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Well, you know what they say -- the couple who acts together, stays together! Right? That's a thing, right? Well, even if it isn't, Johnny Depp will … Read more…

334 comments to “Johnny Depp Follows His Lady Love Amber Heard In London Fields

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  1. Mala says – reply to this


    No, the blond Johnny is for his role in "Mortdecai". And he filmed his role in "London Fields" like three weeks ago (it was reported in many tweets) when he was still with his brown hair.
    About the role he will be playing, I've read rumors from her fans that say he could be one of Nicola's (Amber) lovers, her real love (or something like that)

  2. whocares says – reply to this


    old pick? stock photo? or just recycling an unfortunate dress?

    terrible bra to be underneath that red satin

  3. 3

    This is old news and the real rumor is that the only reason she got the role was because Johnny agreed to be in it. She's a terrible actress and pretty much every single things she's been in has tanked. The only reason she's even getting roles now is because of her association with him. When they break up, which is inevitable, her career will be over.

  4. walter says – reply to this


    They need his name connected to the movie to get it sold at some convention/film festival starting next week. Sad!

  5. 5

    True love, and soulmates forever. The most beautiful woman in the world with the most respected actor of our time. Good match. Monroe and Brando bravo bravo

  6. 6

    I love how all of a sudden she is someone special just because she is with him.

  7. w says – reply to this

  8. w says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Amalthea – Amazing, isn't it?

  9. Sue says – reply to this


    Most likely the only reason she got the role is because she promised to get Johnny to do a cameo. It's still not going to draw people to see it. It's still is going to bomb at the box office because she's a horrible actress. I guess she thought because she's with him now that she would become a huge star but it's not working out for her is it? She forgot you also need talent and that's something which she definitely does not have. I can't stand her. I so can't wait for this 'relationship' to be over. Then she can go back into obscurity where she belongs.

  10. Demi's Fat Ass says – reply to this


    Hey Amber, turn straight or die in a fire.

  11. Barbara says – reply to this


    Re: MonroeAmberHearders – ha ha ha…..sure,you dream

  12. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: MonroeAmberHearders – Johnny is better than Brando but Amber as a new Monroe, it's hilarious hahahaha

  13. Kim says – reply to this


    Ridiculous. Another flop

  14. Nicole says – reply to this


    I'm not surprised to know that Johnny made the cameo, but I confess that I didn't like this news.
    I also know that Johnny is altruistic and he would not refuse to help anyone who asks him a favor.
    Well I also confess that this is the only movie that Johnny participated that I will not watch

  15. Sellout!! says – reply to this


    No wonder he wants to retire…. He keeps attaching himself to crap like this!! Never thought Johnny Depp would have to pay for female companionship!

  16. Marty Cohen says – reply to this


    Tired charade of these gay people pretending to be straight… how bout some real entertainment…

  17. I've read it in JJ says – reply to this


    US MAG says that according to their sources, Amber will stay in London until Johnny ends the work in his new movie (mid december, it's mentioned). So, the Depp-Heard going to be a long time in London.

  18. insiders??? says – reply to this


    Didn't some of you tell us that he wants to break up and they won't last until next year?
    Sure looks like he has changed his mind now, how come?

  19. Mayk says – reply to this


    I wonder how Johnny would feel if his little fifteen year old daughter were dating a 38 old man. I don't like to see johnny in this stage, being a very bad example for his kids. Vanessa should put an eye on it.

  20. Mayk says – reply to this


    …I wonder how Johnny would feel if his little fifteen year old daughter were dating a 38 old man. I don't like to see johnny in this stage, being a very bad example for his kids. Vanessa should put an eye on it.

  21. koma says – reply to this


    Floppiest couple of the year, who had previously played together in another major flop movie, TRD, now teaming up again?
    They actually found people willing to spend their money and finance that?

  22. Poor Johnny says – reply to this


    Re:I've read it in JJ – Poor Johnny what he did to get that huge punishment.

  23. porno Amber says – reply to this


    Amber only does roles that are almost pornographic roles

  24. Nicole says – reply to this


    For all I'm reading and not reading I think the majority of Depp fans are not looking kindly on this cameo for Johnny in London Fields

  25. And he likes it! says – reply to this


    Re: Poor Johnny – It seems as he enjoy the "punishment" too much, because he also traveled to London several weeks before he started his work on his own movies maybe-likely-obviously because Amber was already in London shooting her movie.

  26. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: And he likes it! – Johnny was in LA aaaall the time until 27 sep

  27. Kim says – reply to this


    the tabloids always try to make a fool of Johnny. He could even be acting like one, but he isn't a fool

  28. Justice says – reply to this


    Re: porno Amber – You're lying. You didn't watch all her movies. She filmed about 28 movies and in most of them she isn’t naked so you have no right to tell that she only plays roles that are almost pornographic. You don't even seem to know what pornography is so you better shut up because Amber never played any role close to it. She just filmed some nude scenes in 4 movies and she wasn't totally nude anyway. You could see just her breast and being half naked in just 4 movies on 28 movies that she filmed doesn't give you the right to tell that she only plays pornographic roles. Maybe you just watched "The informers" (that is the only movie where she had more than 1 nude scenes - she just had some topless in "The Joneses", "In the rum diary" and in "Paranoia" where her breast are not even showed anyway to the camera) so you think that she only plays movies like that but this a childish way to judge things. In "London Fields" she even used a stunt to play nude scenes but all her movies are anyway far from being pornographic. Can't you see how defaming are your words? If Amber scandalizes you, how come that other actress like Angelina Jolie and Sharon Stone for example don’t scandalize you? Did you ever see their old movies? Vanessa Paradis started to undress herself (even completely) in some movies when she was only a teenager, so please stop with your preaches. Amber didn't do anything different from other actresses.

  29. Go Away says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Go away!! You gave me false hope that this relationship was over and it wasn't true!! Stop with all your lies!

  30. Anti-Nicole team says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Hi Jamina, Nicole and Manie. Why you keep insisting with the bullshit that you are an insider even if you didn't provide any proof about it? You don't have any proof about it because you're not an insider and nobody believes you by now, so you better come back in your desperate world of lies. If you were for real an insider (and not Nicole etc.) you would have told us what will be the 2 next arts that Tasya is gonna publish on her FB but anytime you're asked for it you don't respond and you're still hoping that someone still really buys that you really know Tasya? Oh please, we are all done with your bullshit. Can't you see that you lost your credit here by now? So go away. You're just a liar. I know you got frustrated that Johnny and Amber are a couple but don't do a big deal of it, it's not your life. Try to grow up, Nicole.

  31. I'm not an insider says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – This is true!

  32. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: Go Away – They are in an on-off relationship. And just be patient

  33. Anti-Nicole team says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Yeah, yeah. You said this several months ago but they're still together and you know, the fact that you're trolling and lying is evident as the sunlight because what you tell is often in contradiction with your own previous statements. Once you even wrote that Amber will never let him go and now you say that we have to be patient like you wanna say that they're gonna be over soon. Oh please, try to set up your brain at least if you wanna do a good trolling. But unless you can provide us a proof you're Tasya's friend you should stop to write here because you're becoming really ridiculous by now. Everybody knows you are pretending to be an insider so why do you keep insisting inventing tales? IF YOU ARE TRUE AND NOT A LIAR THEN RESPOND TO THIS QUESTION: WHY YOU DIDN'T PROVIDE US THE PROOF WE ASKED YOU TO DEMONSTRATE YOU'RE TASYA'S FRIEND? Well if you won't respond this will be the last confirmation that you're only inventing tales.

  34. Mayk says – reply to this


    Re: porno Amber – Amber says : I want to be recognized because of my art not because of my beauty…and that make me think : Oh that is curious… so what the hell are you doing acting like a hooker in all your movies? I mean if you want people to take you in a serious way …you should read your script first.
    Movie directors do not take her like a serious actress, thats why they give her simple roles in which the only thing she does is showing her tits and ass, because that is the only thing she knows how to do.

  35. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – You are very stupid, lol, their lies and fantasies are not working or in your world. lol lol

  36. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Mayk – You and porno Amber are the same troll because you say the same things and insist with the story that Amber acts like a hooker in all her movie…. so pathetic. Try to grow up because you really need it. You can insult as much as you want Amber but your pathetic and childish and pointless hate won't change the fact that it's Amber who got to date him and to have sex with him. Get a reason. Get a life.

  37. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Mayk – Your envy and jealousy won't change the fact that Amber is getting from Johnny what you will never get. You have no chances with him anyway. Poor you, your life must be really miserable life if you spend it hating someone who is having a lot of sex with Johnny and even his attention and love.

  38. Jesse says – reply to this


    I notice alot of the negative comments that were here are now removed. Perez, please don't cencor us.. We love you! We, most of us, do NOT like Amber, she is obviously using Johnny for his money and fame. She is way too young for him and it is making him look desperate and ridiculous. We do not want this for johnny! We are not jelous either. We want a beautiful woman for Johnny. The most beautiful woman in the world, but not one who is ONLY using him like A>H>

  39. 39

    Re: Sellout!! – crap? have you even seen it? have you even seen the trailer? he only did a CAMEO ok? pay what? he is with Amber since 2 years and he did nothing for her acting career, she is still making garbage movies.

  40. 40

    Re: Jesse – God why don't you shut the fuck up and give it a rest? why so deluded huh? you make up crap and then believe it? he is with since 2 years and they are in love and happy so get a life and leave them alone. If Amber was using him for fame then how come she never talked about him on interviews,etc? she is with him because she loves him. Deal with it you loser.

  41. 41

    Re: koma – floppiest couple? ahahahaha! that's really funny! do you mean the most real couple at the moment? TRD was an indie and on small budget so how exactly was it a major flop? you are a flop! ahahahaha.

  42. 42

    Re: Mayk – WTF are you talking about? Amber is a grown ALMOST 30 years old woman she is NOT a child or a teen ok? and it's not like if he's forcing her! they are madly in love since 2 years and they are still going and staying with each others as much as they can. die in your jealousy you stupid troll.

  43. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    I just don't get how some people deluded themselves that the stupid rumour spread by National Enquirer adopted later by other trash magazines about the fact that Johnny and Amber were having problems was true. Maybe they ignore that this tabloid is the same that not long time ago spread the rumour that Johnny cheated on Vanessa with Angelina Jolie. Just search it and read it and you'll realize how many stupid things they invented about the fact that Johnny slept with Angelina and that she was what caused their split. Only idiots would trust National Enquire's tales. They are all fictional. They published different fictional stories about the cause of Johnny and Vanessa split so it's just common sense to not trust this tabloid and I can't believe that some naive people still do it. What they wrote about Amber and Johnny being in crisis was another fictional tale and we had the proof they're still dating just few days ago. More over if he had to be in LA for about 20-25 days while Amber was working in London it’s not a big deal. Sometimes couples have to spend time apart, especially celebrities and Johnny got used with it. He used to spend for 13 years entire months far from Vanessa, so it's nothing new in his life and it isn't a sign that something is wrong. People should just stop to be paranoid and jealous. It's time to grow up and to get a reason that they're a couple and they will be for more time than anyone can even believe.

  44. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – I went looking and found, NE had to be ashamed of who wrote jolie and depp. disrespectful

  45. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Anti-Nicole team – Michele, just because you use hundreds of nicks, you think others do the same.
    I'm Nicole. I'm not Jamina nor Veritas.
    I like them, but we're not the same person.
    I don't know if Veritas is an insider, but I think it intriguing that Tasya has posted a work called Veritas.
    Well, Michele your ability to analyze people's horrible because I'm not a team and Amber is not a good person as you think.

  46. Mayk says – reply to this


    she was valentino lanus´s girlfriend (The worst mexican actor) so… what can we wait from her.

  47. 47

    Re: Mayk – what can you wait from her? and why are you waiting? don't you have better things to do other than trolling and bashing people you don't know?

  48. 48

    Re: Nicole – how do you know that she's not a good person? do you know her personally?

  49. Anti-Nicole team says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – You're too obvious. Denying the truth is pointless. Everyone knows I'm right and your words slag yourself because your writing style is the same of Veritas, Jamina etc. and you know, you also write the same things. Only Jamina indeed accuse Michelle to be the same of other people. You're really too obvious because you always tell the same things over and over again, please stop, you're getting bored. I'm who I am and I don't pretend to be an insider just like you do. Stop defending Veritas point of view telling things that you think could make us suspect that she could have something to do with Tasya because also this is a proof that you're doing a dirty game to sponsor your lies. Just stop to embarrass yourself. Only people with no brain would believe you are not Veritas at this point since there are too many clues about it. Try to grow up instead of spending your time here making up stories as a fake insider and using many names. We know it's you by now, get a reason.

  50. 50

    i didnt think her acting was that bad shes in 'the joneses ' and she was alright he seems pretty obsessed with her hope it doesnt all end in tears

  51. kids says – reply to this


    At each others throat again?
    Wonderful, marvellous, simply entertaining!

  52. with love.. says – reply to this


    Public Letter to Johnny.
    Dear Johnny,
      I just think you'd be honest with your audience, if you'd say this: "ok, I loved the mother of my children for many years, then one day I met a wonderful woman that I fell in love and I had moments of great suffering, but now I'm fine, because Amber makes me happy. I love Vanessa like a sister and I wish her the best, she deserves it. "
    If you'd say this, there would be no sites against Amber, against Vanessa or negative comments about you. If you really love Amber, you should shout it to the world …! The love is like the ocean, it cannot be closed in a glass. The honesty requires courage, Johnny!!
    With love…
    PEOPLE who love you.

  53. with love and pain says – reply to this


    Re: with love.. – He said that he loves Vanessa just a few months ago during TLR promo, he only forgot to mention Amber, thigh.

  54. sunshine63 says – reply to this


    Re: Justice – In every pathetic film or clip I've seen her in she's naked! Maybe she's just too stupid to notice that in every film they want her naked. And there was rumor she wanted to go for the part in Fifty Shades of Grey, but Johnny stopped her. She doesn't care, clothes or no clothes, she just wants to be famous !

  55. Maybe Not says – reply to this


    Re: with love.. – Maybe he didn't fall in love with her! Maybe he just screwed her and his spouse found out and dumped his ass!! Does he truly look like someone in love to you? Johnny was heartbroken when things with Winona ended, but there was still more of a connection between he and Kate Moss than he and Amber…

  56. 56

    I just don't get these two………And you know Johnny's people scour the internet and look for bad press. Why doesn't someone stop him from career suicide? Or maybe he just doesn't give a shit anymore because his young piece of a** keeps him happy. No matter how he tries Amber will never be a success. She can't act, plain and simple. She only takes "B' movies and is taking off her clothes in most of them. She gets no meaningful roles. And now Johnny has to step into her career with a cameo to see if people will go see the movie just to see them together?????? Grow a pair, Mr. Depp and run while you can…All your money and fame will not make this girl a star. He should work so hard with his kids! That's where his time and effort should be not on this girl. His children must be so proud! It's no wonder Vanessa kicked his ass to the curb. He was probably screwing Amber all along. Amongst others we don't know about. He's just becoming old and creepy. His face is pale and they say he stopped drinking but there are photos of them leaving a London restaurant and he looks wasted. Maybe booze, maybe drugs. Maybe just utter misery! He's not the same guy he was a year ago. No longer smiling or playing music just being drug around by the ring she has put in his nose.

  57. 57

    Re: MonroeAmberHearders – You're just dreamin"

  58. anabela says – reply to this


    I agree, Johnny is not the same as a year ago, amber is anything not act or anything, is ridiculous, pathetic, people in many forums and blog and start to hate both equally. …

  59. 59

    Re: saveJohnny – God god shut the fuck up! what a load of BULL! all what you wrote is just laughably FALSE and you talk as if you live with them when you know NOTHING!

  60. That nakes 2... says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – You don't know anything either!!!

  61. That nakes 2... says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – You don't know anything either!

  62. 62

    Re: saveJohnny – God god shut the fuck up! what a load of BULL! all what you wrote is just laughably FALSE and you talk as if you live with them when you know NOTHING! you are exaggerating and making him out to be something that he is absolutely NOT! first of all they could not give a rat's ass whether you "get" them or not and what career suicide? are you mixing up his professional career with his personal life which both are wonderful? you are saying that he is trying to make her a star when he is not! if he was then why isn't she making high-profile movies? why is she still making B listed garbages? and why does she never talk about him if she wanted to get some publicity off of him? he stopped drinking since a year and half BECAUSE OF HER and now he stopped smoking too and insted he is only smoking c-cigs and how the fuck are you judging by those 30 seconds photos that were taken after a long filming day? he is working too much these days how do you want him to look like? he and vanessa broke up normally just like any other normal couples she didn't kick his ass as you want to think and YES his kids are soo proud! they are so friendly with Amber and they travled the world with Johnny and Amber in july! hmmmm.. doesn't seem like they are upset with daddy huh? GET A LIFE YOU LOSER

  63. 63

    Re: That nakes 2… – I actually do! i know the truth and at least i talk with common sense and don't make up bullshit from my fucking mind and then talk as if it's true! the ignorant idiotic bitches here makes me laugh so hard!

  64. 64

    Re: with love.. – are you sure you've read the rolling stone interview and saw TLR's interviews? because he said he still loves her and there's no hate or such a thing between them and all of that but he didn't say anything about Amber.

  65. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: saveJohnny – About Amber you wrote: "She only takes "B' movies and is taking off her clothes in most of them"…. okay now if you don't wanna be slag as a big liar just mention what are all these movies where she takes off her clothes. You said she does it in "most" of them and most means even more than half of them, right? So since she did about 28 movies it would mean that she takes off her clothes in about 20 movies for example… okay, then mention all these titles, come on and if you can't because you just watched 3 or 4 movies of her you should better shut up and hide your face in the sand because you're just a liar. Come on, now we all wait that you tell us the titles of all these movies where she undressed herself…. I know she did it in 4 movies, no more than that and 4 on 28 movies isn't "most" but it's just a minority, sorry, but you are a dumb ass in math if you say so. More over Amber was very good in "The ward", "North country", "Drive angry", "ExTerminators" and "Pineapple Express" but you surely didn't watch any of these movies. She acted well and she didn't undress at all and there are also many other movies where she doesn't undress so you better shut up because you're only telling lies because of your ignorance and prejudices. How old are you, 12??

  66. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Anti-Nicole team – Michelle, I don't understand why do you want to attack me. I just say my opinions and I say if I agree or disagree with the opinion of others.
    I do not interfere in the opinion of others, because each one is entitled to their own opinion.
    So I ask you to do the same thing with me.
    As for Veritas, your guess is wrong, I'm not Veritas and I can't see similarities between us. I do not know if Veritas is really Tasya's friend, but it is extremely puzzling that Tasya has recently posted a work called Veritas, as Veritas is not a common name and checking her previous work, this name had never come up before.

  67. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – In the same way as you and I know that Johnny is a good person

  68. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Strange that Nicole and Jamina have just written on this site almost simultaneously, one on this topic and the other and the other topic. Just few minutes of differences, what a coincidence that you're both here tonight at the same hour!!!!! Did you synchronize your clock to come here to write? Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot that you're 2 different people ahahaha! Yes, I agree with people that noticed that there are too many coincidences between Jamina, Nicole and Veritas.

  69. Matte says – reply to this


    Most of the people writing here are just frustrated because they were so “involved” in his relationship with Vanessa Paradis. So, all these hateful comments toward him or Amber are just reflecting those feelings (mixed with jealousy in some case), because if we are honest, there aren’t reasons to hate her so much. She doesn’t talk about him, she has become very private to no expose their relationship, she continue doing the same kind of bad movie she always did before and Johnny working in her projects is not different than helping Vanessa Paradis in her albums (in most of the countries (non-french speakers), none of those albums would have received any coverage if it didn’t were because he was directing her clips, etc) or when he tried to do a movie with her when they were a new couple (“the man who killed Don Quixote”)
    Just give it a rest people. stop wasting time on this if you are so displeased with their relationship…they have been two years together and this point it would be more surprising that they’ll split anytime soon, than they just get more and more serious (get engaged or pregnancy)

  70. Matte says – reply to this


    Sorry, I forgot.
    Also, say what you want about her, but this woman doesn’t leave him alone and he seems to resent too much the lack of his loved ones. He seems like a lovingly and affectionate guy (even with his fans) how difficult would had to be to him to work away from home for months, loneliness, longing. Not surprise that this fact at the end separate him from Vanessa. He become used to not be with her.
    But this woman is there, was there when he was working in Lone Ranger, was there when he was in the middle of nowhere working in Transcendence, was there when he was in the promotional tour of Lone Ranger and she is there now, with him while he works in London. He must miss his children so much, but he doesn’t have to feel the lonely anymore, because he has her with him, not through phone, not telling to every magazine how much he is the love of her life but without any effort to be with him where he is like it was before. She is there!

  71. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – Michelle don't be silly. All the people whom you refer are yours different nicks, just you believe in this craziness that you invented.

  72. Hypocrite Amber says – reply to this


    Amber said in interviews that she doesn't want her relationship to interfere with her "art."
    That she doesn't want to be a celebrity. And we will never find photos of her on the Internet hanging out at nightclubs. Sо there is something contradictory, because there are many photos of Amber in nightclubs, in any event in Hollywood even if it was an event mediocre, Amber was there to show her ass. And in every interview her name needs to come next to Johnny.
    This is an excerpt from Harper's Russia that is out in November: "at age 17 moved to New York. After working model for about a year , Amber moved to Los Angeles, where , like many other starlets started acting in serials. The first big success was the role in the movie " Alpha Dog ," but the real fortune smiled her way … Johnny Depp."
    Hypocrite Amber

  73. Sasha says – reply to this


    Re: Matte – Do you believe in what you're writing?

  74. Yeah Right says – reply to this


    Re: Matte – Oh please!! If he wanted to be with his family so much he could take a break and do so! It's easy for Amber to follow him around everywhere ( and live on his dime) it's not like hollywood is knocking down her door with offers, or as if she has 2 children to take care of! How great of you to make excuses for Johnny to cheat on his partner and mother of his children! He cheated because he wanted to, and if Amber was so great and wonderful, why does Johnny look like he's been to the pits of hell? He looks sick and miserable. Johnny downgraded in a major way and everybody knows it!

  75. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – I'm not Michelle think what you want anyway. I'm not going to argue with you about this because I don't care what you think, but just accept that everyone of us is realizing that you attack other people as soon as they figure out what your double game is and who you really are. So you accuse other of what it's evident to everyone that only you do: using other nicknames to reinforce your point of view. Just stop, it's so childish!

  76. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Hypocrite Amber – You're the hypocrite and not Amber. Where are all these pictures of Amber at nightclubs displayed on the web??? Where??? Just link them or tell us where to find them. Recently I just saw a pic of her at one club and this pic was posted from one of her gay friends on some instagram private account and not on internet. She specified that you can't find those pictures of her on internet in the sense that she doesn't sell them to some sites, but if one of her friends put on his account a pic of her when they were together at a club it's not her fault because her friends use her to get publicity. Also her ex girlfriend is doing it to get publicity. Tasya indeed still publishes material that is connected to Amber somehow so it's not her fault if their friends are publicity seekers. More over Amber was talking generally saying that you can't find pics of her in nightclubs in the sense that she isn't Lindsay Lohan and you rarely can see her in clubs indeed because actually Amber is living like a recluse with Depp and she has no so much time to go to clubs. If she goes there just once within 7 or 8 months it doesn't mean she gets used to go there, so she has the right to say that you can't see her to club that much (almost never in her case).

  77. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Hypocrite Amber – Then it's not her fault if magazines mention Johnny's name in their articles. It's not her that asks them to do it, it's not her that writes the articles. Did you ever figure out that it’s their choice deciding to write what they want to write after all? And they mention Johnny's name just because they know this is the only way that allow them to sell more copies because almost anybody is interested in reading an article that talks only about Amber, that's the truth. So it’s not her fault. Do you really think that journalists would renounce to mention him even if they’re aware that without mentioning him once at least their articles about Amber would be really boring and that wouldn’t lead anybody to read them? You’re accusing Amber about things she has not fault for, that’s it.

  78. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Matte – I agree with you. Amber is an angel with Johnny and she really cares for him. Thought I wanna make it clear that I'm not at all a fan of him. I despise him because I think that it's Amber the one that could get someone better than him. Yes, I'm a fan of her and I follow her since long time and I noticed that Johnny doesn't deserve her. He treats her like shit because he not only waited the longest time to come out with her (and every woman would become desperate if they were the dirt secret of a man's life as every woman would get a breakdown as it happened to Amber that maybe took all the pills to survive to all the stress that he forced her to endure hiding the fact that they were seeing each others) but he used to be very cold with her in public when they came out. He was even ashamed to take her hand at the beginning. He used to walk distant from her at the beginning because he felt ashamed to show the world that he was having something (whatever it is) with her while he wasn't that ashamed when it came to have in his bed. He's a selfish pig that doesn't have respect for women's feelings. He repeatedly cheated on Vanessa since long time and maybe he also cheated on Amber and cheating isn't a form of respect for any women that you care for.

  79. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    People that say that Amber is using him are unfair. It's him who is using her for sex and just to no be alone. If Amber wasn't in love with him, she wouldn't have endured so much time to be his dirty secret because any woman can get tired of being treated like shit especially if she's not in love for real, but Amber endured to hide for 2 years and she's also accepting his obsession for living like recluses even though she's not like him. She's more open with public but she put up with his ways because she loves him and if his daughter likes her it means that Amber isn't that nasty. Amber is doing all she can to please Johnny in many ways because she really cares about him. Can't you see that unlike Vanessa that was often away to take care of her career Amber followed him everywhere? As Matte told she was there for him when he was filming the lone ranger and she was with him when he was in the middle of nowhere working for Transcendence, but she also followed him in NYC, in LA, all around the world during the lone ranger tour and everywhere else he has to go. She probably also accepted to film “London fields” because it would have given her the chance to work close with him in the same part of world and not anywhere apart.

  80. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Now it's been also rumoured that Amber will be in London with him for all the time that he needs to stay there. She has to film "Autobahn" but she prefers to delay it or maybe to renounce to it completely just to be with him and this isn't something that a selfish person that isn't in love would do. What has he done instead??? He left her staying alone in London for about a month. She has never left him alone that much instead. She gives him a primary importance in her life while he doesn't, so it's him that doesn't love her and is using her and not her. Amber is sincere and caring but Johnny is with her just because he doesn't wanna be alone, because at least with her he doesn't miss sex and because it's convenient for him to have someone that looks after his children when Vanessa is away. He's the selfish one that use people to get what he wants and I don't buy that if Amber got tired of him he would find another girlfriend that would stand to be with such a lunatic and selfish person like him. More over he has been known for being an alcool and a drug abuser, to have a poor hygiene and he's not that hot anymore and I don't think that there are all these women that would endure to date him for long after they would realize how he really is. He likes that Amber wants him in her life. He found an angel so he should better treat her nice because he's not doing it at all.

  81. Yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Yeah Right – bitch how did he cheat on his partener if he started dating amber after he broke up with the fugly bitch vanessa? how the fuck are judging by photos that were taken in less than 30 seconds? he was tired after a long filming day what the fuck do you expect? he is soo happy with her and that's why they are together since 2 years and are still going strong! if he was so sad and unhappy with her than why is he still with her you stupid bitch? downgraded? ahahahahaha! everybody? speak for yourself bitch! he upgraded big time with amber. Vanessa is hideous and selfish with bad persona and she made him miserable in their last years and that's why he started drinking heavily and got bloated but now he is all healthy and happy and fit. you call that a downgrade? HUH.

  82. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: SashaRe: Sasha – Oh so you don't want to believe the truth and the people who talks with common sense? you only want to believe to false made up bullshit stories right?

  83. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – I quite agree with you, but obsolutely no with this:" Can't you see that unlike Vanessa that was often away to take care of her career Amber followed him everywhere?" This is not absolutely true. Vanessa has devoted much of her life to Johnny and her sons, slowing his career for years. She, with her children followed Johnny on almost all sets of his movies for more than 13 years.
    Amber has taken the place of Vanessa in Johnny's life, but she has not taken the place of Vanessa in the lives of her children. Those kids are and always will be HER kids. Amber is just a friend or "playmate," if she wants children, she knows exactly what to do to get them. :)
    For all the rest, i'm agree with you but the majority of people do not like Amber, for the simple fact, that she is the main cause of the break between Johnny and Vanessa. (I do not judge bad for this). This is a fact, we can no longer hide this, so people find it hard to go beyond this. This is the reason why they stop "on the surface" about Amber, they need time but we both know that she is not a bad person…

  84. Yeah Right says – reply to this


    Re: Yousef – If i'm a bitch your momma is you fucking psychotic stan! Get a life and stop trolling the internet on Johnny's behalf because not everyone licks his crack the way you do! Just because you bought his family man bs and continue to buy into his crap disney films, while he laughs all the way to the bank and finances the equally crap movies of his sugar baby, doesn't mean everyone else has to! Keep recycling soda cans so you can make sure you're in line for pirates 12& 13, since captain Jack gives you such a hard on!

  85. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – so you are trying to make Amber look like an angel and to make Johnny look like a devil? i kinda believe some of what you said but Johnny is selfish and lunatic? lol! he could do much better than Amber and any girl would die to be with him even if she got to know how he really is, they would still be with him just like Amber. and LOL at you saying he is alcoholic because he stopped now and he stopped using drugs ages ago and as for him having a "poor hygiene" he is actually known to be so clean and smelling wonderful and that's what all the people who met him said.

  86. Vanessa says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Hey Jamina do you have Any insight into whats going on with Vanessa? Is she with Biolay or are those just rumors

  87. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel[/re] I agree with you about Amber, but absolutely no, about Johnny. He is a wonderful person, who has made ​​mistakes, that's all. No one can know if their love is true or false, but no one can say that he is a selfish, because he is not . It was not easy for him that situation, especially for the presence of his children. I can only wish the best for him and now I hope he can find peace with her.

  88. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Vanessa – This rumor is old, my friends said to me, last year, that they were only friend , but i don't Know, if now, the things are changed. Honestly, even if I know, I would not say … if it was not publicly confirmed. In the last year, i'm "fond" so much to Vanessa. Sorry :P

  89. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Okay maybe it's true that Vanessa followed a lot him in past but she stopped to do since 2008 because it's since then that they started to spend lot of time apart and she didn't attend premieres with him anymore. It was also proved that when he was filming a movie far away in Usa or in Hawaii Vanessa just visited him for few days then she came back to France where she still worked. I don't judge her for this though. She probably had her reasons or she was tired to follow him everywhere, but Amber is actually doing it and all she's receiving is being treated like someone that is just amusing him in his bedroom. Johnny doesn't show any affection for her in public. Everyone realized how cold and disinterested he acts when he is with her somewhere, so it's him the one that has to thank God if Amber is still enduring his selfish personality. He's only ashamed to show her to public but he's not ashamed to fuck her in their private, that's so disgusting and unless you can come with a proof that he cheated on Vanessa with Amber, why I should believe you?

  90. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – I don't care what your opinion is. There's no proof she's what caused their split also because there are many rumours that tell he started to date Amber during The rum diary promotional tour and that at the time his relationship with Vanessa was already secretly over and I believe it simply because I don't buy that they broke up just when they decided to announce it. Of course they took separate paths long before they announced it. In October, before that The rum diary promotion started, Johnny was seen falling down drunk in LA. Maybe that was the time they split and I repeat, it was before he met Amber for the premiere so who knows how things were for real at the time… you simply have no proof that when he started to date Amber he wasn't over yet with Vanessa because rumours told the contrary and your behaviour of fake insider (asjust like others as Murabi, Conan, Veritas etc.) that states to know things from sure sources doesn't convince me at all. Unless you have proofs that he cheated on Vanessa I don't see why I should believe to your words. Anyone can come here pretending to know for sure things and I only trust evidence and not innuendos of unknown people that read and write on perez hilton.

  91. Paris says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – So do you believe (or know) if Johnny has real feelings for Amber? You speak as if he only uses her for sex, but maybe he is only shy with her in public because of rumors and tabloid gossip about their alleged affair. Maybe he is being considerate of Vanessa and the kids. You say it is a different story when they are alone, shouldn't that be what matters most?

  92. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Yes Johnny is selfish because he didn't care about Amber's feelings at all. He hid with her for the longest time and even when he came out he acted cold with her. If he doesn't love her then he should stop to use her just because he can't stay alone and leaving her for almost a month in England has been really uncaring towards Amber. Then you're a hypocrite because you first said you agreed with me then you started to say that you disagree with this and that, oh please, set up your mind before telling bullshit. Johnny is trying to show in many ways that he isn't in love with Amber acting cold with her and not telling a word about her because he's ashamed to tell that he loves since he isn't. It's Amber who really loves him, Johnny is only using her for sex and for not being alone and that doesn't make of him a good person, sorry but you're hypocrite telling that he is. If someone you love hid his relationship with you for 2 years and if he treated you as cold as he's treating Amber would you still think that he's this good person? Sorry but I don't buy it.

  93. Jamina says – reply to this


    re: (anti- Nicole team and your friend.. ) You're trying badly to discredit us, saying that we are the same person. You can force yourself, but it will not succeed, because in the world there are people who do not think like you. (I know, it is hard to accept it, for people like you)… .
    Your problem is that the intelligence follow you, but you're too fast, my dear.

  94. good lord says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – Vanessa and Johnny have 2 children who are enrolled in school in LA. Johnny had to move around a lot as a child and didn't want this kind of lifestyle for his kids. He wants them to have a home to connect to. Therefore by the time the first entered school Vanessa travelled less with him and took care of the kids. She was a successful model and singer before she even got to know Johnny and like many average women too she wants to have a career of her own. Johnny could have slowed down on his career, but he didn't. So far Amber doesn't have children that need to be taken care of and she probably doesn't have too many job offers either. That she is now travelling with him on his expense is certainly nothing to praise her for. It's no big deal. She used to be a pap poser, this can't be denied. Johnny doesn't like such behavior. She simply adjusted her behavior to his liking. That's why people call her an oppotunist.
    All the face time given to her by the media this summer didn't help, people still think that she is full of herself because that's what she showed them.

  95. claudita says – reply to this


    you guys remember the story Gisele and Tom Brady at the beginning of dating? After commenting ..

  96. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – I don't sell nothing, i think only they are good people. Their life together will never be easy. I do not envy the position of Amber, but I think she is an intelligent woman and Johnny (in spite of everything), is always a gentleman. In the life you can not always choose who you fall in love, sometimes it just happens, but I do not know if this is the their case.
    I honestly do not care what you think of me. This is only my opinion..

  97. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: Paris – It's not about being shy. You're naive. He's ashamed because he never hid for 2 years a relationship and he always used to talk about his girlfriends in interviews. Only with Amber he replies "no comment" when jorunalist ask him about her and this is a proof he's ashamed. I mean, if he really was in love why he should fear to answer to journalists questions? He never avoided questions about his girlfriends as he's doing now with Amber and if he has nothing to hide why then he refuses to talk about her? Only people who fear something or that are ashamed of something act in the same evasive way he's currently acting.

  98. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: good lord – Vanessa is a pap poser too, sorry. I see pictures of her somewhere everywhere, so stop to accuse Amber of doing what all celebrities do. And yes Amber is sacrificing herself for him, no matter what you said. She put up with his ways just because she loves him and not because she's an opportunist.

  99. Yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – Johnny was hiding her for his children's and ex's feelings and not because he doesn't love her! if he was ashamed of her then why did he look happy in their last PAP'ed photos? he sure didn't look like he was ashamed and if he was then why the hell did he come out with her to the public in the first place? and why is she still with him if he's treating her like shit? didn't he try his best to be with her as much as he can in london?

  100. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – Any girl would die to be with him, really? And what are all these girls? Yeah, only real gold diggers maybe would like to date him but a young woman, beautiful and talented would know that she could have so much better than him. Maybe he was interesting until he was hot, but now he looks awful, unclean with yellow disgusting teeth. I don’t think he would find all these women really interested to date him if he split with Amber, that's why he also doesn't split with her because he knows that he couldn't find maybe anymore a young and beautiful woman that would stand him and his selfish personality and his mania of living like a recluse. Yes he has poor hygiene… did you ever see how ugly his teeth are and how often dirty his hair look or are you blind??? I bet even my ass that he often smells of smoke and that he always has a disgusting and bad breath and it will not take him that long to need v.ia.g.r.a to satisfy any young woman he decides to date since it seems that he only likes to date very younger women than him. Women of his age doesn't interest him indeed because he probably knows that he couldn't compete with their intelligence and internal strength. He's simply pathetic and yes he still drinks and there are proofs about this. I watched some video and pictures where he was drinking so he's also a liar. He doesn't deserve Amber. I hope she gets rid as soon as she can of this old conceited and vicious sack of shit that Depp is.

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