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Johnny Depp Follows His Lady Love Amber Heard In London Fields

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Well, you know what they say — the couple who acts together, stays together!

Right? That's a thing, right?

Well, even if it isn't, Johnny Depp will be making a cameo in his current flame, Amber Heard's film, London Fields, which surely won't hurt the relationship… or the movie!

Hm…maybe that's why Johnnyboy was spotted in London last Friday… and maybe our wondering questions about his blonde locks are answered!!

According to sources in production, the Pirates of the Caribbean star has already shot his scenes for the film.

We wonder who Johnny's character will be…

London Fields is a crime thriller based on Martin Amis' 1989 novel and the film is set in London in the year 1999 and it follows Amber as a psychic who meets her fate when she goes into a sketchy pub!

How scary!!

But, if she's a psychic and she can foresee her future, why did she step foot into the English pub anyway?

Hm, guess we'll just have to wait to see the film once it comes out!

[Image via Craig Harris/WENN.]

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334 comments to “Johnny Depp Follows His Lady Love Amber Heard In London Fields

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  1. LOL! says – reply to this


    Re: Foan – They let Veritas post that JD is having an affair with Marilyn Manson but they don't allow you to post your stuff?

  2. The Insider says – reply to this


    For all this people asking why Johnny isn't talking about Amber in interviews I can tell that it will come the right time to do that. Try to understand that such things aren't even managed by him. It's his PR that arranges his public approaches. He just had to talk a little bit about his split with Vanessa last summer that he couldn't talk about Amber at the same time. Mrs Robin Baum is doing well her job so stop to bash him. He's going to talk about Amber personally confirming how strong his relationship with her is next year, during the promotional period of London Fields movie. Just wait and see and please let him breathing. Sometimes you fans can be really annoying with your speculation. He's happy and okay, just very busy with his work, that's why he can look tired and like he list weight. He isn't ill so calm down people and yes, I can confirm that he and Amber are doing just fine together. Please be more respectful if you really care about his mental serenity, thanks.

  3. LOL! says – reply to this


    Re: The Insider – Aha! Why does he have to wait until LF promo tour since it's very likely that Transcendence will come out first? LF doesn't even have a release date yet, it went into tournaround allready and may not be released at all (well , due to his cameo it probably will). He could have talked about Vanessa being on Letterman in February and would have been able to talk about Amber when she was travelling with him for TLR promo. They are dating for 2 years at least and now you are telling us he has to wait another year to talk about her because of his PR? You're a loyal fan but sorry, this is fan-fiction. Nice try so.

  4. LOL! says – reply to this


    Re: The Insider – If he's happy and ok then there's no need to fear for his mental health. He usually doesn't look tired and ill when filming but healthy and fit, unlike now where he seems to have lost way too much weight. Let's just hope it's for his role, allthough i don't see a reason why his character would have to be that skinny and unhealthy looking.

  5. The Insider says – reply to this


    LOL! I'm not exactly one of his fans, that's not the right definition about me but yes I admire him. I was just giving you some spoilers telling the truth in this place where everybody is lying but if you don't want to believe my words it's okay. Facts will be proven next year, no matter who believes it or not now. Just wait and see and you'll realize if I'm telling the truth and you'll lose your bet.

  6. LOL! says – reply to this


    Re: The Insider – Of course he will have to talk about her next year. That's not much of a prediction to make and it doesn't take any inside information.

  7. The Insider says – reply to this


    No you have been skeptical about him talking about her during London Fields promotional period saying that Transcendence comes first and you also said that he could have talked about her during The Lone Ranger promotional tour. If you think that mine is just a prediction and that it's easy to predict that he's going to talk about his girlfriend next year well then tell me when it will be exactly the period that he'll talk about her. Do you really think you can know it and that it's that easy to predict? You're funny. Okay I'm gotta go now. Even minutes are precious.

  8. anabela says – reply to this


    the real cause of why Johnny does not speak of amber in anywhere, is repeto vanessa, johnny is a shadow of itself, and is still tied to vanessa, out of him, of his decision not to speak of amber, not to hurt vanessa, so also shown very little with his new toy, out of respect for vanessa!!
    seems that his life still revolves around vanessa paradis ….

  9. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: anabela – No honey his life revolves around his children.

  10. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: TEGA – So tega, you show your concern by spewing hate on jamber?? WHAT A FAN!! Johnny will be so proud of you:) x

  11. haha says – reply to this


    Re: Detlef – If johnny decides to have an affair with a man he would choose a one handsome and young. Manson never, is horrible.

  12. tega says – reply to this


    I thought I had made myself clear but I guess not so I will say it one more time. I am not here to respond to anyone's attacks against me simply because I changed my opinion about Amber. I am a fan of Johnny's, not Amber's and if anyone thinks Johnny gives a rats ass about what people post about him you're dead wrong. If he did he would have dumped her a long time ago. This is a gossip website but a lot of people here have turned it into a courtroom or group therapy session and they no longer respect people's opinions. That is why a lot of people left. I just took a break and I'm glad I did. I'm sorry I ever came back. I am done with this nonsense.

  13. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: TEGA – Even if you do not approve of his relationship, as a supposed fan of his, you should not stoop so low to nicole's level of hate and that wretched site honestly. Do you know whether it is possible to cancel one's subscription on deppzone? if so how can one do so? Ta

  14. Tega is a hater says – reply to this


    Re: tega – You know honey, it's not about changing your mind the reason why you lost your "charm" but it's because you are part of jamber site that everybody knows is just a cove of haters and nobody can deny this. They aren't fans of Johnny. Being fans doesn't mean to approve everything that your idol does nor to like all his girlfriends but it means anyway to have respect for his choices anyway without analysing every detail of his private life. Of course fans can express their opinions but there's a limit to everything and this limit has been exceeded by people writing on that site and if don't admit this then you are in denial, Tega. They went too far with their nasty comments and nasty hate, they’re everything but respectful and I’m sure that if you met Johnny, you would feel ashamed to confess him that you’re part of that site. Yes, he doesn’t care of having haters and he doesn’t care that people judge him all the time analysing every little detail of his private life as they have the right to do it but it’s also true that he would never think that these people are fans of him at all, so yeah, he wouldn’t be anyway proud of them and proud of you that are one of them. Sorry but you are a hater because if you were a fan, you wouldn’t be proud to take part in the jamber site.

  15. Tega is a hater says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Now respond with honesty: do you think that Johnny would be proud of knowing that his alleged fans analyse his private life in every detail? And do you think he would be proud of fans that create nasty photomontages of his girlfriend? And do you think he would say thank you if he knew that you judge if he's happy or not with his girlfriend just after seeing every 2 or 3 months some pictures of him and her all taken in 30 seconds while being annoyed and surrounded by paparazzi? Do you think that seeing them in such an occasion for 30 seconds just once every 2 or 3 months is enough time to judge if they're happy together? And do you really think they have to smile to paparazzi just to show something? Johnny doesn't like public attention, all his fans knew this and you aren't if you think that he has to look happy in front of them. What really matters isn't their facial expression in front of some stupid and annoying paparazzi, but the fact they keep dating after 2 years. It's facts that matters and not their approach with paparazzi. Only haters decided to judge and analyse every little detail only in a negative way and with no common sense that is exactly what you're doing. You even believed the story that Lily Rose posted a teasing message on Amber on her twit when it was explained long time ago that she never had an account there! Yes, you now are a hater and you believe everything that haters want to believe.

  16. Foan says – reply to this


    Re: LOL!
    To LOL! 301 & !!!!!!!!!! 245:
    The "sex-relationship" with M. Manson is too RIDICULOUS to be believed seriously…..but evidently there's something in my info that DOES have (any germ of) TRUTH and that could be "explosive" for those in question (if published)! Can you get it now?
    However I'm sure nobody else than you two on these bla-bla-sites is really interested in some true details, so if you both are the only reactors to my post out of hundreds….WHY should I "rewrite and try again" ??
    Maybe it's the best to KEEP it SECRET!

  17. Bravo says – reply to this


    Re: Tega is a hater – at last somebody talking with sense here!
    I don't know why, because I'm not part of the bullying and brutal attacks toward Amber Heard, but I feel ashamed- as Johnny's fan myself- that those haters here and in Jamber, still call themselves "fans" of Johnny and swear that they are only "concerned" for him, when they obviously (as you or me) don't know what happens in his real life! don't know Amber Heard for real, and don't know a thing about their two years relationship!

  18. What's the matter? says – reply to this


    Re: Foan – Are you maybe Teenybits? What would be these true details you're talking about? Are you an insider that knows something we just don't know? Sorry don't buy it in such a case, but if you're only wondering questions, well what these questions are? What do they regard? Just tell in a different way from the way you tried to write before and that didn't work, come on.

  19. Foan says – reply to this


    RE: WHAT'S THE MATTER - 318:
    Nobody is asking you to believe.

  20. What's the matter? says – reply to this


    Re: Foan – Don't buy what??? You didn't tell anything anyway…. you didn't tell if you are an insider or what as you didn't tell what are these things that you weren't able to publish here… so if we don't even know what are your sources andwhat are you talking about why you keep writing??? Just because you like to act mysteriously??

  21. Foan says – reply to this


    Just read your own comment 318: "Sorry but DON'T BUY IT in such a case" so don't talk next of "like to act mysteriously" (as if YOU yourself are that open & clear) !
    And by te way: WHO IS "TEENYBITS" ???
    Aren't you the same as !!!!!!!!!/245 and LOL!/301?? (How curious….)
    Better ask youself: "what's the matter" because I won't fall (anymore) for your attempts at provocation of my information! That's all I have to tell you.

  22. What's the matter? says – reply to this


    Re: Foan – You know nothing or you would have already told us what you know. I didn't tell you anything that is legitimate after all because this place is full of fake insiders that pretend almost everyday to know things and they invent lots of false news so since I don't know you, it's legitimate to ask who are you and if you are an insider or not because we are all tired of these alleged insiders that come here and that when asked to give us a sign or a proof they never answer or they get offended as you're also doing. You're all the same. You don't get that it's legitimate at this stage if we have so many doubts. It's not our fault if too many people here are lying all the time pretending to know for sure things and if you are different why don't you show it to us? You know what? If you really know something just share it with us as you were about to do it before otherwise I don't get what are you doing still here giving me pointless answers. Stop playing games and tell us what you know if you really have sure informations. You have no real reason to get offended by my doubts because they are legitimate since you're still refusing to tell who are you and what you would know.

  23. Foan says – reply to this


    O.K. but this is the LAST time that I'll reply to your comments.
    True, I felt myself offended because you supposed me to be some "Teenybits" (that I don't even know who he/she is) and presumed me to "act mysteriously".
    I'm not a so called "insider" but I might know MUCH MORE than we all (including myself) realize. PROOF is that the first time(s) when I sent my post (for after reading hundreds of silly comments I got more and more annoyed at all those ridiculous/lunatic/offensive assumptions) and tried to share what I KNOW (as for me: the truth - no doubts!), in an attempt to stop the totally distracted commotion over JD's relationship(s), (I first thought it was o.k. to share), but my first post was NOT accepted over and over again (for more than 6-7 times…while all my other post was accepted without any problem!!)….
    (Read next reply.)

  24. Foan says – reply to this


    RE: WHAT'S THE MATTER - 322:
    So next I thought the info might be "too prejudicial" for the celebrity, which must have been THE reason of refusal (for PH-sites), and which at the same time is a CONFIRMATION that my info IS "in accordance with truth" (for I don't know any other reason) !
    If so, I think it's better NOT to share with unknown people for it was not at all my intention to bring a loss upon anyone in anyway, I just changed my mind.
    I don't know you either so why should I share any of my (confidential) info with you???
    As I said: this is my LAST reply, I'll quit these pages now and thanks for your shown interest.

  25. What's the matter? says – reply to this


    Re: Foan – Well, if you're not Teenybits I apologize, but anyway, if you're not an insider I'm sorry but you can't know the truth because only people close to Johnny or Amber can know more than all of us. Your assumptions can be right or wrong, nobody can tell for sure what's the truth and you don't have anye right to tell you know more than us just because you think that your opinions are absolutely true. You're only expressing opinions like all of us. Only insiders can have true informations, not me and not even you. You'rfe presumptuous in thinking that you were telling the truth instead just because this site didn't allow your comments. Maybe you ignore that also other people sometimes accused problems to post here because their comments didn't get published and it happens because this site has some filters. There are some words that aren't allowed here indeed and everytime someone uses them in their comments, these comments are refused forever unless the person stop using these words that can be names of other sites or other words I guess this was the reason why your comments weren't accepted. You surely used some forbidden words.

  26. PETER says – reply to this


    WHAT'S THE MATTER, I've followed the communication between Foan and you. There's something that bothers me much in your last comment: who do YOU think you are to tell somebody else what his or her rights are?! If Foan believes the confidential information is true (AS FOR HIM OR HER! - Read WELL before replying senselessly.) he or she has ANY RIGHT to think so!! And what do YOU know of Foan's secret info to take the line it's not different from all other assumptions? Sometimes it's POSSIBLE that someone unconciously hit the nail on the head, you know? So why not in this case? I can believe that PH sites have filters for some forbidden names, words, etc. but if dirty language of someone like a Yousef is allowed up here I cannot imagine - reading Foan's post - that Foan is using worse words. He or she seems to be a decent and serious commentator to me while you create the impression of being a frustrated and interfering Paul Pry! So dip a bit, not everybody thinks you're the only one with a common sense and a right judgement on internet. This is MY opinion and I TOO HAVE ANY RIGHT TO THINK SO!

  27. What's the matter? says – reply to this


    Re: PETER – From the way you speak it's clear you're Foan himself because you'rew too angry and too much defending him to be another person, but anyway, what you don't get is that it's stupid you think that it's your right to think of having 'confidential' information if you're not an insider. It's senseless to think so since we can have only opinions and not confidential informations. Sometimes our opinions can be right, that's true but we don't know anyway if we are right unless we are insiders, so it's not right to tell of having right informations just because we think they are. That's presumptuous. It's
    presumptuous to think that what we think is absolutely true without having any evidence of it. When someone comes with evidence well then he can say he knows the truth but speculations are different and anybody can tell they're true. You know that a person can be even sued if he or she tries to sell his or her speculations as an absolute truth? Well Foan was telling that he was sure to know the truth and this is absolutely wrong. Think what you what, but nobody can know what's the truth unless has evidence of it and nobody that doesn't know Johnny personally in real life can tell of knowing the truth about it.

  28. What's the matter? says – reply to this


    Re: PETER – Foan was talking as someone that couldn't be wrong and that's presumptuous because at this point everybody of us would have the right to tell their opinion and tell that it's true. Everybody of us has got an opinion about Johnny's private life but nobody of us has evidence that what we think it's true so Foan isn't different from any of us. He's just a commentator as everybody here and unless you can provide proof that he knows the truth you shouldn't tell that he could know the truth because if you think that it's POSSIBLE that someone unconciously hit the nail on the head here well then you should think this about every commentator here and not only about Foan but you're only defending him. Everybody here can guess what's the truth with their comments and Foan is like all people here, he can be right but he can be also wrong, nobody can tell for sure, that's why I think it's wrong to tell of being right without having evidence. And about the filters, I think that this site doesn't have filters on vulgar language, it has filter about other words like FB, twit and other site names but there are also other words that are forbidden ans they aren't necessarily vulgar so Foan probably used a word that wasn't allowed (and I didn't say that it was vulgar, it could have been any other word not allowed here).

  29. What's the matter? says – reply to this


    Re: PETER – And ohh I forgot, who do YOU think you are to tell if somebody can know the truth or not? Nobody knows who is right and who is wrong here, we can all be right or wrong with our assumptions and opinions and since nobody here is an insider or has proof of what he or she thinks well nobody has the right to say things like "there's some truth in my words and in my comments" because if now everybody here started to think that our assumptions are right it would be the end! It would be a total mess. That's what I meant. I meant that nobody here unless has some proof can have the right to say that he or she is telling the truth. That's it.

  30. PETER says – reply to this


    Are you B L I N D or what? Foan wrote: AS FOR ME the truth - no doubts. Repeat: AS FOR HIM OR HER, not that everybody has to believe that, it's his or her opinion!
    It IS already a mess, even magazines are telling us "the truth" - don't they have the right either?!
    And if I'm Foan, you are LOL! and !!!!!!!!!
    Do you think you're wisdom itself?? No, you're just a BORING so called know-all, a pain-in-the-ass! For the rest: JUST F*CK OFF!!

  31. What's the matter? says – reply to this


    Re: PETER – Well, you're boring too if you intrude our comments. Nobody asked you to talk to me if you think I'm boring. About magazines well, yeah, it's a mess. They don't have the truth either. They're just speculating to sell. It's their work, but only Johnny and Amber know the truth about their private life. Foan started to tell that he probably knew the truth but then he vanished. Funny stuff but of course it's better since nobody asked him after me of telling what his "truth" was because nobody is interested. We're done with people assumptions. I personally asked Foan to tell what he knew because I thought that maybe, but just maybe he was a sort of insider but I was wrong and of course now I don't care anymore like everybody else here about his opinion. We already have 1000 opinions (most of them very repetitive) every week here and it's becoming really boring.

  32. Rita says – reply to this


    Re: Foan – I care too much about Johnny, so I'd like to read what you know about both.

  33. Foan Joke says – reply to this


    Re: Rita – Hahahahahahah! Now are you writing to yourself Foan to make people believe that someone is really interested in what you think'???? Sorry, don't buy it. This place is full of troll. Foan try again, it doesn't work. We know it's you using other nicknames. Peter, Rita, what it's going to be the next ame you will choose??? Very funny. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  34. Rita says – reply to this


    Re: Foan – Please, don't care about this nut who wrote above. If you really know something, I'd like to read, thanks

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