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47 comments to “facebook-ladygaga-was-spotted-in-nyc-on-sunday”

  1. 1

    Epitome of asshole.

  2. Devin Enders says – reply to this


    You just dont give up do you? You hold a grunge forever. how pathetic is that.

  3. S says – reply to this


    You are such a bully. If you are trying to set an example for your son and be a better person you will stop this petty nonsense. You look like an idiot continuously posting about her.

  4. 4

    Re: 70sEltonJohn – Perez? I know right? Too bad he can't enjoy one of the better pop albums to be released in a very long time. Or maybe he is secretly loving the album but will just ever admit it. Much better than BTW and I can't recall you ever being further up an albums ass in my life.

  5. erica says – reply to this


    Agree with every comment… at least she has talent… whats yours? making fun and bullying people 24/7? Sick way to make a living.

  6. walter says – reply to this


    Well Perez….At least take ur customer out dahlinggggg

  7. GG says – reply to this


    Re: 70sEltonJohn – I bet you know a lot about assholes. Yours is probably so stretched out, it's just hanging on a piece of skin.

  8. Nonaming says – reply to this


    My guess is that you were bullied all your life for being fat and gay, and now you are "in shape", you are trying to seek revenge.
    You made fun of her for dressing in black last week while she was mourning the loss of her dog, yet I have to wonder - where's your prized dog?! Did you feed him to your baby?!

    Your lame attempts at bashing Gagag are not working - Gaga's fans will enjoy the new CD leaked or not - they will buy it, attend her shows, etc - while you sit home with Mommy and talk about how cool and original Katy Perry is (Sara Barielles rip off).

    Why don't you get a clue and then go get a hair cut for your kid.

  9. perezh1lt0n says – reply to this


    my name is perez hilton and i'm sad and ugly. why do i look like a gorilla?

  10. Guest101 says – reply to this


    That is her look for the single "Dope". Who cares? Still looks better than you ever will.

  11. *** says – reply to this


    Yet Madonna sports a busted grill, and you think it's so fuckin' fierce!

  12. walter says – reply to this


    wait…lady gaga was imitating u…..lol

  13. G says – reply to this



  14. Walter says – reply to this



  15. No says – reply to this


    Everyone, stop sending the negative energy that this disgusting remanent of a human being feeds off of. Just realize that this is a black and white issue of good vs. evil, and he devours your hateful words like the monster that he represents.

  16. stop being a bully says – reply to this



  17. fiera says – reply to this


    You are such a bitter queen!!! Get over it and grow up..

  18. Mike says – reply to this


    I loved GaGa's performance of "Dope" at the YouTube! Awards…
    Mario, ya basta con todo este odio. You insides are going to rot from all this pent up anger and hate…it makes you look so ugly. I cannot stand it, I love your site, but your behavior has me questioning you as a person. Get over it. Move on. (Just don't show us your pre-ordered confirmation of her album). We get it!

  19. 19

    i love perez team perez

    gaga has some demented idea is seems that she is something special YET every idea shes had was merely a regurgitation of someone elses genius shes a vapouress cavern of nothingness whats worse is as album sales fall and she mutters incantations into her mirror we all laugh at her .. harden fans jump ship not because of perez but because shes on THE WAY DOWN…

    perez is the innocent one his talons are sheathed …

  20. Demi's Fat Ass says – reply to this


    Re: 70sEltonJohn – Hypocritical waste of sperm you are.

  21. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Re: GG – Agreed lol.

  22. HiGaga says – reply to this


    She's so high on drugs she didn't realize what day it was. Halloween is over dumb bitch. GagaCheat has got it all.

  23. 23

    OMG SHUT THE FUCK UP! Obviously you're readers don't like reading your bullying. STOP BULLYING! I thought you made a promise to change. Oh how quick you go back to old ways.

  24. walter says – reply to this


    oh wait Perez…she has ur smile….Ha !!!!!!!!! or probably her song teeth? BItch ur fugly…At least she's AMAZING

  25. 25

    Re: HiGaga – Ignorant comment. If you watched her performance at the Youtube awards you would understand.

  26. 26

    Re: HiGaga – Ignorant comment. If you watched her performance at the Youtube awards you would understand.

  27. Adrian says – reply to this


    Boo Gaga. I know she would be thrilled for me to say distastful She begs too much for attention and she looks like a dead Michael Jackson with bad teeth. Tacky as shit Gaga. Rude as shit and I believe a bully move on her part. She poking sun at people with bad teeth? Could have fooled me. Quite your stupid every day shit. You are still a regular person act like it!

  28. SoftCell says – reply to this


    Re: HiGaga
    GagaCheat? Are they still obsessing over Gaga? I thought Gaga bashing was so 2010.

  29. alice says – reply to this


    GET A LIFE!!!! you're so pathetic, stop being obsessed with Gaga!!

  30. Blobby says – reply to this


    you do all know that this is a PR stunt for Perez and Gaga for her album, don't you?

  31. 70sShitPusher says – reply to this


    Re: 70sEltonJohn – The irony of your comment. Please die.

  32. 32

    For someone who hates her, you sure do spend a lot of time thinking about her/googling her. Ask your therapist why you do that.

  33. 33

    People don't need to stop coming here and looking at pictures, they need to contact the advertisers and inform them that they will stop purchasing from they if they continue to advertise on this shitty site.

  34. Jenny says – reply to this


    She prolly trying to be the guy from Poltrigist 2 duhh

  35. Bette says – reply to this


    Michael Jackson postmortem.

  36. JOhn says – reply to this


    This is obviously an ode to Dia De Los Muertos. How uncultured of you Mario.

  37. 37

    Still bashing on Gaga, its getting old and ridiculous.. Jealous much?

  38. 38

    not sure what this is but the leak is pretty good! not radio friendly but good to those that enjoy music! thanks for sharing!

  39. tarquin says – reply to this


    She's just doing her best PH impression, that's my girl hahaha

  40. Kalin says – reply to this


    She looks so pretty, she should ware those teeth all year round. I heard the album and it sounds horrible, disjointed, total mess etc.

  41. DC says – reply to this


    She's explained this look in some weird, dead Michael Jackson kind of way to correspond with her single "Dope", but anyway, are you going to post that the leak is obviously having no bearing on the album itself, as "Dope" is #1 on Itunes?

  42. 42

    LOLLLLLLLLL I'm sorry I couldn't finish reading all the ridiculous comments left on this thread.

    1. She dresses this way to get the attention people, this is not HER being HERSELF. This is her being an "artist" while in public. I'm sure she ditches the costume, make-up and horrendous grill once she gets behind the closed doors of her hotel room.
    2. Perez is a blogger. He writes about everyone, not just her. She just happens to be a hot topic lately….. maybe cause she has new music out hmmmmm……
    3. Stop over using the term "bullying". He posted a picture of her that was taken by paparazzi (therefore, hello this blog isn't the only place you'll see it lol) and he mentioned that her album was leaked …………… big f*ckin' deal

    Who's the bully? Him or you guys? Check your comments before you go preaching people

  43. 43

    OMG she has issues, stepping out looking more and more like a stupid fucken' idiot!! I cannot stand her!

  44. ICYNDICEY says – reply to this


    Damn she's UGLY! What a creature. She looks like the preacher from Poltergeist 3. This is a very, very disturbed individual.

  45. ICYNDICEY says – reply to this


    Re: Jenny
    LMAO!!! I said the same thing!

  46. @v@ says – reply to this


    Very skeletonish looking. Yikes.

  47. GOD says – reply to this


    Perez, get a life, an education and do something productive with your time.