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53 comments to “twitter-ladygaga-ive-got-my-son-and-my”

  1. thebigboot says – reply to this


    You are absolutely nuts! You've gotten so full of yourself it's not even funny. You may have gotten a son, but you're not setting a good example for him. Can't wait till he figures out Daddy is a bully who can't let anything go. Grow up, for the love of god.

  2. ZYX says – reply to this


    Only you would take it so literally. It was a roundabout way of saying you're fucking obsessed and crazy….and you are!

  3. J says – reply to this


    you can't just excuse your actions by bringing your son up. is this the only reason you have him?

  4. 4

    Lol, mad bro?

  5. J says – reply to this


    you can't just bring up your son up to try and excuse your actions. is this the only reason you have him? i feel bad for the kid.

  6. Brit says – reply to this


    what about the awkward buzzfeed link you shared recently with those hideous photos of yourself. think you are the one on drugs dear. thoughts and prayers for your son.

  7. KC says – reply to this


    Funny how you like play the drug card with her, when just hours ago you posted a picture of Miley lighting up a joint.

  8. Bette says – reply to this


    If you harassed me like this I'd have you arrested on the spot. Shame on you and your pathetic, worthless existence. No a doubt in my mind will your son grow up to be suicidal.

  9. Lindz says – reply to this


    you are tweeting her mother who has nothing to do with this fued "@momgerm If your daughter ends up dead, it's from a drug overdose. Not cuz I blew us up! She's sick and delusional!"

    get some help mr aids

  10. 10

    poor El Kreepo! you try everything to convince people you're happy, but your actions only show you're a miserable human being! you have a social and narcissistic personality disorder, El Kreepo. you should get professional help before you ruin your sons life… cause La Kreepa, your mom, she already looks like your miserable shadow…

  11. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Re: Lindz – Didn't even see that. Hope he gets sued for slander and loses it all.

  12. 999 says – reply to this


    I've known several people like Perez who display symptoms of having a narcissistic personality disorder. Always forever playing the victim, blaming others and never taking responsibility for their own actions. Perez likes to taunt people and create drama, but then when it blows up in his face, it's all, "what? What did I do?"

    If you had left her alone after the end of your fake friendship rather than continuing to stalk her and mock her and then pretending it was just you being a blogger doing his job (which is the lame defense your minions like to use as well), she wouldn't think that way about you. For the most part, she ignored your ass, and you kept digging in the knife.

  13. PELLE says – reply to this


    You slandering piece of shit! GOD why won't someone kill you.

  14. David says – reply to this


    Re: Lindz – he is also tweeting illegal artpop downloads. he needs some serious help.

  15. 15

    Perez…stop having ANYTHING to do with Gaga. Let her self-destruct on her own. You have more important things of which to be a part.

    If you TRULY feel Gaga is headed down the wrong path, there's nothing you can do to stop her. Sit back, let her live her life. You live yours.

    She will tarnish your rep and bring you down with her. You're a father now…you don't need THIS kind of drama.

  16. 16


    What will be remembered, Miley Cyrus smoking a joint on stage or Lady Gaga singing in space? Hmm….

  17. MarioYourFatherHatesU says – reply to this


    It's sad that even the people who view your website hate you. You're a loser. Stop looking for a feud with this woman.

  18. Mike says – reply to this


    You are your 'team' need to cut this bullshit. It makes you look sad and desperate. Perez, you are not a celebrity, so stop acting like you and Lady Gaga have a celebrity feud, you peasant.

  19. 19

    (Hilton did not respond to a request for comment.) WHY didn't you respond with a comment? You'd think you'd be drooling over such a request. Could it be because you don't want to be busted for lying about why you were really in Gaga's building (and it had nothing to do with looking at homes there - as we all know).

  20. 20


  21. 21

    I used to hate Gaga when you loved her but lately I've started to like her again because of this. You're giving her free promotion for her album that's dropping tomorrow lol

  22. 22

    Just as I suspected, bunch of Gaga-hags giving you the publicity :) You're still the number one celebrity gossip site! :D

  23. 23

    Re: joules1225 – Really? Why do other sites have hundreds of comments? This site is lucky to get 50 on a Miley post.

  24. hotwin2000@hotmail.com says – reply to this


    Perez….I mean Mario ….we did cocaine together, we did a booty bump (in your hairy as, and I did it cause my ex-boyfriend by that time… said u were famous and i have never touched u ( while you were getting fucked by my now ex-boyfriend)and you know what? you shit on my ex-boyfrieds cock………thats why the call you the parrot…cause every time you sit on a stick,,,,,,you shit on it………..

  25. blahblah says – reply to this


    I love Lady Gaga. It's just sad to see that you only post those bad issues that surround her and not the good ones.

    I thought that fatherhood would change someone like you.

  26. YoungTaur says – reply to this


    Re: joules1225 – Maybe in a previous life. Gone are the 100 plus comments on a given story. Even the old school regulars & trolls (and I do miss them LOL) have jumped from this sinking ship.

  27. 27

    Who cares about GaGa, she had a few ok songs a few years ago but that was yesterday. My friends that loved her are pretty much over her now.

  28. 28

    shes honestly nothing but a ungrateful big nose hoare if it wasnt for perez posting her shit on his million dollar site daily and deleting the negative comments i doubt she would of risen anywhere ask her if elton returns her voicemails … kelly didnt even want to know her and thats saying something .. MOST celebritys and ex friends/ boyfriends dont want nothing to do with her once her stylist quit she just looked shit all the time no clothes was all she could come up with A DANCER hah she looks like goofy at disneyland she has no rythum at all …perez wanting to blow himself up what absolute bullshit shes a complete paranoid psychotic CNT…he has a very good life … a happy life unlike her paranoid raving incantations in the mirror because noone else wants to know her NEXT!!


  29. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    We can only pray.

  30. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    Re: Lindz – Oh that is totally perverse and sick!

  31. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    I'd love to see a roomful of your fans at one time together. What an interesting figure that would cut. Two headed geeks and losers. Or just you in a room with lots of mirrors.

  32. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    By the way, I believe that Perez has got a virus set up to infect your computer if he doesn't like you. If you get a message come up on the screen that you have a virus, tough no button and immediately manually shut down your computer. Click nothing. 2nd time this has happened to me, only here.

  33. kalin says – reply to this


    She's a bigger coke than I though, she's paranoid, delusional, all tendencies of a heavy drug user. She needs an intervention before is to late!!!!

  34. *** says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse superfan 777 – Yeah, no one wants anything to do with her. That's why her album is #1 on iTunes all over the globe. Keep selling your crazy, though. At least it's entertaining.

  35. Stef says – reply to this


    bought the album on itunes LEGALLY and i love it! i do not like her but love the music. please get over the fact that you got called out for stalking her which are still doing and move on. and you don't have to link every outside article that writes about you b/c it is "totes obvs" that you love any attention that you get "lolz"

  36. CJ says – reply to this


    I love how Perez has been for the last couple of months trying to bully her into saying something about him, and she mostly ignored him, but whenever she does say something, he loses it. Well, at least she knows your weakness.

  37. 37

    This crazy nut has to be on something still showing up at places with her buffoonery! No one cares anymore!!

  38. 38

    Perez is a sociopath who seriously needs help and his kid needs to be taken away from him. As I have said before - SHAME on the woman who allowed him to have that child, knowing what kind of person he is!

  39. ohmy says – reply to this


    Too bad you don't blow yourself up.

  40. Cntblvt says – reply to this


    Again can't believe it. Perez said for his defense that his mooving to NewYork city was LONG LONG long time planned and that it has nothing to do with her. The question is…When us,common mortal are mooving from another states,what is the first thing to do before mooving? FINDING A PLACE TO LIVE??? So basically what did he have to plan so much if he didnt have at least a plce to move in? Choose an hotel to live in while he's Home hunting? Wtf?
    You know what, i dont think Perez plan was to kill or hurt physically Lady Gaga. BUT, i think he have plan to go there just to freack her out and play victim afterall and play that game of ”Youre dillusionnal and paranoid”.

  41. 41

    She is extremely ungrateful. If it weren't for you - no one would know who she is right now. Its sad that she went from someone to no one really quick.

  42. RC says – reply to this


    How's that JusticeForBionic campaign working out for you? LOL

  43. PerezIsABully says – reply to this


    no u stop doing drugs! we all know ur on crack cocaine! thats how u lost all that weight! that and a tummy tuck! Weed is ok for miley and rihanna to do, but when gaga does it all of a sudden its a problem for you.. and u really expect the general public to think ur not being biased. ur literally bashing her cuz she realized how much better life is without a fake friend like you. She dont give a fuck about u and she will still outsell katyn and miley.. SUCK ON THAT! BULLYYYY!!!!

  44. MizzBooBoo says – reply to this


    Re: RC – lol its not! perez is pathetic but at least his patheticness is entertaining.. Gaga is a superstar.. perez is the loser who writes about superstars like her..

  45. Spence says – reply to this


    Re: hotwin2000@hotmail.com – That's the most amazing comment I've ever read. And I like how he keeps saying she's and drugs, and yet she sounds far more intelligent and lucid than he ever has. And I'm not even a fan.

  46. 46

    Sorry Perez, this is the last GaGa story I am clicking on. I am not a fan nor a hater but your obsessive stories about her just go too far.
    Oh and I think I already posted this a day or two ago, but that goes for stories on Miley Cirus as well.

  47. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's gotten out of hand. Work it out or move on.

  48. Ricky says – reply to this


    you're a fucking idiot Parez… how pathetic you have nothing noteworthy in your own life of your own creation and to remedy your empty life you just attack other people. Keep filling that empty void.

  49. tiffanyLITTLEMONSTER says – reply to this


    Perez i love you and gaga stop fighting

  50. tiffanyLITTLEMONSTER says – reply to this


    Re: RC – No, if it wernt for redone she would have never made it . But i do love perez and i do LOVe gaga but ik he affected her life in some way but not in music emotionally

  51. ICYNDICEY says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton is a douche', but GaGa is a c-unt. I may not like you that much Perez, but I do have to say one thing. I had never seen someone promote, or feature someone so much on their own site like you did with Lady GaGa when she was just starting out. You practically invented her. I think she's an ungrateful bitch! I never liked this chick from day one. I saw through her phony veneer from the beginning. She is an A class pathological liar and manipulator who uses the Gay Community like an accessory. She had stated in the Stern interview about Madonna about not wanting her throne. That's good darling, because you're never going to get it. As a matter of fact…this GaGa hag won't even have a career as long ass Britney Spears. To call GaGa Madonna 2.0 is much too flattering. She's not the next Madonna. She's a second rate Cyndi Lauper is all.

  52. ICYNDICEY says – reply to this


    Re: LisaHo
    Yeah…Perez created a monster. A mother monster!

  53. ICYNDICEY says – reply to this


    Re: hotwin2000@hotmail.com
    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha