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Bethenny Frankel Is "Mediocre" Thanks To "White Privilege," According To Omarosa! Watch Their Insane Fight HERE!

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Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Since when does having a talk show, two successful reality shows, and an alcoholic beverage empire mean that someone is anything but fantastic??!

Bethenny Frankel went head-to-head with spitfire Omarosa on the latest episode of her talk show Bethenny and things did NOT end well!

But then again, how could they after Omarosa called her mediocre and preached about finding her bashed the woman interviewing her??!

Omarosa bashed:

"It's different for you and I, I am an African American woman. You get to walk around and be mediocre and you still get rewarded with things. We have to be exceptional to get anything in this business."

Excuse us??! We don't know how Bethenny kept her cool, but at least the war of words and eye rolling made for good TV! LOLz!

See the full heated interview..AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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49 comments to “Bethenny Frankel Is "Mediocre" Thanks To "White Privilege," According To Omarosa! Watch Their Insane Fight HERE!”

  1. 1

    Meh…that's just Omarosa's way to get press. Omarosa has had a LOT more attention and fame a lot longer than Bethenny and O's done nothing with it. Bethenny's accomplished way more than O with less time and press.

    Omarosa did the same thing to Wendy Williams.

  2. shelby says – reply to this


    Omarosa speaks the truth.

  3. Catattack says – reply to this


    Omarosa's bitterness, aggression, and predatory nature holds her much further back than her race ever did. Also, Bethenny (whom I don't always like) doesn't come from privilege and isn't given things on the basis of her race. Wendy Williams and Oprah are much more successful than her.

  4. 4

    Omarosa is not African American. She did not come here from Africa; she was born and raised here. She is a BLACK American. She is also an angry, entitlement-mentality asshole. Omarosa makes money being a hostile mouth; Omarosa makes money playing the race card. I have a great idea: Let's shove a banana in her nasty mouth and make her pick cotton for the rest of her worthless life. Maybe THEN she'll have something to be pissed off about.

  5. swiskris says – reply to this


    So making millions off an idea is suddenly mediocre!? Omarosa has a chip on her shoulder and is deserving of her bitterness, she is full of negativity. So what if Bethenny's show isn't killing it, at least she put herself out there. Team Bethenny!!!!

  6. 6

    Re: shelby – You're an ignorant, racist asshole. Go crawl in a hole and die somewhere, pig.

  7. lol says – reply to this


    omarose is mental and so insecure by being so defensive all the time

  8. denise says – reply to this


    I am not a Bethenny fan, but I think Omarosa's comments are rude and inaccurate. Bethenny was correct that Omarosa is "infamous." And why do some people always feel compelled to play the race card?

  9. Kimi says – reply to this


    Re: The Truthinator – Funny that YOU call someone else a pig. Oh the irony!

    I'm beginning to think someone on Mario's staff is writing under this moniker since their awful, racial comments are allowed to stay. For shame.

  10. Tauruskidd says – reply to this


    I think this is a ratings ploy… I remember when Omarosa came on the Wendy Williams show and the same type of situation went down and it was talked about in media for like a week.. deff helped Wendy's show and i'm sure it will help Bethenny with the sympathy vote = ratings

  11. Soul Touch says – reply to this


    Excuse me, Omarosa made it clear (though no one is listening) that Bethenny has achieved much and should be proud. She was not directing it at Bethanny personally but she was speaking the truth…how hard is to believe. As women, we should know there is an underlining truth behind her statements, after all, don't we still get paid less than our male counterparts? Women have to prove themselves where ever we go, so if sexism is real is one so clueless not see that the same rings true for racism? Lets be clear, LIFE IS NOT FAIR. That said, Omarosa has never been one to be tactful in her statements, can't expect much from how she delivers her statements.

  12. 12

    I'm not a Bethenny fan however Omarosa was a total fool and gave Bethenny's "mediocre" show more publicity than bethenny could ever buy !! what a moron!

  13. 13

    oh hell no i would of lost my cool.

  14. 14

    Bullsh it. Not all white people give only a little. No one wants anything to with Omarso bc she's just so mean. I know plenty of bla ck people, spanish, white, etc who give a little. This is not 1950, and while racism still exists (from ALL ppl), no matter your color, if you try hard in this country you can make it. Most ppl would rather have a hard working bla ck woman than a mediocre white woman. I don't care your color, just work hard. Black ppl need to let go of shi t. The African Americans in this country hang on and stew on things and see things that aren't there. Just like Jaime Fox said.

  15. Soul Touch says – reply to this


    Re: The Truthinator – - look at the pot calling the kettle black.

  16. Soul Touch says – reply to this


    Re: Mimi the Magnificent – - I don't think she was talking every and all. And I resent your comment of black people need to let things go. She is one woman offering her opinion. That said, anyone born of reality knows that it is not a world full of equality…on many levels, not just black or white. I think that we all should work hard for who we are are there are plenty of people, white or otherwise, that work hard for what they have. But don't act like it doesn't exist, to me that's an even bigger insult…just look at your American census: black women make less then white women in the same title and same education, hispanic women make less then black women in the same title and same education, all women make less then men in the same title and same education. It's not about stewing, it's life. In some places, women are not even considered a person or paid for the wages. In other places, the darkness of your skin stops you from having a respectable front office/reception job. In others, you are killed if you are disabled (considered a burden on society) and in others albinos are sacrificed. Is that bitter or the truth of the life we live? I respect all hard working people and don't expect a handout from anyone.

  17. 17

    Why is Bethany "fantastic" because she has a talk show, 2 "reality shows" and a beverage??? That does not make her "fantastic" at all. It may make her a shrewd business woman but that does not = fantastic.

  18. TONIO HIZZO says – reply to this


    Omarosa helps these talkshow host get a buzz, please Believe Omarosa's Brand is sensationalism, She just helped Bethenny Show in a major way

  19. LA GIRL says – reply to this


    Both of those dumb bitches need to move on from their 15 mins of fame. Bethenny is the rudest bitch ever and I have never liked Omarosa!!! Hope Bethenny show gets cancelled ASAP!!!

  20. P. willis says – reply to this


    [re=6565280]Re: kabuki girl[/r
    Bethenny was stating her BRAND unlike Omorosa who could not come up with her BRAND> I also believe she dissed the audience.

  21. gmahelen says – reply to this


    SkinnyGirl Sucks ass. who cares.

  22. 22

    Black people always pulling the race card. Always always always till the end of time probably. BARF

  23. tacogirl says – reply to this


    Omarossa is Right…so what else is new!…Obviously, it's harder for black americans to
    get acclaim or their Own talk show. Betthany is Mediocre and famous for nothing.
    It wasn't Really an insult, just how things are….

  24. 24

    Re: tacogirl – I'm playing my tiny violin for you.

  25. 25

    Omarosa is such a negative person… she's aggressive and always defensive… I don't care for her…

  26. 26

    Team Omarosa! I want HER to get her own talk show where she schools people from the Maury and Jerry Springer shows!

  27. 27

    Re: Soul Touch – Too true, and you should look into ageism. I was laid off after 22 years with the same company and my job sent overseas. I was not able to get another job (I was even asked my age when applying fora job selling medical marijuana - legal in California if you have a license from a Dr.) and had to retired when my UI ran out.

  28. brbrsel says – reply to this


    Wow, what an angry, rude, ignorant, racist Omarosa is. But, I'm sure if you ask her, everyone else is racist towards her - never the other way around. What a horrible person. I feel sorry for the people who have to work with her. And what is this? Did she say she was a pastor? She's totally incapable of doing that job. She's awful, awful, awful. Should look for different kind of work, a job where it pays to be nasty and self centered.

  29. Royally pissed says – reply to this


    Re: The Truthinator – Are you high? You are obviously white if you don't understand what that means. 1) Africa isn't a country, it's a continent. 2) Blacks and those of Black descent didn't "choose" to be named as such. It was a better name than what we were previously referred to. 3) African American refers to those of African descent with slave roots who are Americans. Please don't speak on what you don't know.

    Anyway, if you are insulted by what Omarosa said congrats you don't get it. She was speaking the truth.

  30. Nonya says – reply to this


    Re: Mimi the Magnificent – Jews do the same thing. Always bringing in the Holocaust.

  31. Jay says – reply to this


    Re: Strangeasitmay – JewRe: StrangeasitmayRe: Strangeasitmay – Jews do the same thing.

  32. Soul Touch says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – - Exactly Teeter Totter. When a few top old gentlemen left a company I was working for, they could not get work….they were over qualified and older….CEOs were coming in their mid 30s, no one was interested in a seasoned professional. It's a shame because people of age have a lot ot offer, yet once you get older they act as if you should just fade away.

  33. BRYAN SANDERS says – reply to this


    TRUE….What she said was a fact. Getting upset about it doesn't change that.
    You may not like the personality that made the comment, but the comment was a fact.
    Bethenny is Mediocre and she is being rewarded for that. That is just how it is.

  34. BRYAN SANDERS says – reply to this


    Ellen is the executive producer of her talk show and Beam Global is who owns and distributes her "brand". The talk show thing does not 'play in Toledo'. it is very clear she is
    not comfortable on air. And the show will not be on this time next year. Fact.

  35. Marisol says – reply to this


    Perhaps a banana should be stuffed down your throat. If you are calling her a monkey, you picked the wrong race. Monkeys have straight hair all over their bodies, a flat ass and thin lips. That sounds more like the white race, don't you think?

  36. Marisol says – reply to this


    Re: The Truthinator – ….are you calling Omarosa a monkey? Think about this….Monkeys have straight hair all over their bodies, a flat ass and thin lips. Doesn't that description fit white people as well?

  37. anna says – reply to this


    i fell like the whole thing was staged to get Bethanny higher ratings since her show is having trouble and its about to get cancelled. And to get Omarosa some publicity

  38. Grrrtruth says – reply to this


    Omarosa is absolutely right. I don't usually like her. She comes off as bitter and PMS-y, but she's right. USC just did a study on this, which substantiates her point. I mean, take Bethenny and take Queen Latifah. Both have shows this year. But Bethenny is a reality star and Queen Latifah is an Academy-Award nominee. Bethenny was just as ruthless, crude and cutthroat as Omarosa and yet Bethenny somehow came out of RHONY with a cocktails line and a two shows. I don't think it's bc Bethenny is exceptional. I think it's because she's Jewish and the Jewish people who run Hollywood are willing to help her. As Andy says Mosel!

  39. Grrrtruth says – reply to this


    It's not white privilege in Hollywood, it's Jewish privilege. Look at the overrepresentation of Jewish people in the media and the underrepresentation of every other minority group. Jewish people are only 2% of the American population and .05% of the world population, yet every movie or television show has a Jewish person connected to it it some major way. Just saying! Mosel!

  40. Mister Mister says – reply to this


    Re: The Truthinator – Wtf is a Black American? Black is a color you damn fool. Banana and cotton ey? And you suggest she is playing the race card when your tirade was fool of racist foolishness. She was 110% correct blacks do have to put in more work and effort than their WHITE counterparts. But your racist heads stuck up your ass so you wouldn't be able to see from the shit in your eyes.

  41. Kelly says – reply to this


    This is ridiculous, I am so sick of BLACK (not african) Americans playing the race card. YES their ancestors experienced a grave injustice and there is no justifying what went on BUT they did NOT experience it. My mother is Polish and Croatian and when she was growing up she and her family experienced racism and discrimination because during 1950s Salvic peoples were a target and were seen as 'dirty' and not deserving of being in Canada. My mother was tormented by her English neighbours but do I walk around with a chip on my should? Do I cry about the discrimination and blame all the problems in my life on it? HELL NO because it happened 50 yrs ago, it didnt happen to me directly and the people that did it are either dead or elderly. I don't blame all English people for the negatives in my life. Alot of other races and cultures experienced discrimination in the US and Canada, its time for black americans to get over it.

  42. grrrtruth says – reply to this


    Re: Kelly – One black person goes on television with an opinion about her experience in a biased industry and now ALL BLACK people do nothing but whine about their lives. You say you don't have any pain over your family being considered dirty and ignorant and not wanted in the US and Canada and yet we've heard your whining about it. Get some introspection and take some classes.

  43. Grrrtruth says – reply to this


    Re: Kelly – And also, I have heard it said that Slavic peoples, eatsern europeans and Russians are bad for the US and Canada because you bring your racism and homophobia here, not to mention organized crime. I thought that was messed up when I heard that but you prove them right.

  44. Soul Touch says – reply to this


    Re: grrrtruth – - that's because some people can not wait for these things to happen so that they can air their grievences about a group a people. These moments are needed so that their steretypical bullshit can be justified.

  45. 45

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  46. 46

    watching one delusional, talent-less, friend-less, relationship-less female douche attacking another delusional, talent-less, relationship-less female douche is HILARIOUS! insert something about a "pot" and a "kettle" HERE!

  47. 47

    Bethenny's show is horrible. I can't believe how low rent it is.. I won't and don't watch it any longer after all the unknown guests that have been on her show. Her fake, sickening display of hugging everyone to death is so gross. Her show sucks!!! I put it up there with losers like Springer and Povitch.. crap TV.. I can't believe how bad her show is and how ridiculous the topics were every day… I DVR'd the first month and I was done after that. She only talks about relationships. ONLY.. this is targetted for 15 year olds. How stupid and it's crap!!!

  48. Smart one says – reply to this


    Re: Kelly – You are soooo ignorant. Typical ignorant white person logic. So racism doesnt exist anymore write? And the only form of racism is slavery? Black people in Amerikkka are systematically opressed, Treated like criminals,being murdered and arrested for no reason everyday. Black people experience some form of racism in there everyday lives. But because we ourselves didnt experience slavery we just have a chip on our shoulder or something. GTFO. What Omarosa said was absolutely true. Even Kevin hart spoke about it one time. Blacks have to work twice as hard to get the sane thing a white person can get in Amerikka

  49. cathiekidstich says – reply to this


    Re: The Truthinator – "make her pick cotten for the rest of her life" this just shows how race is an important factor in her success. bethanny put her on her show to embarass her, a low blow on her part. and o ends up embarassing bethanny on her own show. it's not her fault that o's success is likely to be longer lasting while bethannys not even popular show will be forgotten within a year. please.