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9 comments to “facebook-i-just-passed-400000-likes-on-my”

  1. 70s RUMP RANGER HOMo says – reply to this


    stick it in your ass you vile grub.

  2. PER YNGVE OHLIN says – reply to this

  3. The Truth says – reply to this


    Deleting my posts Perez.

    Tell the Truth… you paid for 350,000+ likes and followers, it is easy to check and the company you paid has already stated that they did it.

    Face it, you don't own perezhilton.com anymore having to give it up in a civil suit against you personally. This is all public record in the civil filings with the court and your under oath statement.

    You are simply paid to post here and your contract is expiring.

    The Truth Hurts

    I post this here before and you deleted it.

  4. tempe says – reply to this


    and Lady Gaga has over 60 million likes

  5. MattSukkarBurnsPerez says – reply to this


    Imagine the numbers if there were a dislike button.
    Watch me buuuuuurn Perez on Youtube.

  6. Zaina The Harlot says – reply to this



  7. 7

    Realize that 397,000 of them loathe you.

  8. Ryan Moraw says – reply to this


    Congratulations Perez! I had a page a few years ago but I couldn't keep up with everybody that wanted to talk with me and I should have just hired some help which I am going to be doing after the other 500 things I need to do. You look great Perez and you are very intelligent for making the most of your life too. I am being honest, not jealous at all.

  9. Kornholio Kollection says – reply to this


    •Lady Gaga (28,355,129 followers): 43% fake, 34% inactive
    •Justin Bieber (26,582,874 followers): 31% fake, 33% inactive
    •Cristiano Ronaldo (12,367,632 followers): 52% fake, 32% inactive
    •Kanye West (8,293,114 followers): 36% fake, 34% inactive
    •Snooki (5,424,072 followers): 17% fake, 40% inactive
    •Perez Hilton (5,401,665 followers): 17% fake, 50% inactive
    •Jack Dorsey (2,086,805 followers): 15% fake, 40% inactive

    fucking lying homo !