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Ohhhh look how dapper you two look! Johnny Depp was spotted out in London with girlfriend Amber Heard and the two were dressed to the nines as they were… Read more…

243 comments to “Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Are Blonde Bombshells While Leaving Dinner In London!”

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  1. 1

    The blonde hair is for his new role in a movie called Mortdecai, also starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Ewan McGregor. He started filming on Monday. Hence the hair change at the BFI's on Saturday.

    But good job pretending not to know so you could slip in all your past 1,700 Johnny Depp articles.

  2. 2

    Getting older sucks doesn't it Johnny? Johnny ought to enjoy being with Amber while it lasts. I think the 23 year age difference is going to be a big problem. It probably doesn't matter much to Amber how rich and famous Johnny is.

    Amber will probably have several million of her own money before long anyway so if she stays with Johnny it must really be true love and all that. If Johnny and Amber break up, Johnny ought to be realistic and find himself a woman in her late 30s at least.

  3. anakaren says – reply to this


    johnny is somewhat ruined! iimporta not be demoted to the role of his new movie, in other pictures I saw it looked sad and serious, and it is remarkable that you are uncomfortable being with amber, but it still together then??? their relationship is rare, do not know why such vcez durarndo are the interests of amber fame and money, not for nothing but you have to admit that with vanessa, was better, healthier and faliz with their children

  4. mia o22 says – reply to this


    to return with vanessa johnny please this man is in crisis someone to help, and that more than the person who was with him night and day, in good times and in bad: vanessa paradis

  5. Sw.heart says – reply to this


    His hair is blonde because he will star as Charles Mortdecai in his next movie!!!Let it go already!!And it's nice to see him happy with her.As long as they are happy together it's really no one's buisness but their.People,get a life and let them live their!!! (sorry for my english)

  6. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Sorry Johnny: D This couple looks weird. both Blonde
    Fortunately, it is case of only film Johnny.

  7. shelly says – reply to this


    he is such a dimwit. he's got to date a child because she's naive enough to think that he's deep (being friends with hunter s thompson and liking roma bands and all). venessa paradis was a goddess, he was lucky to be with he. he's just a very rich creepy old man who could never act.

  8. Lara says – reply to this


    His new look is for "Mortdecai" that he is currently filming in London with Ewan McGregor and Gwyneth Paltrow :)
    I don't care about his look much. He is the Hollywood chameleon. But I'm happy because looking to other pictures it seems he is carrying an e-cigarrette now! And that's all I was waiting for. He stopped drinking alcohol and now he's giving a try to leave his smoking habit. And this is the right moment, Amber- to difference with Vanessa- doesn't smoke so it would be easier cut down the habit with her.

  9. Your english is ruined says – reply to this


    Re: anakaren – Your english SUCKS!! try to learn before to come to an english site. The haters also have some dignity and you are a shame!

  10. ana says – reply to this


    pictures of johnny depp no drinking alcohol in the vidéo set paul recording, the did not leave his field of tomay and add and never will do :( :(

  11. whocares says – reply to this


    for a guy who allegedly did not graduate from high school depp seems quite successful at the game of life whatever hair colour.

    often as people age and gray hairs come in to play they will switch to the blonder shade to mask the years. maybe it is for a role, maybe it is for real. who cares, johnny seems to be very happy and his family seems not to bash him. chapeau!

  12. the public says – reply to this


    i hate them and i hate you…seriously

  13. wtf says – reply to this


    it seems that they have read all the previous criticism and now JD tries to show a smile and an attitude befitting a boyfriend.

  14. 14

    They're still together??????? Figured they'd be over by now. It has and still does look like a mid-life crisis to me and she's in it to win her money and fame b/c a woman in love she does not look like nor ever has, only with herself! Karma sucks Johnny! God Bless!

  15. Your english is bad! says – reply to this


    Re: ana – Your english is still sucking. Let's try again.
    And in the recording studio (for Paul McCartney) he was with his non-alcoholic beer as always. Maybe you also have to learn to read and beer brands :D

  16. melissa says – reply to this


    Johnny returns with vanessa, is best

  17. Hazel says – reply to this


    Re: melissa – Maybe SHE doesn't want him! Especially if rumors of cheating with Amber are true, and thats what ruined their relationship in the first place, having a 2 year relationship with her is not a good way of saying "sorry!"

  18. melissa says – reply to this


    I know! it's a shame but I think in the future again become the family they were, Vajoliroja, forgiveness if one takes only forgive

  19. AW says – reply to this


    Re: mia o22 – And exactly how would you know that Vanessa was good to him in good times in bad? Because I heard a different story, as in she & her mother (who stayed with them frequently) made his life miserable the last few years they were together. Maybe she had good reason to be angry at him but at the same time I don't buy Vanessa as long-suffering saint & and Johnny as 100% bad guy.

  20. Mayk says – reply to this


    Oh God! This couple reminds me to ANNA NICOLE SMITH and her Old husband.
    GOD BLESS TEXAS AND THEIR GIRLS! just disgusting!

  21. Marc says – reply to this


    Re: Mayk – indeed lol

  22. Roland says – reply to this


    Re: Mayk – That's a good one!

  23. uuups says – reply to this


    Honestly? How sick is he?

  24. zanyar says – reply to this


    yes they are very beautiful and pretty couple but Amber Heard is my favorite actress in the world . <3

  25. alice says – reply to this


    please you know vanessa paradis very good (drogue, alcool…)

  26. 26

    I like Depp better as a brunette and not as a slightly too-old and bloated man chasing younger tail; along the same lines, I like Heard as a rebel lesbian and not as a self-promoter trying to get ahead by dating the too-old but established actor…..

  27. Wendy says – reply to this


    I so can not stand these two together. He is way too old and she is so obviously just using him for the fame and money. Johnny it breaks all of our hearts to see you being played by this trailer park hooker! We thought you were so above all of this nonsense. You had the most gorgeous, talented woman in the world who adored you and gave you two beautiful children and you dump them for her? I am so nauseated! Oh well, there's no fool like an old fool.

  28. what says – reply to this


    Re: zanyar – Did you say actress? Sorry but it is hilarious

  29. what says – reply to this


    So, Johnny is still dating the Bimbo Whored!

  30. McB says – reply to this


    It’s hard to accept how a nice person can date a follower of Ayn Rand, Amber is the example of what he hates the most, she is a follower of Ayn Rand, a bastard and a Bambi.
    And what I liked most about Johnny was his values​​.
    If you have a friend who thinks in a different way than you, ok, everyone has your own opinion, but if your BF or GF have their values ​​opposites to your, then something is wrong, then Johnny is not who I thought he was.

  31. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: McB – I understand what you're talking about. I agree with you. Sadly, I agree with you

  32. anabela says – reply to this


    merely to vanessa paradis johnny depp was better, for many reasons, one big happy family were the strange vulevan want to be together one day, what would be better than johnny…

  33. claudita says – reply to this


    the Jambers are crazy, lol, are going all forums distill their anger and frustration, which is funny and sad

  34. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: claudita – I agree with you. And Nicole being one of them. We even have those that do not speak english properly here. People are having a serious meltdown over someone else' life. It really is pathetic. Words fail me honestly at the low level people are stooping to. And that idiot calling her a bastard should look in the mirror. If i knew her and she was mean, i would call her names. But i do not know her to call her horrible names. The same goes for everyone here. It is ridiculous. All the haters are all bastards including you Nicole (unfortunately)

  35. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: Wendy – There is a simple solution honey….IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT, SIMPLY LOOK AWAY!! really you should try it, its not that hard.

  36. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: McB – Johnny does not owe you (or i) anything lol

  37. Falala says – reply to this


    And i have said my peace. Am tired of all this nonsense. You can all waste your time here spewing shit as if it will make a change. Goodbye all (deuces).

  38. to our insiders says – reply to this


    These latest pics of Johnny have scared the hell out of me. Is he ok? The blonde hair and the clean shaven look are due to his latest role, i understand, but the weightloss? He looks like someone who's being eaten up alive from the inside out by some fatal desease. His eyes are dull and dead and have lost their spark even when he smiles. Is he at least physically ok?

  39. liz says – reply to this


    He looks like he has serious JET LAG, the guy has been shooting in England but fly's back and forth to LA to be with his kids too. I believe Vanessa is not so dependable in watching the kids and LillyRose they say she is a lot like him, very head strong. is a handful. Dude has too much on his plate and Amber is just his girl friend. She is a bit of a bitch from what others say, and many of Johnnys friends have ditched because of her. I don't think he is easy either. He really should move on, but I doubt he has the time or energy to look for someone else. He's talked about retiring, probably needs to and find a nice nobody to be with. The A list life doesn't suit him it appears.

  40. Mickey says – reply to this


    Re: liz – Vanessa was just with the kids, after flying from her tour to be with them in L.A! You dont know anything about their relationships with their children to call someone not "dependable!" They both go out of their way to be good parents while still balancing their careers…. Stop judging them as parents!

  41. anabela says – reply to this


    as is the relationship of amber with johnny sisters or bill and ruth????

  42. 42

    Re: someguy2621 – what the fuck are you talking about you dumbass? the hair is for his new role in Mortdecai and not because he is trying to be youthful

  43. 43

    Re: Wendy – Well i'm sure they do not give a crap whether you stand them or not and please he's only 50 there is no need for the "waaaay too old" save that for when he is 70 and if she is using him for fame and bla bla bla then how come she never talks about him in interviews? wouldn't that gain her more publicity? he did not dump vanessa they just broke up like any normal couple. oh god you really kno nothing! don't judge people you don't know.

  44. 44

    Re: shelly – a child? she is bushing 30! ahahaha! vanessa was a goddess? you mean a no talent hideous whore? he could never act? ahahahahahahaha! are you talking about your beloved whore vanessa? johnny is in the showbiz since 30 years only because of his incredible talent. old creepy man your father.

  45. 45

    Re: Perezzz – Oh so you don't like him when he is aging? bloated? are you stuckk in 2010 or what? he is FIT now and he is with amber since 2 years so how the fuck is he chasing "younger tails" ????? she is with him because she loves him.

  46. 46

    Re: uuups – as sick as someone judging him without knowing him personally

  47. 47

    Re: RolandRe: MarcRe: Mayk – fuck you all bitches

  48. 48

    Re: Gisela8 – Oh so you deluded yourself and made up BS and believed it? they are together since 2 years and are still going and mid life crisis your ass because he is a perfectly fine and happy man and if she is in it for fame then why is she not looking at the cameras when she is with him and why does she never talk about him to the media and press? she is madly in love with him but ofcourse you can't see it when she gets pictured in 30 sec with flashes and paps shouting at her face and what karma you deluded bitch? it sucks to you maybe!

  49. zzzz says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – You need help!

  50. anabela says – reply to this


    read bigoted insults to Mrs. vanessa paradis, that of a bitch tell that to amber paradis not, she is a lady with class, French and mother of two children, do not insult people who do not know! amber not even reach the heels of Mrs. vanessa paradis,not defending anyone just saying vanessa merecce not be insulted, she took the brunt

  51. melissa says – reply to this


    amber does not speak of the interviews and vice versa so is forbidden, out of respect for the mother of the sons of johnny, according to him, and advertising and has made ​​the known only for being the bride ….
    amber is ridiculous, breaking up a family, for what purpose???? and ill fame has this girl, and look down by insults from fans who always find something that they say

  52. 00001 says – reply to this


    amber is a bitch

  53. claire says – reply to this


    johnny is a hot old one asshole who may be his daughter, is a shame, that you love???? please love fame money, things around him, suu lifestyle …. is ridiculous, johnny many people started to hate you for this relationship, many friends have stopped trying because it is a bad influence (amber)

  54. ruth says – reply to this


    vanessa siempre

  55. maria says – reply to this


    this couple is ridicule.Even worse than brangelina.

  56. luly says – reply to this


    Maria you are right, this couple is ridiculou

  57. Venezia-Italia says – reply to this



  58. Oliver says – reply to this


    Re: McB – I do understand, I feel the same. It's hard to see the man who I admire for not playing by Hollywood rules, going downhill with a typical Bimbo. Johnny is a good and sincere person and I still admire him and why it's so hard to see him totally lost

  59. ok says – reply to this


    Re: to our insiders – he's not sick, just tired

  60. Giovanna says – reply to this


    Re: Oliver – I understand the reasons you feel. I'm Johnny fan for many years and I'm done. It is very hard to see him with a person who extending beyond bad feelings. It is no wonder that Amber generates many reactions against her. It is no jealousy because Johnny was married and neither because she is bi or,younger or for being the woman who came after Vanessa. No, this is due to very Amber. I'm speaking for myself, but I know that many share that same feeling. Did anyone read the interviews with Amber? If so, then you know what I'm talking about.

  61. Eliza says – reply to this


    Re: ok – Amber is his disease and poison

  62. Nadiavan says – reply to this


    Re: Giovanna – Subscribe everything you, Oliver and McB said

  63. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Nadiavan – I also feel that way, but Johnny is not like Amber and despite Johnny tries to understand and not to judge people, one day he will realize that Amber is really very different from him and they will go in opposite ways

  64. Mayk says – reply to this


    Re: McB – A FOLLOWER OF AYN RAND …ARE YO KIDDING ME?? she must be a good hooker because I don't have another reason to think why Johnny is dating an Ayn Rand follower.

  65. Mayk says – reply to this


    Re: what – Ohh… come on. She wants to be recognized por her "ART" LOL

  66. Mayk says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – This is a free world, good or bad comments are allowed. If you come to say good things about people that you don't know then you are also wasting your time. WE ALL HAVE RIGHT TO THINK ANYTHING WE WANT.

  67. Awards Season says – reply to this


    I wonder if Johnny and Amber will do awards season together, as another "F U" to Vanessa! That's all this relationship seems to be, is Johnny's revenge to Vanessa for dumping his cheating ass!

  68. joanna says – reply to this


    Re: Mayk – I agree with Falala. If you do not like them, then look away. Its not difficult at all. At the end of the day, what will you gain from hating? Has it made any difference so far? NOT AT ALL. No one is asking you to like them as a couple. but if it bothers you soo much that they are still together, then look away and stop trying to kill yourself. I personally have no problem with either of them so I wish them the best.

  69. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: joanna – I agree with you joanna, those who do not like them should look away and come back when they split up. However, who knows how long they will wait lol. I like johnny and if he has been with her for this long, then i wish them nothing but the best.

  70. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Awards Season – Revenge for 2 years?? hahaha

  71. 71

    Ken and Barbie… She is the next Monroe, He is the next Brando put together they are unstoppable. He quit drinking for her and now using ecigs. So looks like Amber Heard is good for him. So upgrade and with all that talent connecting together is making me in awe. She is the best actress of our time and he is the best Actor of our time. Loving the whole Romance and he is looking like a young man again.

  72. Need a calculator? says – reply to this


    Re: jamjam – Maybe 4 years… You forgot to add the time she was sleeping with him while he was still with the mother of his children! Haha that!!

  73. 73

    Re: zzzz – No YOU need help you asshole

  74. let it be says – reply to this


    Re: MonroeAmberHearders – " next Monroe"??? What? You're comparing Monroe to Heard, right? So you're comparing the chocolate to the "shit". Maybe, for you , these things have the same flavor, but not for the rest of the world!!!!! You should stop with the drug. Please, let it be …!!!

  75. 75

    Re: Awards Season – revenge? ahahahahaha he does not give a crap about vanessa's ass and he's with amber since 2 years! a revenge for 2 years? are you nuts? they just broke up normally no one dumped the other.

  76. tega says – reply to this


    Re: MonroeAmberHearders – Marilyn Monroe?? Ha! Maybe in her dreams. Johnny didn't stop drinking for her - he said that he stopped for his kids. He is using e-cigs in London b/c he has been in non-smoking places but he is still smoking outside of the BFI awards last week. Did you see the pictures from the dinner date in London? Johnny does not look happy at all. Something is different with his eyes. They look dull and sad. Maybe exhaustion or maybe he is uncomfortable in public now because rumors that have started about his past but he is not the same. He barely even smiles anymore.

  77. Randie says – reply to this


    By now Johnny reputation is fucked up because of some rumours and too many insinuations. There's even a nasty rumour somewhere that tells that Johnny had an affair with Vanessa's sister: Alysson. It wasn't explained if Vanessa is aware of it, maybe not, but the rumour tells that Johnny even got Alysson pregnant once. Of course I'm not saying that this rumour is true and that we have to believe it because I don't really know how much true it can be, maybe it's just BS because actually it was a blind item but we really never going to know if it's a lie or not because I don't think that Alysson Paradis will ever confess such a thing even if it's true.

  78. anabela says – reply to this


    that amber is the best actress of today? better than anne wathaway, keira knightley or emma stone, or jennifer lawrence??? amber's top actresses, including for example, compare amber is not nobody even knows how to be marilyn monroe, sucks, she is not andie nor talenes reaches anyone, even more, have to go out with a famous to be seen and known but nobody knows, I dare to say that even vanessa paradis is better actress than amber, so why vanessa is not engaged in acting, but in the movie cafe the flore, showed great acting, crying with that movie! amber is not only the bride …… nothing more

  79. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Randie – No wonder Johnny wants to retire from acting. He's probably getting tired of all this personal life rumor bullshit. Why Allyson put a number three on her neck I guess only she knows that. Maybe she was just young and stupid when she did it. Maybe all three (Johnny, her and Vanessa) got them together. Who knows…who cares…it's just another person trying to stir the pot with BS. Maybe Vanessa has one too and nobody knows about it or had it removed.

  80. tega says – reply to this


    Re: anabela – I can't speak for anyone else but I never even heard of Amber before The Rum Diary and after her relationship with Johnny is over I don't care if I ever hear about her again. If she has any skills at all I would say modeling but that's about it as far as I am concerned. if she is using Johnny to get better acing jobs and become a better actress it's not working.

  81. 81

    Re: MonroeAmberHearders – What the hell are you smoking? Amber the next Monroe? Wasn't Monroe a tramp too? She went along with her older men because she was deluded to think she was loved by them. Amber's bought and paid for.

  82. sweet amber says – reply to this


    Amber is sweet

  83. Amber poisoned apple says – reply to this


    Re: sweet amber – Sweet? Amber is sweet? Sweet as a poisoned apple!!!She would do well the role of Evil Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. 84

    Blond Bombshells? Once again, they look so happy! NOT…..Amber looks like a street walker just picked up by a rich guy……If they are so in love why isn't there one single picture out there of the 2 of them walking side by side(no her behind him with her head down) and smiling! Not one. I really can't wait for this to be over……He needs to get back to being Johnny Depp not some bisexuals puppy dog! He needs to get his ass back in the US with his kids. Instead he's running around in London with his older child! Who in the heck is watching his children? Seems he just doesn't care as long as he has his piece of ass with him.

  85. anabela says – reply to this


    amber just a nice body and nothing else, I totally agree with you guys, as it is! amber just uses johnny but she is working, can not wait johnny fans ending this relationship as farce! johnny depp has two tattoos One is the number three representing what was his family (vanessa, lily and jack) and another three hearts are one for each family member (vanessa, lily, jack)

  86. 86

    Once again, and the pictures prove it, Johnny is running the show. Amber trails behind like a troll. She stalked him and the producers of Rum Diary to get into the movie with him, to get to him…..and she did. Johnny's people need to speak to him if they dare. Money talks so they are idly standing by watching him nose dive his career for a dumb moneygrubbing slut/stalker. I'm sure that's what finally broke up him and Vanessa. He was probably getting bombarded with propositions from Amber……and he couldn't resist. I simply want the old Johnny back, not this "thing" he is trying to portray. He needs to get with someone his own age and back to the actor he was…… And recently he was all over the place playing in bands, what happened to that?

  87. Randie says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Yes, I agree with you.

  88. Amber Tantrum says – reply to this


    Amber is arrogant and tantrum.

    belfasttelegraph - 14 NOVEMBER 2012 - "Amber was spotted with Macaulay Culkin at the event and although she had fun she didn't want her evening interrupted. The 26-year-old star - who is rumoured to be dating Johnny Depp - reportedly didn't want to be pictured at the party.
    "Amber didn't want anyone taking photos, and asked one of the people who managed to get one to [let her] see it. I guess she approved," the insider explained.

    Aram Rappaport in interview about Amber - "Amber started spitting lines and Shiloh mumbled something that wasn’t in the script and she snapped back in character yelling, “Are you talking, because I’m right in the middle of a thought right now.”"

    Daily Mail - !9 OCTOBER 2013 - "Amber Heard throws a tantrum on set"

  89. Me too says – reply to this


    Re: Randie – Me too

  90. tega says – reply to this


    Re: anabela – Johnny has quite a few more tatoos in "threes." Three phone doodles on his right finger, and a few more threes of things on his legs.

  91. 91

    Re: sunshine63 – What the fuck are you talking about you shithead? did you make up a fucking lies from your own stupid mind and believed them? HOW THE FUCK do you want them to be so happy in this 30 sec while being pictured by starngers with billions of cameras and flashes at their faces? they look happy enough and haven't you seen the after-part moscow pictures? because they looked so happy and in love in these pictures but ofcourse that's not what you want to see. runing in london? bitch he is working his ass off in london he is not playing there he filmed ITW and is filming Mortdecai now and amber is also filming there. his kids are in safe hands and why is "poor" vanessa not there to be with them? bitch is too busy sleeping with toy boys in france?

  92. 92

    Re: Randie – his reputation is fucked up? ahahahahahahaha! to who? the gossip trolls who make up false rumors all the time and the other bitches who believes them? he is a man so these cheating, fucking around false rumors does NOTHING to his reputation .

  93. 93

    Re: tega – plz stop the drama. he is just tired because he is working too much. he looked happy at the BFI event and he smiled a lot

  94. from worse to worst says – reply to this


    The worse comes to worst. HR confirmed that Johnny made ​​a cameo in LF

  95. tega says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – I'm not the only one who thinks he looks miserable lately. I'm not just talking about the BFI awards. He might look happy on stage at the BFI's but he's barely cracking a smile for the picture. Something about him is missing. I can't place my finger on it but something is definately different about him lately. I know he is working hard but it's not just bags under his eyes..it's the eyes themselves..it's his whole attitude. Something seems to be bothering him. Maybe you just can't see it but lots of other people can.

  96. tega says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – Amber's movie is over. It wrapped about a week or so ago. Vanessa started her tour this month in France for her new album. She was in LA for a few days last week to be with the kids and then went back. Pictures of her in LA airport on Oct. 21.

  97. maria says – reply to this


    Re: from worse to worst – This confirms that Amber is with him to further her "career" and Johnny is ….a complete fool

  98. Aha says – reply to this


    Re: from worse to worst – Wasn't Amber the one who said she wouldn't mix private life with business? LOL.

  99. joanna says – reply to this


    Make your mind up tega. I have noticed from your previous posts that you say one thing and then start talking another. Having said that, is it just me noticing this or was vanessa more into johnny than he was into her? To me, he never seemed in awe of her like he did winona. Of course he loved vanessa but i don't think he was ever in love with her. I say this because they never really dated as they became parents really early into their relationship. So they perhaps didn't get the chance to really date each other. He was in awe of winona and almost worshipped her. Whereas with vanessa, it wasn't so. He loved her of course but it did not seem to be on the same level.

  100. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: joanna – Tega = Veritas. I do not know how you have not realized …

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