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Miley Cyrus Hopes An Open Letter To Liam Hemsworth Will Get Him To Open His Heart Again?!

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miley cyrus open letter liam hemsworth still in love

Well, if a song about their broken love doesn't work, maybe Miley Cyrus can spell it out better in a letter?

We're not sure if it has any chance of working, but it seems Mileybird is penning an open letter to her former luvah in hopes of getting some sort of interaction with him.

And while we're not sure the letter will lead to late night twerking with Liam Hemsworth, Mileybird is hoping to at least express herself. An insider revealed:

"As time has gone on and the anger subsided, Miley has really started to feel the pain of the split. She thought about writing some songs, but then decided why not write a letter to Liam to tell him exactly how she feels. Miley admitted to Liam she has pushed him away and said sorry for acting so mad."

We're not sure this will help Mileybird find her way back into Liam's pants arms, but we hear that might be okay with her. The insider explained what the former teen queen wants out of this letter:

"Miley says in her letter she still loves Liam deeply and has asked him to meet up. It could be for closure or it could be to start again, but she wants to see him and talk things through."

Well, that sure does sound all sweet and lovin', but what about all those men she's been linked to lately??

We might not have lip locking pics of her with Benji Madden, but she hardly looked heartbroken in her Lil' Kim getup with a bottle of booze in one hand and Benji possibly in the other. Wink wink!

But then again, everyone mourns lost love differently…some need all the nekkid distractions they can get!

[Image via WENN.]

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14 comments to “Miley Cyrus Hopes An Open Letter To Liam Hemsworth Will Get Him To Open His Heart Again?!”

  1. 1

    this might work i say this based only on the fact hes hanging around a miley clone but she would have to be sincere and clean up her act which she hasnt done as a demented miley affects his movie career ..

  2. 2

    he is done with the trash.

  3. MB says – reply to this


    Jesus what a nightmare for this guy. I seriously pitty these young hollywood dudes, who have all these early 20 something pop stars in their limited dating pool. You poor bastards. I can't imagine my misery. I think I'd have to quit the entertainment industry with the hope of being able to eventually recover and find a good, sane , normal girl…

  4. MB says – reply to this


    If you asked me, they're all part of a cult started by Ellen Degenerace

  5. NinjaGirl says – reply to this


    Girl lost her chance.

  6. Tanique says – reply to this


    This is such bullshit. THey've been over for a long time. Miley's already said everything she's needed to said in her album. Thats like 8 open letters right there. And why would she write an actual open letter on the internet? I'm pretty sure she would still be able to pricately contact someone she was dating for three years?

  7. Jack says – reply to this


    What a public nightmare! Poor boy!

  8. 8

    She's like the proverbial tar baby…touch her and you can't get rid of her. Her career is now based on acting shocking to get attention and he doesn't strike me as the type to need or want that kind of BS.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    *Public* letter? Another bad attention getting move, imo.

  10. Peter says – reply to this


    No one is gonna date you, if you're such an nightmare! Keep some things private! She's a publicity monster!

  11. Lil Birdie says – reply to this


    Molly Ratchet should speak to a professional regularly instead of publicly begging Liam to listen to her yak at him again. He obviously has intentionally cut her off completely . Smart move. Let the experienced pro's do the job that Liam is not qualified or obviously willing to deal with. This huge egomaniac is used to getting her way and needs to learn that no human being (no matter how wealthy)can control everything and everyone around them. Liam would be an absolute fool to go back. It would ruin his career. Miley has made a laughing stock of herself and wants to make a fool of him as well.

  12. Shyanne says – reply to this


    I have nothing against Miley personally, and I'm not slut-shaming her (hey, it's her body, she can do whatever she wants. I make no judgments.) but she may want to consider that some boyfriends won't appreciate their girlfriend…behaving the way she does. I'm not saying she should change to please her man or that he has the right to tell her what to do, but I don't think that many guys want their girlfriend's rubbing against a married man's crotch (which he is equally to blame for, btw). If she wants to do these things, fine, but she needs to either A.) Find someone who is okay with it or B.) consider toning the party girl act down. I get that she's young, but I'm 16. Age has nothing to do with it. The fact is that she goes out wearing practically nothing and expects to keep a boyfriend. Not many people would be okay with that. I know I wouldn't.

  13. frankie says – reply to this


    ok so you mention how miley isnt all innocentcause shes been with benji. HAVE you forgotten about that dog eiza that Liam hooked up with. neither are innocent

  14. juli says – reply to this


    i dont really care about that & i cant even trust this fucking page, feels so awful , i just dunno if what im reading is true or not . fuck