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Tamar Braxton Thinks Julianne Hough's Blackface Costume Looks Like Her "With A Tan!"

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This Halloween has already been a crazy one in terms of costume controversy, and it's not even Halloween yet!

Julianne Hough has been drawing a crazy amount of criticism for her portrayal of OITNB's Crazy Eyes, but as far as Tamar Braxton is concerned, the whole uproar is over nothing.

Tamar talked about the blackface incident on The Big Morning Buzz, and basically thought the whole scandalous outfit was pretty much not buzz worthy:

"She doesn't look African-American to me. She looks like me with a tan!…I mean, I am African-American, but I'm just saying—like if you had four tans on top of each other—you know what I'm saying, like the spray tans? That's what she looks like!…I think people are on team too much right now, cause it's Halloween, and you should go dressed as you want to. Would you be offended if I wore a conehead and painted myself white? I mean, it's not like you are trying to be racist or offensive or anything like that…You're drunk by the time you figure out who people are. It's not that serious. And what she looks like is definitely not offensive to me. I mean I wouldn't think nothing of it."

While we're not sure that Tamar would get a positive reaction if she wore a conehead and painted herself white, she is right in saying that Julianne didn't seem to dress in this highly inappropriate fashion to try to be racist or offensive.

Since Julianne has apologized on Twitter, we hope Julianne can learn from her mistake, and move on.

Maybe next year she'll just stick to a non-controversial outfit, of which there are infiniti of options to choose from!

[Image via WENN/Pacific Coast News.]

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7 comments to “Tamar Braxton Thinks Julianne Hough's Blackface Costume Looks Like Her "With A Tan!"”

  1. Kim says – reply to this


    Does anyone besides me notice it seems to be mostly white people who are offended? Everyone's become so sensitive. Like… I'm not a cheetah, so if I dress as one for Halloween and make spots on my skin, is that offensive to cheetahs? Implying that people of color should be offended by this, is saying that referring to or having their skin color at all is offensive. I WISH my skin was darker… I go spray tanning, does that make me racist? Let me put it in simpler terms with an anecdote: When I was in HS the Halloween Dance was a HUGE deal and everyone would spend MONTHS making the most insane costumes. One year… two of my friends (remember, they were 15 and total idiots) went as ROBBERS (masks, guns, etc) and painted their faces black. THAT'S racist. Like "Oh we're going to be criminals so obviously we have to make our skin black!" So terribly racist. But making yourself look the way a person ACTUALLY LOOKS (well in this case, the woman's true complexion is much darker than what Juilianne did) when you're DRESSING UP AS THEM… I don't see it as racist. Was it a good idea? Obviously not bc of all the backlash… but c'mon! "BLACK FACE" truly stems from when black parts were played by white people painted black bc they wouldn't allow black people to act. So, if she was trying to steal a black person's role in a movie by dressing this way then sure…. that would be bad. But this? Cmon. It's halloween. WTG Tamar. I feel terrible for Julianne.

  2. karen says – reply to this


    Stop calling it blackface. She's not wearing blackface makeup, she's not making fun of black people. Nobody was upset w/ Soul Man in the 80's, but now w/ political correctness everybody wants to latch on to every little thing & make it an attack on whatever group they're a part of. Grow up.

  3. 3

    Sorry Tamar, you still have DOZENS of plastic surgeries to go until you come close to looking like Julianne Hough, but don't count on it…you'll have to settle for Priscilla Presley's Dr. Jiffy-Lube horrifying look..

  4. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    Fuck you Mario. Julianne has nothing to apologize for. You hope she has "learned from her mistake?" What a jackass you are. It doesn't matter what Tamar or anyone else has to say. Julianne was donning a Halloween costume. I've seen way worse!! What a load of shit this is - and you are making it worse as you keep talking about it. Just let it go already. You can see from all the hundreds of comments about this that NO ONE thinks Julianne did anything wrong. Just move on!

  5. Jazmin says – reply to this


    Give the girl a break. If the girl doesn't know, she doesn't know. When she know better she does better. I am black and I wasn't offended. She apologized and I really think she meant it. I am mad about racism in this country, but this girl can get a pass on this one. She didn't know, she apologized, we forgive. I got no time for hate. I'm not holding Julia responsible for how I feel about racism. This stupid story just created a bunch of drama for nothing. I pray that others can find forgiveness in their hearts.

  6. 6

    I'm black, and they love playing that race card anyway that they can. You only hear the minority of the minority and they don't represent us. Personally, i wasn't offended.

  7. Megan says – reply to this


    This is ABSOLUTELY CRAZY TO ME!! Why is anyone offended by this costume?!?!?! I"m pretty sure that plenty of people have dressed as a different race before. People who are offended need to get off their high horse. It's NOT that serious.