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Mariah Carey Reveals The Beauty In The Art Of Letting Go! Listen To Her NEW Song HERE!

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Mariah Carey has a voice unlike any other, and she's putting it to damn good use on The Art of Letting Go!

The divalicious darling released her new song and it's simply beautiful.

With her voice shining through the whole time, the buildup to the big moment is fab! But is it just us, or is the structure of the song a little more sporadic than MiMi usually delivers? It's still a gorgeous song, but it's a tad difficult to follow, no?

Ch-ch-check it out (above)!

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52 comments to “Mariah Carey Reveals The Beauty In The Art Of Letting Go! Listen To Her NEW Song HERE!”

  1. Koque says – reply to this


    Incredible song.. She is a lyrical genius

  2. Gary says – reply to this


    Loved it, its more subtle but powerful at the end, it bring out her true vocals.

    She always come with different unconventional music which I like. That's MC's genius mind!

  3. Arwin says – reply to this


    Such a masterpiece. Welcome back to your old roots Mariah. You re finally back. Slay Mariah. Slay!

  4. Michael says – reply to this


    It's a beautiful song! The lyrics and her voice hit you hard! Love it!

  5. ericmtl says – reply to this


    ZZzzzzzzzz most overrated singer ever. Studio HO who can't even sign live…

  6. jnp says – reply to this


    i was bored to tears

  7. 7

    The Art of Flopping should have been called. Boring song, it sounds very very 90s, its like she cannot let it go lol. The only ones who are going to like this dormfest are going to be her fans and only cause they are too deft to realise that her music is outdated.

  8. Kenny says – reply to this


    Think of it as a story being told. Put yourself in the position of being brought down by an individual. These are words we ourselves cannot say. She is a genius and the finale is just amazing. If you can take yourself to that place mentally, this song will mean everything!

  9. Calvin says – reply to this


    Just a boring song. Verses and chorus' just merge into one. The only good bit is when the beat kicks in on the last chorus and by that point, the song is practically over. Her voice sounds tired and irritating. And we all know that she's never going to sing this 100% live. She'll mime the last belted bit, like she always does with every song nowadays. What happened to her?! She used to be such a good singer.

  10. Fellipe says – reply to this


    A+Mazing! Mariah is the best vocalist of all time

  11. matthew says – reply to this


    Another Flop!!!! She`s over, nobody wants to listen to more whale songs!!!

  12. emma says – reply to this


    Re: bleahf – lol….not.
    you still trolling four years later? Mariah not acknowledging you still? stop trying so hard and get back up that bridge.

  13. anon says – reply to this


    such a classy song.

  14. 14

    I think the reason emancipation of mimi pt 1/2 did so well was because of it being modern. Thats all she hasto do is focus on current times, hone in on it and slam dunk. The melodies she comes up with are amazing but if she backtracks and goes in a different time thats not the current one its not gonna be commercial success.

  15. James says – reply to this


    I really liked this song. First Mariah song I've liked in ages actually. She actually listened to her fans who said she should back to her roots and do music like she did on her first two albums. Really nice.

  16. Jessie says – reply to this


    It's a beautiful melody and she has a wonderful voice. What, not everybody can be like as "exciting" as Miley showing off their body instead of their voice. Though Mariah has a beautiful body, her voice is a fantastic and this tune is heartfelt.

  17. 17


    the fans requested her to get back to her roots? faillll fail fail, like I said if she backtracks and goes into a previous time its not gonna be a commercial success. Look at Glitter, the inspiration was a previous era and it flopped. Emancipation did well because it was current, all the albums shes had success with were successes because they were current and modern.

  18. Browen Weeks says – reply to this


    GO MiMi! To the top again!

  19. bd4three says – reply to this


    Re: ericmtl – 5 octaves ain't overrated.

  20. anthony says – reply to this


    MARIAH!!!!! This is what REAL music sounds like. Master piece, the violins, orchestra, her vocals!!!! there is absolutely nothing wrong with this song! if it don't go to #1 and win her all the awards she deserves there is something wrong with musicalitiy today period.

  21. kitykatz says – reply to this


    God, this song was a snoozefest, she sounds so tired and dead until the last 40sec of the song. The lyrics are pretty awful too, lyrical genius my ass

  22. KC says – reply to this


    It's OK, but it sounds more like a demo. But people are saying it sounds outdated like that's a bad thing. Pure R&B is outdated; all we're stuck with today is what is loosely called R&B. Gone are the true R&B divas would could sing. There's no today's equivalent of Patti Labelle, Stephanie Mills, Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, Teena Marie, etc. Now all we got is people like Beyonce & Rihanna. If Mariah wants to drop it old school, I say go for it. There's no need for her to be competing with any star of today, and she still sounds better than the whole lot of them.

  23. B says – reply to this


    For the people saying the song sounds "too 90s." Today's music SUCKS, there is no talent, so why should she comform to that? I think people should bring back the 90s and the true talent, which is what she does in this song. Don't conform to scoiety's expectations for music. Make them conform to true talent. Great job MC!

  24. James says – reply to this


    Re: hadtodothis – We Belong Together was a throwback to an older 80s song, Two Occasions, so you're talking rubbish. It really doesn't matter if this song is a hit or not. I'm tired of Mariah being forced to listen to the general public rather than her old fans who supported her in the 90s. #beautiful was current but the song was beneath her. This song is great for her. She did a great job with this song. Very proud of her. If she wants to release a remix or have her next single sound more current I'm all for it. I'm just glad she finally released a song more akin to her musical roots.

  25. danny says – reply to this


    Re: hadtodothis

    hmmm i think u should listen back to emancipation and what kind of song genres are in there…if you listen carefully and if you haven't read how journalists reviewed that album…she was said to have gone back to old school and most of the songs in there sounded very old school and retro…what? you think Mariah will turn into Lady Gaga or Katy Perry…you're wrong…

  26. you'reLAME says – reply to this


    Re: Calvin

    well your comment is living proof that there are still people who are clueless about what singing is and what are singers…she's not talking dude…she don't need to prove she can sing live or not…she still sings live…you're just too deaf to hear it…

  27. youresoLAME says – reply to this

  28. youreSTUPID says – reply to this


    Re: kitykatz

    don't comment on lyrics if you're not a genius on poetry…and i do believe you are not…

  29. danny says – reply to this


    Re: B

    i second that…today's music is so overrated…even singers who are not true vocalists get number ones…including young male singers, who show their skinny muscular bodies and have sex with prostitutes and getting filmed by them while they're sleeping and are obviously terrible influences to younger kids are getting more and more popular these days…it's disgusting…

  30. danny says – reply to this


    Re: matthewRe: matthew

    then shut your filthy mouth and listen to something else and do other useful beneficial things than waste your bloody time in here moron!

  31. danny says – reply to this


    Re: James

    yeah like i was saying…emancipation was a pure throwback album to old school…better have your ears checked, oh hadtodothis…poor thing…

  32. danny says – reply to this


    Re: kitykatz

    yes exactly…you're ass is a lyrical genius…have a go at writing your own songs…i bet you probably fare worse than Rebecca Black…her Friday song was a hit at least…what's yours bitch? so shut your filthy trap…

  33. danny says – reply to this


    Re: bleahf

    and you're too stupid to even spell correctly…go back to school little girl and learn some manners…you're just bitter…go waste your energy on something more educational…

  34. je says – reply to this


    Re: Calvin – Boy the trolls are out today. Everyone seems to be an "expert" whilst critiquing Mariah's The Art of Letting Go. It's either too 90's or too many rappers or too many this or too many that or she last part was the only part they liked.. you'll never win catering those hideous trolls with no taste. Keep doing what your doing Mariah and sing your ass off like you always do. It's an incredible song in a time when unless your naked or twerking no one is paying attention. Show them what talent is dahhling.

  35. listofjonesMcNottyBoo says – reply to this


    Re: je – Mariah is in a bikini showing off her fairly nice looking titaaays
    The big names know how to get attention. by erecting boners.

  36. listofjonesMcNottyBoo says – reply to this


    Re: listofjonesMcNottyBoo – maybe thats not a bikini. The Play button is in the way and I didn't press it. But nice tittaaays anyways. Madonna wishes she had 1/50th the talent.

  37. John says – reply to this


    Re: bleahf – I think the point of the whole production (with all the orchestra, old music, Nina SImone-ish) is to recreate a vintage atmosphere. It sure sounds out of place in today's mainstream but that was obviously the point. Does she need a hit? I doubt she does, and all she's doing is really trying to push for more artistic cred. And yes I believe she primarily made it for her fans. All those seeking for EDM and Katy Perry music should look elsewhere.

  38. Gigi says – reply to this


    LOVE IT !!!!

  39. BSBRCV says – reply to this



  40. BSBRCV says – reply to this


    Re: kitykatz – ROAR APPLAUSE YOUR ASSS what a wonderful lyrics lol ajaja

  41. vivaldihean says – reply to this


    people always praise Madonna & Gaga for reinventing themselves (image) but nobody's applaud Mimi for reinventing her music everytime, this is a work of art, genius.

  42. 42

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  43. Jesse says – reply to this


    I love the simple raw Motown root Mimi went for rather than the overproduced,overbanged, overprismed , over-rapped…this is what true music n SINGING means! get a lesson twerks :P We need originality people stop hating…but appreciate

  44. PinoyLamb says – reply to this


    Nobody complained when Vision of Love didn't give any catchy hook or chorus. It's all about the Voice. And Mariah here delivers. Even the urban & hip-hop touches were steered cleared here. Didn't even try (hard) to replicate We Belong Together's formula too.

    The Art of Letting Go is the ideal Mariah we have always yearned to return.

  45. 45

    Forever Part.2
    Not really radio friendly at all.
    Her voice isn't doing much these days but sounding strained.
    Let it go Mariah.

  46. Dawo says – reply to this


    Top Top Top :) her best song in years <3 Welcome back Queen of VOICES :) 8)

  47. Calvin says – reply to this


    LOL, it doesn't take a vocal, lyrical and musical expert to have an opinion, dumbasses. Who's to say your positive review of the song is right anyway? The song just isn't great and we shall see this when it tanks on the charts. It would be better if Mariah's voice was in better shape (eg, how it sounded in '05 or the 90s) but she sounds terrible. I've never heard Mariah sounds so bad on a record before. The difference with Vision of Love was that she sounded AMAZING. She would not be classed as one of the greatest singers from this song alone. Especially when there are others who sound better than this, such as Celine, Patti LaBelle, Leah, Jessie J, Ariana.. even Rihanna sounds better live.

  48. Freda Aliferis says – reply to this


    This is one of the greatest singers to have graced the earth… not to mention her talent lyrically, absolute genius!!!! This song has a powerful meaning!!!! Thanks Mimi xx

  49. Jc says – reply to this


    Re: Calvin – The only dumbass on here is you if you think Rihanna's froggy vocals sound better live.

  50. 50

    I'm cheering for her, I want her to do well.. I just don't think she will with this. I personally think its an okie song but not something I'd have in my playlist or want to listen twice.

  51. Ben says – reply to this


    This is the kind of song that will make people who appreciate real singers buy albums.

  52. Music Fan 69 says – reply to this


    Where do I begin? This song is awful! Does she even try anymore? Lets be honest, #Beautiful was a great jam for the summer. Not a smash hit but definitely a must for warm summer nights with friends. The success of #Beautiful had a lot more to do with Miguel and a lot less to do with MC. The stuff she releases on her own is so reductive and stale. Now she is freewheeling in the studio making songs that just sound like open letters without any real structure or hook. Is there nobody at Island Def Jam that will stand up to diva and tell her, "No, that sounds like crap!"? Seriously! It's hard to watch and listen to one of the most beautiful women and best vocalists of all time take us with her on these self indulgent, narcissistic rides as she over-hypes singles that sound like the background music for perfume commercials at best. Two thumbs down!