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Justin Bieber Has Been Kicked Out Of His Hotel In Argentina! But It Wasn’t His Fault!!!

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justin bieber kicked out of argentina hotel fans vandalism

This is a rough week to be Justin Bieber!

After his hooker scandal, the singer has been kicked out of his hotel!

What did he do this time??? NOTHING!

The Beliebers outside of the Hotel Faena have been destroying property and camping all week long, and the hotel has had enough.

Now, Justin is trying to find another place to stay! The problem is that nowhere will take in him and his 25 crew members because they don’t want the fans to follow!

We have a feeling that somehow, Bieber will find a place to stay.

[Image via Instagram.]

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40 comments to “Justin Bieber Has Been Kicked Out Of His Hotel In Argentina! But It Wasn’t His Fault!!!”

  1. 1

    i thought he had a villa there anyway:)

  2. 2

    Leave the Kid alone. HUS LIFE> HIS MONEY> HIS BUSINESS. If he end upo bad, it's nobodys business, only his OWN. He will learn sooner or later, WHO'S SHO by his side.

  3. KCG says – reply to this



  4. Jim Burhop says – reply to this


    He employs the assholes that work for him, he's obviously a Canadian PUNK that has no IDEA how to run a business which is what his Fing CAREER IS, until the dumbass punk kid (which is what he is and showing the world what and irresponsible fuck he is, his Canadian assed career is over, the 12 to 13 year olds will only last so long you asswipe. Selena left you because you were an immature asswipe so don't learn from it. Jerk

  5. goraudykq688 says – reply to this


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  6. 6

    It should be super easy for him to find a place with out his fans following. Most celebrities register under a false name and don't show up with a huge entourage, but that's not his style and that's the reason no one wants him. He should split his crew up at a couple different places and then he should go to one without anyone else, other than his security. If it's kept low key, he won't draw any attention to himself. Apparently everyone associated with him is a complete moron, if they can't figure that out.

  7. lisa says – reply to this


    Where is his manager?? Why is he not taking control of the situation and tellling his client to cool it. Justin is hanging with hoods and acting like one himself. I hope he is investing his money..he will need it once his career implodes

  8. belen says – reply to this


    I went to the hotel today and this doesn't surprise me at all, fans were just rude insulting everybody throwing things to the police and trying to get in the hotel, it was a disaster. I really dont like him i just went because my bff loves him but im sure this time it wasnt his fault. Im ashamed argentinian fans act like this… and the worst? some of their parents helped this to happen, I couldnt believe it when i saw it

  9. Dan says – reply to this


    WHAT THE FUCK? Does he really need 25 people staying in one hotel? Split them up!

  10. Dan says – reply to this


    Re: Jim Burhop – I don't think the fact that he's Canadian has anything to do with it. He's just stupid in general. Its universal.

  11. Katie davis says – reply to this


    That is very sad too hear that about justin Bieber..That should not happen too him so he made he choces..That is very miss up what people do and say about him..

  12. rb says – reply to this


    Re: ickynicky – @ickynicky>what makes Justin respectable by his team is, what's for him is what's good for the team. He puts them in the same hotel with the same accommodations as him. The only time he would up the accommodations is when Selena or a family member is with him. His team respectfully calls him "BOSS!"

  13. MM says – reply to this


    he is staying at Nordelta, a private neighborhood outside Buenos Aires, where fans can't get in! Michael Buble live there when he is in town!

  14. gary says – reply to this


    He was such a nicer kid back when he had that Donald style Combover. He's a mess now. Does he at least sing his shows live or is he lip frauding it? Ive never been to his show.

  15. steve says – reply to this


    He always looks like he's about to drop a load in his diaper pants.

  16. ok_then says – reply to this


    Beliebers are not that bad, I think the hotels overreacted big time.. He can always rent a mansion for him and his crew. Justin Bieber's arrival in countries while on his world wide Believe Tour is big news and his fans in Argentina have been waiting a long time for this.

  17. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: belen – Those were probably a minority. Most of Justin Bieber's fans are respectful. It's a case of some fans losing it because they knew he was there, and also the recent world wide publicity of his Believe tour finally landed in Argentina. How many paparazzi were there as well? Funny you didn't mention that. The media probably provoked his fans.

  18. 18

    Media and press are overreacting. And Scooter is happy because it gives Justin more publicity. They even encourage fans to act this way and make as much noise as possible, this is good PR.

  19. clara says – reply to this


    SO NOT TRUE! his scumbag security beat almost to death a phtographer because he qnates to shoot this little punk living a club with 4 ladies. Get your story straight!

  20. netmadness says – reply to this


    This is how sometimes fame is a bad thing. Look at this cool Justin Bieber Quiz

  21. Ivan says – reply to this


    This is like blaming all blacks for what a minority of idiots do; He can't be blamed for what a minority of dumb fans did. But it shows one thing. He has not faded; Ringo Starr was staying in a hotel there at the same time and hardly anybody noticed.

  22. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: netmadness – How do you know it was his personal security? Even if it was, should they let unruly fans invade the hotel and cause problems?

  23. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: goraudykq688 – Not worthy of a response!

  24. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: lisa – He has tried everything in the books to avoid being recognized or seen such as masks, blankets, garbage cans, etc; nothing seems to work. Ringo of the Beatles was in a hotel there; nobody bothered him-what does that tell you?

  25. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: Katie davis – So he is stupid because people around him do stupid things? How is it possible to blame him for what some stupid fans did. He is not Moses.

  26. Amy says – reply to this


    I'm not a fan by any means but even I know that this wasn't his fault. His fans are crazy, like there's just no other way of putting it! The death threats, the trampling over one another just for a glimpse, the constant stalking and now this! It's insane! Like I understand wanting to support him but literally some of these people could be considered certifiable! He's a person, not God or any other higher power! Sorry beliebers but trust me, I am not the only one who sees it like this!

  27. belen says – reply to this


    Re: ok_then – well i only saw two photographers and thats it, just two. The reason why i said what i said it's because i was there and i saw everything… of course not all fans act like this because there were some of them who told the other ones to stop. I wanted to make clear that i dont think it was justin's fault this time. I totally understand girls shouting and crying because im a fan too but then some of them were just insulting ppl and tourists and that's not ok at all

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    His brand of fame seems a blessing and a curse.

  29. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Jim Burhop – He's signed with American music industry types. He was nice until they got a hold of him.

  30. 30

    What a beautiful city (not normally an urban type), and I was lucky enough to stay there 6 nights at the Marriott. Hope he finds a place to stay.

  31. Someone says – reply to this


    he actually destroyed the hotels room..

  32. 32

    Yes he does have Live sets on his show where he sings Acoustic and it's just him and his guitarist. He just recently started singing he's new songs during concert. You can google the Acoustic sets if you don't belive me.

  33. Abedul says – reply to this


    The brat DESTROYED THE HOTEL ROOM COMPLETELY, that's the reason he was kicked out. Plus, his bodyguards hit a photographer (legal actions have been taken and the agressor cannot leave the country), left a bill unpaid at a night club and even FANS realized he was stoned onstage before he left the show. He refused to be photographed with a little girl suffering wih leucemia… You really don't know what you're talking about, or is "someone" passing some cash on to you to try and save what's left of Bieber's public image?

  34. Pablo says – reply to this


    This is not true! He was drug and do troubles in the hotel and pubs. The crew who's work with him, his bodyguards fighted with lots of people and take cell phones to his fans, to do not take a picture. Was really shamed.

  35. Julie says – reply to this


    nformation source: I'M ARGENTINIAN.

  36. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Abedul – Do you haters have nothing literally better to do with your lives then sit around and come up with these wild stories and rumors about Justin Bieber?

  37. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: ickynicky – I think you are grossly underestimating the devotion and intensity that Justin Bieber's fans are capable of.. Do you think he books rooms or floors under his real name? Trust me when I say that Justin's fans are capable of tracking him down anywhere he goes, how I have no clue! But between social media and the paparazzi who get tipped off about his location from anyone who wants to make a quick buck, it's no wonder his whereabouts is soon big news.

  38. me says – reply to this


    Re: ok_then – You don't need to speak spanish to put play on a video.. so here's a link with the proof of his bad behaviour in Argentina..

  39. biniam says – reply to this


    please leave my brother his mine ever,

  40. biniam says – reply to this


    please leave my brother he's mine ever!