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It was just as we suspected! Miley Cyrus OWNED the night at the MTV EMAs! Sure, she wasn't up for something in every single category, but if she was, no … Read more…

19 comments to “Miley Cyrus' EMA Take Over! Check Out Everything Mileybird Said, Sang & Smoked In Amsterdam HERE!”

  1. @v@ says – reply to this


    Cannabis remains a controlled substance in the Netherlands and both possession and production for personal use are still misdemeanors, punishable by fines.

  2. karen says – reply to this


    5 yrs from now, perez won't even be writing about her.

  3. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Oh…cooll…she is so 'edgy'…WHAT a dumb c un t ! Really - can she be even MORE contrived ! What a tool of he record co. …..and true….5 years from now, it will be Miley WHO ?

  4. MB says – reply to this


    It's probably just tobacco. She's just a prop for ratings, especially after that last MTV fiasco. Seems that everything she does is mostly designed to piss people off. That's it, and that's alright but she doesn't seem to have much backing her up in the talent, which makes it kind of pointless and impossible to take seriously. Obviously trying hard, clinging to the front page of Attention Whores Weekly, and what she's doing has nothing to do with the music at a MTV (MUSIC TELEVISON) awards show.

  5. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Her little sister Noah is SO ugly, just like Miley……………

  6. NoOne says – reply to this


    Yes, because everyone in Amsterdam smokes weed all the time.

  7. 7

    The sad thing is that these awards shows used to be about watching really good performances - now it is all about stupid stunts.

  8. 8

    smoking pot onstage is brilliant? you have low standards.

  9. jon says – reply to this


    Too bad about the pot-smoking, but HEY, for a smoking thirty-something, she sure looks hot!

  10. 10

    she does these ” cool" things because she basically cant sing and never seems to win no prizes regardless of making a complete tool of herself yes i was wondering that if thats even legal to do that on stage…even there they must have standards ..

    i do like that other dress the tupac one looks nice

  11. Wow says – reply to this


    I thought the copy-cat was Lady Gaga… Now Molly Virus acts like Gaga.
    That's it. I don't want my kids to listen and act like this little fugly bitch.

  12. 12

    Fast forward another year or two and I wouldn't be surprised if we are stories about Miley smoking crack, meth, getting throw in jail, etc.

    She's gotta keep topping herself and do more and more shocking, outrageous things in order to show everyone how much of a rebel she is and THOROUGHLY beat her old "Hannah Montana" goodie goodie sweet girl image to a pulp.

    Smoke up Miley!

  13. ehman says – reply to this


    whatchu talking bout? She was up for 4 awards dickhead and she left with one, the only one not attributed to talent.

  14. Kesha says – reply to this


    Re: idontreallycare – EXACTLY! Perez you such a sell out, congrats on Katy for beating her and Im not even a Katy fan!

  15. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Hey ! I would be doing drugs IF I was as ug-leeeeeeeeeeee as her ! I mean, she looks like a cross between Rocky from Rocky and Bullwinkle and a low-rent white version of Grace Jones…she ain't purty, that is fer sure. She'll be history within a year or two - Mark My Words !

  16. Wow says – reply to this


    I don't see any red eyes in her pictures… I think she lied and she just smoked tobacco, I didn't see the show at all (boboboboringgg) but she doesn't look high in any pic.

  17. 17

    So wait, she won best music video award for this???

    Seriously guys. I know Miley Cyrus fans that don't like that video.

  18. 18

    Who cares. Let her blow, more people are dying everyday from cancer due to sh*tty cigarettes. THAT should be freaking banned, its so annoying!.

  19. Demi's Fat Ass says – reply to this