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She might've gotten Justin Bieber during her talk show trial run, but the official first season of Bethenny Frankel's show isn't living up to expectations! … Read more…

31 comments to “Bethenny Frankel's Talk Show Struggling With Ratings As She Continues Dropping!”

  1. 1

    She doesn't appear genuine, cuts people off when they are talking, too intense, she talks too loud.

  2. beach says – reply to this


    Or could it be that some of us are not stupid enough to watch some fake celeb famous for being ridiculous and annoying? The stuff they come up with on TV nowadays that they try to pass off as entertainment is so insulting to intelligent people. Are most people who watch TV dumbasses? It sure seems that way. Obviously Perez, you seem to like such crap too. The majority of us are sick to death of trash tv that serves no purpose other than to make stupid people rich for being stupid.

  3. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    ….Ummmm…WHO is she, and WHY did she even get a talk-show to begin with …? No-Talent Fugly loud shrill annoying sh*t-face Hag……Loved it when Martha Stewart dissed her live on-air ! Classic t.v. !

  4. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    …Bet she'll get back together with the ex, in order to get pub-lic-i-teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

  5. 5

    i used to be a huge bethanny fan, ever since real housewives. No longer am. Slowly realized how greedy she is, last straw for me was when she divorced jason and requested full custody. That poor child is going to have such a broken home for no reason. Jill was right.

  6. madmike says – reply to this


    I'm kind of digging Michael Jacksons new look!

  7. 7

    So I loved her on "Real Housewives" because she had funny, snide commentary to make. She was a great side character. Yet, even on her own series spinoffs and now this show–she isn't a lead. And she certainly isn't a neutral enough person to be a talk show host. I don't get the tone of her show at all–I thought it would be different. She's trying to be this very happy go lucky person, and if you've seen enough of her on Bravo–that isn't what made her personality stand out. It was her sharp wit.

  8. 8

    Phony, phony, phony! talks about the stupidest things. has insipid guests who have not a clue trying to give advice! If Ellen Degeneres was not invilved in the show it would have been cancelled long ago! Comes across as if she will STEP on anyone that gets in her way. My opinion of course

  9. 9

    Re: valvan – You nailed it.

  10. FrenemyWatcher says – reply to this


    It's so cringe-inducing watching this show. She just keeps wanting to talk about divorce and other topics that feel so yucky while we all know she's the one stalling her own divorce by insisting on full custody. Everyone knows Jason has always been an involved father and deserves shared custody. So her going on every day chatting with people about being a good co-parent even after a divorce is just pathetic. Plus she interrupts her guests AND audience way too much so no one ever gets to express anything that doesn't fall perfectly into her agenda. It's just such an awkward show.

  11. 11

    I make a point of not WATCHING. People DO know her and thats not good for her.

  12. Dina says – reply to this


    I was home from work on Friday and saw the show for the first time. Well, only 8 minutes because that is all I could stomach. She babbled for a really long time during her intro and actually even went off the topic, and brought up her divorce more than once. I know she wants to be "real", but I am not the one going through a terrible divorce, you are, so I don't need to hear about it and be brought down. Also, there was a panel of "working moms" and all she had were 3 reality stars. I know thats a "job", but these are also women who can afford multiple nannies. How about real life moms who can actually relate? Then when it does come to celeb guests, nobody wants to see a bunch of reality stars!!

  13. 13

    Good. Get this ugly self absorbed starved witch off the air and out of our lives for good.

  14. voiceofreason says – reply to this


    Not really sincere, rude, cuts off others with her opinion. Has high pitched new York voice which is just freakin annoying. She waves her hands constantly when she talks….she doesn't have the expertise she needs to carry on conversations on some of the topics. Her divorce is a negative–no good mother puts her ex husband on blast like she does when she is clearly the problem. Remember her 40th birthday party? She is the crazy one. She needs to go on Dr. Phil herself where he will tell her "when you criticize your baby daddy, you are criticizing them". Put her in recycle bin with Kris Jenner.

  15. susie says – reply to this


    Her books are great (the weight-management ones), seriously, but I don't think talk show is her medium because she is so self-involved. I'm going to a taping on Thursday - she's so stiff on air I really want to see what's up in studio. Also, sometimes this kind of show gives out free stuff.

  16. EC says – reply to this


    I find her to be too loud and hyper and she doesn't have the best speaking voice - I think the voice is important. I also find it annoying when she cuts off her guests.

  17. 17

    CANCEL IT!!!!!! She's horrible on the inside and out, that voice….OY VEY!
    I cant believe I use to like her.

  18. 18

    I really like Bethenny and enjoy her show! I hope she makes it work. Even if she does not she is a survivor. I would probably see the show next time in NYC. I do not agree with the negative comments about her in this post. Do not let them get to Bethenny — keep going!

  19. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Ellen's production co. is behind this show, so you can bet that Ole Lez Ellen is doing EVERYTHING in her power to make this a success…however, ya can't put lipstick on a pig, IF ya know what I mean. Show is Crap .

  20. 20

    I seldom watch TV, but my personal opinion is there are just too many talk shows out there competing for a limited audience.

  21. 21

    She's had a messy divorce and parental right thing going on with her husband that I think people see her in a negative light.

  22. fairmaiden says – reply to this


    Have not tuned in and ain't gonna.

  23. Mindy says – reply to this


    I have watched a couple of times and cannot watch her, she is terrible. Not to mention it is hard for me to get past the golf balls in her cheeks.

  24. Skye says – reply to this


    I've peeked in a few times, and I'm actually finding it more interesting than I expected.

  25. Spankmeharder87 says – reply to this


    I kinda like her show but I don't see it sticking around list of reason

    -Talks to much about her divorce
    - Rushes the audience or cuts them off before they are done
    - The way she sometimes snatches the mike out of the audience members hands makes me cringe
    - Does not have a warm inviting personality like her friend ellen instead she comes across very blunt and cold like a harsh businesswoman
    -Sometimes the way she talks to guests is very aggressive and some of the questions seem a bit intrusive
    - She seems a little frazzled at times like she is overwhelmed but could be newbie jitters
    - She is still hurting from her divorce and seems very fragile and withered I can understand its still fresh but we want an upbeat fun show not a sob show
    - Talks about female empowerment but some episodes have looked like a bash fest between female guest and audience members
    -How the heck is she giving relationship advice?!
    - The intro song enough said…
    - A lot of very awkward moments
    - Her voice is annoying and very loud and she can talk forever about herself
    - Some segments are very rushed and a waste of time…

    This show will be gone like a fart in the wind …

  26. chopstiks says – reply to this


    Re: BertieLover
    fair comment!

  27. china13 says – reply to this


    Bethenny, seemed a little agitated . Ormosa was the victor. Bethenny's audience seemed to be very racial or pretending to be on Bethenny's side because of the show. Ormosa was right on target, I felt and I am white! Ormosa wanted to turn the negative into a positive. From where I stand Bethenny is very confrontational. She doesn't like to be reminded of derogatory statements she has made. She also needs to remind herself she is not a teenager and bring the length of her outfits down a little. I am very disappointed in her show. I will not be watching it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  28. atruesista says – reply to this


    Re: Mindy – LOLOLOL Now THAT was funny!

  29. atruesista says – reply to this


    I DO NOT like the Bethenny show, primarily because of her voice! She has that shrilling New York voice and it friggin' drives me nuts every time she opens her mouth! She talks too fast, interrupts ALL of her guests, and every one of her shows seems to be centered around "what men do/don't like". She also seems to talk about relationships, divorce and parenting too much! No topics with substance. I've watched it every day for two weeks to get a "feel" of her show, and this is my critique after only 2 weeks of viewing. CANCEL IT!!!

  30. Intheknow says – reply to this


    This woman is totally boring and self-centered. She has zero talent. It seems she will do ANYTHING to keep her name in the spotlight. I can understand why her husband had enough of her. So have we! No more Bethenny Frankel!

  31. emily says – reply to this


    Re: madmike – It's standard to request full custody. ANY attorney worth his salt will always ask for full custody..in hopes of getting HALF. You don't know what you speak of.