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51 comments to “Britney Spears' Favorite Author Is Anti-Gay! Is She?!”

  1. 1

    Since you 're such a good friend, why don't you ask her ?
    Oh… right… she'll never answer you.

  2. 2

    I think it's more about gay dollars that she loves, they are the only ones that are buying her sh*t….she's the first to admit that "I'm country ya'll"….this isn't surprising at all.

  3. 3

    Max Lucado is a great author although I don't agree with all of his views, his writing is still really good. Sue me.

  4. 4

    I wonder if Britney has actually ever read a book?

  5. NIki says – reply to this


    This is why people can't take LGBT seriously b/c almost everything is taken offensively. She likes an author that may not agree with equality. SO WHAT? That has nothing to do with her being anti-gay. Get over yourselves. PS. I love my gays

  6. 6

    I'm sure she's not. Christians, as well as Republicans, are usually OK with things that are convenient for them. They rarely stick to their own principles. So I'm sure she's OK with it. She earns money from them, after all.

  7. B says – reply to this


    This is a PATHETIC thing to get angry over! Just because she likes the books he writes, doesn't mean she agrees with his opinions about the gay community!

  8. Ryan says – reply to this


    This is bullshit perez, and you know it.
    What an idiotic post.

    Just because Britney likes some of his books, does not mean she believes in the same views as he does. Please, Educate yourself.

    Britney has loved her gay fans since day 1, and the reason we love her back is because she doesn't use us like gaga and madonna.

  9. Scarlet says – reply to this


    Okay this is ridiculous. Why the hell do you have to change your favorite book author based on what he thinks about the LGBT community? This is what I can't stand about the LGBT community in general….I love my gays but why the fuck do you have to judge people who are against it? I have gay friends who talk all the time about how straight people this and this and this, it's the same thing as any person who's against the LGBT community. Britney doesn't have to do anything because of something else point blank. Why should we be condemned for eating at a place that hates gays or liking an author against them? Her love for the LGBT community is enough to show that shes with the movement doesn't mean she has to be against everyone in the world who doesn't share her views. Like what the actual fuck…..so much hypocrisy from the gay community these days…..

  10. Tee says – reply to this


    So, if you don't hate every person who is against gay marriage, that makes you anti-gay…

  11. 11

    she is a republican. but also do you really think SHE answered that question?! You now know her Dads fave author….

  12. 12

    Re: Ryan – At least gaga & madonna are pro gay.

  13. mel says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – OH this made me laugh, well said my friend!

  14. Damien says – reply to this


    Idiot. Faking it? With those huge gays behind her? Always trying to stir the shit!! Karma, dude. Karma.

  15. 15

    Trust me, Britney isn't reading any books. Maybe the back of a Captain Crunch box, but an actual book…..I don't think so.

  16. susieserb says – reply to this


    Max points to Jesus, Jesus is the way the truth and the life. HE is real love and he loves YOU Perez and HE loves LGBT's. Please be OPEN to that fact and don't hate the messengers.

  17. 17

    I think this is absolutely ridiculous. Just because he may be against gay marriage doesn't mean his books are all about that. I do know she was reading a devotional (possibly by him). Let's keep allowing hate to continue to manifest for someone who doesn't have the same belief system we do. Fantastic way of thinking.

  18. BritneyQueen90 says – reply to this


    OMG! So she CAN'T like a Christian author just because he's against gay marriage? ALL CHRISTIANS ARE! So she should be an ATHEIST in order to not be anti-gay? I'm gay and i LOVE her, and this is BULLSHIT! She has ALWAYS been surrounded by us and not only her dancers, make-up artists and fans, BUT FRIENDS, and it's obvious she loves us!.

    If you don't know how she feels about us, then you prbably just started paying attention to her…

  19. BritneyQueen90 says – reply to this


    Re: pafpdd – NO! They're actually ANTI-GAY! That's why they USE US as marketing! Britney doesn't talk about us every fucking time she is interviewed and she doesn't put us in her videos IN FUCKING HEELS! Go fuck yourself!

  20. BritneyQueen90 says – reply to this


    Re: pafpdd – OH! And she's NOT a republican… HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT? Go suck CaCa's dick! ;)

  21. lala says – reply to this


    So to support the gays she has to hate everyone anti gay? Grow up.

  22. 22

    I doubt she even knows how to read lmao

  23. 23

    Well string her up and end her career. How dare she.

  24. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: onetwothree3 – LOL SHE WAS PICTURED MANY TIMES HER READING DIFFERENT BOOKS. I do think she reads, she's just shy and awkward in public.

  25. 25

    This author has written 100 stories. You think all of them are anti-LBGT themes? I guarantee they are not. She might not even know about the ARTICLE he wrote.
    It's not secret that she is religious, maybe his books make her feel spiritual. Why would you try to take that away from her? She's been in dark places in her life and this is something that makes her feel positive. And you want to take that away because he doesn't agree with homosexuality? That's not cool.
    Also, you are condemning her for liking this author's work but not that long ago you posted pictures with Guy Fieri, who is a known homophobe. So she can't read a book by a guy with a different opinion as you, but you can be a fame whore with that jerk? Makes no sense.

  26. 26

    Wait, Britney's read a book???

  27. Dngalng says – reply to this


    Huh… I'm both a Christian and a Republican and read your site every day. Do you think they're going to kick me out of church or the country for it?

  28. 28

    She probably didn't realize Max Lucado had an anti-gay side. I think she is lying when she says she likes Smiley Virus though 4 shure! She is definitely more "Christianed-Up" since she got clean and sober.

  29. JC says – reply to this


    Re: BritneyQueen90
    Uh…because it's public record, you STD bucket. You're what is called a special kind of stupid. Let me guess: 90 is your IQ.

  30. eric says – reply to this


    Perez, you should probably be more tolerant and accepting of the life she lives. Does that not go both ways with LGBT?

  31. Cntblvt says – reply to this


    Everybody knows Britney dont read books. Her answers to questions is other's people such as her agent,manager whatever shit they decide she would say in exchange for publicity oney gift etc.
    Its all Crap.

  32. Hali says – reply to this


    Why the hell do you have to change your favorite book author based on what he thinks about the LGBT community? I am sure that this Max guy has said about a million other things then that he isn't to found of gays! I am sure that she doesn't believe in EVERYTHING that he writes. Just like I am sure that you don't love EVERY song that your favorite artist sings/does. Britney Spears is a beautiful women with southern roots, she was lost of a path at one point (shaved hear era) but is back on a wonderful path and if reading the works of a pastor is what s helping her, let her be! Why does everything e to be gay this and straight that! I think more of my gay friends bring u gay and straight then any of the straight friends. GET OVER IT Y'ALL!

  33. 33

    Re: NIki – Have to agree, just because the guy is anti-gay does not mean she is. I have my own favorite authors and to be honest I know nothing about their religion or politics, as long as they write good books.

  34. Suzi says – reply to this


    Perez, who are you to judge what she reads? It's such a typical hyper-sensitive knee-jerk reaction everyone takes when it comes to homosexuality. Stop perpetuating the victimization of the LGBT community. You are no different than the author with your single minded reaction. Shame on you. Leave Britney alone. People have the right to read what they want and believe what they want without being judged by folks like you.

  35. 35

    oh so now you expect all the preachers to be gay-friendly?!! homosexuality is against religion! so wtf?!

  36. true believer says – reply to this


    its a form of bullying to slander someone's name, call someone out on something they have nothing to do with and try to blackmail them.
    Keep it up and you will find out want anti-gay discrimination means. Thats not a threat from me ! Just a fact. You reap what you sow. The cumulative affect of all this petty finger pointing towards people who are nothing but kind to you is going to come back to bite you in the backside. Watch and see

  37. Noelle says – reply to this


    I'm not sure you read the question - it said "What's your favorite BOOK?"

    Unless the book has anti-gay views in it, I'm not sure how anyone would know the author was anti-gay unless they followed them outside of reading their books.

  38. 38

    You don't have to agree with a person on 100% of things to admire them or appreciate their works. Good grief. This only helps validate the view that gays try to push their agenda on everyone else. She has to get a new favorite author because he isn't for same-sex marriage? PLEASE. & I support same-sex marriage! Keep doing shit like this, and you'll push away the Christians who SUPPORT YOU! There is a lot of us!
    What would you do if someone told Christians THEY have to get a new favorite author, simply because the one they like supports same-sex marriage? You'd be up-in-arms, you hypocrite.

  39. RH says – reply to this


    Oh my goodness. So she happens to like an amazing author, who happens to not agree with homosexuality. Get over it! Everyone is entitled to their opinion and choice, just like you're entitled to yours.

  40. 40

    God also condemns many things people do. It's kind of the point of redemption.

  41. reader. says – reply to this


    I would find it difficult to find an entertainer or novelist that agrees with my point of view. I am pro-life and pro-gay marriage. I have long stopped caring about celebrities' politics and just judge them for their entertainment value.

    Oh and Perez. How would you feel if people that disagree with you on things didn't come to this website. I have a feeling you would be broke.

  42. geneva says – reply to this


    Britney Spears reads? It doesn't show.

  43. 43

    So what if she IS anti-homo? That's her right if that's her view. That your frilly panties get twisted about it is tough fucking shit, ape face. Homosexuality is WRONG. Though you may not be able to choose the desire to take it up the ass (when you can find someone desperate enough to do someone as hideous as you are), the fact is that you can choose to not act on that gross, dangerous behavior. So shut your mouth, asshole.

  44. 44

    Let's clear up a few things: Britney DOES read, she just doesn't feel the need to go around and tell every random person. Why do people think she can't? Let me guess, because she's blonde, attractive, and doesn't look like a nerdy Bill fucking Gates bookworm?? Some people have piss poor logic. She has even said previous in interviews that she reads as a stress reliever before going to bed. Secondly, what are you, Mario? The thought police? I didn't know people couldn't like people or things they don't agree with 100%, you asshole! It's called being tolerant, which you are obviously not. Britney sees the LGBT no differently than she does the heterosexuals. That's why she doesn't portray them to be high-fashion, overly flamboyant drag queens in music videos and performances the way Lady Gaga does and even Madonna. You, Mario, single them out as if they're all oversensitive like you. Talk about homophobia.

  45. Grrrtruth says – reply to this


    She should read more.

  46. 46

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  47. rudy says – reply to this


    She has a right to like what ever Author she wants. This does not mean she agrees with everything he writes and speaking on the subject it is true that a man should only be with a woman and vise a versa or take a chance of going to hell. Being said that doesn't mean I have anything against gays it just means that is what the Lord says and I believe in what the Lord says.

  48. 48

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  49. 49

    Those aren't just his words Mario, they're straight from the bible. If you have a problem with the words then take them up with the real author.

  50. howard says – reply to this


    wow. that's REALLY gay.

  51. RyanM says – reply to this


    Get a fucking grip, if she likes his work, and believes what he writes, then that is her personal choice and her RIGHT.

    If Britney doesn't believe that homosexuality is correct, then she has every right to believe that. All this shit about everyone having to believe homosexuals are correct is absolute shit.

    People who hold different views to the cock sucking community, must have their rights and view respected too.