she isn't that good. I've just contested the fact they're pretend to be Johnny's fans when they aren't since they don't respect at all his choices and private life as Jamina and I do for example and I'm not going anymore to repeat why and if you disagree then I could care less, sorry. You're now here with a new nickname just to make me repeating things that I've already told so that then you can say that I'm boring and repetitive when the truth is that it's you the repetitive one since you're on this site since long repeating over and over again the same things about Amber and Johnny and you're here so often with 1000 different nicknames also to try to provoke people with your boring questions that you repeat all the time, so please stop now. It's not gonna work anymore with me. Try with someone else and enjoy.

  37. Magda says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer
    "Listen", you're smelling like a sh*tting BABY, so let yourself be pampered by your lovers, fans or whatelse, and GROW UP a.s.a.p.!
    Depp is an actor ad if he's a good one he can express & perform himself like a "dislexiatic idiot" that you are…..So who's the "desperate" one now, huh!
    Since you won't read any of my comments anymore (no one is forcing you to) people expect you to KEEP YOUR WORD now: do NOT react ANYMORE!!

  38. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Some apples are shaped like the human heart.

  39. good lord says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – 1. I don't read all of your posts, i'm bored having to scroll thru them. 2. You can't accuse people of using different names unless you are working for Perez and have access to the IP. 3. Are you working for either PR team and using names like Amber is an Angel and others to discredit possible insiders writing here?

  40. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Magda – Your provocations don't work anymore with me sorry, but I have to thank you anyway because you're still giving me the craziest laughs with your persistent theory that I could be Johnny Depp!!! :D

  41. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: good lord – …and I'm tired of your bullshit and of your many nicknames. The fact it's only you using many stupid nicknames is evident from your behaviour and same things you use to say. I don't need to see your IP to guess that you and just few others, use different names to write always the same things. I only use this nickname (and if you don't believe it, I could care less) but I don't like that you keep accusing others to do what YOU DO just to cover your ass. Nothing new but you're a hopeless case, so I really give up with you. Goodbye.

  42. Magda says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer
    Re 240: Your thanks are accepted, but AGAIN you've NOT kept your word so just keep on laughing……that's better for all of us!

  43. liz says – reply to this


    If you see pictures of Ambers dad looks like he is the same age as Johnny Depp, he is a very good looking man..I wonder if she sort of has a daddy complex. Sorry but thier relationship creeps me out. I doubt he is attracted to women more his age so expect to see this one roll out for awhile. I'm sure what matters to Depp is his the love monkey works when he looks at her. Sorry men are simple. What works for Amber is working daddy so he will pay for private jets and added fame, her talents are narrow, but she has complained there are no good parts for women so who knows is she is a good or bad actress. She would be smart to keep ddaddys love monkey happy, I see her being his wife and him having a second family.

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