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Liam Hemsworth's New Girl Throws Miley Cyrus Some Shade!

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If you're reading this Miley Cyrus, avert your eyes or shield them with your tongue!

Liam Hemsworth's new girlfriend Eiza Gonzalez went costume shopping with a friend on Thursday, and had a run in with her boyfriend's ex (awkward) in costume form (even more awkward?)!

While searching for the perfect outfit for Halloween, when she spotted Miley's VMA costume in the store front window, pointed it out to her friend (with a non-foam finger), and laughed!

Oh NO she didn't! Gurl, do you want Miley to show up outside your house with a sledgehammer?

Well, as far as we're concerned, this photo just wrecking balled any chance that Liam and Miley could be friends!

Miley, we hope you forget the haters, because somebodies love you! And by somebodies, we mean us!

[Image via Premiere/Dino/FameFlynet Pictures.]

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31 comments to “Liam Hemsworth's New Girl Throws Miley Cyrus Some Shade!”

  1. mars says – reply to this


    Love you Miley

  2. Crystal says – reply to this


    Speak for yourself. I don't love her, I pity her.

  3. bronx says – reply to this


    lol Eiza stupid jealous bitch

  4. Helena says – reply to this


    yes, we love you… Eiza is just as fake as her face.

  5. really? says – reply to this


    at least miley didn't have to hook up with someone to get attention. if you want to crossover to american audiences work for it don't just use people.

  6. lolis says – reply to this



  7. 7

    she's laughing w her friends.. its not like she instagramed the photo…

  8. rebecca says – reply to this


    jesus fuck you are dramatic. who in the world didn't see a miley costume in a costume store and laugh about it? it doesn't mean she's being a jerk about it

  9. Eunice says – reply to this


    What are you talking about ? No one loves Miley.

  10. A says – reply to this


    Who is this person and why to care about her? Liam isn't even a big name, stop trying to make this relevant.

    Miley: keep laughting your way to the bank, baby.

  11. 11

    How on earth is that throwing Miley some shade? It's not like she said anything about it, she simply pointed and laughed. I think most people would have that reaction, because it's ridiculous that it's a Halloween costume. So stupid. Stop trying to make something out of nothing.

  12. NinjaGirl says – reply to this


    I don't know why this is a big deal. Who gives a flying fuck about this unknown girl pointing at a Halloween costume? P.S. At least Miley Cyrus is talented, I have NO idea who Eiza Gonzalez is. Even Perez Hilton had to refer to her as Liam Hemsworth's girlfriend and not by her own name.

  13. 13

    miley made herself a joke. her butt in the air, tongue hanging out and a foam finger up her crotch. can't knock people for laughing. Liam got away just in time.

  14. 14

    She looks like a skank when she's not made up and airbrushed with cheap hair extensions. At least Miley is more natural than this chick.

  15. 15

    Re: lolis – I'm not a Miley fan, but she's #1 for a reason, dummy. At least she does something. this chick did nothing but sleep with a guy…classy.

  16. chrisca says – reply to this


    Exactly… Miley is a joke! She's ridiculous! This girl, Eiza, is at least hot. Good job, Liam!

  17. Dani says – reply to this


    Miley has talent Eliza does not. Eliza ran out of stars to sleep with in Mexico and hooked up with Liam to get attention in the US. He used miley for the same reason but Miley will have the last laugh.

  18. jade says – reply to this


    Team Eiza, if saw that costume I would be laughing too. It like if I wear a bra and underwear and consider that a costume

  19. mel_78 says – reply to this


    she wasnt laughing at her, if i saw that i would be laughing too! miley is a joke!

  20. NatV says – reply to this


    Is there anyone who saw that outfit and DIDN'T laugh or cringe? Pretty sure even Miley didn't take it seriously.

    It's expected that articles will sensationalize the most mundane things, but the commenters who are buying it really need to exercise some rational thought.

  21. Serena says – reply to this


    As much as I hate her and her fakeness, she's just laughing with her friends. Its not like she instagramed or tweeted it. How on earth is that throwing Miley some shade? It's not like she said anything about it, she simply pointed and laughed. I think most people would have that reaction.

  22. kayla mc says – reply to this


    she's probably just laughing at the fact that the plastic mannequin has tits and ass to work the costume in and miley doesn't LOL

  23. tinka says – reply to this


    I don't see how she was throwing shade. Ummm…o.k.

  24. aryan says – reply to this


    Can't see why this is called shading. And puh-lease Eiza is just a fake bitch who hooks up for attention and fame, probably made out of plaster too. Just ship her back to zooland or something.

  25. 25

    Sorry but Miley is getting past her prime and tired.

  26. Smh says – reply to this


    I bet you that even Miley laughed at the costume.

  27. abby says – reply to this


    miley is much prettier than her

  28. me says – reply to this


    Every news about this girl spells desperation for fame in hollywood. Everything about Liam Hemsworth tells a story of a talentless guy relying on looks to get ahead and hooking up with one woman after another. Can Hollywood promote people with real talents like old time instead of just talentless "celebrities"?

  29. chrisca says – reply to this


    OK she definitely does NOT need fame from Liam or Miley… Eiza is very famous herself in Europe and Latin American, as she's been an actress, singer and model ALL HER LIFE… if anything, LIAM used her for attention! Lol

  30. Taeyeon says – reply to this


    No big deal *shrugging* Eiza, or whoever she is, have her right to laugh as she wants. Don't judge her for that and that doesn't mean anything at all. I'm no fan of Miley and certainly not a hater.

  31. Me says – reply to this


    Re: Taeyeon – Of course Liam Hemsworth is the worst of them all. This article only print one photo of her laughing so yes it might look harmless but if you read other articles with more photos including her making mean faces next to the costume you wouldn't like her. I am not a fan of anyone and at first thought Liam and Eiza are beautiful. Now I just can't agree with the way they are, especially Liam Hemsworth. what a user!