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Celine Dion Becomes A Miley Cyrus Smiler! See Her Defend Her Twerking HERE!

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Celine Dion just gets it!!!

The iconic diva may be a few years older than Miley Cyrus, but she still down for a bit of nekkid musical times!!!

Celine had a little sit down with Fuse and took a minute to bash all the weed lovin' singer's haterz!

The chat paired with Celine's accent was so epic that a little snippet was put on repeat for our listening pleasure!

YUP! That's how much we love Miley!!!!

But believe it or not, Celine did say more than "Hannah Montana got tired to be Hannah Montana!" LOLz!

The Loved Me Back To Life songstress explained:

Before we judge her for getting naked…Hannah Montana gave herself for so many years and one day, she said, ‘I am fed up with the life that I had to be. I’m going to show you my real skin.’ There’s nothing evil about that. It’s expression. I just hope that she remains healthy.



Can't hate a gurl for experimenting and owning it!!

Ch-ch-check out the FULL interview…AFTER THE JUMP!!

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12 comments to “Celine Dion Becomes A Miley Cyrus Smiler! See Her Defend Her Twerking HERE!”

  1. UGH says – reply to this


    Obviously Celine is talking from a one dimentional point of view. If she really paid attention to what Miley is actually doing, she would know its not just about getting naked. The CHILD is desperate for attention and she uses getting naked as one of many tools to obtain what could be unhealthy attention. And as this past weekend have shown she has moved beyond getting naked to promoting drug use and we all know she does more than marijuana. She's just easing us into it. How Perez makes light of this very obvious cry for help shows he's only cares about being with the "in" crowd.

  2. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    Well, that's nice that Celine got a bit of publicity and that she feels she can determine the moral barometer of what 'should or should not be.' It would be nice if we could all live in the fairytale of mileyland, but she's just a symptom of a larger picture. That child star after child star comes out psychologically chewed up, and that there isn't much more left to unveil in hollywood besides pure out pornography, for girls to look forward to. It's embarassing to raise a male or a female in this over saturated sexually charged atmosphere. Our over emphasis of our genitalia is infantile. Psychologists KNOW this. They have known it for the better part of at least the last 50 years and they have been used, this knowledge of human psychology and our reaction to pornography and the flicker rate of moving picture, which puts it into an alpha state, they 'know' we are being brainwashed by it. Study Edward Bernays, study flicker fusion and what it does to the brain. Think about the slack jawed faces at the theater, tranced out.

  3. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    It's nothing so much to do with Miley, outside of the out and out pedophilic nature of the grooming that the media is subjecting boys and men to, little girls into be accepting of, 'their place in society.' It's about all of them. It's about putting porn into mainstream movies and people shoving their genitalia into the camera. It's about the over sexualization and the idolizing of, people to these 'stars.' It's the brainwashing. It's watching your country, disintegrate. It's about seeing the good guys being called the bad guys and that bad guys getting a free pass, because we're all riding on the stripper pole, as if you 'object to it,' the man come and take you away.
    When Kruschev was Premier of Russia, he voiced an ephithat. He said, 'We will destroy you from within.' I don't know so much about Russia, but I knew what he meant. He meant we'll hang you with your own 'freedoms.' There will be so much 'freedom' you won't be able to harnass it. We are de-evolving. We are purposefully being, de-evolved. From within.

  4. 4

    Whats the new facination with celine dion? she writing you a big check?

  5. 5

    No, no abso-fucking-lutely. Not at all. Expression is also found in porn, s and m, urination, scat lovers, etc, etc. If I decide that I need to express myself by peeing all over the floor, does that make it ok simply because I'm expressing myself? No, no it doesn't.

  6. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    Re: UGH – Well,he's also a perverted nature of a an example of, wanting to be seen exposing his own self sexually in public. I trust you saw the nature of his poses when we wore the costume of Miley from the VMAs. It made 'hers' look like them came from the Mother Theresa.

  7. Ronda says – reply to this


    That is Celine's analysis. Miley has been working for 10 years and been doing what she was asked to…She has been in spotlight for ages whatever she does. She does not know anymore what is normal and what is not. She is rebelling not against her parents but against everyone whom she has to meet expectations everyday of her life. She is different from a regular person. She is famous and grew up on the eyes of the public being goody goody. She cannot be normal but she is struggling to be normal.

  8. mlyjn says – reply to this


    It's too bad that so many people are enabling her. For once, someone should call Miley on her BS and not retract the statement later. Pure and simple, Miley is desperate for attention and is only focused on outdoing herself. There's nothing noble or sympathetic about that at all. And while I get that she'd want to be seen as more than Hannah Montana, she should be damn grateful that she got to do it in the first place. Even with her dad, without HM, Miley wouldn't be doing any of this today.

  9. 9

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  10. 10

    Did you know this could most definitely be construed as not being politically correct and ridiculing her Québécoise accent? It is a common translation error from French to English. Tsk tsk.

  11. sunshine63 says – reply to this


    Celine said at the end, "I hope she turns out ok." She understands miley is trying to break the Hanna Montana mold. She didn't say she condoned it, just that she understood what miley is trying to do. And in the end said she hopes she turns out alright. Hense the meaning that she doesn't condone the drug use and stupidity just the ability that miley wants to change. So get off Celine….. I believe that if miley got no press she'd stop this shit! Why don't reporters do what the ladies of The Talk did when Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt kept doing stupid things to get publicity…..They made a promise to not ever speak of the couple or report on them again. This is what needs to be done to Miley. Oh, and the Kardashians.

  12. 12

    Celene, how much were you paid to praise this trashy girl?