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Johnny Depp's Lady Amber Heard Talks Love Struggles While "Living Out Of A Suitcase!"

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johnny amber heard relationship

The Rum Diary romance saga continues!

Beautiful actress Amber Heard usually remains tight-lipped about her endeavors in love—but in a new interview, she's opening up about the constant struggle of balancing fame and a successful personal life.

Although the 27-year-old starlet never mentions her beau Johnny Depp by name, we totes know who she's referring to when she dishes:

"It is really hard when you spend your life living out of a suitcase. But it really does weed out superficial people – if someone is still with you after the second movie then they’re probably a good one! I like to trust people in general – it’s the southern girl in me."

Luckily for these lovebirds, it looks like they're both shooting a movie together in London—so the suitcase thing won't be an issue! LOLz!

We'd love love love more deets on this odd coupling, but it looks like that won't be happening anytime soon!

[Image via WENN.]

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261 comments to “Johnny Depp's Lady Amber Heard Talks Love Struggles While "Living Out Of A Suitcase!"”

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  1. Jamina says – reply to this


    I have already said …. I'm not a fan of Vanessa, but I really appreciate her, so I will not write here about her private things that are not already pubblished! My friends are not insiders, but they are just friends, (good people). Everything I have written about her on this site, it 's the truth, nothing more and nothing less. Before April 2013 many said that the couple Amber /Johnny was only " a fantasy magazines", and there was no evidence that they were together, (I knew they were dating as a couple of November 2011), after everyone has seen that their story was true, but it became official in April 2013. I could write many things here, but I do not it, because I have RESPECT for Vanessa.
      I DON'Y SELL ANYTHING just lke I don't buy PR's "stories". In any case, everyone is free to believe what it wants. Peace

  2. Don't buy it says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Jamina, with all my respect sorry, but if you are not an insider and if your friends aren't insiders, how come that you talk like you know things for sure about Vanessa? Do you personally know her? If not, I'm sorry but then you can know nothing as well as your friends. Yourself now admitted that they aren't insiders (insiders are people that know celebrities in real life or that at least know people very close to them) so how can you sell what you tell as an absolute truth??? You often say "my friends told me"… so what? How can they know what's going on in Vanessa's private life if they aren't connected to her or to people close to her??? Just explain me this. How'?? You said they're not insiders but if they know people that are connected to her somehow, well they're insiders, so you shouldn't say that they're not. But even if they are really connected to people in turn connected to her, sorry but it's hard that they share private things they know with strangers. That's what I don't buy.

  3. Don't buy it says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – I'm not accusing you of spreading private things about Vanessa, you misunderstood me. I just told you that I don't buy that those people connected to people close to Vanessa would share their private info with you that are not an insider. If they're connected to people that know Vanessa you can't deny they're insiders anyway and sorry, but insiders don't share private things about celebrities with anyone. You're a common person, you're not a celebrity, you're not an insider and you're not connected to Vanessa, you said you're not even a fan of her, so why people connected to her in real life should share with you what they know about her??? It doesn't make sense. Insiders share private info only with other people close to Vanessa and not to common people like you. Sometimes the worst of them sell some stories to journalists, but true reliable insiders don’t go around to inform common people about such private things, that’s why it’s hard to buy that they would share personal what they know about Vanessa with you that are a common people like everybody else here.

  4. Keratin says – reply to this


    Re: Ummm… – Ehy, I'm not contesting that Johnny's love life has always been a mess, I was only saying that it's not true that like you said everybody has the same impression of Amber. There are many people that like her. There are some FB fan pages dedicated to her that have thousands of fans. As well as there are also lots of fans of her and Johnny as a couple already. On tumblr there's a fan page dedicated to them that has got more than 1000 fans for example and you know, this is only the beginning. As time goes by people could start to like her much more than now as Johnny's girlfriend as it happened for Angelina with B. Pitt. So, the truth is that here only haters write, but there are other sites where people express their liking about them as a couple. Even on You Tube you can often read lots of nice comments that define them as a hot couple etc. what I mean is that there are fans and haters of them, not only haters.

  5. Keratin says – reply to this


    Re: Ummm… – About Vanessa, I don't know if Johnny really was in a happy relationship with her because if they were this perfect match as they tried to sell us for years, they would have never split. When you're in a happy relationship you don’t cheat that much. In past Johnny was rumoured of cheating on Vanessa with other women and not only with Amber, so who knows? If he cheated on Vanessa so much his relationship with her was far from being that good and ideal. Maybe they had problems that we don't know or that we can't imagine. We didn't live with them so nobody knows how their relationship was and if they were as happy as they often stated because what a celebrity has to tell to public is often different from how he's really living his private life.

  6. Jamina says – reply to this


    Sorry, but I cannot write here, what are the "contacts" between Vanessa and my friends. I repeat, you are free to believe what you want, it's your opinion and I respect it. That said, I can say that she is a wonderful person and (despite everything) she has never spoken ill of Johnny. She has always protected her family with "tooth and nails",this is one of the reasons, why I have total admiration for her.

  7. Carmel says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Jamina, I appreciate that you want to respect Vanessa's privacy, because I believe that is nevessary. But with all due respect (and I truly mean that, so please don't take what I'm about to say as an attack) you have changed your stories along the way. I remember reading your comments a while back when there was still speculation about this triangle and what may have caused the split, and I remember you agreeing a great deal to the things Conan had to say, but now it's a bit different. And even here you say that Johnny and Amber have been together since nov 2011. Thats seems different from your previous comments. Maybe that is why people don't believe you anymore, because your positions have changed.

  8. Don't buy it says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Well, you said that you never wrote any private info about Vanessa's life but that's not true. I've just found a comment of yours in an old topic here where you explained that it's true that Johnny cheated on Vanessa with Amber since 2009 and that he cheated on her again in 2011 when the promotion of The rum diary started, so sorry, but you're not honest telling that you never spread private news about Vanessa. The fact that she was cheated by Johnny twice and that in 2010 she tried again to start things with him moving to USA and giving him another chance is quite a private info because it has to do with her private life. If not even Vanessa told publically that she was cheated by Johnny and that Amber was what caused their split, who the hell you think you are to tell it here publically? Are you her PR? You know that many people in all the world could read comments on this site (even if not all of them wanna write here) and that what you shared with us then can be shared by friends of friends etc.? I mean, you've not acted in a discrete way because you felt free of telling private news about Vanessa's life when not even herself as you said has spoken a word about why her and Johnny broke up.

  9. Don't buy it says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – If you really cared you wouldn't have said a word too about the reason why they split to respect Vanessa’s silence choice. But just because you are in contact with some people that are connected to her you felt free of spreading something that not even her wanted to tell. That's absolutely blameworthy. And you have no excuses to justify your behaviour. If I really cared about a celebrity and I heard some confidential news by insiders, I wouldn’t tell them here or anywhere else. I’d keep those news just for myself respecting the privacy of this celebrity, that’s why I don’t buy so much that you’re in contact with these people connected to Vanessa because if it was true you wouldn’t come here telling private news about her. You wouldn’t say a word about what it’s true and what’s not but you did it. I really don’t know what people here think about you but I hope they’re not going to buy that you like Vanessa and that you respect her privacy. You’re so hypocrite! You said that you like her also because she has never said a word about what happened between her and Johnny but you felt free of doing it for her… I think you’re just making up stories because there’s no respect at all for Vanessa in your behaviour. It’s evident you’re just a fan of her with a great fantasy and poor respect for her.

  10. Don't buy it says – reply to this


    Re: Carmel – I totally agree with you! Jamina is very incoherent about what she claims. She told that she never spread any private info about Vanessa but I read some comments of her in old topics here where she explained that Johnny cheated on Vanessa with Amber in 2009 the first time and that Vanessa after a while forgave him and moved with him in Usa for a new beginning but that later, in 2011 he cheated on Vanessa again with Amber during The rum diary promotional tour… Jesus, I mean, if these aren't private news, what the hell they are then???? Vanessa never told publically what's happened between her and Johnny, she responded that it was just her business when asked and that she was not going to tell it anyway, NEVER. Then Jamina came here and told it (claiming that it's her friends that told it to her, but Jesus, I simply don't buy that they didn't warn her that it was a very confidential news that she shouldn't have shared on any public site) and now Jamina even wants to get credit for respecting Vanessa private life…. my God, people here are duping us with their stupid stories (Jamina, Conan, Murabi…) they don't know anything, they just invent tales because someone who was really informed by an insider wouldn't come here or anywhere else sharing such private things with strangers or common people.

  11. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Thank you. Like you, I also don't like to expose the kids. I even haven't seen the video, but I know there are issues implicit in it and could you tell when was made the video of the plane, when was that flight?

  12. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: Keratin – Actually this blogs are followed by fans who want to see Johnny, but there are many and more people who hate Amber.
    Many calls Amber the female version of Prince Charming from Shrek movie

  13. Keratin says – reply to this


    Re: Marie – Only here and on jamber site my dear and you're in denial. The blog on tumblr that I'm talking about is dedicated to Johnny and Amber as a couple and if people just like him, they will follow only a blog dedicated to him and the one dedicated to Amber, but they follow it and they often make nice comments about them as a couple and even if many people hate Amber. there are also many many people that like her and FB fan pages completely dedicated to her are the proof. There's a fan page that has got even more than 200.000 fans my dear. You know, not everybody like to judge her private life and not everybody make a big deal of the fact that she's dating Johnny Depp. Most people aren't so obsessed about this couple as people here are. Don't talk as Johnny and Amber as couple has only haters, it's not true and it's not even true that most people hate Amber. You're a limited vision of the truth because you probably read only here and on jamber site. There are many other sites where you can read nice comments about Amber. There's even an italian fan page on FB dedicated to her where people worship her. You know, the world doesn't turn only around what you wanna and decided to see.

  14. Keratin says – reply to this


    Re: Marie – Nice comments about Amber can be read on You Tube, on Imdb, on Twit, on FB and also on some cinema sites. Haters just populate gossip sites with their comments. They're all the same people writing everywhere, trust me. I realized this reading their comments somewhere else that are often identical to the ones you can read here. And even people that write on jamber site often write here but when I see fan pages dedicated to Amber that have thousands of fans well I realize that it's not true at all that everybody hates her. Many people like her a lot instead. I also read some nice comments about her on some blog and cinema sites. Lately I read some comments of people that enjoyed a lot her performance in Machete Kills, so it's not true that she's that hated. It's just that some people wanna have a limited vision of the truth. Also Angelina Jolie has got a lot of haters and people that still call her 'home wrecker', 'bitch' etc. etc. but there are anyway many people that like her and Amber is in a similar situation and only time will tell if things will get even better than now for her.

  15. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: Keratin – I don't care about their private life. See you a little more and read a little more about each step of Amber to see that she's a gold digger.
    People aren't silly and don't allow media to manipulate them, they can see who truly is Amber

  16. Keratin says – reply to this


    Re: Marie – Nice comments about Amber can be read on You T-u-b-e, on I-m-d-b, on T-w-i-t-t-e-r, on FB and also on some cinema sites. Haters just populate gossip sites with their comments. They're all the same people writing everywhere, trust me. I realized this reading their comments somewhere else that are often identical to the ones you can read here. And even people that write on jamber site often write here but when I see fan pages dedicated to Amber that have thousands of fans well I realize that it's not true at all that everybody hates her. Many people like her a lot instead. I also read some nice comments about her on some blog and cinema sites. Lately I read some comments of people that enjoyed a lot her performance in Machete Kills, so it's not true that she's that hated. It's just that some people wanna have a limited vision of the truth. Also Angelina Jolie has got a lot of haters and people that still call her 'home wrecker', 'bitch' etc. etc. but there are anyway many people that like her and Amber is in a similar situation and only time will tell if things will get even better than now for her.

  17. Lucas says – reply to this


    Re: Marie – Amber can be a bit lost and dazed at the moment, but I know she is genuine and she wants to be successful as an actress. She'll evolve and even when she and Johnny break up, she'll be considered an actress.

  18. Keratin says – reply to this


    Re: Marie – That's just your opinion and we have to respect it as well as you have to respect different opinions from yours. Whatever you say it doesn't matter because nobody of us knows the truth since we don't live with them. We have only speculations but people are stupid when they judge if Johnny is happy or not with Amber just seeing him with her for 30 seconds every 2 or 3 months while they are annoyed by paparazzi. That's not enough to judge anybody and not to know how things are between them. We aren't in their house to see how they act in private life. And I don't see that Amber is using Johnny. He's not doing so much for her career. A cameo in her movie isn't this big thing when he has contacts with Disney and very important directors that he isn't using for helping her…. he could help Amber a lot if he wanted but he isn't doing it. Amber keeps doing crap movies and C-roles, so I don't see why she should be this gold digger. But once again, you're free to speculate what you want. We're all entitled of our opinions but nobody can know the truth and there also many many people that aren't obsessed or that interested about Amber or Johnny's private life. They like them and they don't wanna judge them, that's it.

  19. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: Keratin – Nowadays more and more fans of Johnny realize that he's always sad when he's with Amber and that makes all begin to see and realize that the why is Amber.
    Johnny can do what he wants with his life, but it saddens us to see him today. The media might try to show the opposite, but his eyes say he isn't ok with her.

  20. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: Lucas – You seem to be a diehard fan of Amber. I wish you luck. I don't think Amber wants to be an actress I think she wants to have public attention.

  21. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Sorry to intrude in your comments "Don't buy it", I can agree with most of what you said BUT I disagree about the fact that Vanessa has been so private until now and that she never said a word about her split. Yeah, she never told a word in her interviews about the cause of her break up with Johnny and she never talked about it, not officially at least because we can't pretend now that her last cd doesn't talk about Johnny. Is it just a coincidence that Vanessa suddenly after her break up starts to sing songs about breakups, betrayals and wrong love??? It's me that doesn't buy this thing now. And her song "The dark it comes" talks in an explicit way about a woman who gets upset because she learns that her lover cheated on her. It's also a vulgar song in some parts of it and it isn't a song that talks in a general way about cheating. It's a dialogue between a woman and a man that tells a specific story. The man confesses her that he cheated on her explaining her that he did it because he was far from their home and he felt lonely and foolish and that the other woman was nothing to him, well, of course this coincides too much with rumours about what happened in Johnny and Vanessa life, so the theory that Vanessa is private, it's all a mockery.

  22. Elvisa says – reply to this


    I don't really care if Vanessa denied that this song talked about her and Johnny because she couldn't have admit it of course because if she did it then she would have been asked some other 1000 questions, but the song is very specific in every word. Vanessa talked about what happened in her life in an indirect way. She probably told to her musician friends what happened between her and Johnny and they wrote the right songs for her so that she could have found her outburst through music at least. But what's really annoying is that Vanessa tried to make money using her private life in the cd to get public attention. I can't like such a thing, sorry. Someone that really doesn't want to talk about the cause of her split doesn't ever do it in any way and doesn't use any sly ploy to do it in an indirect way.

  23. Keratin says – reply to this


    Re: Marie – Not everybody shares your impression. I don't see that Johnny looks unhappy with Amber. He lost weight since he's dating her and he didn't look happy anyway with Vanessa in these latest years and uless you're blind you would notice that he looked miserable with Vanessa since 2010. I saw pics of him and her at Cannes in 2010 indeed and he looked like a tramp. He had a melancholy look in those pictures. His eyes were sad and lifeless. Now he looks different and we can't judge if he's happy or not just seeing him with Amber for 30 seconds every 2 or 3 months, this is crazy I repeat. How can he look happy during moments that paparazzi annoy him when he's going with her somewhere?? And how can he look happy if he knows that everybody are judging all the time scrutinizing his private life? Sometimes you haters don't think so much about what you say. And the truth is that he can't win with you haters. Even if he smiles (as he did the last time with Amber during their dinner with Elton John) you're ready to tell that it's a staged smile. You always try to discredit everything. If he smiles when he's with her it's staged, if he doesn't he's unhappy…. he can't win with you because you know what? You only see what you want to see.

  24. Keratin says – reply to this


    Re: Marie – And all these fans you mentioned that are realizing that he's not happy with Amber are only people writing here and on jamber site. In other sites people have different opinions, sorry but you keep having a limited knowledge of truth. The world doesn’t turn only around PH and jamber site I repeat. More over you don’t get that if Amber made him feel so miserable, he would kick her off from his life. There are still many many many women that would like to date Johnny and that would replace Amber in a sec, so if he felt that unhappy with her no way that he’d keep dating her and making her getting close to his children. I’m sorry but it’s not impressions based on what you see of him and Amber during 30 seconds every 2 or 3 months that matter. It’s facts that have more importance and actually facts are showing us that after 2 years or even more Johnny keeps seeing Amber and that he allowed his children to know her and to get affectionate with her. If he doesn’t talk about her yet and if he doesn’t look okay in public with her sometimes it’s just because he probably feels embarrassed because he knows that he cheated and that now people are always ready to judge him and to scrutinize every little details of his private life. If I was him in the same situation, I would feel the same: nervous in public when I’m with my girlfriend I mean.

  25. Jamina says – reply to this


    Everything I have written about Vanessa is the truth. You are wrong, because I read the comment of Conan (before writing about their separation), he said things that I knew perfectly. Now he /she lives in the USA, I am in Europe, I mean most people have written on this site, even Murabi in a couple of comments said things that I had already reported. I just confirmed a few things. Honestly I thought they were public, saw that there were people from other part of the world they knew the same things, you know? You are right, I was wrong to give those confirmations, I was very angry about the fact that Vanessa was described in an extremely unpleasant way by fans of Amber, she did not deserve that. Sometimes the line between truth and privacy is very thin. But I'm not going to repeat the same mistakes. Believe me I really care about Vanessa, but no one is perfect and certainly I am not her PR. Maybe you're right, I'm also becoming a fan of Vanessa as well as Johnny, i don't know, I can only say that I admire so much as a woman and as an artist.

  26. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa – Dear Elvisa, "the dark is comes" is a song written by Carl Barat, and it 's the story of a prostitute and it 's not vulgar. It 's a song about forgiveness. (The song was recorded separately, they have never met ).
    Maybe, the only song that could be connected to the end of her story with Johnny, is "plus d' amour", but it was written by her producer ( B. Biolay).
    Vanessa sings love songs since 1988. Please, before writing these things here, go to inform you.

  27. Johnny's fan says – reply to this


    I agree with people that are neutral here. To be honest, I'm done with haters, they aren't real fans of Johnny and not even of Vanessa ’cause they don't respect their decisions and private life since they're scrutinizing it all the time. I personally really like a lot Vanessa Paradis. Such a special woman, a real lady! She gave so much to Johnny - love, stability, children, “a reason to live” as Johnny said but it was obvious since long time that "something" wasn’t working between them. Johnny started to look lost, lonely and erratic since 2008 and Vanessa absorbed by her work started to spend little time with him as they needed an “excuse” to not be at same place in the same moment. So if the things with them, weren’t working anymore, why the people, those “called fans” can’t just let it go?

  28. Johnny's fan says – reply to this


    Vanessa has almost literally said that she was “in love” but “unhappy” and Johnny said it wasn't easy because they were often apart. Especially since 2010 his whole appearance and behaviour screamed “unhappiness”. They both look better since the split! Vanessa is glowing and Johnny is drinking less than before and it’s notorious on how much weight he has lost because he's got a nice body now. Vanessa says that NO one has reported the truth about their split, and it’s only their business as a family. They seems to be in good terms and to me is evident that Vanessa has handled the "split", way better than Johnny's fans! Just respect their decisions, get over it and wish them the best! Best wishes to Vanessa, I hope she find love and to Johnny, if he thinks that Amber is the right woman for this moment of his life, go for her and be happy. Real fans should respect their privacy instead of analysing it every moment also because these analysis can often be wrong since nobody of us lives with them and knows how facts are for real.

  29. Veritas says – reply to this


    I Heard fear?
    Witching Hour! Go to Tasya's blog, t-u-m-b-l-r , 11/14.
    Is Heard, Amber brave? We'll know tonight.

  30. Paul says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Are Amber Heard and Anna Paquin dating?

  31. Tasya's fan says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Are Amber and Tasya still seeing each others? I mean, are they still having something or does Tasya hate Amber by now??? Are they still in contact? And Tasya didn't date anybody since Amber dumped her? Amber is a disgusting creature. I don't even think she's that beautiful. I feel mercy for Johnny Depp if he's really getting serious with her because it seems that he let her getting close with his children. If he didn't want her in his life for real, he woulnd't let this to happen. And by the way does Johnny know that Amber is cheating him with other women and that Amber cheated on him with Tasya last May? Please answer me, thanks.

  32. lisa says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas
    why tonite??

  33. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Oh please people, didn't you realize yet that Veritas is just a troll and that she's just teasing all of you with her stupid comments and statements here? I think that maybe Anti-Nicole team was right. Veritas can be Nicole and other people writing on this site. She knows nothing. She's maybe just trying to provoke you with her stupid posts or maybe the truth is that Tasya herself writes here sometimes just because she needs public attention. Since she's a nobody and she's not getting anymore that huge publicity that she was getting when she was dating Amber, she needs to find her way to make people talking about her somehow, that's why maybe she's still sucking from Amber's life. She's jealous of her because she found happiness somewhere else, so that's why she needs to discredit Amber in every possible way.

  34. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    We have evidence that Tasya is living a miserable life because her arts are always negative and depressing and Tasya is still single after 2 years that Amber got tired of her and dumped her. If Tasya has really moved on, she wouldn't be talking anymore of Amber and her arts wouldn't be connected to her in any way. More over Tasya kept seeing Amber a lot last year, how come? She was so miserable that couldn't send her away from her life, yeah. Tasya was seen with Amber also last June, so they're still friends and how can Tasya be friend with someone that hurt her so bad? Something doesn't fit here. So possibilities are 2: Tasya really moved on and nothing really bad happened between her and Amber and so it's true that Veritas is only a troll who is making up stories or Tasya herself writes here under that name because she's still upset that only Amber is getting public attention and she reclaims her slice of it thinking of deserving it anyway, that's why she tries to make people talking about her somehow.

  35. veronica says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Thought AH is in London?

  36. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: veronica – Why do you ask her if she's in London? She knows anything more than all of us, trust me. Of course Amber is in London first of all because she was seen and filmed in the same jet with Johnny's kids accompany them there because then he needed to take them to their mother Vanessa (they have been seen attending a concert of her as far as I know), so she went to LA just to pick up them and maybe to do some stuff she needed to do, but she came back to London quite soon and the video of her coming back there with his children is the proof. They are all in Europe now.

  37. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Re: veronica – If Amber was in LA you can be sure that she would have been seen these days because when she's not with him she gets soon paparazzed as it happened when she was seen and photographed walking for Beverly Hills street on 2nd November. Since then she has not been seen in USA and we just saw the video of her in the same plane with Johnny's kids and it was also explained that it was a very recent video posted on 5th November. People also said "bye bye" to Lily because they know she was leaving and now she has been seen in France indeed, so yeah, Amber went there to pick her with her brother because maybe Johnny couldn't travel for so many hours since he's working in Mortdecai movie while Amber isn't working anymore and she had enough time to make Johnny that favour. You know, Amber is an angel, she's often nice with him. She really loves and cares about him. I still think he doesn't deserve such a good woman like her because he's still hiding a lot with her as he's ashamed of her since he never talked about his relationship with her publically and this is something that denotes shame.

  38. ??? says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – Why do you get angry when people bash Amber, but then you turn around and bash Tasya, who helped cover for Amber and her homewrecker ways BTW!! Don't be mean!

  39. veronica says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is an angel – The children are old enough to fly by themselves, accompanied by a bodyguard and maybe a nanny, they don't need to be picked up. That's ridiculous. I have no idea who flew with whom, when and where to. Who knows what Amber's business was in LA, but it doesn't necessarily mean that she flew back to LA to bring the kids to London. Maybe she flew back to LA, did what she had to do and then flew back to London with the kids. Since Johnny is paying the bill, they probably timed it, it's cheaper and does less damage to the environment. Not a big deal . There are many possibilities. That certainly doesn't make Amber an angel. Grow up and come off it!

  40. Lara says – reply to this


    Re: veronica – But the children didn't flew alone to London nor to France in all this time!. They only flew when Amber accompanied them! Not a coincidence
    I don't think they go around in the plane alone. The other time, when Lily went back to LA after her vacations in France (because the One Direction concert) she returned with Johnny (he was doing rehearsals for Into the woods in London). And some weeks after that, Jack returned with Vanessa. And now it seems they returned to Los Angeles with Vanessa (on thursday, after her concert).
    No, they don't fly alone

  41. Just a Gesture says – reply to this


    Amber probably flew to L.A just to fly back with the kids, as a gesture to Johnny. I don't think Vanessa would put her in a guardian position of her children. It was more than likely a gesture to Johnny and plus to show accord with the children. Out of all the options Johnny and Vanessa have, the last person they would need to accompany their children is Amber. I think LR is obviously aware that her social media is being checked, and she probably doesn't want people thinking there is trouble in their circle, just like she had her friend pist the facebook comment when rumors started about JD and Amber.

  42. Staff says – reply to this


    For sure, the children can fly alone only accompanied by the staff of Johnny, after all they live every day only with the staff. Coincidentally Amber was with them.

  43. Lara says – reply to this


    Re: Staff – Not coincidence.
    Maybe they could move in the US with the staff if required. But outside, overseas travel, they are always with one of the parents or in this case, with Amber.
    And by the way, they aren't only with their "staff" living in the US when Johnny or Vanessa aren't in the country…they are with their godparents, Ruth and Bill Carter. But they didn't were in the last travel to Europe and it was Amber with them. (and all the people who follow them, know this is true!)
    The children are never alone. And they aren't under the care of their nannies or staff only. It seems they are always well protected by some member of their close family: Bill and Ruth are like their real grandparents or more, by the way. And in France (to be in Vanessa's concert) they were with their aunt Alysson Paradis. Or is Johnny or Vanessa. Or now, Amber that you like it or not is taking her stepmom duties!

  44. step mother says – reply to this


    Re: Lara – As in Cinderella?

  45. Lilli says – reply to this


    She is so ridiculous. She trys so hard to be like Angelina Jolie. First she says she would never want to be like angie, then she says she does want to like angie. She trys to associate herself with Angelina in so many of her assinine interviews. She has nerve to be complaining about the crap she does. I can not stand this pretentious, wanna be, user! Johnny is such a fool for associating with her. He is losing alot of his fans, even his loyal, diehard fans are dropping. People really sense that this A.H. is nothing but a fame whore and Johnny seems increasingly desperate to hold on to her. Just read these comments. Depp has all of 2 fans trying over and over to defend him. Look at almost any message board and A.H. is not liked, and has about zero respect. This is a lose-lose situation for both of them. Johnny needs to dump this girl and find a real woman, who will actually love him for him and not use him for fame and money.

  46. Bird says – reply to this


    Re: Lucas – So take Amber, this ominous bird and make she fly free far away from Johnny. Leave him alone

  47. Lucas says – reply to this


    Re: Bird – She's a beautiful free spirit

  48. Moon says – reply to this


    Re: Bird – ha ha ha ..yes,that is

  49. Lucas says – reply to this


    For those who don't know what it is to be a free spirit, on wikiHow Be-a-Free-Spirit has a good explanation

  50. Lucas says – reply to this


    Amber respect all relationships, but she won't be in a premolded relationship. She can be with Johnny, Tasya, Marie, with whom she wants and when she wants, but respecting everyone. She can be with Tasya without betraying Johnny. The key is to follow the passions, without disrespecting others.

  51. patricia says – reply to this


    Re: Lucas – Cut the wings of your bird. lol lol do not be deceived boy, I mean girl lesbian, who uses the name lucas

  52. Meh says – reply to this


    OMG!! Lily and Amber in London
    h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m / l 9 h u 5 9 9
    They were having a dinner and the children look quite happy. In the other pictures are also Jack and you can see Johnny's coat in the chair

  53. THK says – reply to this


    Re: Meh – The pictures are new. The children didn't return to Los Angeles after the concert of their mother in Paris, they returned to London to spend even more time with Johnny and Amber. And it seems as the things are going on more than well between them

  54. Hey ya says – reply to this


    check out this picture of Amber kissing Lily Rose h t t p : / / g o o . g l / i j e D 1 2

  55. Britt says – reply to this


    Re: Lucas – I bet you that Amber is not a free spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I bet Amber thinks she is smarter than the others and she wants to manipulate circumstances. In the bottom, she is selfish, greedy, envious and poor in spirit. She wants everyone have to dance to her tune.
    Who doesn't do as she says or doesn't say what she wants, turns her enemy!!!!!!!!!!!
    She's a weak and with no sense about what is a positive person, but she's dangerous when she decides to hurt someone who doesn't "speak her language".
    She can take the role of an enemy or even a "wolf in sheep's clothing" in pretending to be friends, but she only wants to suck good energy.
    Then she'll never let go Depp easily, she will suck everything he has.
    If she let go Johnny, I truly believe she is a free spirit.
    But I bet you she is not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. 256

    blag blah blah BohoBoohooBlonde Bombshell blues, if she took less gifts, he's have more to give to me&you, charities, free islands, rum no tears, the owls cry at so many silly cares.

  57. 257

    Re: spaghetti lover – he's kewl, she's ridiculous.

  58. 258

    Re: adg100Re: adg100 – don'tya think he doesn't "please" anyone but himself when he dresses oh we're the johnny depp lonelhearts club, even his girl, won't receive his heart, so much to give, so little time, but little girl, the blak dog and patrick swayze no better than ye will, poppet.

  59. jules says – reply to this


    I have been a fan of JD'S over 25 years or more and what I see is what he can't have he will want all the more, so if she wants other chicks his ego kicks in just to see if he can get her, also I wouldn't mention this but I have to say something when JD was interviewed about the kissing scene in potc 2 he said he felt uncomfortable cuz he is old enough to be her father but yet keira is a year and a half older then amber.

  60. jules says – reply to this


    I have to say something about the comment that AH is still doing c movies and is not using him to get parts well that's the plan , she will stick around until he has fulfilled his usefulness and then make up some BS reason to get out of the relationship, in that respect she's not stupid she knows how to play Hollywood waiting game, after that she will get some bigger offers but if she has no real talent then back to her c movies and what I have seen of her acting it shouldn't take very long.

  61. U R Clueless says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa
    When someone is a songwriter, that's EXACTLY what they do;write about their own life. Lookng at the timelin &sequence of events,it's obvious Vanessa was writing about Amber: the whorey homewrecker

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