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The sheer shock of this homewrecking kiss seen 'round the world continues to rattle Hollywood! Ever since pics of Katharine McPhee kissing married SmashRead more…

27 comments to “Katharine McPhee's Having A "Very Hard Time" Since Scandalous Smooch With Married Director!”

  1. samara says – reply to this


    Sure it's all fun and game until you get caught. After that, it's "I didn't mean to hurt anybody". I didn't really have a opinion of her, since I was neutral about her but sorry I don't care for cheaters.

  2. 2

    she's having a hard time? really? my sympathy goes to the wife and the 3 kids who have to see this. I don't know how old the kids are but if they are teens or pre-teens this is severe trama for them.

  3. Jojo says – reply to this


    Poor baby. She decided to end her marriage and then help ruin another. Poor baby. Karma will get her good…probably when she leasts expects it.

  4. AG55 says – reply to this


    I do not feel bad for her or him at ALL. Who I do feel sorry for is his wife and 3 kids. Katherine thinks she's having a "very hard time" just imagine what Mary and her kids are going through.

  5. 5

    Ho-ho-ho. Having a "hard" time. I'm sure!

  6. bigbud says – reply to this


    young, dumb, full of cum

  7. 7

    Am I the only one who thinks she didn't do anything wrong? She was the one who was single/separated. The dude is the one who strayed from his marriage. I'm so sick of people blaming the "steak" and not the "DOG."

  8. msmoonlight says – reply to this


    Re: Angela430 – I totally agree with you, Angela. Katherine's separated. Michael Morris is the one who's still married and has children. Did Katherine make a mistake getting involved with a married man? Heck yes! But does the majority share of blame fall on her? Heck no! It really bothers me when the woman in this situation is slut shamed, yet nothing is said about the man. HE is the married one - HE'S the one who destroyed his marriage because he couldn't be faithful to HIS wife.

  9. 9

    Home-Wrecking Whore; maybe she and LeAnn Rimes can be besties…..

  10. 10

    With her acting & singing careers in the toilet all that's left for her is the Hollywood Jew Casting Couch route….

    Screw your way to the top McPhee….

  11. jdaffy says – reply to this


    I blame both, seperated or not she knew what she was doing. Been on the receiving end of women like her and men like him…..They say they are sorry but they are just hurting others. They both should have had some integrity and ended their relationships before getting together. It's easy to feel sorry when you get caught.

  12. 12

    Im sure the wife is having a harder time…

  13. 13

    REL Angela430's comments: Assuming the guy was equally available, then yeah, no harm no foul. But the odds are good she knew he was married and had kids, and she looks like she doesn't have much regard for his situation in the lip-lock pic. But your argument that he should be more guilty than her doesn't hold. If he's cheating, he's cheating with her. She's equally complicit.

  14. me says – reply to this


    Re: Angela430 – Are you stupid??? she knew what she was doing you must be destine to ruin a relationship in your life… Good Luck with that

  15. Stephanie says – reply to this


    She only goes for married men, he's not the first…

  16. anonymous says – reply to this


    Ultimately, both are to blame equally. The best he can do now is be a good father to his children. McPhee is trying to drum up sympathy for her skanky ways but since she lays with a married man who has children, she deserves none.

  17. 17

    They are both adults. The blame lays on both sides. Her side shows how unscrupulous and selfish she is, his side how heartless and selfish HE is. They do have something in common: selfish. Two selfish people mean disaster from the start, so I think karma will take care of this little incident in due course.
    As to what I personally think, he is a bloody dog!
    On the other hand, I've never heard of any of them until this blog, so maybe I am wrong.
    Who knows, could be a publicity stunt.

  18. TSK says – reply to this


    In these situations non of us really know the whole story. Katharine's status has been explained because she had been separated for an extended period. I mean she married a much older man at a pretty young age, so this was probably not unforseeable.

    Michael clearly wasn't separated, so he is the cheater. As for Katharine knowing he was married, well technically so was she, but she was separated so she had total right to see other people. Maybe he told her he was going through similar things that she was going through, maybe he told her he was separating from his wife.

    And you shouldn't feel bad for Mary because now she knows her husband is a cheater and she can move on while she can. If he was willing to stray now it was only inevitable that he would later.

  19. 19

    Wah wah wah. Cry me a river.

    I don't feel bad for either one of them, I hope they get the whiplash of both of their actions as well as karma.

  20. 20

    Adultery is adultery and the cheaters involved are both at fault! The victim is the one betrayed and no one gets absolved of the hurt, pain, trauma and tragedy that it really is. God Bless the wife and kids and prayers for the cheaters to obtain a conscience and moral compass to understand what they are really doing!

  21. chillax62 says – reply to this


    And of course, trust perez to spread the news and self righteous folks to come here and leave their messages a bout how they don't care for cheaters, or how they feel sorry for the wife and kids. FOR FUCKS SAKE get over yourselves! I am appalled reading most comments of you jugging someone you know absolutely nothing about! Keep up the good work, karma wil be just outside your days when the same astro-toilet hits you from the sky.
    And besides what does KStew have to do with this?

  22. 22

    Re: chillax62 – (post #21) No one mentioned anyone of this name (unless I totally missed it!), so to whom is this question addressed, "chillax62"? I think your wires got crossed somewhere on the way, luv *wink*

  23. 23

    She's very upset because from now on she will only be viewed as a home wrecker! Katherine has always slept her way to the top starting with her old ass husband and then now her producer. Way to keep professional girl…there goes your career. Also the guy that cheated is a pathetic SOB for cheating not only on his wife but on his children. I know people cheat but it just irks me when there are children involved.

  24. mmmHmmmm says – reply to this


    Yeah I'm sure she is having a hard time…. home wrecking whore! I don't care if she was single… she pursued a married man. SHAMEFUL!!!!!!

  25. 25

    SHE'S having a hard time?! I would think Mary McCormack is the one having a hard time since her husband CHEATED on her. Katharine is a SKANK with a capital S! Hopefully now that her show is cancelled she will just go away!

  26. mary jane says – reply to this


    It's more like Morris pursued Mcphee who is anyone kidding here. I'll bet you any money the so called sources are the scorned wife trying to make Mcphee look like the bad guy with no consciene. I wonder how may other actresses Morris sought out over his marriage. Obviously there were problems to begin with. She was on Chelsea lately talking about
    going out all the time with her drinking and that was the beginning of October. So my point is no one really knows what happened here and shouldn't be pointing any fingers or making accusations especially about Mcphee having affairs with other married men.

  27. 27

    That was very mean for Katharine to cheat like that. She should know better than to do that.