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Robert Pattinson Spotted Canoodling With Dylan Penn! Are They Back On?!?

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robert pattinson dylan penn seen the spare room not together

It seems like he just can’t get enough of her!

Sources have revealed that Robert Pattinson spent his Wednesday night in the company of a woman who WASN’T Kristen Stewart!

It was Dylan Penn!

The two previously had a fling and were seen together at the Spare Room in Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel. However, they were there to party in honor of Angie Banicki’s memoir, not because they'd called each other and planned to meet up in secret. THEN things heated up, a little. A source said:

"The two chatted and flirted inside. They were a little cautious, making sure people noticed they did not come together."

Another insider explained:

"They were chatty and flirty in the beginning, but by the end of the night he was in the corner with a friend and she was talking to Michael B Jordan. Rob was being social. Girls were chatting him up. He and Dylan were very kind and chatty but definitely made a point to keep things a bit separated."

Hmm… Okay, so maybe things weren’t as juicy as we’d hoped. LOLz!

That’s good news for Kristen though!

[Image via WENN and BauerGriffinOnline.]

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16 comments to “Robert Pattinson Spotted Canoodling With Dylan Penn! Are They Back On?!?”

  1. jessa says – reply to this



  2. nonsense Article says – reply to this


    Definitely not an item. Dylan camp is using Robert for publicity. Kristen camp on the other hand doesn't want Robert-Kristen name dropping to end for their own publicity gimmick. Everybody wants a piece of Robert!!!!

  3. geez says – reply to this


    Re: jessa – The delusions of the Robsteners is just getting more and more ridiculous. They don't want to believe that Kristen got caught cheating. They don't want to believe Rob and Kristen broke up. And they base their fantasy on Edward and Bella even though R/K have not been seen together in 6 months, and a picture where you cannot see Rob's face in another car is not really much to prove epic love! But it doesn't matter, Robsteners are going to cling to their fantasy even when Rob and Kristen are with other people and married to other people.

  4. total BS says – reply to this


    Nope that just shows……….Robs a cheated also………Rob n Kristen have been talking an meeting up lately an while this is happening your daying Rob was flirting with Dylan? hmmm Just shows ROB is FAR FROM INNOCENT………..they call that a cheater if he is trying to get back with Kristen . Kristen Toss Robs ass to the Curb gurl you dont need his ass.
    your way to good for him. He has alot of growing up to do!!

  5. Please says – reply to this


    so basically they happened to be in the same place at the same time? Wow, great scoop. He was also seen later at no vacancy without her. Hmmmmm

  6. Funny says – reply to this


    They were outside and no pics, there were professional photogs at the book signing and not one pic of either of them together or separate. REALLY?

  7. urpathetic says – reply to this


    Re: total BS – You Kristen fans make up stories about Rob cheating because you think it will erase that there is proof of Kristen cheating, there are those 50 pictures. There is no proof of Rob cheating, just lies from Kristen fans. And Rob has not been with Kristen, so you believe tabloids when you like the story but don't believe them when you don't. Stop with the lies already, you are pathetic.

  8. dddff says – reply to this


    Dylan Penn is one of the hottest celebrity kids out there.

  9. kc says – reply to this


    So tired of all this, she's a cheater and he's a cheater. What the hell does it matter to everyone,quite frankly it's none of your damned business? If they can live with it good for the, if not , the world is not going to come to an end.

  10. Rupert-takeKristenbacK says – reply to this


    [re=6572144]Re: Robert and cheating Kristen is not back together. You Kristianfan stick that to your brain. Get somebody else who will like your idol. BEG for Rupert to take her back so you people can leave Robert ALONE. It only means that Robert is free and can see anybody he pleases,

  11. crossfire72 says – reply to this


    @ddff Dream on,she has no claim to fame other than her Father is Seen Peen and her brother has seen the inside of rehab a few times.If you like fat Botox lips,then she can use that as her claim to fame. She is quiet happy living off Daddy's money and not really interested in making a living for herself.Rob likes his money and I think he would rather his partner had her own income.

  12. crossfire72 says – reply to this


    Rob was told to pull his head in, he had 3 girls at one stage. And he was told by his agent to behave. He has always cheated, he cant help himself, girls are open slather for his inflated EGO. He is not in the right frame of mind at the moment to have any serious relationship. If he keeps seeing Dylan, she will be cheated on as well .Kristen had her faults, but living with Rob and his best friend Kate Perry,drove her to it.If you take on Rob,you also take on Kate Perry thoughts on every thing he dose. Women want 2 in a relationship not 3.Maby Dylan isent bright enough yet to catch on to that.

  13. ness says – reply to this


    She looks like a female Channing Tatum :/

  14. mls8662 says – reply to this



  15. PerezLiar says – reply to this


    What makes me laugh, is that the ONLY photo douche's like Perez Hilton, Bonnie Fuller etc have to show re Rob/Dylan is one of them at some club where theres about a foot between them and Rob is sitting there with his arms folded.

    Get a real job, Perez, you little grub.

  16. Ellen says – reply to this


    You need stop posting old old news. This is. 2014. You need to post current news .