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Lorde Swears She’ll NEVER Twerk Like Miley Cyrus Because - “It’s Not Natural!"

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miley cyrus twerking at vmass lorde

She’ll never be royal and she definitely will NEVER be twerking!

Sorry Miley Cyrus but Lorde is going to be sticking to singing, not shaking that arse of hers!

The soon-to-be 17-year-old Kiwi was recently asked if she’d ever do Miley’s signature move while performing onstage. She answered as only Lorde can - to the point and with just a touch of snark!

Lorde dished:

“[Twerking is] something I'd never do - I wouldn't feel confident with my arse out. But if Miley feels comfortable doing it herself then it's no one's business to judge. If she wants to appear in her bra and panties then it's cool. Having been in an institution like Disney all her life, it's important she has fun. For now, it's not for me. It's not natural.”

Always best to leave twerking to the professionals!

Even without any scandalous dance moves, Lorde’s fame has gone from 0 to 60 in a matter of months. She assured her fans though that no matter what, she will never let all of this attention go to her head.

She even promised to never turn into Britney Spears or end up like Amy Winehouse!

Lorde explained:

"Six months ago, no-one knew who I was and now fans chase my car. But I'm never going to change or let fame get the better of me. I'll never go off the rails like Britney or do an Amy - because my upbringing was so normal.”

She calls ‘em like she sees ‘em! That’s why we love you, gurl!

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22 comments to “Lorde Swears She’ll NEVER Twerk Like Miley Cyrus Because - “It’s Not Natural!"”

  1. PerYngveOhlin says – reply to this


    What a fucking Mouth O' Mighty she is!

  2. Bette says – reply to this


    Hate-spreading poison.

  3. 3

    "I'm never going to change", - spoken like a true 17 year old. Of course she will change! All life's experiences affect us and change us. I'm sure she has already been affected by fame, but she is too young and too arrogant to recognize it.

  4. Aussie Bloke says – reply to this


    fuck both these whores.

  5. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Vapid skankho.

  6. Amelie says – reply to this


    She sounds like such a twat. Stop boasting about how perfect you are. I'm not a fan of Miley but I am already not a fan of this girls and she has been around for what, 8 seconds? Just shut up and let the music speak for itself.

  7. Zaina says – reply to this



  8. maplezzetta says – reply to this


    Lorde, why bring Britney into this? If you're ask a question, yes or no will suffice. Stop throwing shade

  9. Chris says – reply to this


    Lorde needs to get off her high horse, and stop attacking other celebrities when people start forgetting about her.

  10. Anti-Lorde says – reply to this


    Conceited and spiteful. Lose the disgusting attitude or you'll get nowhere.

  11. 11

    She sounds very stuck up… considering she's only recently found fame, I think she needs to lay off the celeb bashing.

  12. 12

    perez is the only one spreading snark lordeis just a very talented young girl new on the scene and calling it as she sees it she doesnt want to twerk she just wants to be 16 she doesnt have to give canned responses and she doesnt have to show her v-agina like miley and selena seem to lean towards she is talented enough and PURE enough just to not yet learn to tell lies or canned responses just a very normal girl

    perez u suck !!

  13. annainparis says – reply to this


    She is a kiwi!!!! That explains it all, she has a major inferiority complex or maybe she has never been out her island before!

  14. 14

    I want to love her attitude but instead of it coming off as "I have my shit together and I know who I am" it comes off as "I'm better than everyone else" and she really hasn't proven that at all. She had a better upbringing? She's 16, her upbringing isn't even finished. Wait 10 years and if she's still selling albums and has stayed out of rehab/scandal than she can talk. For now she should keep her mouth shut and just show the world that she can handle the fame.

  15. 15

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  16. krav2318 says – reply to this


    Really? You have had such a normal life? You are 16 turning 17, you have not lived your life. You may have had a normal life up until now but you are still only 17! Get ready to change.

  17. 17

    she has an opinion, suck it up. You either like her music or you dont.

  18. MAPI2011 says – reply to this


    Re: annainparis – Thats very stupid to say, has nothing to do from where she cames from. Would you say the same from Rihanna?

  19. has_a_clue says – reply to this


    For the love of God, the girl is not bashing miss I need to be naked to get more views. She's saying that twerking is not natural for herself and she prefers to not stick her arse out as she says. Does anyone have any brain cells in this world? It's not hard to figure out what she meant by her comment if you have a brain.

  20. see says – reply to this


    First of all, how the fuck does Miley even become associated with twerking? There are specific elements to twerking, all of which Miley possess none of them. First and foremost, twerking is an up, down jerking motion initiated from the pelvis, not the knees. A wiggle from side to side does not constitute twerking. And the most important part of twerking, you need an ass, which your flat, drywall shape of an ass does not count.

  21. fili says – reply to this


    i'm from Asia and i love Lorde much, i love her song, lyric and her Superb voice

  22. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: pdrocksmysocks – she didn't say that she had a better upbringing, she said that she had a normal upbringing, which is true. Miley grew up with the fame, but lorde had a normal life, and I truly believe that she won't change.