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It ain't happenin' people! Even though Tori Spelling just got offered what's likely a million dollars or more to release her sex tape, she's choosing her… Read more…

tori spelling and dean leaving dinner in hollywoodtori and dean with a boot on his leg(1)tori and dean holding hands(1)tori and dean walking through hollywood(1)tori and dean leaving katsuya(1)
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2 comments to “Tori Spelling Says She's NOT Selling Out For A Sex Tape Deal! Tells Porno Company - 'No Way!'”

  1. EWherface says – reply to this


    nobody wants to see that nasty pig get porked

  2. asmiralda says – reply to this


    Who wants to see these 2 cheaters making love? Nobody wants to see false ugly form boobs, plastic face, plastic nose in action. Sorry!