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Johnny Depp Follows His Lady Love Amber Heard In London Fields

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Well, you know what they say — the couple who acts together, stays together!

Right? That's a thing, right?

Well, even if it isn't, Johnny Depp will be making a cameo in his current flame, Amber Heard's film, London Fields, which surely won't hurt the relationship… or the movie!

Hm…maybe that's why Johnnyboy was spotted in London last Friday… and maybe our wondering questions about his blonde locks are answered!!

According to sources in production, the Pirates of the Caribbean star has already shot his scenes for the film.

We wonder who Johnny's character will be…

London Fields is a crime thriller based on Martin Amis' 1989 novel and the film is set in London in the year 1999 and it follows Amber as a psychic who meets her fate when she goes into a sketchy pub!

How scary!!

But, if she's a psychic and she can foresee her future, why did she step foot into the English pub anyway?

Hm, guess we'll just have to wait to see the film once it comes out!

[Image via Craig Harris/WENN.]

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334 comments to “Johnny Depp Follows His Lady Love Amber Heard In London Fields

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  1. kat says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – you are right about the fugly bitch Vanessa, she calles the paps all the time esp when the kids are with her, to get some publicity off of JOHNNY DEPP's children.

  2. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Okay if it's only your opinion I aaccept that but you can't say to know for sure that Amber is what caused Johnny's split with Vanessa because you simply don't have any proof about it.

  3. Paris says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – First of all I am not naive! You too must admit that the circumstances in his life are different now and he has 2 children ( and their mother) to be concerned about! Even though Johnny and Vanessa are no longer a couple, they are still connected, a circumstance he nevr had to deal with before! And answering questions about his relationship with Amber would only lead to further digging, and considering they have history that overlaps his relationship with Vanessa, maybe he thinks it is too risky! If Amber doesn't truly feel loved and appreciated, why does she stick around? Maybe she feels as though she has something to gain from the situation, and Johnny knows that as well so he is keeping his distance. How many 27 year old women would truly be attracted to a 50 year old man with 2 children, if he didnt have the wealth and access that Johnny has. Amber chose to participate in whatever arrangement she and Johnny have going on… So she is far from a victim. If Johnny reveals their history her career will truly be destroyed. There are a lot of people who already can't stand her… And Angelina she is not!!

  4. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Yousef – I don't buy that Johnny was hiding her to protect his children because first of all they knew her long before than he decided to come out and because even if he hid, people realized anyway that he was seeing Amber and rumours circulated anyway as well as insults and nasty comments so at this point it was pointless to keep hiding because waiting to come out didn't help the situation anyway and didn't change people's opinions. Then you're deluding yourself. He never looks happy with her. NEVER. He looks lifeless instead and everything seems also staged because he doesn't look relaxed and genuine not even when he tries hard to smile. He looks worried and it seems like his heart and mind are somewhere else when he's pictured somewhere with Amber and only blind people like you didn't notice that. He looks everything but in love with her. And no, he didn't try his best to be with her as much as he can in London because he left her staying there alone for about a month while he was in LA. It's only her that tries to be with him everywhere as much as she can.

  5. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Paris – Yes you are naive, it's the truth. Even if circumstances in his life are different now ir doesn't mean that he has to feel ashamed to confirm of being in love with someone if this is the truth but keep refusing to talk about Amber in interviews he's only help things to get worse because his fans are asking themselves why he's acting that cold and why he looks so ashamed because fams tell this. "if you are in love why you don't simply tell it?" at some point people would respect his words if he was really in love but he isn't, that's why he doesn't talk about Amber in interview. He knows he would lie telling that he loves her and he knows that he would feel uncomfortable pretending to love someone that is just amusing him in be, that's all.

  6. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – OMG you are so deluded it makes me laugh! where the hell are you living? woman would kill to be with him and esp the young ones. there are far more prettier girls than amber with better personas and she could NOT do better than the sexiest man alive JOHNNY DEPP even in her dreams. He looks awful? ahahahaha! have you seen his latest photos from the queenie eye video,etc? he looks better than ever and haven't you seen that he is clean and shaven now? he is a clean man and he smells amazing and all the people who met him said that, pretty sure he smells better than your entire family. You are so pathetic for trying to make him look bad and saying bullshit about him while making Amber look like an angel when she is NOT! he is far more intelligent than her and she can't act for shit. she has no talent and HE is the one who decides to get rid of her or not. she is his cheap dog and she is nothing but a very cheap whore and piece of shit who gets fucked to be in movies. LOL at you thinking he don't want to spilt with amber because couldn't find maybe anymore a young and beautiful woman because in fact he could get billions of those bitches and could find much much much better than her trashy ass.

  7. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – are you a stupid les fan or something? if you love amber then stop trolling and bashing her love Johnny! haven't you seen the after-party moscow picture which were not taken by papas? they looked so in love and there was a sparkle in their eyes!

  8. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – You just revealed you real nature! You're a hypocrite because until now you alwsys defended Amber from the insults you're now using against her! You're so false and you're the troll! I'm coherent at least. And no Johnny used to be the sexiest man alive. He isn't anymore. Now are other men that got this definition. It's just few years that his positions in some charts go down, you're deluding yourself. Women started to dislike him because he looks even dirtier and smelly than my w.c. and did you look his very recent picture as blonde man? He's awful and looks like a drag queen that forgot to put makeup on his face. Who the hell would like to date him in show business? Nobody, that's why he doesn't leave Amber. He doesn't wanna be alone.

  9. Yousef is an idiot!! says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – LOl!! Eveything you said is hilarious!!

  10. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – Girl what you smoked or drank? lol I also want to smoke,'re stoned, deseseperada …. spitting the keyboard from laughing ..

  11. claudita says – reply to this


    children do not smoke marijuana, the result looks up there ^ ^. The person're desperate, it should be no problem at home …

  12. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Yousef is an idiot!! – Go fuck yourself.

  13. Yousef is an idiot!! says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – Go play in traffic!

  14. claudita says – reply to this


    That gives not have its own life … That gives not have friends and do not go to parties. Loneliness ..

  15. BettyBoop says – reply to this


    All the reports about them, said that Johnny treats her really well. Even those comments from her russian friends, said that he makes her happy!. And we can intuite by the pictures also in Moscow, that their relationship "off camera" is far different than in front of paparazzis. They looks happy and caring and in love.
    Johnny didn't talk about her in the TLR promotion, because he needed a closure to his relationship with Vanessa Paradis in the media. And he did it talking about the split and their good relationship now. I'm sure that if they are still together, when he promotes "Transcendence" will be the moment to start talking about Amber. But I don't expect him talking freely about how happy she makes him, by respect to Vanessa and the children (they can like Amber as it seems to be, but it's far different "to like her" or even living with her, than to see pictures of them kissing or whatever, spread it all over the world despite the feelings of their mother).
    I think she is with him everywhere (as somebody said before) because she truly cares about him, she loves him (as her russian friends said) but also because he deserves that caring and so much dedication from her, being a good boyfriend to her.

  16. BettyBoop says – reply to this


    And by the way, It's not sure that Johnny wasn't London in September, not only because there are tweets reporting his presence in London but also because according to people with access to the social accounts of his children, they were only with their mother and it seems like Johnny only returned to LA around September 18, to relocate them into his mansion (Vanessa left to Paris) and then went back to London on September 26. And that still was way before he started his real work in London, because his little part in "Into the woods" was shooted only a couple of weeks ago, and "Mortdecai" just begun. So, it looks like he doesn't want to be away from Amber either.

    And by the way, all this "they are on and off" nonsense would have to be discarted since the moment that Amber appeared for the first time with his children! Or do you really believe that Johnny would allow "the woman who he is ashamed of", "the woman he doesn't care about", "the woman who only interest him to have sex", to be anywhere near his precious children if he doesn't think/believe/want she will be in his life by a long time?

  17. ????????? says – reply to this


    Did they finally shut down the L chat threat about Amber or what's going on here?
    Do they even stay at the same place in London?

  18. izzie says – reply to this


    Re: BettyBoop – Her russian friends? You mean her russian fan club who's being fed the information by Amber and her PR which they are supposed supposed to spread? That's ridiculous!

  19. Lchat is over! says – reply to this


    Re: ????????? – what do you think? If Amber were alone, she would be in an hotel. But it's said they are in a house (ranch, farm or how they want to call it) in Kent to be away from the paparazzis. Also, Amber already wrapped up her movie. She has no reason to be still in London if it didn't were to stay with Johnny

  20. Meh says – reply to this


    Yeah! they are obviously very together in London. But i think sooner or later they would have to go back to Los Angeles even if for a couple days. Johnny has to see his children and also Amber has been away from agents/house (even if it seems that only her sister live there now) for two months.

  21. The Insider says – reply to this


    I have a spoiler for you. With a big probability Amber will be casted in the fifth (and maybe also the sixth) movie of Pirates of Caribbean as Jack Sparrow new love interest. Penelope Cruz isn't going to be in the cast anymore indeed and Amber's role will be really funny and lovable.

  22. Flop says – reply to this


    Re: The Insider – Good… Since everything she touches flops then hopefully they will finally bury that exhausting and pointless franchise!

  23. 123

    To Yousef, stop using profanity! You should be banned. Comment to Save Johnny, you are absolutely right! She takes her clothes off in just about every movie she is in. And to whoever commented on it negatively and wanted a list of movies they've seen of hers in which she took her clothes off…………..Please! No one could sit thru such torture! Amber is trashy girl and Johnny is destroying his career by being with her. I am only speaking what most people here are saying…….Don't reply with something stupid and profane, just move on and except that fact that this is my opinion.
    And, yes, I have also noticed Perez has sensored some comments by not showing them.. Perez if you don't like expressions to be expressed then don't print the story on your site!

  24. 124

    Re: sunshine63 – Oh ofcourse it does annoy you when someone says the truth and talks with common sense! you and your crap should be panned and not me. How is he destroying his CAREER because of her? what are you crazy? drama queen much? there is a difference between personal life and professional life you idiotic bitch!

  25. 125

    Re: Flop – wasn't Zombieland a hit? the last one made a billion freaking dollar and you think this one will flop just if she was in it? LOL! no one is forcing to see it!

  26. 126

    Re: sunshine63 – maybe perez just don't like your trollish comments? i don't give a crap about your opinion but i can help but call you out in your crap. it is kinda funny that you say he is destroying his career and bla bla bla with her because he is going to blow up next year with 3 major hits (with the audince + critics) and he did all of these movies while he was with her. She is making him so much healthier and happier and now he looks better than ever. He's better off the bitch vanessa who made bloated and miserable in the last few years.

  27. LILA says – reply to this


    Re: The Insider – If that is true Johnny is for a psychiatric ! LOL

  28. Esther says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel
    Most things you've said make sense. I'm just wondering if you're a real "insider" (in Amber's camp)??
    I don't know Amber and I will certainly not judge her, but if it's true that the woman let herself "TREATED LIKE SHIT" by Johnny for such a long time, I think she's not "in love with him" but totally LUNATIC!…..(No man is worth to let yourself treated like that.) So maybe it's an idea for Amber to join us (Yousef, Jamina, Johnny, Prixie, Claudita, The truth sayer, and so on) to meet the psychiatrist soon…..Poor shrink, it would be VERY, VERY BUSY at his place……if only he should not get himself into a STRESS too!…..Ha, ha, ha!

  29. uuups says – reply to this


    Re: The Insider – That would once more proof that she only gets roles because of him.LOL!
    So he played her love interest in LF, now you claim she's supposed to play his love interest in the next couple of POTC movies, when will they do their first rom-com together?

  30. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: sunshine63 – If yourself stated that you didn't watch all Amber's movies, how can you say that "Amber takes her clothes off in just about every movie she is in"?? Don't you think that what you wrote doesn't make sense? The point is that you have to watch her movies, nobody is telling you to watch all her movies, but if you didn't even see half of them, how can you say that she takes her clothes off in every movie? Maybe you meant just in every movie you watched…. be honest, how many movies of her you watched? And please just list them…. I guess they are no more then 3 or 4 and since she made about 28 movies, don't you think that to say that she undresses in every one of them you should have proof? I watched most of them and cheked that it's not true thatshe undresses in all of them, so you're just lying. You're a troll because if you weren't, you wouldn't spread false news. Nobody asks you to watch her movies but if you didn't you have no enough info to tell that she always takes her clothes off in her movies. I guess you're awful in maths. Go to study it because Amber undresses in 4 movies on 28 that she filmed and 4 on 28 isn't "most". You're just a lying troll and a dumb ass in maths that's the only true thing about you.

  31. 131

    Re: yousef – What are you Yousef, Johnny hemorroid ? Seems like your up his ass following him and Amber and you know everything! You know nothing, you troll. Or should I call you a bitch and tell you to shut the fuck up like you keep telling others to do? You act as if this your site and only your comment matters. Oh, and by the way, learn how to spell and make a complete sentence or get the hell off of here.

  32. 132

    Re: The Truth Sayer – You need to learn how to create a sentence and proof read! And learn to spell…… You mention just how many movies she's done and how many she has taken her clothes off in……WOW you have a pathetic life if you sit and watch HER movies. I agree with Sunshine 63. Slut,slut, slut. Bought and paid for.

  33. Yousef says – reply to this


    Re: saveJohnny – who the fuck talked to you? you fucking trollish bitch? i know better than you and at least i don't believe gossip bullshit. And yes this is my site and only my comments matters! Go fuck yourself and learn how to spell.

  34. SilentNight700 says – reply to this



  35. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


  36. SilentNight700 says – reply to this



  37. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: saveJohnny – What I watch it's just my business, I don't really care about what your opinion is because you're the pathetic one with a pathetic life since you now mind about what a common person watch instead that minding about your pathetic frustration and hate over someone you don't even know in real life. More over it's more pathetic to judge and lie about something you don't even know completely than what I watch . Yes, I watched her movies and she doesn't take off her clothes in most of them, just in a small part of them but if you and other people here just watched some of her movies how can you think you have the right to invent lies??? If you dislike her movies and you don't wanna watch all of them nobody is forcing you to do it. You are entitled to tell that you don't like her and that you couldn't stand to watch all her movies but it's pathetic to judge something that you barely know as you're doing because that proves how childish and ignorant you are other than a liar. What if people just watched 4 or 5 movies of Johnny starting to say that he always acts as Jack Sparrow? You would say that they have to watch all his movies to have a complete idea before making wrong accusations. Now I'm comparing Johnny to Amber of course, I'm just saying that unless you have a deep knowledge about something and not just a very poor knowledge about it, you shouldn't have the right to spread lies and false information.

  38. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Esther – I'm not an insider in Amber's camp and even if I was, I wouldn't tell it because I don't write here to sell something as Veritas and others do. I've just told what I truly think. And no Amber isn't lunatic, unfortunately she's very much in love with that old and dirty guy and when you're in love you accept the most humiliating things. It's Johnny the lucky one because after he will get tired of Amber and will dump her and I don't buy he will find another woman that will stand him for long. It's him the one that uses people for his purposes. He used Vanessa until she was young and hot and until she could renounce to work a lot just to take care of him but as soon as she got older, not that young and hot anymore and not even ready anymore to sacrifice her career for spending time with him, he started to cheat on her with all the young models and actresses he met. Same thing it would happen to Amber. When also her won't be that you and hot anymore for him and when also her will get tired to sacrifice her work to follow him as she's actually doing well, he will dump her for the next young woman, so people should stop to bash so much Amber. It's in Johnny behaviour that something is wrong. He's selfish and lunatic and I bet even my ass that he will never be in a relationship that will last forever. He simply can't last forever with anyone and Amber is just the girl of the moment for him.

  39. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    People should stop to be sad and worried about him. If he looks depressed because Vanessa dumped him well he deserved this, there's nothing to have pity about him because he deserves everything he's getting now, even his fans hate and nasty comments, yeah. He has been known for cheating on Vanessa in many occasions. He's a cheater. Also when he dated Winona Ryder it was revealed that he tried to sleep with Traci Lords. He wanted to fùck her, he tried to have a fling with her just during the period that he was dating Winona, can't you all see that the man can't be faithful? And just when he was walking with Amber at the Cry Baby reunion didn't anybody notice that he was looking at Traci's butt? That man is a pig. He's currently dating Amber just to have someone who he can regularly fùck instead than fucking occasionally different women since he has not time to look for another woman that could be a good fùck for a while and that really tries to get on well with his children, but it won't last that long because sooner or later he will get tired of Amber and will cheat on her too - if it isn't already happened.

  40. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    I bet that his next girlfriend will be within several years (as soon as she won't be anymore an underage girl so that it can be legal for him to date her) Chloe Moretz since he has already helped a lot her career casting her in two big blockbuster and A-list movies. He's helped her fame to grow for his purposes. Who the hell knew who Chloe was indeed before Johnny casted her in 2 movies for his company? He let her working for his friend Tim Burton and he casted her in "Hugo Cabret" an A-list blockbuster movie that got a huge worlwide success… wow, I mean, he's not doing anything like this for Amber instead, so it's clear that he's just waiting that his young pearl Chloe grows up a little bit just to have somebody that will be ready to replace Amber when if he will be done with her. Just wait few years (or even less who knows) and you'll see how pig is that man.

  41. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Amber shouldn't be seen as the devil because she truly loves him and doesn't want anything from him. She only hopes that he falls for her as much as she fell for him, that's it, but it won't happen. Johnny doesn't ever look back at her when they walk together somewhere. It seems like he felt forced to be with her in public and this happens because he wasn't really interested to have a public relationship with Amber. He just wanted to fùck her in his private and when this thing became public he got upset. If Vanessa never found out that he was cheating on her and if she didn't ever dump him, he would have been happy. He wanted to be free to cheat on her everytine he needed to but still having a relationship with her to keep his family united and when this didn't happen his dirty and selfish world got broke in 1000 pieces. So well, if now he doesn't look happy but miserable, it's only his fault.

  42. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Johnny often helps lot of people close to him to get more fame and other goods. He helped Keith Richards to be casted in one of the pirates movies, he helped Eva Green (that wasn't this well known worldwide actress) to get more international fame thanks to the blockbuster Dark Shadows (of course he got something too from her to give her this help as rumours said) and he helped Chloe Moretz to become a blockbuster star. Of course he also helped Vanessa to get more fame in USA where almost anybody knew who she was nor they cared about her movies and music and he helped her to promote her music too as well as he helped Kate Moss fame to grow worldwide, but what he's doing exactly for Amber? Just nothing. He's only screwing her and he definitely forbid her to talk about him and her "relationship" with him in interviews when he never did it with any of his girlfriends because they all talked freely about him in their interviews. So you can't say that Amber is using his name. Magazines and journalists maybe mention it just to make their articles more interesting, but Amber never says a word about him because HER MASTER told her to not mention him in any case, ahaha, big deal.

  43. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    His cameo in “London fields” hasn’t not even been officially confirmed yet. Also for “Hugo Cabret” there were lots of persisting rumours he was in the cast playing a cameo but only when the movie came out people realized how false these rumours were so as long as I don’t see with my eyes that he’s in Amber’s movie, I won’t believe but even if he really shot a cameo with her I think he did it just because it was an ironic choice to play the true love of the character played by Amber and that it’s his first little effort since he started screwing her to promote one of her works. It isn’t anything so big anyway.

  44. Sasha says – reply to this


    Re: BettyBoop – Have you sure about what you are talking about what happened in Russia?
    Of course not

  45. Sasha says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – You misunderstood me. We think similarly

  46. Olace says – reply to this


    Does anyone know if Amber is still in London or returned to LA with friends?

  47. joana says – reply to this


    Re: Olace – How someone can still be friends with Amber, seeing what she did with Tasya and Marie. Amber discards her friends when these no longer interested her

  48. Yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – Oh i remembered you from the false rumors you stated! you are that troll Oliver who was trolling around and bashing Johnny and talking as if he was an insider when all of what he said is FALSE. Now you are bashing Johnny and mentioning the same false rumors and trying to make him look bad but this time you are coming off as an Amber fan! Ahahahahaha! Amber is so good and angel while Johnny is so bad and devil right? keep telling that to yourself you pathetic loser.

  49. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: Olace – difficult question. It may even be on vacation anywhere in the world ….. difficult to know.

  50. Virginia says – reply to this


    johnny is in Ireland and amber is not with him. He is with a friend and looks happy and relaxed,the opposite of when he is with Amber.Is strange this relationship,Johnny has been in many places and never with her,only once in the restaurant but that is seen fully armed and prepared.I dont believe in this relationship until i see together ,happy and in love.

  51. No says – reply to this


    Re: Virginia – Johnny is not in Ireland, he was there on sunday for a business meeting with Cillian Murphy and J.P Donleavy (the author of "The Ginger Man", book that Johnny want to bring to the cinema). It's said he flew there just for that lunch and today is already filming (go to read the tweets and even some picture around) in London again

  52. BettyBoop says – reply to this


    Re: izzie – No, her friends. the people who appear with them in the private pictures in Moscow, the who were invited by Johnny himself to the Lone Ranger after party are Amber's friends. And yeah! they said Johnny makes her happy, that she loves him and they also have very kind words to Johnny. That he is so sexy, but what makes him even more charming is how sweet and shy and humble (and soft spoken) he is.

  53. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: Virginia – You are very misinformed. It was on Sunday to meet with an author, with 8 more people to work.

  54. Virginia says – reply to this


    No matter if it was yerteday.What i say is that strange that never is with amber in these casual situations with friends,colleagues etc….pictures people take,no paparazzi.

  55. SilentNight700 says – reply to this



  56. Amber poisoned apple says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – I knew it. Amber is the Evil Queen!!!!!!!!!

  57. SilentNight700 says – reply to this

  58. Esther says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel
    138: Thanks for your response!
    O.k. you're not an "insider" but still you're creating the impression of being one, for how can you be SO SURE AND CERTAIN that Johnny Depp is such a "bad guy" (even a "devil"……)? And how come you're so disgusted with him???
    Again: I think most things you wrote about the couple make sense but if it's only grounded on your own personal feelings and dislike to him that's not fair, there must be some solid reasons too, you know.
    And maybe Amber is not a "lunatic" like you said but at least she must be a real MASOCHIST that she tolerate all those MOST PAINFUL HUMILIATIONS (love or not) of that "dirty pig & cheater" for already (more than) two years……! I think "love" cannot continueing on HURT, HUMILIATION AND SORROW for that long.
    You know so many things about his "fucking" (….) life as to Vanessa - Winona - Traci Lords - Chloe Moretz - etc. that I really can't imagine you're at least "not an insider".

  59. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Yousef – You're ranting and raving. I'm not talking like an insider and sorry I don't even know who Oliver is and what you're talking about. Calm down, child. It's not that just because I'm expressing my opinion as all people do here, I'm a troll. We're all free to tell what we think. It's not that only you are free to express an opinion while others aren't so if you can't deal with this, it's only your problem because it's not that everybody likes that old, lunatic, selfish, dirty and pathetic man that Johnny Depp is. And yes it's a fact that he was a drug and alcool abuser, I'm not inventing anything. He himself confessed it and there are recent pictures of him that proves he still drinks and that he can also be into drugs again because his eyes in some pictures are often red and lucid like someone that is taking drugs and it's also a fact that he's a cheater. Why do you think that Vanessa left him? She got tired of his continuous betrayals. He's only and old pervert pig.

  60. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Esther – I repeat for the last time that I'm just a fan of Amber expressing my own opinion on her and his old boyfriend. There's no need to be an insider to notice that he isn't in love with her and that Amber is into him but unhappy for the shitty way he treats her. They both look miserable together and there's no chemistry between them. It took a while to him to walk hand in hand with her in public, but he never looks back at her when they walk and doesn't even want totalk about this relationship to magazines and this never happened in past with any of his girlfriends. He always replies "no comment" when asked about her and this would be the answer that someone who is in love and has nothing to hide would give? I don't think so. By now his fans know he's dating her as well as his children, so why he's so ashamed to talk about her? He never refused to talk about his girlfriends in past so if he's doing it now there must be a specific reason but what I mean is that people that are in love for real have nothing to hide. They're proud to talk about their relationship when it is making them really happy.

  61. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Esther – Would it be so difficult for him to say: "I was in love with Vanessa but sometimes something doesn't work and for whatever reason you fall out of love and take a different path, making other choices. It happens to the best of us, but she deserves to be happy too. And yes, I'm dating Amber now and we're happy and in love, but please respect our privacy."….I mean, a man who has nothing to hide would have told something like this while Johnny in his interviews talks about the fact that he keeps loving Vanessa… I mean, if I was his new girlfriend since 2 years about I'd get upset hearing him talking about his ex instead than me… do you think it's normal that he still talks about his feelings for his ex instead than talking about his feelings for his new girlfriend that he has been dating for about 2 years???? And it's really crazy that Amber accepts this instead than kicking his ass away from her life and telling him to come back to Vanessa since he just can't help talking about her. He's not respecting at all Amber with his cold and uncaring behaviour. And after 2 years they’re dating I don’t see any ring on their fingers. They’re not engaged so they surely aren’t serious. Amber is just the girl of the moment for him. Someone who can amuse him in bed, that’s it.

  62. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Esther – Then I also remember another recent interview where he told that he preferred to play music with his friends than chasing after girls, and does it seem to you the statement of someone who is living this big love story??? It seems to me that he still misses Vanessa but since he was definitely dumped by her he now consoles himself with Amber who is better than nothing for him but it isn't love anyway. Do you see love in his eyes? I don't. There's only sadness, disinterest (because he never looks back at her and he never looks into her eyes) and discomfort when he's with her and everybody noticed that. He seems more happy and relaxed when he's on his own without her. Their body language isn't the one that have people who are happy together but for some reasons Amber wants the public to believe that he makes her happy. Maybe she's ashamed to admit that he doesn't really care about having her in his life, so she deludes herself that he loves her while he doesn't even wanna talk about her in interviews not seeming having problems though to talk about his feelings for Vanessa instead….

  63. Love From Russia says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – Lol… But Amber's Russian fans said that they are really in love and Johnny adores her… Lol… They should know better than anybody…

  64. Milla says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – I totally agree with everything you said. I also read the interview where Johnny told that he prefers to make and play music with his friends than chasing after girls and these words sound pretty much as he currently doesn't feel involved in any important love story. It seems more that he's having fun with Amber and not that he truly fell for her. Abou Vanessa and France he said: "It's never going to be over. I love France and always have. I love our place down there in the south of France and I love Vanessa. I love my kids. There's nothing ambiguous whatsoever. There's nothing strange. Things happen, you know, but it doesn't mean I love her any less 'cuz I don't." ….well, sorry but in these words I also read that he meant: things (betrayals and break-ups) happen but it doesn't mean I love her any less (so he meant that even if he cheated on her and she dumped me he still loves her) 'cuz I don't (these other words confirm that he can't halp loving her and regretting of having cheated on her with Amber)….. yeah yeah, he doesn't love Amber, he isn't engaged wih her. He's only seeing her to not staying alone, he's trying to be in a new relationship and to make it work just because Amber is a rebound, nothing more than it. I'm pretty sure that if Vanessa took him back again he would leave Amber in a second.

  65. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Love From Russia – Of course they know betterthan this dumbass troll he knows nothing. He sounds more like a JD hater than an Amber fan. Angel my ass.

  66. Yousef says – reply to this



  67. Yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Milla – Ahahahahahaha! you bitches are misrepresentating what he said to prove your invalid theories! They broke up because they've had serious problems and it didn't work anymore and she made him miserable in the last few years and it showed and i'm pretty sure he is so happy that he got rid of her ass and pretty sure he doesn't want to deal with her mental illness again. Took him back? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  68. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Love From Russia – Nothing that surprising. They're friends of Amber and they tell whatever she asks them to tell and the proof is that they tried to spread this "news" through these comments they wrote on their private accounts. I mean, if these were for real private and confidential comments, how come that already everybody knows them?? It seems they pretended that it was their private comment while they were instead trying to spread such a news to help Amber to make people believe that Johnny is into her… it seems as Amber tried to sell this news through his friends because it would have been more credible if they pretended that it was a confidential comment based on their impressions…. sorry but I don't buy it. Amber wanted the public to believe since the beginning that Johnny fell for her because she's so desperately in love with him that she's trying to convince even herself that she's not just a rebound as someone says.

  69. Yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – Oh so Vanessa is the one who dumped him now? let's see, Why did she dump him? because he was cheating right? with who? with your precious angel Amber. Why did she start seeing a man who is clearly taken with 2 kids? If she was an angel and a good woman why did she do that huh? she could have said no to him and respected the fact that he has family and kids right? what a bitch! it's only your problem that everybody dislikes that famewhore, lunatic, selfish, dirty and pathetic woman that Amber Heard is. And what pictures you asshole? he was just tired after a long filming day and with all of that flashes and cameras at his face of course he would look more tired with red eyes. He only drink no-alcoholic peers now and smokes e-cigs and don't make up stuff because he stopped taking drugs ages and ages ago. Vanessa dumped him? AHAHAHAHAHA get that false rumor out of your mind.

  70. Yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – Good god you are so desperate! They are madly in love and that's why they are together since 2 years now so don't try so hard and just deal with it!

  71. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Yousef – Oh my deluded dear child, if he's so in love with her how come that he doesn't even have the courage of telling a word about her and he replies: "no comment" anytime he's asked about her??? How come that he always talked about his girlfriends in past in interviews and now it seems like he fears to confirm he's dating her and he's happy with her? If he's so happy what's the problem, why don't tell it? There would be nothing wrong if he told that now it's Amber the one who is making happy but I don't see that he even looks back at her or he never looks into her eyes when they're together somewhere. When he walks with her he looks like a living dead that has no real interest in the thing he drags with himself and I don't see any ring on Amber's finger… so how could explain all these thing if you think they're so in love? People that are in love aren't ashamed to talk about their feelings while he's only talking about his feelings for Vanessa in interviews…. do you have any explanation about this except your deludee dreams and hopes???

  72. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Yousef – I think Amber started to date him during The rum diary press tour when Vanessa had already secretly split with him because she was tired of his betrayals. In 2010 there were different rumours that he was cheating Vanessa on this or that girls and I don't think they were only rumours and anyway, why if you think that Amber is that awful and nasty you defend her relationship with him??? It would have more sense if you defended his relationship with Vanessa if you think that Amber is this bitch, but you're quite incoherent with your thoughts….. are you sure you're okay???

  73. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Yousef – They are msdly in love? Ahahahahahhahahaha! Thanks for making me laugh so much! …My God, don't you think that people that are madly in love first of all aren't ashamed to admit it and they put a ring as a symbol of this mad love??? While I don't see that he doesn't want to adnit of loving Amber so much as I don't see any ring on their fingers. I only see Johnny that still talks about his feelings for Vanessa instead and in May 2012 when he was already seeing Amber (because they were seen together in April 2012 boarding his plane) he still used to wear rings he exchanged with Vanessa…. oh well, yeah, you're right these are both real evidence that he's madly in love…. yeah, madly in love with Vanessa yet….

  74. Milla says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – Yeah, well said. I agree with you once again. If he was madly in love with Amber he wouldn't be still talking about his feelings for Vanessa after 2 years that their relationship is over, at least he would avoid it to not upset Amber but it seems he doesn't care and it's really strange that last year, during the Dark Shadows premiere he was still wearing the ring that connected him to Vanessa and that they both wear for years. He was already dating Amber since a while when in May 2012 he was seen wearing that ring so if he used to wear it also after that his relationship with Vanessa was over it means that he was still thinking of her and that Amber didn't matter so much to him after all. What man would wear the ring that linked him to his ex while he's dating a new girlfriend? Come on, some people here are in denial about the fact that Johnny doesn't care about Amber and that she's only a rebound in his life.

  75. The Ring says – reply to this


    Re: Milla – The last time I saw Johnny wearing his ring was during the Rum Diary promo. But it would make sense, because Vanessa was spotted with Ruth Carter, house hunting in May 2012! If they were split for a while, shouldn't she have had a place by then? Are you sure about the ring?

  76. anabela says – reply to this


    good point girls, it's true that your ex still talking everywhere, not so much with amber shows respect for vanessa and if it does, it makes looking down with shame, really!! johnny still pending from your ex, to amber is uncomfortable not this kind of relationship???
    could say that vanessa johnny still think the theme ring true, and is more in Lone Ranger interviews has talked about it, saying that he loves her etc, still in love with vanessa johnny????

  77. Yousef says – reply to this


    I guess He was so wrong to speak positively about 'the mother of his children' and he should not have said that there is no hate or such a thing between them! saying that he still loves her and that they are still friends and there is no hate between them does really mean that he still loves her as his woman right? he said that the last few years were sad with her so why would he want to be with her you idiotic bitches?

  78. Jamina says – reply to this


    I believe that Johnny has loved Vanessa, (he still loves her, but in a different way). They have "gone ahead" … and if Vanessa was another man, many people would stop thinking of her as a woman inconsolable, because she never has been. She is an independent , intelligent woman and very courted. Both deserve to be happy. Lately she is really radiant, and maybe Johnny is not as sad as people think. So, do not dream, they will never be more than one pair of lovers, but only a couple of parents and maybe one day even a couple of friends.
    Now, you can like it or not, but he's with Amber and Vanessa is happy for her life .. :)

  79. 179

    He wore the ring in the DS promotion tour because there was rumors about their spilt and they both denied it so of course he would where their ring to kill these rumors.

  80. With Respect says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – With all do respect Jamina, how do you suppose to know what is in these peoples hearts?

  81. Mala says – reply to this


    Depp wasn't wearing the ring at DS promotion (but he was carrying Amber's pendant!). The last time he used the eternity ring, was in fact the last time he was photographed with Vanessa (and Jack) in November 22, 2011, after "The Rum Diary" promotion. And the same with Vanessa and her "love ring"
    LOL at the wishful thinking that Vanessa split with him and he is in love with her! that's just what her fans want to believe, but when you look to facts that Johnny found her replace in his bed and life even before they broke up, the big smile that Johnny a couple of days after they announced their split (the pictures with Amber in Creede), that Johnny started looking better and better and better after his split and he is still with the same woman, show all the contrary…he isn't the one who has been alone, that's Vanessa!

  82. Mala says – reply to this


    Re: Virginia – It wasn't "a casual situation"!! it was a planned business meeting (according to the owners of the restaurant) the reservations were done in an earlier ocassion (by the son of the author of the book)

  83. How honorable says – reply to this


    Re: Mala – oh so you're saying that Johnny was cheating on his partner of 14 years and mother of his children with a girl young enough to be his daughter, and broke up with the woman who loved and supported him for such a long time, and moved Amber into the home that he shared with his children and their mother? You're right, that sounds so much more dignified!
    And he doesn't look great… He looks like an old dirty fool dragging around a sugar baby!! He looks like crap and you can see the guilt in his eyes. Continue to worship the selfish liar that he is! Not everyone keeps the sense god gave them!

  84. Mala says – reply to this


    Re: How honorable – Who was talking about cheating? or when he moved Amber to his home? the people writing here are delusional!
    I don't know about the cheating, but some story (i can't remember if it was in People or US Mag) said Vanessa and Depp real split was in november 2011 (and that very much coincides with the last time they were seen together and both still wearing their rings) and they agreed to keep the secret to their children until after christmas/new year holidays, etc, etc. But also said that their relationship was very much a mess since two years before.
    Just a coincidence that Amber had re-entered into his life a little before the break up Vanessa/Depp or not? I don't know, who knows? you can't tell for real. Maybe they didn't were having a real "affair" (having sex) since the promotion and he was just falling for her and did the big step after he broke up with Vanessa…it's a posibility too.
    But It's obvious that Depp has moved on from Vanessa…and yeah, he moved on too quickly, like he was desperate to run to Amber's arms. So, being honest, nothing on his behaviour after the split shown that he was even a little regretful for the split.

  85. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: With Respect – sorry but I did not make assumptions, I only see reality for what it is. He is with Amber and Vanessa is going on with her life and her iob. He is engaged for about 23 years with small breaks between a relationship and the other, unfortunately last is overlapped to Vanessa.
    In life it can happen to make mistakes, ( sometimes you cannot go back), maybe their story began as a distraction and then became more serious. I mean they' ve known since 4 years and have been together steadily for about 2 years .. It 's too long a time to spend with someone you do not care. (For both). Why is it so hard to believe that they are together simply because they like each other? Maybe it's not the love of his life, but who knows?

  86. With Respect says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – No, I apologize, but Im not referring to Johnny and Amber. You said that maybe Johnny and Vanessa could be friends one day! We'll how do you know they aren't already? And you said he loves her in a "different way." We'll how many different types of love are there? If there is this type of "turmoil" between them, then how do you know they are in a good place in their lives? This seems different than things you have said in the past.

  87. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: With Respect – Sorry, but I have not spoken of " turmoil", they are on good terms,. They are no longer together, but feel affection for each other. (I mean this for "love in different way"). Their relationship is limited to the care of their children, I guess they often heard for it, but they see very little because both are busy with their lives, I do not understand, what is the problem? (I'm not sarcastic)

  88. anabela says – reply to this


    in my opinion people hate amber for one reason, people fell in love not only as an actor but johnny's father who was! people liked seeing her family always together, the four (jack, lili, vanessa and johnny) for all sides happy.
    and now even the same fans are starting to hate johnny for this related.

  89. francia says – reply to this


    johnny and vanessa forever

  90. melissa says – reply to this


    vanessa is beautiful, as a person, actress, mother and wife, is better than amber that is clear

  91. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: melissa – No one is better than anybody. Everyone is different/unique and special in their own way.

  92. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: francia – where have you been honey?..they are over. They are only now connected by the kids. And the kids are growing up fast.

  93. Cybilla says – reply to this


    Re: anabela – If you were a fan, a real fan, you would know that they hadn't been "always together" for years…since far before their problems/split became evident to the public. It seemed as their schedules were designed for years, to avoid each other - Depp came back to LA after working in other country, and Vanessa left almost inmediately to work in France. She returns and Depp left to shoot in another place, etc, etc. This was their modus operandi for years when they were still- allegedly- a couple. So, what they do now is not different! the only difference is that they don't share the same house anymore and Johnny has another partner

  94. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – That wasn't a good excuse to wear it if he was in a new relationship because it was offensive towards Amber and you still didn't give me a logic answer about why he's ashamed to admit in interviews that he's so in love and happy with Amber as you said. He never had problems in past to admit in interviews how much he was happy with his girlfriends and since by now everybody knows that he's dating Amber and even his children accepted her, why the hell he doesn't wanna make any comment about her??? If he was so in love with her and if it's her that now makes him happy why he refuses to say a word about her? What's wrong?? He always replies "sorry no comment" when asked about her and this is for you the answer of someone who is happy and in love with his girlfriend??? Real love has nothing to fear and to hide, while he seems ashamed with her. If you never noticed that everytime he's seen with Amber there's guiltness in his eyes and also disinterest in his body language with her, you are blind poor child. Something is wrong with this couple, something doesn't fit.

  95. Veritas says – reply to this


    You wanna know the real "Veritas"? The truth about this odd relationship is that it's all a sham. It's staged. Sorry to not having told you before but Amber is lesbian and dating women and Johnny is currently and secretly dating Marilyn Manson since few years. They're both closet bisexual. So Amber and Johnny relationship isn't real. They're not living together, they're not having sex and they aren't engaged.

  96. dream on says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – and then you woke up

  97. Sasha says – reply to this


    Something stinks with Johnny and Amber.
    Johnny's eyes are lifeless when he is with Amber.
    The photos of Johnny in Ireland and in London yesterday show a better Johnny.
    The British magazine, Company, wrote about Amber and the title is "on her Hollywood fairy tale" since it was with Johnny would be "on his Hollywood nightmare"

  98. Sasha says – reply to this


    Re: Olace – Amber is in LA since 02 November. That's why Johnny looks better in Ireland and yesterday in London.

  99. Veritas says – reply to this


    Yes indeed, Sasha. This is another proof that her relationship with Johnny is all a sham. How come that magazines spread that Amber would have been there with him until December while she already came back to Usa? Because there in England she has nothing to do with him and she could have missed her real life and women in California. Amber's PR tried to spread the rumour that Amber would have been in UK as long as he had to work there so that some naive people would have bought that they're this inseparable couple but can't you all see that it's all staged? Amber shouldn't have any real important reason to be in Usa again because she has not to discuss about her next movie, "Autobahn" since it has been delayed to March and there's still a lot of time to discuss about it, so why the hell she came back to Usa? Because it would be too boring and pointless to stay in UK for her since she has no real relationship with Depp! She got to have a staged dinner with him before leaving so that she could have got new publicity she wanted so bad and that's it. Now she came back to her real life in Usa, leaving her fake one with him. She won't come back in England. Just wait and see. You will have no news anymore of her about being in England. She will remain hidden in Usa to make people believe she came back to UK. Dirty game.

  100. someone somewhere says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – about amber's return in USA,source please?

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