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Katy Perry Clears Up The Air About Her Shade Thoughts On Showing Skin!

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We all know Katy Perry's opinion on her fellow popstar peers showing their skin to the world, heck, gurlfriend even did it at one point of time in her career!

Cotton candy cloud, anyone?

So, we think it's safe to say she wasn't exactly throwing shade at her bestie Rihanna and the outrageousness that is Miley Cyrus.

The Prism cleared up the air, saying:

"There's times when you see other people who, the only reason why they have success is because they're just shock jocks, which works for a period of time. I haven't really taken off all my clothes yet, so I still have that card to play if I want to. I think when you play that card first, then you're like [groans]. Yeah, I've done my fair share of 'naked on a cotton candy cloud' situation, but everything is with a wink. It's not like, 'Here's my vagina.'"

Hm, she's got a point there. We definitely don't remember her showing her hoo-ha to the world!

She just covered those up with whipped cream cans!


She continued to say:

"Rihanna has a fantastic body. Same with Miley – she's got an amazing body, and they get away with so much more stuff because it looks so great. Me, honestly, I've got cellulite. I'm just hiding it."

Cellulite?? That's nothing some digital magic can't fix!

LOLz! We kid, we kid.

Gurl, if you got it, flaunt it! Let the haters drink their hateraid!

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14 comments to “Katy Perry Clears Up The Air About Her Shade Thoughts On Showing Skin!”

  1. 1

    She has had whipped cream coming out of her boobs. She may not have taken ALL of her clothes off, but she has put her boobs front and center enough to distract people from her limited vocals.

  2. OMG says – reply to this


    MAKE HER STOP. What a pathetic Ho. Sounds like that annoying friend who wants you to say "you aren't fat". Whatever. LOVE Mick threw it down and denied her…HILARIOUS. Her statement about sacrificing a friend, NOT FUNNY AT ALL

  3. MyOnlyGripeIsPRUDES says – reply to this


    Prudes have been an annoyance of society since the beginning of time. Prudes are the reason some girls of the past had to ride horses with their legs draped over one side because god forbid a girl spread her legs on a horse. I wonder how many horse related deaths prudes historically caused. Prudes are the reason girl bikes have that dipped center bar. Prudes felt proper girls should wear dresses but they couldnt get those dresses over that "man" center bar. Prudes thought bikinis were the most vile thing on earth at their invent. Prudes need their own planet. Preferably an undiscovered one behind pluto.

  4. Donna says – reply to this


    "There's times when you see other people who, the only reason why they have success is because they're just shock jocks…" you know it damn well, huh?

  5. myOnlyGripeIsPRUDES says – reply to this


    Prudes are probably the reason you never see a woman riding a camel.

  6. 6

    Lady Gaga got chunky last year. I haven't seen any cellulite on Katy lately. She loves to go hiking, ride bikes and jump rope. All that dancing in her performances will keep her in good shape too. In the last year or so she said she's been on a health kick so maybe she gave up her "Taco Bell" and "In and Out Burger" habits.

    As far as her showing skin goes, I don't thinks she's ever intentionally dropped her pants … although millions of her fans around the world would go apeshit if she did. At least we got a peek at her azz last year when she wore a bikini to a water park (google it). Katy's sister and friends really ought to talk her into going to water parks more often. :)

  7. B says – reply to this


    Katy, you were totally naked on a cloud. You think winking, makes it ok. I guess that's a logic of a slut. Don't worry about rihanna and miley, just let them do what they want and worry about yourself.

  8. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    This is just Katy's way of saying that she has grown up and that she wants to be known for her talent, not her body. Rihanna and Miley are way over the top when it comes to lack of clothing. Katy is older and more mature, but she doesn't want to throw them under the bus either. She is growing up to be a class act. Good job Katy!! Proud of you!

  9. tisa22 says – reply to this


    Re: fancypants66 – you're a loser. katy is a fake and at 29 she's peaking too late. sad really.

  10. Demi's Fat Ass says – reply to this


    Hypocritical slut needs a chainsaw to the neck.

  11. charlotteboy says – reply to this


    WOW - she is as dumb as a post! Another deep and meaningful comment from Kay "dumbass" Perry.

  12. MB says – reply to this


    Re: Donna – That's how her career started, although with her I wouldn't call it shock so much as annoying. So annoying, she lost me at I Kissed A Girl.

    She's dumber than a sack of shit.

  13. what a liar says – reply to this


    i mean everything she says in that article is a lie. is she lying to herself? has to be the cause of this insanity. or maybe she actually had nothing to do with the article and some journalist made all that up? she doesn't want her picture taken on dates? yeah right! her friends are 'shock jocks' but she's mother teresa? OK.

    I JUST CANNOT STAND HER. She does nothing to help the people of this planet. She continues to spew this garbage and her "music" while sucking up so many innocent people's money and energy. She sucks. literally. so does everyone else who helps promote this stupid B*TCH who actually WISHES she was a witch, but she's not nearly that cool. ugh AS IF

  14. papsmear says – reply to this


    PH writer says "ooh Katy Perry it's ok if you have cellulite. Let the haters drink haterade" … circles cellulite next time a pap takes photo of KP on the beach in bikini.